DJ A.K. – New Hardcore Mix 30.03.18


We’ve had a long break. Some time off. Getting used to not being a reviewer every day. And when you are doing other things, your mind starts to wonder. What to do when you’ve got no music to keep you occupied? Well, let me tell you this: you will turn insane. So I’ve been listening to some really dope mixes, those I’ve already reviewed before, and listened to a million times. But that didn’t make me go online and find new mixes. I found one, and quickly realised that this artist might have more mixes I want to hear, and yes. So here’s a review about a mix I wasn’t going to listen to in the first place, but found by accident.

The other mix contained some Gabber tunes, but I was looking for something new, and only a few days ago he made this mix. The DJ in question is DJ A.K. and I reckon I have reviewed something before by him, but can’t remember which mix it was. Anyway, this new mix was one I looked at and thought ‘this looks promising’. Why? Well, it said that he used several styles to compose this mix, and those were the styles I really love and embrace. And the tracklist is a beauty. So it’s a no brainer, really. Why would you go for something else, when you’ve got this:

tracklist TCD

01. TNO Project – Start Lovin
02. The Vibe Controller – E Dancer
03. TNO Project – Metempsychosis
04. The Vibe Controller – Feelings Of Pleasure
05. SMD – SMD 3A (Slipmatt & Kutski Remix) 
06. Ant To Be – Got That Swing
07. Alex Jungle – Sticks Like Glue
08. Nicky Allen – NAD (KF Style 7)
09. Alex Jungle – African Queen
10. Jack In Box – E Style
11. Daughter – Youth (Hybrid Minds Bootleg) 
12. Inspector Sands – You Think You Know Me
13. Scott Brown – Do What Ya Like (Macks Wolf Remix) 
14. Sam Auscore – In Time
15. Interstate – Lost Generation (M-Project & Al Storm Remix) 
16. Lyon Kise – Free Spirit (DJ Sanlok Remix) 
17. Haze & Dudlee – It Was You
18. DJ Sanlok – Spirits Within
19. Destroy & Mobbzy – Xelasis
20. Interstate – Vitality (Tamerax Remix) 
21. DJ Sanlok – Excilium
22. SFX Thunderscream – Raverlove (Dreamgirl Mix) 
23. Q-Tex – Power Of Love (DJ Shimamura Remix) 
24. Highlander – Hold Me Now (Bass-D 2018 Remake) 

It does contain some slammers. Some new records from KF Records, and some really cool updated versions of classic anthems such as ‘Power Of Love’, ‘Lost Generation’, ‘Do What You Like’ and more. DJ A.K. chose whatever he wanted, and it worked. Well, most of the time lol.

Let’s just get straight to the best record in this mix. It’s played around the 20 minute mark. I’ve tried using the tracklist as a guide, but still can’t figure out which one it is. It specifically starts at 21:32, and if anyone can tell me which record this is, it would be kindly noted. What an epic Breakbeat record! Sweet Lord, I’ve heard many records over the years, but this record blows my mind away! What an epic tune!

The rest of the mix contains good records, some really good, and some not so. Still not persuade by the Makina sound, or even the updated version of ‘Hold Me Now’. Maybe I’m just picky. Some records just didn’t sound right to me.

But all in all, to start your mix with some nice Breakbeat records, and especially that records around 21 minutes… pff, nothing can compete.

Time for you to download this mix, and make sure you listen to this very diverse mix. This will be a nice addition to your already growing music collection!


DJ: A.K.
Genre/Style: UK Hardcore, Breakbeat Hardcore, Makina, Gabber, Freeform, Rave Breaks
Mix Info: New Hardcore Mix 30.03.18
Length Mix: 01:05:54
Tracks: 24 (twenty-four)
Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): DOWNLOAD/LISTEN 
File Size: 75.4 MB
File Type: mp3
Bitspeed: 160kbps
More Information: DJ A.K. – Soundcloud Page

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