Hardcore Yearmix 2016 Mixed By Jason S

Hardcore Yearmix 2016 mixed by Jason S
Van Martin van Zeelandt

The year is slowely ending, and we are going to see more ‘end of the year’-mixes. And that’s what I have witnessed a couple of weeks ago on Soundcloud, but it wasn’t a ‘End of 2017’ mix, but a Hardcore mix, celebrating 2016. A mix made by Jason S, who previously made that legendary ‘Dutch Hardcore’ mix which I really liked, and still play every so often. The mix I found recently was his 2016 mix, and he’s gone all in. A hundred records in an hour mix. According to Rige’s Soundcloud page, he’s the Dutch mastermixer, and that’s no word of a lie. Bloody hell, a hundred in an hour? How’s that manageable? Well, Jason S knows how to fabricate an awesome mix.

The last couple of years Hardcore music has gone up, production wise. The quality has kicked in, and especially in 2016 the music has become better and much more diverse. Jason S has picked the best of 2016, and created this memorable mix. Not downloadable sadly, but you should just give this a go. Reminiscing of what 2016 had to offer, and I reckon soon he will upload a 2017 mix.

I am still amazed about him putting 100 records in an hour mix. And he makes it sound so effortlessly. Not many DJs can do that. This is only a dream for every bedroom DJ, to make something as good as this. The majority of them can’t even mix 2 records beautifully together.

This is going to hurt my fingers, but here’s the tracklist!

tracklist TCD

01. Jason S feat MC Bryan C – Intro: I Just…. Cut Things Out
02. Miss K8 – Icebreaker
03. Alien T – I Hate Children
04. The Stunned Guys – She (The Playah feat MC Jeff Remix) 
05. Project Omega – Prednison Attack (N-Vitral Remix) 
06. Dyprax – The Future (Tha Playah Remix) 
07. Restrained – Gangsters
08. Synthax – Stay True
09. Thorax feat MC Tha Watcher – A Decade Of Syndicate (Official Syndicate 2016 Anthem)
10. AniMe – Your Dreams
11. Dyprax feat MC Hozhard – Xclusive
12. DJ Mad Dog & AniMe – Ama Shishi
13. DJ Mad Dog – Dogfight
14. DJ Mad Dog – Good Old Times
15. Evil Activities & DJ Mad Dog – 911
16. AniMe – Sickness
17. Advanced Dealer – Back To The Rave
18. Neophyte & Evil Activities with E-Life & MC Alee – Exodus (Official Exodus 2016 Anthem)
19. DJ Mad Dog & Noize Suppressor vs Rob Gee – #MFFYF
20. The Melodyst – Iron Planet (Official United Hardcore Forces 2016 Anthem)
21. AniMe – Bass For Your Face (Art Of Fighters Remix) 
22. DJ Mad Dog – Call Of Fury
23. Noize Suppressor – The Return Of Bike’s Drum (The Outside Agency Remix) 
24. Miss K8 & MC Nolz – Raiders Of Rampage (Official Masters Of Hardcore 2016 Anthem)
25. Miss K8 & Angerfist – Bogotá
26. Korsakoff & Decipher – Affected By Sound
27. The BeatKrusher & DJ Paul feat MC Ruffian – House Of Horror (Official Nightmare 2017 Anthem)
28. Korsakoff – Somnia
29. Tha Playah feat MC Alee & Tha Watcher – D.H.O. (Q-Base Warehouse OST 2016)
30. Re-Style – Fast Life
31. Tears Of Fury – Painkillah
32. Noize Suppressor & Angerfist – Back With The Hard Street Shit
33. Restrained – What I Want #TiH
34. Noize Suppressor & Tha Playah feat MC Nolz – Headshot
35. Angerfist & Radical Redemption – Order Of Hostility (Official Airforce 2016 Anthem)
36. Destructive Tendencies – Do You Bleed
37. N-Vitral & Angerfist – Fist In Your Face
38. I:Gor – Zero Fucks Given
39. Miss Hysteria & Ophidian – Nothings Waits
40. Tears Of Fury – My Fury
41. Re-Style & Bodyshock feat MC Nolz – Wild Sparks
42. Amnesys & Tommyknocker – Blackout (Official Ground Zero Hardcore 2016 Anthem)
43. Angerfist & N-Vitral – The Envy
44. Furyan feat MC Alee – Methods Of Multilation (Official Dominator 2016 Anthem)
45. Korsakoff & Furyan – A New Dawn
46. Neophyte & Nosferatu – S.I.C.K.
47. Icha – HOT!
48. The Unfamous & The BeatKrusher – Drop Bombs
49. Nosferatu – Enemigo Del Estado (Restrained Remix) 
50. Dyprax feat MC Tha Watcher – Music In My Head (Official Free Festival 2016 Anthem)
51. Tha Playah – Get Hard
52. Rotterdam Terror Corps – Are You Prepared To Die? (Refix 2017)
53. Nosferatu feat MC Nolz – Hostile Takeover (Official Unity Anthem 2016)
54. Destructive Tendencies & Angerfist – Fortress Of Solitude
55. D-Fence – Pompen
56. Neophyte & D-Fence feat Time & MC Alee – Rammen
57. N-Vitral – The Ultimate Statement (Official Hardshock Anthem 2016)
58. Furyan & Bodyshock – Murder
59. DJ Paul Elstak & The Unfamous – Beat ‘Em
60. Destructive Tendencies – Against All Odds (Harmony Of Hardcore Anthem 2016)
61. Furyan & Nosferatu – Killswitch
62. Icha – Bulletproof
63. Neophyte & Evil Activities – Alles Kapot (D-Fence Remix) 
64. Tieum & D-Fence – Beter He!
65. Destructive Tendencies & F.Noize – Ameno (DJ Mad Dog & Unexist Remix) 
66. Tieum & Angerfist – The Murdera
67. DJIPE – Turtle Devastation Wave
68. Lady Dammage – Fear Me Bitches
69. Noize Suppressor – Man On A Mission
70. Al Twisted & Necrotic – Screwface
71. The Melodyst – C.O.R.E.
72. Tommyknocker & Art Of Fighters – Your Betrayal
73. Bodyshock – Let’s Get Shocked Up
74. D-Fence – Bass Line
75. Dyprax – Guerilla Games
76. Destructive Tendencies & Partyraiser – Fuck The Fame & Fortune
77. Brutale & Rob Gee – No Compromise
78. The Punisher – Side To Side
79. Meccano Twins – Forever More
80. Partyraiser & Chaotic Hostility – Helemaal Knettah
81. Day-Mar – Luxury
82. Dirty Bastards – Peligro
83. System Overload vs Unrest – White Trash
84. Noize Suppressor & Drokz – Fingers In The Air
85. Andy The Core & Delta 9 – Core 9
86. Nosferatu & Neophyte – Daar Zijn We Weer!
87. Andy The Core & Delta 9 – Hit U Harder
88. Partyraiser & Cryogenic – Middle Fingers Up!
89. Lenny Dee, Randy & The Sickest Squad – Boomshakalaka (2016 Rebuild) 
90. The Sickest Squad – Il Clitoride (Art Of Fighters Remix) 
91. Al Twisted & Necrotic – Search & Destroy
92. Scarphase – Black Scars
93. Unproven – Take The Fucking Shot
94. Scarphase feat Tha Watcher – Enter The Snakepit (Official Snakepit 2016 Anthem)
95. Miss K8 – Battlefield
96. SRB – Shit Is Hard
97. Death By Design & Brutal Jesters – Fearception
98. Scarphase – Coming Like An Earthquake
99. Cryogenic feat Brainteaser – Pain Re-Killer
100. Rotterdam Terror Corps – Release Your Anger

