Freeform Anthems – Mixed by Cyrax (2018)

Van Martin van Zeelandt

Only last June Cyrax’s mix got reviewed by yours truly. And now he’s back! The quirkiest DJ in the Freeform scene has made a brand spanking new mix, which contains the finest Freeform anthems from over the years. Yes, yes, yes. Not only brand new tracks, but we go back in time, and Cyrax has selected about 22 records, and they are fire. The tracklist looks so extremely sexy, it makes me want to make sweet love to it (the tracklist & the mix, not Cyrax). Anyway, I’m getting too excited, let’s focus on the mix.

First of all, I like the picture which he added on Soundcloud. It’s quirky, and cool. Second of all, I do like the music a lot. You all know I am a Freeform freak, and to hear these really astonishing anthems again makes me wonder why there aren’t more fans out there. This is the kind of music the world needs to hear. They don’t need to hear any of that garbage which comes on the radio every day, they need to hear this.

Cyrax picked literally every monster anthem he could find. And it’s turned into a very diverse tracklist. It’s a monster mix. Oh, and for you geeks out there, Jon Doe has done the mastering. Don’t know if that’s relevant information, but if you wanted to know who done it, now you know.

tracklist TCD

01. Pain On Creation – Lush (Epyx & Cyrez Remix) 
02. Slippery Disco – Drift
03. Gammer – Got Ya
04. Kevin Energy, K-Complex & Sharkey – Anna (Cube::Hard Remix) 
05. Fergus Mayhem – Take Control
06. Ephexis & Seventy-7 – Psymbiosis (Four To The Floor Mix) 
07. Ethos vs AMS – Pump It Up
08. Dougal & Gammer – Xtreme
09. Lost Soul – Sacrifice
10. *UNT – Dirty Karma
11. Arkitech & Double Decka – I May Be Dreaming
12. Douglas – Jonestown
13. S3RL – T-T-Techno
14. Carbon Based – Anger Ball (Kevin Energy Remix) 
15. Endemic – Hurricane
16. MDA & Spherical vs DJ GRH – Illusion (Splash Remix) 
17. Breeze & Styles – Sonic (Kevin Energy Remix) 
18. Uplift – Night Flight (Douglas Remix) 
19. Impact & Nomad – Utopia (Haze Remix) 
20. Eryk Orpheys – PVC (Lost Soul Remix) 
21. A.B – Pigeon
22. Scott EL & Douglas – Naked Angel

That’s a good tracklist, mr Cyrax. He has picked a lot of different records. The only name you see appear a lot of, is Kevin Energy. But, truth be told, you can’t have a Freeform mix and NOT include records or remixes by this legend. It’s like talking about the Royal family and not mention her Majesty. Or talk about God and not mention Morgan Freeman. Kevin Energy is the biggest name in the scene, period.

Some of these I have not heard in a very, very long time. From my point of view, I try to be as diverse with my website as I can, but sometimes you just can’t control yourself. The other day I was listening to the Winter Bash mix by A.B, and the craving for Freeform just took over. And Cyrax’s mix just jumped out immediately.

The best record? Well, it’s the last one. Such an underrated anthem. ‘Naked Angel’. If this record doesn’t move you internally, you are not human.

Worst record? The S3RL record. I’m not feeling the cheesyness yet. I can listen to it every so often, but still don’t understand why people are so fixated about it. Sometimes it’s just horrible to listen to, and this ‘T-T-Techno’ record is just not my cup of tea.

Anyway, Cyrax’s mix is a good one. It’s as good as his previous mix. Worth checking it out, and sharing it with your mates. A proper oldskool Freeform mix!


DJ: Cyrax
Genre/Style: Freeform, Trancecore, UK Hardcore
Mix Info: Freeform Anthems – Mixed By Cyrax
Length Mix: 01:11:02
Tracks: 22 (twenty-two)
Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): DOWNLOAD/LISTEN
File Size: 162 MB
File Type: mp3
Bitspeed: 320kbps
More Information: Cyrax – Soundcloud Page

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