The Worst Of Pat B – The Collection 2005-2010 (Full Mix) (2018)

The Worst Of Pat B - The Collection 2005-2010 (Full Mix) (2018)
Van Martin van Zeelandt

I like open and honest producers. The majority of them always say their music rocks, but sometimes you read a message (like the one I read the other day on Soundcloud), where it states that this specific producer wasn’t happy with certain records made between 2005 and 2010. This producer is called Pat B, and he made a collection of the worst records released by him. Honesty is what makes a human being look good.

I’ve seen a lot of ‘best of…’ mixes, but never a ‘worst of…’ mix. That’s what makes this mix so unique. He also explains what one of the reasons is that these tracks weren’t released yet. And the valuable lesson he learned from the year his record company went bankrupt. Those are always difficult times, and never a pleasant moment in someone’s carreer.

If you see a message which has the following written in it, you know it’s just an honest message: “I’ve made some pretty shitty music throughout the years.” That’s written by Pat B himself!

Anyway, you can get the worst tracks by Pat B now via Spotify, full tracks and a bonus one via Spotify. Or go to Soundcloud and get the DJ mix. It’s up to you. But be aware, according to Pat B these records are not the dog’s bollocks, but they are really crap. Really bad.

Here’s the tracklist.

tracklist TCD

01. Pat B – Easy Money
02. Pat B – On The Move
03. Pat B – Power Puff
04. Pat B – All Over Me (Xaia Remix) 
05. Pat B – Maverick
06. Pat B – Love Of My Life (Original Mix) 
07. Pat B – WW 6AM
08. Pat B – The Rain
09. Pat B – P.H.U.N.K.
10. Pat B – Make Your Own Kind Of Music
11. Pat B – Jump Is Dood (G-Swatt Remix) 
12. Pat B – R&B Sux (Teksoldierz vs Project Jupiter Remix) 
13. Pat B – Tek Demand (Detektor Remix) 

Yes, Pat B was right. What a horrible selection of records. So damn bad. Yes, these are painfully bad. Can’t believe he uploaded these records at all. They should be hidden away somewhere far away from mankind, somewhere we can’t hear them at all.

All jokes aside, I think Pat B is a bit too critical about himself and his talents. Yes, they might be a bit less compared to the stuff he releases nowadays, but that was just the thing back then: make it jumpy and bouncy, and you’ve got a record. Now the ravers demand a full on, well constructed record. But to say these records are bad, that’s wouldn’t do Pat B any justice, because they do have a unique sound that we do still like (and embrace).

If these records were so bad, why are people constantly asking Pat B where they can get these records from.

Anyway, a few records are indeed too cheesy. But some are really, really good. An example of a ‘not so good record’: ‘R&B Sux’. An example of a good record: ‘Tek Demand’.

Pat B is honest, and I do give him credit for it. And he’s got a point, but they are still enjoyable. So instead of  a 4 star rating, I’ll give this mix 4.5. Why? Because I’m generous. And I think he sets an example that other might need to follow. You are a producer, and you’ve made shitty records. Cough it up, be honest.


DJ: Pat B
Genre/Style: Jumpstyle, Tek
Mix Info: The Worst Of Pat B – The Collection 2005 – 2010
Length mix: 00:53:18
Tracks: 13 (thirteen)
Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): DOWNLOAD/LISTEN
File Size: 123 MB
File Type: mp3
Bitspeed: unknown
More Information: Pat B – Facebook Fanpage

 Categorie: Hard Dance MIX REVIEW

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