Scott Brown Part 3……GABBA!!!!! (2018)

Scott Brown Part 3......GABBA!!!!!!
Van Martin van Zeelandt

To be honest, I can’t remember when I last reviewed a Scott Brown mix, made by the man himself, or by a fan. After a quick look on my website I found out that the last time was more than a year ago. Bloody Nora, how could I have survived? Seeing as I’m a fan of Scott Brown’s old stuff, it’s unthinkable for me to walk and breath on this planet and not listen to anything related to this man. He’s an institution, a well known name, who has put UK Hardcore on the map. But for those youngsters who don’t know him besides his UK Hardcore stuff, he also made very fine Gabber/Hardcore music. An allround artist, who still continues to this day to release awesome music.

I am not the only one who thinks Scott is a legend. There are a few dedication mixes on Soundcloud and Mixcloud, and the other day I found one, made by a DJ called Skyline (isn’t that the name for a car?). Not knowing much about this DJ, so let’s talk about the mix he made. It’s a Scott Brown mix. What else is there to say? This is his third dedication/appreciation mix, and I will eventually check out the other 2, let’s focus on this Gabber mix. A short but interesting mix. 44 minutes of Scott Brown. And it’s bloody Saturday morning, time to wake everyone the f**k up!

Tracklist, if you are interested?!

tracklist TCD

01. Scott Brown – Boomstick
02. Scott Brown – Bass Be Louder
03. Scott Brown – Neckbreaker
04. Scott Brown – Ghost
05. Scott Brown – Critical Level
06. Scott Brown – I’ll Get You
07. Scott Brown – Rock Rock On
08. Scott Brown – Born To Control You
09. Scott Brown – We Don’t Stop
10. Scott Brown – Ice Cold 2
11. Scott Brown – Do Not Attempt
12. Scott Brown – The Old To The New
13. Scott Brown – Sonic Boomstick

Look at this tracklist, isn’t it a beauty? DJ Skyline started with probably Scott Brown’s most well known Gabber tune ‘Boomstick’. I’ve heard this tune many times since the first time I was made aware of it, but I’ve never seen the film this bit was from. But I think we all know the tune, and we have all fallen in love with it. A big record to start your mix with. Good choice Skyline, good choice.

Scott always had a specific Dutch sound. During the early 90s he made Hardcore that resembled the Rotterdam sound, and over the years he made Hardcore that fitted the Masters Of Hardcore sound a lot. Still being unique, but there was a thing going on. Scott knew exactly how to make music that crossed boundaries.

Skyline’s mix is very interesting. A few minor errors, but nothing really bad. Nothing major to fill the rest of the review with.

Many might think that ‘Boomstick’ is the best Scott Brown record, but for me it’s ‘The Old To The New’. That record just does more for me. I think that the Prophet made a record with the same lyrics before or after Scott made this record, and both are excellent. The roughness is just perfect.

These records might be ‘old’, but they’ve grown and have become classics. You can’t play a Hardcore/Gabber set without a Scott Brown record, you simply can’t. He still rules the Hardcore scene, and that’s a fact!


DJ: Skyline
Genre/Style: Hardcore Techno, Gabber, Gabba
Mix Info: Scott Brown Part 3…..GABBA!!!!!
Length Mix: 00:44:47
Tracks: 13 (thirteen)
Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): LISTEN HERE
File Size: unknown
File Type: unknown
Bitspeed: unknown
More Information: Scott Brown – Soundcloud Fanpage

 Categorie: Hardcore MIX REVIEW

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