Infectious Presents: XTRA RAW #16 (2017)

Infectious Presents: XTRA RAW #16 (2017)
Van Martin van Zeelandt

Wake up! It’s time for you lot to wake the f**k up. It’s Sunday, and I know you all want to stay in bed and do absolutely nothing, but there’s a world out there, which has got hours of music you have never heard before. And you want to stay in bed? Give me one good reason why you are still in bed, you smelly bastard? Nope, that’s not a legitimate reason, so get the hell out of it, and check out this mix by Infectious DJ’s. The sixteenth instalment has just arrived around 4 hours ago.

This morning I woke up and heard a brilliant Trance set, and now it’s time to get back into Rawstyle/Hardstyle. And the first mix I saw on Soundcloud was this one, the one you are about to listen to. About half a year ago I discovered Infectious DJs on Soundcloud, and they keep on amazing me with their mixes. Their love for Hardstyle & Rawstyle is contagious, and their latest mix is only 32 minutes long, but within those 32 minutes you get the finest records money can buy. It might look like a Radical Redemption dedication mix, and if you don’t know what I mean by that, just look at the tracklist and you will immediately understand.

Here’s the tracklist for all you harder styles loving motherf**kers!

tracklist TCD

01. Radical Redemption – Until I Win
02. Phuture Noize – The Aftershock
03. Psyko Punkz – Left With The Wrong (Warface Remix) 
04. Ran-D – Inner Child (Kronos Remix) 
05. Radical Redemption – America
06. Regain – Xorsicm
07. Malice – D.L.M (Rebelion Remix) 
08. Radical Redemption & Outbreak – You With Me (Rebelion Remix) 
09. Killshot – Beastmode
10. Radical Redemption feat Tha Watcher – Heresy
11. Rooler – My Dream
12. Rebelion & Malice – Confronting Violence
13. Ncrypta – Shock Therapy

Do you understand it now what I meant by this nearly being a Radical Redemption dedication mix? So many of his tracks are in this mix, I reckon Infectious are huge fans. But can you blame them, seeing as Radical Redemption is doing great things at the moment. And he’s one of the most succesful DJs coming out of the Hardstyle/Rawstyle scene.

As I said, it’s been half a year since I discovered these boys, and they haven’t disappointed me yet. And their latest mix is a thing of beauty. You can’t go wrong, if truth be told. Hardstyle and Rawstyle are extremely big at the moment, and the scene keeps on producing excellent anthems. Infectious has selected the finest anthems, and crammed them into a 32 minute long mix.

There are a few small errors in it, but they are manageble. And two tracks I simply don’t like, because I can’t stand the most overrated artist of all time: Lil’ Jon. His voice is as useful as a bag of shite. I can’t stand him, and I don’t know why his vocals are used in records? I’d rather hear a song with only fart noises for 24 hours. That’s much more pleasant. And ‘Heresy’, the singer should have not sounded so Dutch. Maybe focus a bit more on the English side of life.

Best record? Oh, difficult. ‘The Aftershock’ is a thing of beauty, ‘America’ catchy, but the one that does the most for me is ‘My Dream’. I’m a huge fan of Rooler and his approach to the harder styles, and this record is really what I like. This is up my alley!

A good mix, with only two minor records. I would urge you to listen to this, and let this be one of the coolest Sundays in a long time!


DJ: Infectious DJ’s
Genre/Style: Hardstyle, Rawstyle
Mix Info: Infectious Presents: XTRA RAW #16
Length Mix: 00:32:20
Tracks: 13 (thirteen)
Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): LISTEN HERE
File Size: unknown
File Type: unknown
Bitspeed: unknown
More Information: Infectious DJ’s – Facebook Fanpage

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