And it’s official now, I’ve got dislocated fingers. Bloody Nora, I love megamixes, but they always hurt my fingers. I can’t just simply copy-paste it. But hey, at least it’s worth it, because you all get to see the beautiful tracks Jason S has selected and mixed together, eh?

There’s a lot of re-occuring artists, but that’s only proof that the scene is doing well, and these artists are on fire. And when I say on fire, I do mean it. I still don’t know how he’s done it, but what I do know is that he didn’t mix them on oldskool LP players, eh? Imagine having to do that, you would be chucking vinyl through the room, if you had to change them every 20 seconds. Thanks for the change in the music industry.

I just love the build up, and the actual records he has selected. This shows that 2016 was an amazing year, and we can look back with a smile on our faces. The year has been tremendous, and has given us amazing records. I can not describe the power behind each and every one of them. But they’ve proven to us all that they are dancefloor smashers. And living room destroyers.

Nothing but credit for Jason S. Yet another beautiful mix. Can’t wait for his 2017 mix. Why can’t this year end quicker?

Best record? Nearly forgot that. But I can’t simply pick one. There are too many. You pick for me!


DJ: Jason S
Genre/Style: Hardcore Techno, Gabber, Industrial Hardcore, Terror
Mix Info: Hardcore Yearmix 2016 Mixed By Jason S
Length Mix: 00:59:48
Tracks: 100 (hundred!)
Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): LISTEN HERE
File Size: unknown
File Type: unknown
Bitspeed: unknown
More Information: Jason S – Facebook Fanpage

 Categorie: Hardcore MIX REVIEW

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