Diverge – Metalheadz x Dimensions (Promo Mix) (2017)

Van Martin van Zeelandt

You must be aware of the fact that I’m a huge Drum & Bass fan, especially music coming from the mighty Metalheadz label. Huge fan from the main man, Goldie, and the other day I was looking for a nice mix to listen to whilst doing my work, but I couldn’t find one which had a tracklist (which I could use for a review), so I had a look at the suggestions shown to me by Soundcloud. And the first mix that popped on my timeline was a promo mix for this year’s Dimensions Festival, which takes place from the 30th of August until the 3rd of September, in Pula, Croatia. The mix? A Metalheadz x Dimensions promo mix. Yes, yes… hell yeah! That’s what I wanted to hear.

Got a bit bored listened to the Metalheadz Christmas podcasts over and over again. Time for some proper music. No yapping about, pure music. And the man behind it? Diverge. Yes, a new name in my book, never heard or seen the name before, but according to his Facebook fanpage he’s the co-label manager at Metalheadz. How about that?! That’s an amazing job. Not only making sure this mighty label is alive and kicking, but also making sure that we get the finest tunes, crammed into a beautiful mix. It sure as hell made my day at work go by quicker.

I can not mention any more information, because I don’t have any (sorry). But what I can say is the fact that he’s playing at Dimensions Festival alongside these names: Goldie b2b Ant TC1, Randall b2b Bailey, Doc Scott, Kid Drama, OneMind, and himself. He plays at the Metalheadz stage on the 2nd of September, and to get you all hyped up, here’s a mix you might like!

tracklist TCD

01. Akkord – RCVR
02. Turinn – 18 And A Half  Minute Gaps
03. Killawatt – Meiotic Drive
04. Rhythmic Theory & Pessimist – Empty House (RT’s Choppage Mix) 
05. Monic – Regret Was Never So Sure
06. Totemic – Roll
07. Sam Binga & Danny Scrilla – Further Peaks
08. Christopher de Babalon – Could We Be?
09. Special Request – Replicant
10. Earl Grey – Inner Conflict
11. Law – Sophine (Law & Wheeler Remix) 
12. ID – ID
13. Dillinja – Acid Roller
14. Calibre & ST Files – Falling Down
15. Joakuim – Funk As You
16. Spirit – Look Out
17. Digital & Nomine – Debt Collector
18. Goldie – I Think Of You
19. Kid Drama – Payback
20. Law & Wheeler – Night Forms
21. ID – ID
22. Homemade Weapons – Tidal Track (Homemade Weapons VIP) 
23. Outer Heaven – Outback
24. Source Direct – Web Of Sin (2017 Remaster) 
25. Artilect – Evolution
26. Randall – The R (Seba Rework) 
27. ID – ID
28. Andy Skopes – Let Go
29. Seba – Don’t You Love Me Anymore
30. OneMind feat Total Science – Late Addition
31. Andy Skopes – Seance
32. Dillinja – Promise (2017 Remaster) 
33. Randall – Broken Plates (Voltage Remix) 
34. Total Science, Hydro & War – Deluge
35. Need For Mirrors – Ethos (Spirit Remix) 
36. Survival – Sex, Fame, Money, Power
37. Eveson – So High
38. Commix – EXP
39. Soul Intent vs Acid Lab – Clash Of Headz
40. Jaybee & Airstrike – F15
41. Total Science, Hydro & War – Straight G
42. Friske – Night Train
43. S.P.Y. – The Boy Who Cried Wolf
44. Regina & P.A. – Secrets
45. Marcus Intalex – The Guillotine
46. Calculon, Shamanga & Austin Speed – Fierce (Skeptical Remix) 
47. Artilect – Something Else (Homemade Weapons Remix) 
48. OneMind – Pullup
49. Blu Mar Ten – Titans (Law & Wheeler Remix) 
50. ID – ID
51. ID – ID
52. DLR & Script – This Is Bristol…
53. ID – ID
54. Composite – Coherence

Now this is a wide variety of records! Wow, Diverge has made this mix Diverse (see what I did there?). I’m really impressed by what Diverge did here, he crammed in as many records as he could (about 4 or 5 are unknowns/mystery records), and the result is an hour and 43 minutes of Drum and Bass heaven.

Drum and Bass can be many things at the same time. Heavy, light, hard, soft, strong, weak, but most of all, it’s beautiful. It touches you like no other style does. What defines Drum and Bass, and what makes it so powerful to those who have embraced it and call themselves Drum and Bass lovers? It’s the depth it reaches. The tunes made by these artists are so deep, you start to feel emotions, emotions you never thought you had. And with this mix, Diverge has touched my soul.

The tunes are so good. Dark from time to time, but worth listening! What makes Drum & Bass listen-able for me? When I can sit back on the sofa, and play a race game like ‘Need For Speed’. The driving around with music coming at you from your speakers… if that works, you know a mix is good, and the music is too! Now this mix is sadly too long for me to burn on a disc and play (my car won’t allow that) or put on my phone and plug it in (my car audio won’t allow that), but I can still appreciate it whilst being anywhere else besides the car. Driving using my PS2, eh?

The tunes are really, really f**king epic! I’ve never heard or seen the name Diverge before, but he has earned his name on the line-up for Dimensions. Epic, seriously epic mix. One of the best mixes out there. Why so long thought?

Best record? ‘Outback’ by Outer Heaven. Just listen, just listen.

1 hour and 43 minutes will fly by. Close your eyes, and let the music come inside you via your ears, and let the music clean your soul. This is heavenly, and Diverge knows it. And already 3000 listens within a few days. That’s impressive. Well, mainly 1500 plays by yours truly.

Worth checking this mix out, and check him out in Croatia if you can!


DJ: Diverge
Genre/Style: Drum & Bass
Mix Info: Metalheadz x Dimensions (Promo Mix)
Length Mix: 01:43:35
Tracks: 54 (fifty-four)
Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): DOWNLOAD/LISTEN
File Size: 237 MB
File Type: mp3
Bitspeed: 320kbps
More Information: Diverge – Facebook Fanpage

 Categorie: Drum & Bass MIX REVIEW

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