Mr. Ripley – Heck The Rules (2017)

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Mr. Ripley - Heck The Rules (2017)

Mr. Ripley – Heck The Rules (2017)

Artist: Mr. Ripley
Genre/Style: Breakbeat Hardcore, Rave Breaks
Album Info: Mr. Ripley – Heck The Rules
Release Year: 2017
CDs: 1 (one)
Length Album: 01:44:52
Tracks: 12 (twelve)
Product Number: unknown
Purchase Album: BUY ALBUM HERE
Listen (via Soundcloud): LISTEN HERE
More Information: Mr. Ripley – Official Website

The perks of being a reviewer is the fact that you get new music sent to you every so often. Last week I received Mr. Ripley’s latest album, which is called ‘Heck The Rules’, which you can get right now via his own website. Released online on the 31st of March, this digital album is different compared to the usual stuff he makes. An album dedicated to ‘create fresh, fun, underground dance music’. Well, he’s done exactly that.

On this album there are 10 tracks, 1 bonus track and an album mix, and only that for 7 pounds! How about that, eh? Go and hurry up and go to his website. Follow the picture with the man in front of a wall, wearing a dog in space (I think it’s that?) t-shirt and hoodie, and you will get there!

The tracks are all made by Mr. Ripley, who doesn’t need an introduction. His album isn’t focussed on the UK Hardcore side of life, but the Breakbeat Hardcore side of life. 11 tracks filled with Breakbeat bits and piano bobs. Could we have wished for anything more? Christmas has come early this year!

The tracklist is something you might want to see, but could also not be, because you haven’t heard the tracks before, so these are all new and fresh!


01. Mr. Ripley – Nu Dimension
02. Mr. Ripley – I Found U
03. Mr. Ripley – Something Within
04. Mr. Ripley – To The Clouds
05. Cruze & Darts – Music Is My Life (Mr. Ripley Remix) 
06. Mr. Ripley – Power Up
07. Mr. Ripley – Love So Good
08. Mr. Ripley – Maximum Borkdrive
09. Mr. Ripley – Resurgence
10. Mr. Ripley – F**k You

Bonus Track 
01. Mr. Ripley – Maximum Bork Dub

Bonus Mix:
01. Mr. Ripley – Heck The Rules Album Mix

A nice and fresh album from a man, who has made another album (which you can still get digitally), which you also should get. From UK Hardcore to Breakbeat Hardcore, this man covers everything!

The tracks are good and fresh. A touch of other styles can be heard every so often. For example Trance, you do hear a bit of Trance in for example ‘Nu Dimension’. But all in all it’s a nice Breakbeat Hardcore album.Maybe an idea for him to make a full-on Trance album?

Which track did the most for me? Well, there were two. ‘Nu Dimension’ and ‘To The Clouds’. Have a listen to the clips on Soundcloud and you will know why I picked these two records!

A good album, but some tracks are missing something crucial. Can’t tell you what it is, because I’m no musician, but it’s the extra flavour that makes things sound even better. Just a tiny bit extra would have made the album even better.

A good album (as I said two lines ago). Worth a listen, worth a download. Come on, you must have 7 quid left on your account, eh? Whilst you are at it, why not download his previous album too?

Ps. what in God’s name is a bork?


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