It’s Beginning To Sound A Lot Like Christmas (2017)

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It's Beginning To Sound A Lot Like Christmas

Only a handful of days ago I reviewed a very bad but very funny Happy Hardcore / Christmas mix, containing the worst Christmas Hardcore tunes, and I thought that I wouldn’t find a mix this ‘bad’, but ‘The History Of Happy Hardcore’ only uploaded a similar mix 4 days ago. A bit longer, and containing more records, but the message is the same: Christmas Hardcore. Something that doesn’t mix. It’s funny, yeah, but not really sale improvers. These records will not appear in the top 40, not even in the country where Hardcore originated from. But they are still funny as hell, especially after a few pints.

I don’t know who was the first one who made a Christmas Hardcore tune, but I reckon the person regrets it now. It has not been very good, and it started a trend which only lasted a year or two. It was funny at the time (around 1993-1994) but after that we all woke up and said ‘no’. It was a short lived trend, but a few compilations did release a compilation focussed on Christmas: Thunderdome, Rave The City, and more. And a few artists (well known) made records which do not see the light of days throughout the rest of the year.

Scott Brown, Rotterdam Termination Source, Brothers In Crime, Davie Forbes, El Bruto, Paul Elstak, and more. The History of Happy Hardcore guys made this hour and a half long mix, containing those ‘sweet’ and sour records. If this doesn’t make you jolly… well, I do understand. But imagine being alive in 1993-1994 and this was played: it was normal. Quirky, but normal.

tracklist TCD

01. Rotterdam Termination Source – Merry X-Mess
02. The S.T. Crew – Ravin’ Angels
03. The S.T. Crew – Christmas With S.T.
04. Scott Brown – Start The Cavalry
05. The Frosties – Frosty The Snowman
06. Carlos Mirilla – Escarola
07. Rob X-Mas – Happy Christmas
08. Santasaurus-Rex – Up On A House Top
09. Claustrophobia – X-Mas Rave
10. Holy Shit – Now It’s Christmas
11. Davie Forbes – Bingle Jells
12. Brothers In Crime – Sleigh Rave
13. Winter Wonderland – Fuck Christmas Songs
14. Sunblock-X – Carribean X-Mas
15. Claus S – Family X-Mass
16. X-Mass Raver – Hallelujah
17. Sensor – Rudolf The Rednose Ravedeer
18. Santa For President – Santa Is Coming
19. El Bruto – Silverbells
20. Paul Elstak – Hosanna
21. Brothers In Crime – 100% Christmas
22. Scrooge – X-Mass Alone
23. Scarface – Santawaus
24. The Triplets – Marry X-Mazz
25. D&F – No Sleep T’ill X-Mass
26. Bang Crosby – I’m Dreaming
27. Noise Gate – The Magic Sack

How bad does this tracklist look? The worst of the worst titles emerge: ‘Rudolf The Rednose Ravedeer’? ‘Santawaus’? ‘Bingle Jells’? Sweet Lord, even the artist names are funny but wrong: Santasaurus-Rex? Scrooge? X-Mass Raver? If there’s a way to tell it’s going to be a funny mix, you can read all the signs whilst watching the tracklist. How bad, but oh so intoxicating this is.

I do remember a few records, seeing as I have one Hardcore X-Mass CD (Rave The X-Mass). And I’ve got to say that there were a few awful records on it, and also a few wicked ones. If they left the stupid Christmas bits out, the records would have been Hardcore classics. For example: Noise Gate’s ‘The Magic Sack’. Now that’s really a good record. Don’t know how it would sound without the bells, but truly a masterpiece record, and now it’s covered under a layer of stupidity. I reckon this is the only one that does really damage around Christmas.

Even though it’s so wrong, it’s also so right. Even ravers do need a break, and get jolly during the festive season. And with mixes like this one you combine the two things we hold dear: Christmas and rave. The outcome is quite funny.

Have a wonderful Christmas everyone. Do it well, and rave during X-mass. You know it makes sense. And if this mix really made you smile… well, maybe in a 100 years time these records become classics in their own right. But for now they are still funny records, not to be taken seriously!


DJ: History Of Happy Hardcore
Genre/Style: Happy Hardcore, Hardcore, X-Mass Hardcore, Gabber
Mix Info: It’s Beginning To Sound A Lot Like Christmas
Length Mix: 01:36:05
Tracks: 27 (twenty-seven)
Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): LISTEN HERE
File Size: unknown
File Type: unknown
Bitspeed: unknown
More Information: History Of Happy Hardcore – Soundcloud Page 

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