DEFQON.1 – Maximum Force || Euphoric Campsite Mix (2018)

Van Martin van Zeelandt

June has officially arrived, and for the true harder style lovers it means only one thing: the biggest event of the year will happen shortly: Defqon.1 ! And as usual, they’ve gone all the way to make this the best of the best. People are getting extremely excited for it, and judging the line-up it’s going to be absolutely epic. And I am wondering at this stage why in God’s name I am writing about Defqon.1, when literally EVERYONE knows this event and its reputation. Let’s talk about the mix you are about to listen to.

Last year Infectious DJ’s made a similar mix, a camping site mix. What does that mean? It means that everyone at the camping site, who want to continue getting their buzz just before they go to sleep, can have something to listen to. It was well receveid last year, especially by yours truly (cq. TCD). And they decided to do yet another camping mix, containing really awesome records. I had to obviously review this. And if you are liking the thought of a mix for the camping site, don’t worry: they will release three mixes, Euphoric, Raw, and Hardcore. But let’s focus on the Euphoric stuff right now!

tracklist TCD

01. Wildstylez – Children of Drums
02. Sylence – Zoning
03. Headhunterz & Wildstylez & Noisecontrollers – No One Can Stop Us Now
04. WW x Vini Vici – Chakra (Wildstylez Remix) 
05. Psyko Punkz – Define God
06. Arkaine – Voice Of Desire
07. Coone – Defqon All Stars 2014
08. Frontliner – Lose The Style (2013 Remix) 
09. Atmozfears – Reawakening
10. Deepshoutz – Elevation
11. Noisecontrollers – So High (Adele Mashup) 
12. Max Enforcer – Lost In Paradise
13. D-Block & S-Te-Fan & Zatox – Madhouse
14. Headhunterz & Wildstylez – Project 1 (Sound Rush Remix) 
15. Coone & Wildstylez – Burn It Down
16. TNT – Musick
17. 2 Best Enemies – Phases (TNT Remix) 
18. D-Block & S-Te-Fan – Takin’ Off
19. Audiotricz – House Of Pain (DJ Tool) 
20. Pysko Punkz – We Stay Up
21. Blademasterz – Masterblade (Shockerz Remix) 
22. Zenith & Mauro Picotto – I’m Your Proximus (Zatox Bootleg) 

Some old and some new, all crammed in an hour long mix. The boys have done it again. Or, as they would like to call it: the megamix. The campsite megamix. And they start off with a slammer, and throughout the hour, the awesome tracks are flying towards you. And as the title says, they are euphoric. So a lot of ‘hands in the air’ moments, and sing-a-long bits and bobs. Just my cup of tea.

Yeah, I do like raw, and also Hardcore, but today I wanted to hear something chirpy, something that cheered me up. The sun is shining, and the general gest is that everything is alright in life. So I needed music to suit my current mood. And this mix suited beautifully.

A few small cross fading errors, but nothing big. And a few tracks which are alright, but not really brilliant. Like ‘So High’. The Adele Mashup song. I like Adele, but really would be gutted to hear her voice at Defqon.1 , not really suitable for a dope event lol.

Ok, I’m getting really picky, but favouriting a record out of these records was difficult. But ‘No One Can Stop Us’ has to be my favourite. And also ‘Lost In Paradise’. Also a record which won’t leave your thick skull for hours…

A wonderful mix. And I hope everyone going to Defqon.1 will have a wonderful time, three days they will never, ever forget!


DJ: Infectious DJ’s
Genre/Style: Hardstyle. Euphoric Hardstyle
Mix Info: Euphoric Campsite Mix
Length Mix: 00:58:46
Tracks: 22 (twenty-two)
Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): DOWNLOAD/LISTEN
File Size: 593 MB
File Type: .wav
Bitspeed: 1411kbps
More Information: Infectious DJ’s – Soundcloud Page

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