DJ Distortion (RTC) Toxicator Warm Up Mix (2017)

Van Martin van Zeelandt

Sometimes you just want to hear music so rough and raw, you couldn’t care less about the world around you. Just pounding records coming at you so fast, you wouldn’t be able to comprehend what just happened. I found such a mix by Distortion, the main man behind the famous Rotterdam Terror Corps. Known for their approach to Hardcore, he has made this mix for this upcoming event called Toxicator, which is held tomorrow in Mannheim, Germany. And the line-up is really good, you’ve got RTC, Neophyte, Peacock in Concert, Psyko Punkz, Andy The Core, AniMe, Coone, Frequencerz, Quitara, and many more. If you are German and live near Mannheim, you know where you are going to tomorrow?

To get everyone excited for this, Distortion recorded this mix, and it contains so many wicked anthems. Let me warn you: if you are in a bit of a Trancy mood or fancy something nice and mellow, you need to get the f**k out of here. I’ve warned you. This mix contains so many hard and rough Hardcore Gabber anthems, your brain will go mental. Mine went completely insane yesterday at work (I secretly listen to music to get me work even harder). I was actually moving my feet like a Gabber from the 90s, raving whilst staying professional. I must have looked like a complete tit.

Anyway, the tracklist. A beauty. Check it out!

tracklist TCD

01. DJ Paul Elstak – Helium
02. Angerfist & Mad Dog – From The Ashes
03. RTC vs Wishmaster – I’m Not The One
04. Furyan & Restrained – The Strong Survive
05. Lady Dammage & System Overload – Bite The Bullet
06. Partyraiser & Repix – Ode To The Godfather
07. Cryogenic – Victimized
09. Cryogenic – Hate
10. SRB & RTC feat Mike Redman – Bring Back The Terror
11. SRB vs RTC – Harder Than A Hooligan
12. Dione – Take It Away (SRB Refix) 
13. SRB – Shit Is Hard
14. Tieum & Andy The Core – Bastards
15. SRB & Distortion – Gas Op Die Krukas!
16. Partyraiser & F.Noize – We Pep You Up!
17. Mr. Ivex – Ameno
18. Spitnoise – Just Like That
19. SRB – I Need Your Terror

Didn’t I warn you? This mix came as a shock, even to me. I pressed play for the first time and was awoken by the lovely Paul Elstak anthem ‘Helium’, but after that Distortion made sure our ears would be completely messed up.

What I can tell is that he really liked SRB. So many anthems by him. But he’s not the only one coming at us strong. It’s still a very organised mix, and he builds up slowely (even though the beats and basses are already very high from the start). If you are going tomorrow to Toxicator, you can expect this and a lot more. F**king fast music, coming at you. He’s been in the scene for donkey’s years, so he knows how to please the listeners/fans.

Which record is the best? Well, I’ve got to give credit to Partyraiser and Repix for their dedication record to the mighty Paul Elstak. The bass in this is unbelievable. Smashing the biggest Paul records into this and putting such a foul beat underneath it, has really worked well.

Is there anything wrong with this mix? Not that I can tell.

I can’t go to Toxicator, got to stay at home this weekend. But no worries, I will press play over and over again. Have fun this weekend! You will have a great weekend!


DJ: Distortion
Genre/Style: Hardcore Techno, Gabber, Uptempo Hardcore, Terror
Mix Info: Toxicator Warm Up Mix
Length Mix: 01:01:07
Tracks: 19 (nineteen)
Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): LISTEN HERE
File Size: unknown
File Type: unknown
Bitspeed: unknown
More Information: Toxicator – Facebook Event Page

 Categorie: Hardcore MIX REVIEW

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