Pod Noodle Episode 1 – Alexander Norman (2018)


I was asked today to review one of the biggest mixtapes in the UK Hardcore scene right now: the Pod Noodle podcast. You might be wondering what the hell I’m on about? Should it be pot noodle? Nah, that’s the one you shove down your neck, but this one is a word play on pot noodle. Don’t know why they’ve selected this name, but who cares? I’ve seen worst names. Anyway, let’s focus on the music, and not the title of the mix/podcast. The music is presented to us by Alexander Norman. And if your mind works the same way as mine, I had to think really hard who this man is. I was wrong, it’s not one name but two: Ed Shock and MC Whizzkid. They have joined forces and this new collaboration is named Alexander Norman.

Whoever is responsible, I couldn’t care less. If the names behind it were MC No Testicles or DJ Billy-No-Mates, it’s aboutt he music they represent. And truth be told: MC Whizzkid is such a well known name in the scene, he needs no introduction. Ed Shock might need some introduction, because I’ve never seen his name before. Maybe he used an alias, I don’t know. But Ed Shock is truly unknown to me. Ok, all the nonsense aside, let’s focus on this podcast.

So what’s so different about this podcast? It’s new and refreshing. And you can hear MC Whizzkid doing his thing behind the mic, whilst several genres are played: from UK Hardcore to Bounce. We are really treated to a really exciting mix. And the fans are loving it: the last message on Facebook was that they’ve reached the 6th position on some kind of iTunes list. And that is impressive. Some artists do not even reach 6 plays!

So, the tracklist. Yep, it’s coming. Are you ready for it?

tracklist TCD

01. Unknown – Unknown
02. Unknown – Unknown
03. Unknown – Unknown (ID Remix)
04. Unknown – Unknown
05. Unknown – Unknown (DJ Tool)
06. Unknown – Unknown (Refix)
07. Unknown – Unknown
08. Unknown – Unknown (2018 Update)
09. Unknown – Unknown
10. Unknown – Unknown (Unknown & Unknown Remix)

You might be thinking I’ve lost the plot completely, but in all seriousness: I don’t know the tracklist.I do know the songs (some of them), but not who made the remix/refix, and that’s all because my mind is blank. The heat is killing me right now: a llama has got more working braincells than me. I’m done mate.

We needed a podcast series to come out of the scene. Not many podcasts are left: I think Stamina Records’ podcast and Hardcore Underground’s are the only ones active, all the others have stopped. We need a replacement for those lost podcasts, and I think we’ve found the right one. No banter throughout like the Hardcore Heaven podcast or the Next Generation podcast, but Whizzkid and Ed bringing us the music, with a few famous shout outs by other artists.

Will this be a new thing? I hope so. The masses are really craving for it, and so am I. This 40 minute long podcast is just what we need. A diverse podcast, with talented records and sick skills by the man Whizzkid. I read or heard somewhere that he was going to do this more regularly, which is a good thing.

Oh wait, I spoke a bit too early. You do get a bit more than expected. Ed and Whizzkid are talking a bit towards the end, explaining Alexander Norman, and where you can find them, and why they are doing it. Maybe this is only because this is the first episode?

They do talk about the previous pod noodle episode. Can’t remember it to be honest? Maybe I listened to it, but forgotten all about it? Don’t have a clue, honestly.

Anyway, a short but interesting podcast series coming up. The tracks are all wicked, and I’m digging the updated version of all time classics. If you want to see them, go to Uproar or to WTTJ. Or just sit and wait for the next episode. Make sure you follow Alexander Norman on Facebook for all the information.

It still feels weird talking about two persons using Alexander Norman. But AN is here to stay, and they will take over the scene!


Act: Alexander Norman (a.k.a. Whizzkid & Ed Shock)
Genre/Style: UK Hardcore, Happy Hardcore, Bounce
Mix Info: Pod Noodle Episode 1
Length Mix: 00:38:57
Tracks: unknown
Download/Listen (via Podomatic): DOWNLOAD/LISTEN
File Size: 393 MB
File Type: .wav
Bitspeed: 1411kbps
More Information: Alexander Norman – Facebook Fanpage

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