E-Mission Festival 2018 – Early Hardcore Mixtape By DJ Panic

E-Mission Festival 2018 - Early Hardcore mixtape by DJ Panic

Most of you lot know I’m not Italian, hence why the website is called ‘The Crazy Dutchmans Blog’, and not the Italian version of this. The reason why I am saying this, is because I came across a mix today, a promo mix, for an event called ‘E-Mission’, which is held next week on the 14th of July at Discoteca Florida, in Ghedi, Italy. At first I thought this was a new kind of event I had not heard of before, but quickly after realising this takes place not in the Benelux, I had to give in: I would not have known of this event, be it without Soundcloud. 

10 years of organising E-Mission, this year’s will be a special one. Don’t know what it says on their Facebook event page, but it’s Italian, so it must be romantic. But looking at the line-up, that’s really pornographid: Destructive Tendencies, Neophyte, Brutale, Deadly Guns, Wildstylez, Sub Zero Project, Regain, Andy The Core, eDUB, Dana, Technoboy, Bass-D, The Stunned Guys, Ruthless, Nico & Tetta, and the man who made this promo mix: DJ Panic. The line-up also consists of names I’m not familiar with, but they could be national artists. Would you go? I would definately, without a shadow of a doubt.

DJ Panic (as I said above) has made this promo mix, containing Early Hardcore tunes. And as we know it, Panic knows a thing or two about that kind of music. He’s familiar with it, shall we say. So he went through his collection, and he found some jewels, including some records I’ve completely forgotten about! And that’s a shame!

Tracklist should be interesting for the die-hard Hardcore fans.

tracklist TCD

01. Genaside – Fuck You (Intro Mix) 
02. The Scotchman – Asylum
03. Rotterdam Terror Corps – We’re Gonna Blow Your Mind (DJ Isaac Mix) 
04. The Viper – Rock The Disc-o-Tek
05. Davex – New Dimension 1
06. Inner Destruction – Bang To The Beat (Scott Brown Mix) 
07. Speedloader – Suck My Dick
08. DJ Brisk – Airhead (DJ Brisk Remix)  
09. The Stunned Guys – Hymn
10. Forze DJ Team – 909 Trauma
11. Neophyte vs The Stunned Guys – Get This Motherfucker
12. DJ Paralizer – Bizarcore
13. DJ Buzz Fuzz – Dreamgirl
14. Charly Lownoise & Mental Theo – Can You Feel It
15. King Dale – Fuckface (2 Fast 4 Mellow Remix) 
16. Reyes – Rock With Me
17. Sequential One – Dance (Remix) 
18. Paul Elstak – Play My Game
19. Critical Mass – Burning Love
20. Vanugenth The 5th – Here We Go Again
21. DJ E-Rick & Tactic – Bring The Noise
22. DJ Paul – Luv U More (Stunned Guys Remix) 
23. Cixx – To The Bass
24. Omar Santana – Slamma Jamma
25. Party Animals – Used & Abused (Amnesia Mix) 
26. XXX Rated – Sweet Dreams
27. Pino D’Ambini – Up & Down Ballz (Buzzy Goes BZRK Mix) 
28. DJ Paul Elstak – Code Red
29. DJ Sim – Take This
30. Neophyte vs Stunned Guys – Beat Is Coming
31. Tiny Tot – Discoland (DJ Isaac Remix) 
32. Promo – Shut Up!

Now, I told you Panic knows a thing or two about this kind of music. LOOK WHAT HE CAME UP WITH! What a mint looking tracklist. So many brilliant and underrated anthems.

For just one day I would like to dig through his collection, and see how many unknown anthems he’s got, the ones I’ve never heard of before. I want to hear them, seeing as I’ve discovered new anthems in this mix. Like ‘Suck My Dick’, ‘Can You Feel It’ (which is weird, I used to be a huge fan of them), ‘Bizarcore’ and more. And they rock.

In this mix there are two, and you can count them, two amazeballs records! I simply can’t choose between either of them: ‘New Dimension 1’, and ‘To The Bass’. Don’t know who Davex is, but what I do know is that Cixx was one of the most underrated producers in the scene during the 90s. So many great anthems, and sadly most of them forgotten. Thanks to mixes like this one they are kept alive. Don’t even know what Cixx does nowadays.

Back to this mix. I’ve got no complaints whatsoever. And if you are an Italian, and you love your music to be a bit rougher and tougher, why not check the DJ out himself at E-Mission next week! If he plays as good as he played like in this mix, you will have a great time, but trust me, you will have a good time.

Bring the Panic!


DJ: Panic
Genre/Style: Hardcore, Gabber, Happy Hardcore
Mix Info: E-Mission Festival 2018 – Early Hardcore Mixtape
Length Mix: 01:04:43
Tracks: 32 (thirty-two)
Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): LISTEN HERE
File Size: unknown
File Type: unknown
Bitspeed: unknown
More Information: E-Mission – Facebook Event Page

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