History Of D-Boy Records Session 2 – Only Vinyls (2017)

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d-boy black label

You simply forgot that there were other labels back during the hey-days of Hardcore when the only thing you see and hear on Soundcloud are mixes focussed on the biggest labels out there. One of those ‘forgotten’ labels is D-Boy, and its subsidairy label D-Boy Black Label. This Italian label has released a few big anthems, and sadly it doesn’t excist anymore (the black label went bankrupt back in 2005). How do I know this? All of this information can be found online, mostly on Discogs. Back during the 90s the only kind of information you would get was via booklet (CD booklets) and magazines, but thanks to the internet we all get the information, and find out what actually happened to labels such as this one.

Due to someone reposting this mix I found out that a DJ called Lem-X made this live mix on Facebook on the 16th of November this year, and it’s all dedicated to this label. Don’t know much about Lem-X, so let’s focus on the actual music he used for this mix. Only D-Boy records, no other records. 44 records by well known names such as Digital Boy, Buzz Fuzz, Placid K, DJ Isaac, G-Town Madness and more. Sadly this label wasn’t brought to my attention when it was big, so the majority of these records are new to me. Those I know, we all know. But it’s like a Christmas present this mix: you don’t know what to expect. You get to hear awesome records you’ve never heard of before.

Let me show you the tracklist. It’s a beauty. If you love your oldskool Hardcore sound, you must give this a go. Whoever Lem-X is, he has made this two hour long mix with really only oldskool records. True listening pleasure, I would say.

tracklist TCD

01. Underground Planet – H.F.P.
02. Raveman – Drum Meet Da Bass (New Style Mix) 
03. Q-Tex – Spirit (’94 Mix) 
04. The Dark Side – Him Again
05. Trance Jam – 160 On The Rama
06. MC Rage – Rave Machine (Extended Mix) 
07. Ryan Campbell – Oo Oo Woo
08. Placid K – Ride The Party (1st Mix) 
09. The Destroyer – Hard Floyd
10. Placid K – P-O-W W-O-W
11. Le Marrant – Voulez Vous Un Rendez – Vous? (Hardcore Mix) 
12. The Masochist – Oldcore
13. Cixx vs The Vinyl Junk – Oldschool Madness
14. Placid K – 2nd Base
15. Placid K – Primitive Solution
16. Placid K & The Gabber Friends – Always Peace (Placid K & The Gabber Friends Remix) 
17. Placid K – Discoland (Placid K “Gabber” Remix) 
18. The Mellow Maniac – Call Me Tiger (Gabba Mix) 
19. Digital Boy – Dedicate To All The Italian Ravers
20. System 3 – The Right Way
21. DJ Isaac – Bass And Sound
22. Tiny Tot – Hardcore Doll
23. Digital Boy with Asia – S.A.L.T.A. (180 Hard Slam) 
24. DJ Isaac – Get With The Bass
25. System 3 – My Place
26. G-Town Madness – King Of Beats
27. Raveman – Spaceman (1.8.2. Mix) 
28. Placid K – Rewind Your Mind
29. Placid K – Quick Acid
30. Buzz Fuzz – Jump 4 Joy (Buzz Fuzz Remix) 
31. System 3 – The Rule Of 3 (Burned Mix) 
32. G-Town Madness – Society Of 2Day
33. Placid K – Jump 4 Joy (2nd Mix) 
34. DJ Jappo vs DJ Lancinhouse – Bring It Fine
35. DJ 8Mix – Solid Kick
36. DJ Isaac – I Wanna Be A Gabber Baby (Hardcore Mix) 
37. Stunned Guys – La Bambolina
38. Placid K – Two The Hard Way (Placid K “100% HC” Mix) 
39. DJ Isaac – Dirty Bitch
40. Placid K – Save The Hardcore
41. Ravemasters – Don’t Hurt Nobody
42. G-Town Madness – Who Is Number One?
43. Ravemasters – Wake Up
44. MC Rage – The Dedication Of Silence

Every day I discover new music, and this mix has proven my own point: there’s more music out there without me knowing it. Even when it comes to Early Hardcore there’s an unknown world for me out there. Mainly focussing on Happy Hardcore and Thunderdome during the 90s, there’s a plethora of music out there I have never heard before. And thanks to mixes such as this one I get updated.

DJ Lem-X has made an interesting live mix. A lot of Placid K records in this mix, but also a lot of wicked records by System 3, The Masochist, Isaac, Stunned Guys, Digital Boy, and more. This is a quite intriguing mix, because the quality of the records is really high. Lem-X’s mix is really good, containing a lot of wicked anthems.

But, let’s not deny the elephant in the room, this mix contains one of the worst records of all time. Never a fan of DJ Isaac (he has a few wicked records, but the majority aren’t my thing), but ‘I Wanna Be A Gabber Baby’ is such a horrible record, it made me ashamed to be a gabber during the 90s. So bad. Really bad. I want to rip my heart out and put it on the street, get in my car, and run it over again and again.

Lem-X’s mix is done live and only contains vinyls, so there are a few small errors, But manageable. Not bad at all. A good dedication mix for a underrated label. Thanks for making sure that I will go on the hunt for more mixes like this one. There’s a whole new world out there, and I’m slowely discovering them.


DJ: Lem-X
Genre/Style: Hardcore, Gabber, Happy Hardcore
Mix Info: History Of D-Boy Records Session 2 – Only Vinyls
Length Mix: 01:58:46
Tracks: 44 (fourty-four)
Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): DOWNLOAD/LISTEN
File Size: 271 MB
File Type: mp3
Bitspeed: 320kbps
More Information: Lem-X – Soundcloud Page

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