The Third Movement Yearmix 2017

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TTM Yearmix 2017

2017 has officially ended a few weeks ago, and we are still reminiscing about the year behind us. It’s been a great year for music, it has to be said. Many artists have progressed during 2017, and the music has gone to the next level. Music has grown, became more adult-ish (besides stupid pop music, which will always stay boring as hell). Let’s talk about Hardcore for example: 2017 has been a wicked year for it, with many parties dedicated to the music, and many records being released. And let’s not forget the amount of ravers going to raves, making 2017 a good year. Showcasing it’s not a temporary thing (like they said back in the 90s), Hardcore is not and will never be dead. And one of the labels which has had a wicked year too, is The Third Movement.

As usual, Kristof Ermens (who’s probably TTM’s biggest fan ever) has made a year mix. Maybe because the others were too busy, or simply didn’t want to do the difficult task? Anyway, this TTM fan has done it for a few years now, and you’ve seen the reviews fly by over the years. The 2017 version of TTM’s yearmix is another big one you need to check out. Why? Well, the biggest reason being the ‘return’ of the mighty Promo. Last year he released an album (which got sold out so damn quick, I didn’t have time to actually breathe in and out), and it got good reviews. He kind of went back to his roots, and in this fanmix you will hear not only records from this album, but more from this mighty label.

It’s worth checking out. And what makes me wonder is the low amounts of listens on Soundcloud. How’s that possible? Are all the ravers still asleep? Haven’t they paid their internet bill? How have they missed this dangerously interesting mix?

The tracklist. You need to see it!

tracklist TCD

01. Wavolizer & The Outside Agency – The Antagonist
02. Dither – Hammer Jammer
03. Promo – Authentic
04. Promo – Lord Of Undow
05. Dither – This Is Chaos
06. Promo – A New Dawn
07. Promo – The Lion’s Roar
08. Nonexistent – Haunted
09. Wavolizer & Miss Hysteria – Fixed
10. Penta – Filthy Fakkin Bass
11. Penta – The Failure
12. Promo & Ophidian feat Myrean – Born To Break
13. Sei2ure – Suck My Dick
14. The Clamps – In The Depths (No One Can Hear You Scream)
15. Dither – The Big Bang
16. Promo – Celebrate The Kick
17. Dither & Igneon System – Murder Shit
18. Rude Awakening – Crop Circle-Making Dominating Whore Abuser
19. The Satan – Beast
20. DJIPE – No God
21. D-Passion – Shock The Hardcore (Hardshock Festival 2017 Anthem)
22. The DJ Producer – Rhythm’s A Drug
23. DJIPE – Emotionless On Request
24. Penta – Bassdrop
25. N-Vitral presents: BOMBSQUAD – Don’t Fuck With The Squad
26. The Outside Agency – Locker Room Talk
27. N-Vitral & Igneon System – Jump The F@#* Up (Innominate Remix) 
28. I:Gor – Icebreaker (Innominate Remix) 
29. N-Vitral presents: BOMBSQUAD – Kapotmaaien
30. The Outside Agency – Pass The Buck

I’ve had a blast listening to this mix. There’s literally an hour of porn coming at you. You might be offended by my comment, but for me this is just like porn. It’s ecstatic, euphoric… this brings me to the next level. And Kristof has done it yet again. He’s the obvious choice to make a yearmix.

Where to start? I literally don’t have a clue where to start. There’s too much great music in here. Of course Kristof has picked a lot of Promo stuff (why wouldn’t you?) But not only Promo stuff, but also a lot of amazing records by Penta, DJIPE, The Outside Agency, N-Vitral and more. And the records are all banging. And a handful are simply astonishing.

‘Lord Of Undow’, ‘Fixed’, ‘Filthy Fakkin Bass’, ‘Suck My Dick’, Bassdrop’, ‘Celebrate The Kick’… these are truly amazing raw and rough records, but when I saw Rude Awakening’s ‘Crop Circle-Making Dominating Whore Abuser’, I knew that this was going to be the best record. First of all, it’s Rude Awakening. Second of all, the title is ace. Third of all, it’s bloody rough.

Kristof’s latest yearmix is pure brutal. A showcase of what TTM have done in 2017, and expect more madness coming your way.

I’ve got literally nothing bad to mention at all. Nothing. Brilliant mix!


DJ: Kristof Ermens
Genre/Style: Hardcore, Industrial Hardcore
Mix Info: The Third Movement Yearmix 2017
Length Mix: 01:01:40
Tracks: 30 (thirty)
Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): LISTEN HERE
File Size: unknown
File Type: unknown
Bitspeed: unknown
More Information: The Third Movement – Official Website

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