DJ Paul’s Megamix (1995)

DJ Paul's Megamix
Van Martin van Zeelandt

Back in 1995 DJ Paul Elstak was on fire. Well, truth be told he still is, but in 1995 he was everywhere. He was literally the talk of the town, and produced so many records, his name and his fame only became bigger and bigger. He not only became a household name in the Hardcore/Gabber scene, but also the Happy Hardcore scene. I became a fan after hearing those memorable top 40 hits, and wondered what he had in store. As I said, in 1995 he released an album so good, it blew my mind away. His own megamix on Arcade, focussed on the Hardcore side of life. 38 records in one amazing mix. And I bought the copy and played it too often. I know this album by heart.

Never purchased any other Paul Elstak album. Don’t know why. Maybe it had something to do with the decline of Happy Hardcore. It became too commercial, and the tunes became more rubbish. Shit, to be fair. And I went a bit off Paul Elstak, if I can be brutally honest. He’s a legend and has done a lot for the scene, but sometimes you need a break from a certain person (he’s not been the only one). I bought all the singles, from ‘Rainbow In The Sky’ to ‘Luv U More’, so I had my dosage of Paul. But the bubble burst for Hardcore, so maybe that’s the reason why I didn’t purchase a Paul album until a few months ago.

Someone uploaded his ‘Megamix’ onto Soundcloud, and I immediatly had a big smile on my face. Now, after so many years, I don’t mind hearing those Happy Hardcore anthems colliding with proper Gabber. This is an album which I will get out of the cupboard and play again tomorrow. For now I will leave Soundcloud playing this mix over and over again.

Want to see the tracklist? Well, you should. because it’s really an excellent tracklist!

tracklist TCD

01. DJ Paul Elstak – Intro
02. Richard Van Dongen – Something For Your Mind
03. Wasting Program – Bring That Shit Back
04. Masoko Solo – Pessa Pessa (DJ Cerla’s 172 BPM Rave Mix) 
05. DJ Paul Elstak – Do Not Go In There
06. DJ Paul Elstak – Boom Boom (Whoo)
07. DJ Paul Elstak – Rainbow In The Sky
08. E-Wax – What Is Wrong With Me
09. DJ Buby, DJ Maxx & DJ Giangy – Musica Nevrotica (DJ Buby Mix) 
10. Bass-D & King Matthew – Jump To The Pump
11. Bass Reaction – Start
12. DJ E-Ric & Tactic – What The Fuck (Scott Brown Remix) 
13. Evil Maniax – Bang
14. Sub Source – Hardcore Euphoria
15. Evil Maniax – Give You More Hardcore
16. Lenny Dee vs DJ Paul – I Like Hardcore
17. DJ Rob & Tim B – Step To It (Remix) 
18. DJ Weirdo & DJ Sim – So Get Busy
19. Scott Brown & DJ Rabs – Now Is The Time
20. Too Fast For Mellow – Let There B House
21. Vanugenth The 5th – Here We Go Again
22. Damage Inc – Turn Around
23. Da Beatblower – Fuck Your Ass Off
24. Scott Brown – Dumb Dooby Dum
25. Diss Reaction – Jieeehhaa
26. Omar Santana – Shake That Ass
27. The Bazeman – Bazeman
28. DJ Paul Elstak – Luv U More
29. DJ Skorp & DJ Pila – Mindcontroller
30. Tony Salmonelli – Hey
31. DJ Paul Elstak – DJ Paul’s Nightmare
32. DJ Alex – Say What
33. General Noise – Dance Till I Drop
34. Duo Penotti – Addicted To Raves
35. The Forze DJ Team – One To The Two
36. The Stunned Guys – Love Really Sucks
37. Vision 77 – Noise Chaoz
38. De Euromasters – A Message From Hell

This mix compilation is special, very special. It still holds many special memories for me. Smiles for miles, and as I said before, I can dream this mix. I know each and every track, and I haven’t heard these in this order for quite a while now. Thanks History Of Happy Hardcore for uploading this masterpiece, one jewel of the 90s. This is an album I will never throw away, unless it’s really useless, but for now it still plays… just.

There’s a lot of his own productions in here, and it’s good to hear tracks like ‘Boom Boom (Whoo)’, ‘DJ Paul’s Nightmare’, ‘Do Not Go In There’, and many more. Also a few collaborations can be found on this compilation. It was groundbreaking back in 1995, and it still is a classic album that you should listen to at least once before you die. Or try your best to get a physical copy of.

Yes, it might have been Happy Hardcore, but this was the good kind of Happy Hardcore. From Italian Happy Hardcore to UK Happy Hardcore to the Dutch sound, this contains everything you need to hear. Carefully selected by the Godfather by Hardcore, and mixed beautifully. And this was all done before the computer age we live in now. So good, it gets credit for being flawless.

Paul delivered a wicked album in 1995, and it still remains a good album. With only one shite track, but it still fits (the last one). Which is the best? ‘Dance Till I Drop’ and ‘Noise Chaoz’. Brilliant anthems!

Check this out right now!


DJ: Paul Elstak
Genre/Style: Hardcore, Gabber, Happy Hardcore
Mix Info: DJ Paul’s Megamix – CD from 1995
Length Mix: 01:14:05
Tracks: 38 (thirty-eight)
Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): LISTEN HERE
File Size: unknown
File Type: unknown
Bitspeed: unknown
More Information: DJ Paul Elstak – Facebook Fanpage 

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