Insanity Invites Omkara On Toxic Sickness / May 2018

Van Martin van Zeelandt

I can’t even remember when the last time was when I reviewed an Omkara (cq. Techichi) mix. It’s been a few years now. And I had to delete some mixes from my website, seeing as they were already taken off the internet. But his album, surely I still have that on my blog? Nope. Don’t know why, or where it went to, but it’s gone. So let me introduce him to the world, if you don’t know who he is: he’s a very interesting Hardcore DJ/producer, who’s album was praised by yours truly. And as he puts it on his own Facebook fanpage, he’s a post-apocalyptic horror themed Uptempo Hardcore & Terror music artist. And he’s 666% Hellcore. Whatever that might be lol.

I discovered him many years ago via Partyflock, when I noticed a video for his album, Dreamonic Vamperor. I was immediately grabbed by his dedication to be unique, and refreshing. He made sure that you wouldn’t forget him, or his music. And after some debate with his inner demon, he decided to ditch the Techichi from his artist name, and to focus on a different sound. Omkara still likes his music to be rough and raw, and his latest mix contains only the fastest and sickest tunes out there. He was invited for Insanity, on Toxic Sickness. And what he has done, is compose an hour long mix with 45 records, the sickest you can imagine.

But the records are oh so good. If this mix doesn’t wake you up and makes you want to dance/hakkuh, nothing will. This is fierce, without a shadow of a doubt.

tracklist TCD

01. Darkcontroller & Non Asylum – Dead Man Walking
02. Unexist & Tieum – Hands Around My Neck
03. DJIPE – Combine 17
04. Radical Redemption & Destructive Tendencies – Bring Us Some
05. Triax – Reclamation
06. Bombsquad – Don’t Fuck With The Squad
07. Hardbouncer – I’m In Control
08. The Butchers – Machine
09. Partyraiser & Scrapeface – You’re No Competition
10. The Punisher – Side To Side
11. Darkcontroller & s’Aphira – 6 Demons (WarsIndustry Remix) 
12. Darkcontroller & Djane RVT – Rage Night! (Mash-up) 
13. Hatred – F#ck The World
14. NSD – Hai La Noi
15. Scarphase – MOH The Skull Dynasty
16. Omkara – The Devil
17. Deathmachine – Distort U
18. The Satan – Fake Spirit
19. The Outside Agency – Locker Room Talk
20. Jane Dark – Taken King
21. System Overload & Spitnoise – This Is What We Do (Tharoza Remix) 
22. Darkcontroller & System Overload – Darky And Overloadje
23. System Noize – The Destroyer Of Worlds
24. Sequencer – Make It Happen
25. Bläserbass – No Mercy
26. Kurwastyle Project – This Mission Is Over
27. Tripped & Paranoizer – Underground Farts
28. Doctor Terror & Hellseeker – Harley Quinn
29. Kurwastyle Project – Snow In Summer
30. Kurwastyle Project feat TerrorClown – Do You Wanna Balloon (Darkcontroller Remix) 
31. Angernoizer & Tripped – Beats Can’t Handle It
32. Darkcontroller & Cryogenic – Daddy Noise
33. Angernoizer & Danny Ovington – Extreme Fucking Terror
34. Angernoizer – Bomb Da Drop
35. SRB – Destruction
36. MBK – Dance Like A Bull
37. eDUB – Fuck That
38. Tripped – Sucy’s Night Off (Angernoizer Remix) 
39. Hatred – Artillery
40. Kurwastyle Project feat TerrorClown & Dirty – It’s Just A Lie
41. Hellseeker & Doctor Terror – Insanity
42. TerrorClown & Dedicator – Drums Of War
43. Doctor Terror – Doctor In The Building
44. DRS & NSD – Ripped Off
45. Kurwastyle Project – Harder, Bigger, Louder, Stronger

That’s one hard looking tracklist, and if you have already pressed the play-logo on Soundcloud, you know that Omkara doesn’t muck about. He dives straight into the madness, and I can picture him going absolutely insane behind the decks, covered in blood and his trademark weird outfit. But it’s Omkara, and we love him for it. As said, he’s devilish. He’s maybe the son of Satan himself.

Anyway, let’s talk about the mix. An hour long, and 45 records crammed in. There’s no time to sit still and embrace the world around you: Omkara takes us on a journey that starts off lightely, and ends with the roughest, fastest, and sickest tunes out there. And it seems that people like it: within a day already reached 1089 plays. That’s a lot, judging the amount of music being uploaded on a daily basis on Soundcloud. Can you disagree? Who doesn’t want to hear Omkara?

I can’t pick out any weaknesses or any flaws. He’s determined to showcase his strength as a DJ, and he does it extremely well. Even from the first time I heard his name, I knew he was going to be special. And he still remains a highly underrated artist. With this mix he shows that he’s worth it, and I think I should stop typing, and let you enjoy this filthy yet highly erotic mix (well, it’s kinda sexy, isn’t it?).

A wicked mix by the Hellcore king himself!


DJ: Omkara
Genre/Style: Hardcore, Terror, Uptempo Hardcore
Mix Info: Insanity Invites Omkara On Toxic Sickness / May 2018
Length Mix: 00:57:40
Tracks: 45 (fourty-five)
Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): DOWNLOAD/LISTEN
File Size; 132 MB
File Type: mp3
Bitspeed: 320kbps
More Information: Omkara – Facebook Fanpage

 Categorie: Hardcore MIX REVIEW

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