Drokz – MOH Cut N Paste Mix 2018


It’s a common thing nowadays, for Drokz to make a ‘Cut N Paste’ mix just before Masters Of Hardcore. It’s a yearly thing, isn’t it? And this year is no exception. Masters Of Hardcore took place on the 24th of March, and thousands of ravers from all over the world witnessed many, and I do mean many, artists from all over the world, playing whatever they fancied, as long as it was hard and rough. And it’s an obvious choice the voice of reasoning, the voice of a generation, Drokz, to play there at the Terror area.

For this mix he used records from artists who played at the ‘Heavyweights From Hell’ area. And fuck me sideways, the line-up was immense: The Vizitor, Tripped, Striker, Akira, Drokz, Noisekick, The Destroyer, Paranoizer, Mithridate, Speedfolter, Hellcreator, and the one that shocked me the most: Kotzaak klan! Haven’t heard anything from them in YEARS! To showcase these legends, Drokz took his spot behind the decks at his possessed place (his studio) and made this mix. Sadly (as usual) it’s too damn fucking short. But within those 24 minutes you experience a range of emotions.And the music is just spot on.

Let me show you what he used to compose this year’s cut ’n paste mix! (if you are Dutch and don’t know what it means, it’s knip en plak).

tracklist TCD

01. Stickhead (Kotzaak) – Tormental Beginning
02. Akira & Angerfist – Krash The Party
03. Drokz – You Make Me Sick
04. The Vizitor & MC Guyze – This Is War
05. Mithridate – Dangerous
06. Tripped & Delta 9 – Shit Blizzard
07. Hellcreator – Into The Abyss
08. Drokz – I Ain’t Down With That
09. Akira – Rave 2055
10. Striker – People Over There
11. LTM & The Vizitor – If I Were The Devil
12. Paranoizer – Everybody Move
13. The Destroyer – Italian Madness III
14. Noisekick – Blow His Head Off
15. Speedfolter – What Do You Think
16. Stickhead (Kotzaak) – I Piss On Your Grave

Wowzers. What an insane mix! As I mentioned before it’s too damn short, but within the shortness of it, it does take your brain, puts it into a blender, makes you drink it, shit it out, puts it back into the blender, and whatever comes out of the blender next is being put back into the location where the brain used to be. It fucks up whatever brain cell you’ve got left.

Drokz is a hero. And I reckon he had a wonderful time at MoH, like everyone else at the party. I sadly live in the wrong bloody country, and at the moment my health ain’t great, but at the end of the month I will be better after surgery, and hopefully next year’s MoH I will be there, experiencing what everyone else has been for the last couple of years.

Drokz’s selection is really good. Best record? Oh, difficult. But Akira’s ‘Rave 2055′ is just so quirky, it does made me wonder what the music would sound like in the year 2055. And I think that Akira has the ability to look into the future. I hope that this is the kind of Terror they play. Not that I would listen to that, if I’m honest: I’ll be old, deaf, and just miserable.

A proper mix. Can we say anything that might degrade the score? Nope. It’s just brilliant! Drokz’s finest mix of 2018! And that’s why he’s the King of Terorr.


DJ: Drokz
Genre/Style: Terror
Mix Info: MOH Cut N Paste Mix 2018
Length Mix: 00:24:36
Tracks: 16 (sixteen)
Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): DOWNLOAD/LISTEN
File Size: 56.2 MB
File Type: mp3
Bitspeed: 320kbps
More Information: Drokz – Facebook Fanpage

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