Gizmo & Dano – Thunderdome Mix 2007


Whilst the whole world is watching the football match England vs Croatia, I’m listening to music. This is my sport: to find the dopest mixes out there. And I think I found one for those who like their music slightly harder and rougher. And also a big older. And it’s a mix I found on Mixcloud a few years ago, and sadly forgot about. This mix is taken from Thunderdome’s CD compilation, released back in 2008, and the first mix was made by Gizmo and Dano, true pioneers of the Hardcore scene. And before we continue, let me tell you that this mix is not downloadable, before you all get hyped up. You know what you need to do: buy the bloody album, like the rest of us. And no secret downloading: the government is watching.

Thunderdome was doing well party-wise, but sadly album wise it went down a path I didn’t like. They were too quick to jump the wagon, and they’ve missed their market completely with a few albums released after 2001, but with this 2008 compilation they’ve come back from the dead (nearly). The other DJs on this compilation were Endymion, and Promo. Can it get any better? Maybe, but it would be a very tricky thing to achieve.

Dano and Gizmo on one CD. And what do you get? Madness. Absolute madness. 31 records megamixed together into an hour (-ish) long mix. And even though you would expect the more common records to appear, Dano and Gizmo went deep into their music collection and dug out the classics that many have forgotten about. Including yours truly.

The tracklist is a wicked one. Pure Thunderdome buzz.

tracklist TCD

01. DJ Dano – Thunderdome 15 Years Intro
02. Dominium – Let Your Mind (Bassmix) 
03. Kuadra – La Onda (La Onda De Einstein Mix) 
04. Rexanthony – For You Marlene (New Deutschland Version) 
05. Dream Your Dream – Soushkin
06. X-Buzz – Overload
07. Kick Side – Time To Blast (Hardcore Stuff)
08. Gangsta Trax – Goodfellas
09. G-Shock – Demons
10. Bass X – Mother Fucker
11. Sequential One – Dance (Remix Part II) 
12. Square Dimensione – Brand New Dance (Buzz Fuzz ’99 Remix) 
13. Billy The Kid – Can U Do It
14. Asylum – Mescalum
15. Reyes – Rock With Me
16. DJ Gizmo & DJ Norman – Check This Out (Original Mix) 
17. Too Hostile – No Bullshitting
18. Predator – 1-2-3-4
19. DJ Weirdo & DJ Sim – Go Get Busy (Hardcore Edit) 
20. DJ Delirium & Omar Santana – Drop Da Beat
21. Body Lotion – Watch Yourself
22. DJ Buzz Fuzz – Frequencies
23. Annihilator – I’ll Show You My Gun
24. Tellurian – Guyver
25. 3 Steps Ahead – Gangster (Tails, Noizer & Drokz Ouwe Gabber Mix) 
26. The Prophet – Allright Now Here We Go
27. DJ Dano & Liza ‘n’ Eliaz – Energy Boost
28. Nasenbluten – Blows T’ The Nose
29. System 3 – Keep On Fuckin’
30. DJ Dano – Welcome To The Thunderdome (20(0)7 BPM) 
31. DJ Dano – Thunderdome 15 Years Outro

See, this is what I said. Yes, you do see the well known records such as ‘Demons’, ‘Soushkin’, ‘La Onda’, but also a whole heap of forgotten and underrated records. I don’t think the new generation understand what they are missing. This is the kind of music that paved the way for present day Hardcore/Gabber. This is the godfather of Hardcore, this is the true beginning. And yes, they might not have been extremely huge (like ‘Go Get Busy’) but still important enough to get thousands of ravers dancing every week, making sure the sound would survive. And boy, did it survive… yes!

Don’t get me wrong, the other two discs are good too. But I simply haven’t found them on Mixcloud. Only Gizmo and Dano’s mix, and that’s just because Gizmo was so kind to share it with us all. And we should be grateful for it, because the mix is good.

What makes me happy is to hear these classics again. There’s no day that goes by during which I don’t want to hear anything from the 90s. And I’m not talking about the rubbish shite pop music, I’m talking good music, like Hardcore and Gabber. And the whole country here is hyped up for the football: they don’t know what they are missing. Thankfully I’m here to share it with you all.

Best record? Oh, difficult. I really like ‘Guyver’, ‘Watch Yourself’, but ‘Soushkin’ remains one of my all time favourites. That scream just says it all: don’t fuck about, don’t get off the bloody dancefloor, time to ‘Hakkuh’!

A wonderful mix. They should do more collaborations and come up with excellent mixes like this one.


DJs: Gizmo & Dano
Genre/Style: Hardcore, Gabber, Early Hardcore
Mix Info: Thunderdome Mix 2007
Length Mix: 01:18:50
Tracks: 32 (thirty-two)
Download/Listen (via Mixcloud): LISTEN HERE
File Size: unknown
File Type: unknown
Bitspeed: unknown
More Information: Thunderdome – Official Website

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