DJ Promo – Mixtape July 1994 Part 2 (Side B)

dj promo

Yeah yeah yeah, I know it’s a cassette tape. And you are probably too damn young to realise it, how important tapes have been for us all. You know if someone is too young, if they don’t understand the relationship a pencil and a tape have. And that is astonishing. How could something so good disappear so quickly? I remember buying cassettes, and even putting tapes over the corners, if they were ‘protected’ (yes, that was a load of bollocks, what kind of protection was that, eh?). But anyway, whatever you are going to listen to, it’s going to be epic.

The artist in question is DJ Promo, and he’s been an established name for many years. Didn’t know he was active since 1994, but he’s been one of my favourite artists of all time. This mixtape (which is really a tape!) was recorded back in 1994, with only vinyl records, in one go! Not like they do nowadays, tweek and edit over and over again to make it sound sublime. This was raw and rough mixing, and Promo has shown us that in 1994 he was a force to be reckoned with.

The tracklist is a beauty. Some forgotten and yet memorable tunes! Worth a glance.

tracklist TCD

01. Search & Destroy – The Mystery
02. Fast As Fuck – Overdose Stomp (Bass-X Remix) 
03. Hyperact – My Best Friend (Dirty Mix) 
04. Mr. Brown – Jump
05. Marc Smith – Yeah Yeah!
06. Genaside – Fuck You!
07. Juggernaut – Listen To The Beat Go…. Boooomm
08. Charly Lownoise & Mental Theo – Live At London
09. Firestarter – 1, 2, 3, 4
10. Arnold Terror – P.O.W.E.R.
11. X-Cusiver – Free Day 13th
12. 3 Steps Ahead – M.F.ers You’re Gonna Die
13. Jean Sibart & Joel Trambel – Right Is Wrong
14. Evil Maniax – Powerfull Impact
15. Euromasters – Euromasters Are Cool
16. Turbulence ‘N’ Terrorist – 6 Million Ways To Die
17. Leathal Enforcer – Softy, Motherfucker
18. Evil Maniax – The Creators Of Hardcore (Rob Gee Remix) 
19. Smash – Sind Wir Korreckt?
20. Ilsa Gold – 4 Blond Nons

If you think about it, this mix is 24 years old! And I had to dubbel check it (and used a calculator on my PC). The music still sounds great, not outdated, but still fresh, like it was made yesterday. And then the wide world wakes us up, and makes us realise that it’s been quite a while.

I love the feeling it gives me. A nice and comfortable feeling. Oldschool feeling, reminiscing of the good old days. With this mix I get goosebumps all the way and want to go back to the days when I walked around with my walkman, and played the tunes out loud. That was the only way to play Gabber/Hardcore music. You couldn’t be part of it and not play it with the volume bar not raised/slided to the max.

DJ Promo has got a good sense of music, and even in 1994 he impressed people. 24 years later I hear record in this mix I have not heard before. Including the Terror Arnold record, Firestarter (never knew this Scott Brown alias), Leathal Enforcer and more. I love the mix between Terror Arnold and Firestarter and X-Cusiver. This is Promo at his finest. What a brilliant mix!

Yes, it contains little hiccups, but can you forgive him? This was made in one go, without any digital enhancements, just pure dedication and enthusiasm was all he needed.

24 years old, but still has the power that Promo put into it!


DJ: Promo
Genre/Style: Hardcore Gabber, Hardcore, Gabber, Oldskool
Mix Info: Mixtape July 1994 Part 2 (Side B)
Length Mix: 00:46:22
Tracks: 20 (twenty)
Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): DOWNLOAD/LISTEN
File Size: 106 MB
File Type: mp3
Bitspeed: 320kbps
More Information: DJ Promo – Soundcloud Page

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