Kemistry & Storm – Drum ‘N’ Bass V1 – October 1996

Kemistry & Storm - Drum 'N' Bass v1 - October 1996
Van Martin van Zeelandt

Remember the good old days when CDs were becoming cool, but cassette tapes still dominated the world of music? Those days are long gone, and it’s sad to think that the high tech kids of today don’t have a clue how a tape works, or what a relation is between a pencil and a tape. Tapes were so damn cool, but also so annoying (when the tape got stuck and unwind itself within your cassette player and ruined the cassette forever). I only have a handful of cassettes left, so I wouldn’t say I’m still a fan of cassettes (the quality is just poor), but every so often it’s nice to hear the extreme poor quality coming through your speakers. Like today!

Someone uploaded a mix from a cassette from 1996, which contained Kemistry and Storm’s mix. With the very basic title “Drum’N’ Bass V1”, and a astronaut on the cover, hovering above the Earth. On this first instalment you also had DJ Peshay, but this mix wasn’t included on this upload. I’ve never seen or heard of this mixtape before, so it was a nice welcome to hear this for the very first time. And as we all know, Kemistry and Storm has a chemistry together. Sadly Kemistry passed away too soon, but her mixes will live on forever. And on this mixtape (which is literally a mixtape, and the youngster/millenials would not have known the origins of this word) they went all the way!

I wish I still had my walkman, it was so damn cool. Walking around the street with big ass headphones which covered your whole ears, it was so cool. It was for the very first time you were able to escape the world around you, and create your own bubble. Is that what the cover picture suggest? Astronauts in space are in their own little bubble, floating around our precious Earth? Well, when I had my headphones on, I was indeed floating. And if I’d only knew of its excistance, I would have bought this mixtape. Why? Well, because it’s dope. Seriously dope.

Let me show you the tracklist!

tracklist TCD

01. Alias – Jamming
02. The Spirit – Synthony
03. Spirit – Fathoms
04. Unknown Artist – Promo #9
05. Dillinja – Vicious
06. Peshay – On The Nile
07. Lemon D – Break It Up
08. Heavyweight – Another World
09. Future Forces – Dead By Dawn
10. Capone – Voice
11. Lemon D – Change (Remix) 
12. John B – Sight Beyond
13. Heavyweight – Infinity (Amen)
14. Top Buzz – Living In Darkness (Ray Keith Remix 1) 
15. A-Sides & Cool Hand Flex – After Dark
16. John B – Jazz Session Vol 1
17. Decoder – Life
18. DJ Die – Something Special
19. Unknown 60’s – From The Lounge (Jack Smooth Mix) 
20. Decoder – Circuit Breaker
21. Indo Aminata – Love Will Be On Your Side (Dillinja Drum & Bass Mix) 
22. Goldie – Chico – Death of A Rockstar (Alternative Mix) 
23. Danny Breaks – Crime ’96
24. Lemon D – 12.01

To me this kind of music just mellows me down a lot. It’s just so pure and fresh, and extremely relaxing. It’s obviously different when you are in a club listening to this: in the club you give your all to the DJ, and expose your inner demons, and dance like you have never danced before. But at home I’m just sitting here, chilling. Relaxing. Enjoying the music. And the music is great.

Kemistry and Storm knew exactly which records to pick, to make this mixtape worth listening to. I’ve heard most of these records already, but not in this order. And it’s making each individual record fresher than ever! They start off with ‘Jamming’, a dangerously insane record. To start with this record it means you are going to destroy the listener and his/her walkman.

There are simply too many great records in here, and I’ve always said that the Drum & Bass from the mid 90s/late 90s was simply the best. The other day I reviewed Goldie’s Essential Mix from 1996, which contained a lot of insane records (in a good way). And this Kemistry and Storm mix also contains those brutal records, some very nice and calm, and some so straight forward, in your face. Brutal is the right word.

It’s difficult to pick a favourite, but those which were close to my favourite were ‘Jamming’, ‘On The Nile’, ‘Break It Up’, ‘Living In Darkness’, ‘Something Special’, but the number 1 has got to be ‘Chico – Death Of A Rockstar’. Bloody Nora, why don’t we hear this record more often? This is pure filth, one of Goldie’s finest records.

This unofficial releas mixtape is fire. And seeing as this is one of the first DnB mixtapes I’ve ever heard, I will give it the ultimate score, 5 out of 5. Why? Well, at first I was slightly annoyed by the lack of recording quality, but then I had a flashback to the good ‘ol days, and after that I couldn’t be bothered about the quality of the actual mix. I was back in my bubble, like the astronauts in space. Thanks Kemistry & Storm for this truly epic mixtape.


DJs: Kemistry & Storm
Genre/Style: Drum and Bass
Mix Info: Drum ‘N’ Bass V1
Length Mix: 01:29:16
Tracks: 24 (twenty-four)
Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): DOWNLOAD/LISTEN
File Size: 205 MB
File Type: mp3
Bitspeed: 320kbps
More Information: —————-

 Categorie: Drum & Bass MIX REVIEW

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