Old School Rave (Circa 89-92) (2013)

Van Martin van Zeelandt

If anyone could help me out, that would be amazing. At the moment I don’t know what’s wrong with me in all fairness. I’m having an Oldskool vibe going through my system. Is it a disease? Can it be cured? And if the answer is yes, can you please hide away the cure from me, because I don’t want to be saved/rescued. I reckon by now you’ve guessed it correctly: TCD has found yet another cool and amazing mix, containing oldskool tracks. And yes, that’s exactly what I have found.

This mix is 5 years old, and only listened to it today. Or was it yesterday? Whenever it happened, it made me feel brilliant. It’s a mix made by someone called IN3RTIA, and it has had 20.8k + plays. People seem to love it, and loving the vibes this mix has caused. And if we are going to talk about this mix, we need to talk serious stuff. Yes, it does contain the well known records, but also those forgotten by many. You don’t hear them as often as we should. And genre-wise IN3RTIA has picked several styles: House, Techno, Acid House, Breakbeat, Rave and more. So be ready for a ride down memory lane.

tracklist TCD

01. VIM – Maggies Last Party
02. Twin Hype – For Those Who Like To Groove
03. Expansions – Move Your Body
04. S-Express – The Theme From S-Express
05. Stakker – Humanoid
06. DJ Dick – Weekend
07. Cubic 22 – Night In Motion
08. Turntable Terror – Break
09. A Homeboy, A Hippy, And A Funky Dread – Total Confusion
10. Kid Unknown – Nightmare
11. 4 Hero – Mr. Kirk’s Nightmare
12. Acen – Close Your Eyes
13. Rabbit City Records – 001
14. Awesome 3 – Don’t Go
15. 2 Bad Mice – Hold It Down
16. Psychotropic – Hypnosis
17. Hyper Go Go – High

This is what I’m talking about! You have spotted those classic gems, but also the forgotten anthems you don’t hear that often. But what the DJ has done, is take the known and also the forgotten and crammed into an hour long mix! And the result is, as I said before, a trip through memory lane!

It also contained a few record I have not heard before, like ‘Maggies Last Party’, ‘001’, ‘Hypnosis’ etc. But let’s not underestimate them. Or those well known, the dancefloor fillers. ‘Don’t Go’ can literally played at ANY event, and the crowd will loose their shit. But which record did the most damage to my speakers? ‘Weekend’ is stil an underrated but powerful anthem, ‘Night In Motion’ one of the first Techno records I have ever heard, but ‘Hold It Down’ is just way better. Pure, raw, and rough. They don’t make tracks like this one anymore.

IN3RTIA, thank you for a wonderful trip to the golden years of music. Not saying that the EDM world is crap, but when you reach a certain age the oldskool sound becomes way better. It’s like you never want to age, and adapt to the new stuff. I have become my parents. Damn.

Download this bad boy now, and go back to 89-92! You will, if you close your eyes and let the music do the rest!


Genre/Style: Breakbeat, Rave, Oldskool, House, Acid House, Techno
Mix Info: Old School Rave (Circa 89-92)
Length Mix: 01:02:30
Tracks: 17 (seventeen)
Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): DOWNLOAD/LISTEN
File Size: 57.2 MB
File Type: mp3
Bitspeed: 128kbps
More Information: IN3RTIA – Soundcloud Page

 Categorie: MIX REVIEW Oldskool

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