Darts – Noughty But Nice – Classic 00’s Hardcore Mix! (2014)

Van Martin van Zeelandt

Today the internet is mostly filled with garbage. You can find many pages irrelevant, and many articles written aren’t even worthy enough to be read by us. The only website you should visit, and I do mean constantly, is Soundcloud. If you are lucky, and follow the right people, you are able to find good mixes and/or livesets. The other day I was browsing on Soundcloud, and I found a noughties mix, made by DJ Darts. Not just any noughties mix, but a proper UK Hardcore mix. I was happy when I saw the tracklist, because it’s filled with the tunes that got me into UK Hardcore, and after downloading this rather excellent looking mix, I fell in love with UK Hardcore from the noughties again. Many of you lot out there have forgotten about the good old tunes that defined UK Hardcore, and reshaped it into a wonderful scene. Thanks Darts, for uploading something worth listening to.

The noughties were dominated by artists such as Kevin Energy, Brisk, Gammer, Plus System/Scott Brown, V.A.G.A.B.O.N.D., and the list continues. After seeing the tracklist I felt goosebumps all over my body, seeing as he picked exactly those tunes that made me realise that UK Hardcore is so different, if you would compare it to the music I was listening to back then (Mainstream Hardcore and Happy Hardcore). It wasn’t huge in the Netherlands, I reckon only a handful of Dutchman (including myself) actually listened to it, and appreciated it. I fell in love, and even to this day these tunes are still magical, and still have the strength to demolish dancefloors all over the UK. Many people still love the music that came out of the scene back then, and it generates good memories to those who went out and raved the night away. Darts has selected an excellent tracklist, and I reckon you have to look twice at it to see its strength. He hasn’t picked just any track, but only the finest. A good eye DJ Darts has, and also a good ear: the mix is exquisite. Don’t let me get you all excited for nothing, let me show you the list!


01. Draft & Method – The One I Need
02. Scott Brown – Clash Of The Titans
03. Kaos & Ethos – Lost
04. Brisk & Ham – Sounds Legit
05. Fade feat Kelly – Beautiful
06. Scott Brown – Pilgrim 2000
07. Kingsize & Eternity – A Touch Of Magic (Uplift & Stargazer Remix) 
08. Kevin Energy – Waves Of Desire (’05 Remix) 
09. Brisk & V.A.G.A.B.O.N.D. – The Only ones
10. V.A.G.A.B.O.N.D. – World Of Unknown
11. Dougal & Gammer – 3000 Cycles
12. Mister Stewart & Barry Diston – No More
13. Gammer – Everybody In The Place
14. Euphoria – Silver Dawn
15. Plus System – Commence
16. Frisky & Hujib – The One
17. Scott Brown & Cat Knight – All About You

Sexy looking tracklist, isn’t it? Darts has selected a few of the finest tunes released on those magical labels, labels such as Next Generation Records, Evolution Records, Blatant Beats, Warped Science, and more. This mix might make you feel old, seeing as these tunes are a bit old, but still timeless.

The amount of anthems Darts used, it’s undescribable! Some are forgotten, and some are still played out there, be it a bit less than ususal. We should embrace those anthems, and never forget them at all. Hearing tunes such as ‘World Of Unknown’, ‘Sounds Legit’, ‘Commence’ and more gave me goosebumps, and they won’t go away. This has brought back some good memories, and this mix showcases how strong these tunes still are. A perfect looking tracklist, and mixed well by Darts.

Best track in this mix? Without a shadow of a doubt ‘Silver Dawn’. Nothing to say about this track, we all know it’s a beast!

On his Soundcloud page he mentions that the mix might be rough around the edges, but I didn’t notice anything at all being wrong. He has done a good job, and if you were raving in the noughties, there will be smiles for miles! This is a mix we were all waiting for, and finally it has been uploaded onto our good ol’ friend Soundcloud. We have heard several mixes, and some were good, but never did one capture the greatness of the noughties. This one does, and we salute Darts for it.

Doc, where’s that bloody Delorean? Take me back to the noughties, and take me back RIGHT NOW!


DJ: Darts
Genre/Style: UK Hardcore, Happy Hardcore, Freeform
Mix Info: Noughty But Nice – Classic 00’s Hardcore Mix!
Length Mix: 01:08:04
Tracks: 17 (seventeen)
Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): DOWNLOAD/LISTEN HERE
File Size: 156 MB
File Type: mp3
Bitspeed: 320kbps
More Information: Darts – Facebook Fanpage

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