Future_Proof Sounds Mix Series 001 – Crash (2017)

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Future_Proof Sounds Mix Series 001 - Crash (2017)

Future_Proof Sounds Mix Series 001 – Crash (2017)

DJ: Crash
Genre/Style: UK Hardcore, Freeform, Trancecore, Hard House
Mix Info: Future_Proof Sounds Mix Series 001
Length Mix: 01:01:42
Tracks: 16 (sixteen)
Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): DOWNLOAD/LISTEN
File Size: 141 MB
File Type: mp3
Bitspeed: 320kbps
More Information: Future_Proof Sounds – Facebook Fanpage

You all know my website is a platform for new talent, or new podcasts, or anything new. And have I got something new for you all: a brand new mix by DJ Crash for Future_Proof Sounds. And as this is the first mix in this compilation, expect to see more mixes in the future. Don’t know who’s going to be involved (DJ-wise), but let’s focus on the present: the future will explain itself soon.

I went to their first event, and now I’m hooked. It sparked the fire for ‘darker’ and ‘edgy’ Freeform again. Is that what you can expect in this mix? Well, yes and no. It’s nicely balanced between the well known Freeform tunes, some being light and some being dark-ish, and the unknown tracks (well, to me they were unknown). But there are some big names in here: Transcend, Cube::Hard,  Cyrax, Darwin, Kevin Energy, JD-KiD, and more. And also a track by DJ Crash himself. Sadly I haven’t seen his name before, so this mix is some sort of introduction to what he does as a DJ and producer.

Let’s see the tracklist.


01. Atmix & Ritmo – Agate (Intro) 
02. Crash – Wash Away
03. Kevin Energy – Voice Of Carme (Transcend Remix) 
04. Veracocha – Carte Blanche (Darwin Remix) 
05. Transcend – Eons
06. Transcend & Cyrax – Forever
07. JD-KiD – Excelsior
08. Transcend – Extraordinary
09. Orbit1 – Tabla
10. Cube::Hard & Douglas – Codex (Darwin Remix) 
11. Zman & Ted-E – Hong Kong
12. Reece Kane – Fatal Attraction (Crash Remix) 
13. Transcend & Cyrax – Unleashed (Substanced Remix) 
14. Quadrant, Kid Hops & Iris – Microsleep
15. Darwin & Entity – I Know Where I Stand
16. Simon Patterson – Smack (Waio Remix) 

I like new music, new mixes always excite me. Especially when they are filled with new tunes I haven’t heard before. Yes, a few were known, but not the majority. And even Crash’s own record is really good! Liking the track a lot, quite catchy.

Truth be told, Transcend can’t do anything wrong. He makes music so good, it’s underrated. And this could have easily been a dedication mix to one of Freeform’s finest producers. The reason why I am saying this is because the two best tracks in this mix were made by him: ‘Eons’ and ‘Extraordinary’. They rock so hard, really hard. Freeform might be exclusive music, but it’s so well made, many EDM producers can learn from it. And especially from Transcend they can learn a lot!

A few tiny errors when it comes to the mixing, but that’s okay. This is still a good introduction mix to DJ Crash and what he’s capable off. But one question: the last track, why the drop before? The first time I heard the mix, I thought that after ‘I Know Where I Stand’ the mix was done, so I press ‘replay’ again, not knowing it wasn’t the last lol. I only found out on Soundcloud that it wasn’t the last.

A good mix. Loving the vibes. If Crash improves his cross-fading skills he will be one DJ to follow. And I reckon his name will appear in more mixes in the near future. If you make a track like ‘Wash Away’ and TCD likes it, you know you are hot. Not yet there, but give it time!


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