Raveolution Podcast Ep24; Jekyll (2018)

Van Martin van Zeelandt

I will be off for a few weeks due to personal health issues. I won’t be able to do anything regarding reviewing, and I don’t like that. I don’t make a single penny out of it, but it’s a hobby for me. I’m like the bedroom DJ who makes mixes, not to make money out of it, but just to spread the love and enthusiasm for the music. That’s my mission. I don’t have the patience to start DJing: if something takes a while, my interest in it goes away. So I’d rather type, and here’s a review about a podcast series you all have seen and heard before: the latest Raveolution podcast, which was uploaded 2 days ago!

I don’t know when I reviewed it last, but it must have been quite a while ago. And I can’t even find it on my website’s server anymore. Bloody Nora, if that’s the case, it’s been many years! But that doesn’t mean I don’t listen to Jakka-B’s shows. It’s the complete oppossite. Been a fan of Jakka-B for many years (or Jakka B, however you want to write it), and have seen in him potential to become a huge name, and he has become exactly that! And for this month’s podcast he asked DJ Jekyll to make a mix.

So what can you expect? Well, let me show you right now!

tracklist TCD

“The New Music Feature”
01. Scott Brown – Do What Ya Like (Macks Wolf Remix) 
02. Darren Styles & Tweekacore – Party Starter
03. Technikore & JTS – Holdin’ On
04. Morgan Page feat David Jackson – Save You (Summa Jae Remix) 
05. Dot Max – Lets Go
06. Yultron – Ima Be A Raver
07. Alex Prospect – You’re All That I Need

“The Teaser” 
08. Digital Commandos – Serious Shit

“The Hot Pick”
09. Ryan Kore feat Farisha – Take Me There

“The Guestmix” (Jekyll) 
01. Jekyll – No More Tears
02. Da Tweekaz, Code Black & Adrenalize – Heart Like Mine (Jekyll Edit) 
03. Whethan – Savage (Jekyll & The Warrior Remix) 
04. Skrillex & Habstrakt – Chicken Soup (Callum Higby X WLSXN Edit) 
05. Joyryde – I Ware House
06. Darren Styles, Dougal & Gammer vs Krewella – Party Don’t Stop/Superstar
07. Jekyll – Back/Forth
08. Avaxx feat Kate Wild – Surrender (Technikore Remix) 
09. Jekyll & DJX – Fuck What U Herd
10. Jekyll & Studioslave – Carnivals
11. Jekyll & Will EG – In The Party
12. Technikore feat Jenny J – Lights Down Low (Jekyll Remix) 

The podcast already gets a lot of love on Soundcloud, and I fully understand why. Who doesn’t want to hear new UK Hardcore music, presented to us by Jakka-B, which also has a nice guestmix by Jekyll? If you are not into UK Hardcore/Happy Hardcore, don’t worry, there are plenty of other mixes out there. But why are you on my website reading this blog? Please explain!

Anyway, Jakka-B’s podcast is divided into several sections. The first section contains new music. And it’s new. Not heard any of these records before. After the new music there’s a teaser by Digital Commandos (big, very big), and also the Hot Pick. Well, this hot pick is so damn hot, you will burn your fingers. 3rd degree burn will be the result. And after that you get the guestmix. And you also get Jakka-B talking a bit here and there, and doing shoutouts. That’s the Raveolution podcast for you.

Let’s divide the podcast in 2 bits: the Jakka-B section and Jekyll section. Jakka-B’s selection is just pure porn. Can I just mention the biggest record right now? ‘Take Me There’, the record he selected as the Hot Pick. He’s not wrong. What an absolute beast of a track! Fuck me sideways, this will keep the ravers going on the dancefloor! The other records are also excellent, but this one just goes straight to number 1!

Jekyll’s mix contains a lot of his own stuff, be it originals or remixes. And he keeps it really entertaining. A nice slow section in the mix, but coming back hard with the beats and basses. And the one that makes me dance the hardest has got to be ‘Back/Forth’. A very cool/dope track. I thought at first it was some kind of DJ Brisk remix, but I was wrong. As intoxicating as ‘Take Me There’.

The last Raveolution podcast review got 5 stars (I think). And I’m giving it 5 stars again. There’s a simple explanation for it: they are solid as a rock, and never disappoint. Jakka-B has cracked the secret formula, of how to make a podcast series succesfull. And this 24th mix is really good. But would you have expected otherwise?


DJ: Jakka-B with guest DJ Jekyll
Genre/Style: UK Hardcore, Happy Hardcore, EDMCore
Mix Info: Raveolution Podcast episode 24
Length Mix: 01:06:09
Tracks: 21 (twenty-one)
Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): DOWNLOAD/LISTEN
File Size: 121 MB
File Type: mp3
Bitspeed: 256kbps
More Information: Raveolution – Soundcloud Fanpage

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