Helemaal Doorgetoeterd Volume 10 By Jason Payne (2018)

Helemaal Doorgetoeterd Volume 10 by Jason Payne
Van Martin van Zeelandt

It’s Tuesday, which means that the weekend is coming closer and closer. Currently still sitting at home, trying to recover from surgery. So the only thing I can do, is relax and enjoy whatever Soundcloud has to offer. And it’s a lot. A fucking lot. Because of the simplistic reason: it’s focussed on music. So every music lover has to have a Soundcloud account, and once that’s set up, a world opens up for you. But for once I did not find this mix on Soundcloud, but via Facebook. This mix came to my attention because of me scrolling for hours on Facebook. And it has paid off.

Jason Payne has been a favourite for many years, but it’s been rather quiet around him. Don’t know why, but I don’t seem to find any mixes onlin (with tracklists). But don’t worry, I found one only yesterday, and it’s called ‘Helemaal Doorgetoeterd’. How in God’s name am I going to translate that into English? Let me see if Google can help me out: “All The Way Through”. That’s what it comes up with. Don’t think that’s the real translation, but never mind.

This podcast/mix series is focussed on everything Hard Dance related, and they’ve already had a few mixes by names such as Titan, CEAZAR, Retaliation, Thera, and more. Released on the first Friday of each month, they are focussed on bringing us the finest guestmix. And the mix contains the DJ’s favourite records. Records which connect to the DJ. And in this half hour long mix, DJ Jason Payne picked up his record collection, and went through, to find his favourite records. And to be brutally honest, he’s known for his Rawstyle love and dedication, but this mix contains the early Hardstyle records, and some really cool Hardcore records.

It’s time for you all to see the tracklist. It’s unusual, but oh so good!

tracklist TCD

01. Tuneboy – Sexbusters (Technoboy Remix) 
02. DJ Zenith vs Avex – Scream
03. Marc et Claude – Loving You 2002 (DJ Isaac Remix) 
04. Lowriders – Don’t Get Back
05. Zany vs Duro – Our Power
06. Headhunterz – Rock Civilization
07. Brennan Heart & Wildstylez – Reputation Game
08. The Masochist – Killing Scum (Promo Meets Shaolin Mix) 
09. Amnesys – Elevation
10. Tha Playah & Neophyte – Still Nr. 1
11. Neophyte – Braincracking
12. G-Shock – Demons (Promo Remix) 
13. Ophidian – Butterfly VIP

This is not the tracklist you would expect from Jason Payne, seeing as I only know him for his love for Rawstyle/Hardstyle. But he shows with this mix that’s he’s more than just a Rawstyle DJ, and that he loves a wide range of music.

In this mix you will find Jason Payne’s favourite records, and some of them I fully understand. Who doesn’t love ‘Rock Civilization’, ‘Killing Scum’, ‘Still Nr 1’ and ‘Braincracking’? Or the mighty ‘Butterfly VIP’? Is there anyone on Earth who dislikes Jason’s selection of tracks?

The mix (for me) is too damn short. It packes a punch, but it should have been longer than 30 minutes. But it’s a podcast series with mixes only 30 minutes long, so I won’t complain about that for too damn long.

Jason has picked a lot of wicked records, and one minor track (never a huge fan of Isaac’s Hardstyle stuff). But still, this keeps me going through the day, and I will keep this on repeat for as long as I can. Especially with ‘Still Nr. 1’. What a dancefloor smasher, no matter how old it is, it still has the power to unite a dancefloor, and create havoc at the same time!

A wonderful mix. And an interesting concept behind the podcast. I will surely check out the other mixes!


DJ: Jason Payne
Genre/Style: Hardstyle, Hard House, Hardcore Techno
Mix Info: Helemaal Doorgetoeterd Volume 10 By Jason Payne
Length Mix: 00:29:24
Tracks: 13 (thirteen)
Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): 
File Size: unknown
File Type: unknown
Bitspeed: unknown
More Information: Helemaal Doorgetoeterd – Soundcloud Page

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