Technikore & JTS – The Colour Of Sound // The Album Mix (2018)

Technikore & JTS - The Colour Of Sound // The Album Mix
Van Martin van Zeelandt

The boys in Australia are back again! JTS and Technikore, the legends, have returned with a brand new album called ‘The Colour Of Sound’, and to promote it, they’ve uploaded the album mix, containing records from the album. They received so much love and respect for their previous album ‘Gridlock’, they decided to come back with a new album. But is it as powerful as the previous album?

Well, I’m not the person to judge that, seeing as I only listened to the album mix, like I am doing right now. So let’s compare the mixes and the music used for the album. The previous album was a colourful display, but with their new album they decided to show multiple colours, blinding you, capturing your eyesight straight away. I love album covers, especially when they just show ‘simple’ things on it with a lot of colours. And with this album they’ve achieved that. But it’s not about the cover: you don’t win awards for covers. It’s all about the music. And is the music good?

A lot of their own productions, but also collaborations with Ravine, Emi, Mob, Nathalie, Lindsey, In Measures.. yep, they’ve gone all out. But I guess you are wondering what to expect? Well, do you like your UK Hardcore tunes to contain lovely vocals? Happy tunes? Piano bits and bobs? Basically going back to the good years of UK Hardcore, that’s what they’ve done, and gave it a good twist, a 2018 twist.

tracklist TCD

01. JTS & Technikore – This Mind Of Mine
02. Technikore feat Nathalie – Calling Out To You (Redux) 
03. JTS feat Lindsey Marie – Turn It Around
04. Technikore & Ravine – Freakz
05. Technikore feat Lindsey Marie – Nervous
06. JTS feat In Measures – Can’t Let You Go (Redux) 
07. Technikore & JTS – Holdin’ On
08. JTS & Weaver – Home
09. Technikore & JTS – In My Face
10. Technikore & Mob – Losing Myself
11. Technikore feat Emi – Just Be 2.0
12. JTS – Can’t Nobody Stop Me!
13. Darren Styles – Satellite (Technikore & JTS Remix) 
14. JTS & Technikore – Careless

It’s only been up a couple of days, and people are loving it. The amount of love and praises this mix gets is incredible. Just look at all the positive comments underneath the mix. People are ready for the UK Hardcore sound to take over.

But, as I said before, they bring it with a twist. I call it the ‘Gammer and Styles’-twist. UK Hardcore with EDM bits and bobs. Bit of EDMCore and Hardstyle. And it bloody works! There’s no denying in the fact that this kind of UK Hardcore is slowely taking over the world, and the respect it gets is amazing. And I’m digging it!

Put Technikore and JTS in a studio, and the result is an anthem. A vocal anthem. A dancefloor smasher. These two know exactly what the crowd wants, in Australia, in the UK, all over the world. Respected by the small UK Hardcore community, and now with this album I reckon they will slowely take over the world. They deserve all the credit for these anthems.

What’s the best record? Pff, there were a few. ‘This Mind Of Mine’, ‘Calling Out To You’, fuck it. Just all 14 of them. All of them! Fucking epic tunes. If you can remain seated after pressing play, you are not understanding the music and the mission they are on. They are here to demolish speakers with a smile, and they’ve achieved exactly that!

A banging album mix. And the album is as good as this mix. And I will say it only once, so pay attention: this is better than Gridlock. They’ve progressed. In such a wicked way!


DJs: Technikore & JTS
Genre/Style: UK Hardcore, Happy Hardcore, EDMCore
Mix Info: The Colour Of Sound // Album Mix
Length Mix: 00:46:00
Tracks: 14 (fourteen)
Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): DOWNLOAD/LISTEN
File Size: 105 MB
File Type: mp3
Bitspeed: 320kbps
More Information: OneSeventy – Official Website

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