Indecent Noise – Polonia In The Mix 011 (The Classics) (2014)

Indecent Noise - Polonia In The Mix 011 (The Classics)
Van Martin van Zeelandt

When Soundcloud knows you better, it’s time for you to worry. I was just browsing and the first thing I found, was a mix 3 years old, filled with Trance anthems. I spoke about Trance classics a few reviews ago, how much I like them and how much I miss them, and I wish I heard more mixes, and now Soundcloud is forcing me to hear more similar mixes. Is that bad? Nah, not really, you can never have enough Trance music. Especially when the mix is 2 hours long, and contains so many forgotten gems.

The DJ in question who made this mix is Indecent Noise. I had to Google him, seeing as I’ve seen his name before, but only know the name, not knowing the fame. He’s a Polish Trance and Techno DJ/producer from Warsaw, Masovia. And he’s quite succesful, already launched his own record label back in 2012! Now that showcases that Indecent Noise is doing just right.

What can I say about the mix he posted 3 years ago? Well, it was aired on Afterhours.FM, but that’s all I know. Polonia In The Mix? Quick Google search, which means ‘Poland in the Mix’. Polonia is a latin word for Poland. Wow, learned something on this dark and edgy morning. Let me show you the tracklist before we start talking about nonsense, which we shouldn’t.

tracklist TCD

01. Mauro Picotto – Back To Cali (Claxixx Mix) 
02. Storm – Storm Animal
03. Green Court feat Lina Rafn – Silent Heart (Flutlicht Remix) 
04. Factor 9 – Release Me (Svenson & Gielen Remix) 
05. Talla vs Taucher – Together ’99 (Sean Dexter Remix) 
06. Kay Cee – Escape 2
07. Ayla – Ayla (Verachoca Remix) 
08. Ultra – Free
09. Fragma – Toca Me (In Petto Remix) 
10. Mauro Picotto – Lizard (Tea Mix) 
11. Dumonde – Never Look Back
12. Gouryella – Tenshi
13. Kamaya Painters – Far From Over
14. Blank & Jones – Desire
15. Meteor Seven – Universal Music (JamX & De Leon’s Dumonde Remix) 
16. Beam vs Cyrus – Thunder In Paradise (DJ Scot Project Remix) 
17. Mario Lopez – Blind (CJ Stone meets Mr. Phillips Club Remix) 
18. DJ Björn – Tracking
19. Katana – Silence (Signum Remix) 
20. Blank & Jones – Cream
21. DJ Shog – This Is My Sound (Wavescope Remix) 
22. Matt Cassar presents Most Wanted – Seven Days And One Week (Dirt Devils Mix) 
23. Watergate – Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence (Heart Of Asia) (DJ Quicksilver’s Q Mix) 
24. ATB – Killer (Killer Mix) 
25. Vengaboys – Kiss (Airscape Remix) 
26. Paul van Dyk – Another Way (PvD Session Mix 2) 
27. Push – The Legacy (Svenson & Gielen Remix) 
28. Miss Shiva – Dreams (Sunbeam Remix) 
29. Alex Bartlett – Amnesia (Marc Dawn presents Green Court Remix) 
30. G&M Project – Control of Your Mind (Flutlicht Remix) 
31. JamX & De Leon – Can You Dig It?
32. Angelic – Can’t Keep Me Silent (JamX & De Leon’s Dumonde Mix) 
33. Talla 2XLC – World In My Eyes (Marc La Cruz UK Club Mix) 
34. Solange – Messages (Gouryella Remix) 
35. Beam & Yanou – Sound Of Love (Airscape vs Des Mitchell Remix) 
36. Des Mitchell – (Welcome) To The Dance (Airscape Remix) 
37. Miro de Govia – Epic Monolith
38. Delerium feat Kristy Thrisk – Heaven’s Earth (Matt Darey Remix) 
39. Blank & Jones – Nightclubbing (Wippenberg Remix) 
40. DONS feat Technotronic – Pump Up The Jam (Loop Remix) 
41. Scooter – Faster Harder Scooter (Club Mix) 

Beautiful, isn’t it? I sometimes wonder what happened to the majority of these artists, what are they doing nowadays? The Trance scene used to be so exciting and I followed everything and everyone, but I’ve lost touch with a lot of names. I wonder if 80% of these artists in this mix are still active in the scene? And if they aren’t, I wonder what they are doing then?

Anyway, Indecent Noise’s mix. Yes, the classics are in there. You can’t make a Trance classic mix without these anthems. My God, I forgot half of them! ‘Free’ by Ultra, that was a pure anthem in its day, Blank & Jones’ records always cheered me right up, ‘Lizard’ a pure dancefloor destroyer… and the list goes on. Indecent Noise has picked a whole lot of awesome tracks, and it’s a beauty to see, and also to hear. A nice, 2 hour long mix. No nonsense, just straight forward Trance from the early days.

Best record for me? Easy, could have picked it with my eyes closed: ‘Can You Dig It?’ I remember it being on an ID&T Trance album (it was green and grey, the cover), and I played it over and over again. I just love the build-up of this record, the crowd noises throughout.. there’s nothing I can say which might make this record worst. It’s simply too damn good!

To be fair, any record with crowd noise through it is just awesome. Crowd interaction just makes everything better!

A few minor tracks, like Scooter’s record and ‘Pump Up The Jam’, they aren’t my favourites.

All in all, a brilliant mix. Before you go to work, make sure you download this and play this whilst going to work. This will make the journey shorter, and better. Unless you wanted to hear anything else. In which case I would say: don’t be ignorant, and listen to this mix instead!


DJ: Indecent Noise
Genre/Style: Trance, Tech Trance
Mix Info: Polonia In The Mix 011 (The Classics)
Length Mix: 02:00:00
Tracks: 41 (fourty-one)
Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): DOWNLOAD/LISTEN 
File Size: 164 MB
File Type: mp3
Bitspeed: 192kbps
More Information: Indecent Noise – Facebook Fanpage 

 Categorie: MIX REVIEW Trance

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