D-Save – Best of Hardcore 2014 Special Mix

Van Martin van Zeelandt

Today supposed to be a chill out day, but got woken up by the gas man and the neighbour’s weekend workers. No time for me to relax at all. So I decided to get some kind of revenge. Playing out the Hardcore as loud as I can. And I think I found the right mix to annoy not only the neighbours, but also the whole neighbourhood. It contains records from 2014, and it’s been mixed for Theory Of Core by D-Save.

Don’t know much about Theory Of Core or D-Save, but I think I reviewed a mix by Theory Of Core quite a while ago, and I think it was the Outblast dedication mix. Oh yeah, also the Destructive Tendencies album mix, which was also mixed by Theory Of Core. But that’s all. And sadly nothing by D-Save. So this is an introduction into D-Save’s world. And also the music which came out in 2014. And that’s 4 years ago. Can’t believe that. Time flies by too damn quickly.

For their birthday, there will be four mixes with records from the past years, the best money can buy. And as I said before, it’s mixed by the resident DJ D-Save. An hour of Hardcore records from 2014… did you ask for an early Christmas present this year?

tracklist TCD

01. Endymion & Pandorum feat Frankie McCoy – Under Your Skin
02. The Wishmaster – Everybody Hardcore
03. Endymion & Frequencerz – Inexcusable
04. The Melodyst – Drunk & High
05. Art Of Fighters & Synthax & Xcite – Creatures Of The Night
06. N-Vitral feat Triax – The Reaper
07. Angerfist – The Fast Lane (Rayden & Hellsystem Remix) 
08. Miss K8 feat MC Nolz – Metropolis Of Massacre
09. Tha Playah & Frequencerz – Envy
10. Meccano Twins – Dissolution (The Melodyst Remix)  
11. Endymion & Art Of Fighters – God Is A Gangster
12. DJ Mad Dog & AniMe – Bassdrum
13. AniMe – Bass For Your Face
14. Hard Creation – Creators Of The Core (Nevaro Remix) 
15. Synapse & Sei2ure – Politics
16. Wasted Mind – Rock The Party
17. Angerfist – From The Blackness (Gancher & Ruin Remix) 
18. Detest – Witch Hunt
19. The Outside Agency – The Sunrise
20. State Of Emergency – Time Has Come
21. Dione – Locked And Loaded
22. Wasted Mind – Here We Go
23. Lunatic & Miss Hysteria – Universal Threat (Sei2ure Remix) 
24. Micromakine – So Good! (Synapse Remix) 
25. Kasparov – Infected By Madness
26. Kyuzo – Die For Something
27. Tieum & Angerfist – Dirty Man
28. Tha Playah feat MC Tha Watcher – Eternal
29. Wasted Mind – At Night
30. DJ Mad Dog – The Flow (Advanced Dealer Remix) 
31. The Sickest Squad feat Lenny Dee – Minimal Is Criminal
32. Tha Playah – Driven By Hate
33. Noize Bangerz feat MC Jeff – Leaders Of The Core (F.Noize Remix) 
34. Art Of Fighters – Goodbye

I still can’t get my head around the fact that these records are nearly 4 years old! It sounds like they were only released yesterday, but the time has flown by too damn fast. How can we catch up with all the lost records, because of us trying to stay up 2 date with the present day Hardcore? How’s it possible?

D-Save made a wonderful mix with seriously insane records. Don’t expect cheesy Hardcore, but rough and rugged Hardcore anthems. No happy stuff, only the records you hear played in the darker areas at a rave. No mainstage stuff. And I was looking forward to such a mix.

It contains so many great anthems, but for me personally there were a few records in here I haven’t heard before, and they are mainly remixes. I’ve heard the original versions but not these remixes. How much have I actually missed back in 2014?

Congratulations on their achievement, and I can’t wait to hear the other 3 mixes. D-Save saved my weekend, that’s for sure. Got no negative comments, and I can’t pick a favourite record. It’s too difficult.


DJ: D-Save
Genre/Style: Hardcore, Industrial Hardcore
Mix Info: Best Of Hardcore 2014 Special Mix
Length Mix: 01:02:20
Tracks: 34 (thirty-four)
Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): LISTEN HERE
File Size: unknown
File Type: unknown
Bitspeed: unknown
More Information: Theory Of Core – Soundcloud Page

 Categorie: Hardcore MIX REVIEW

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