Thunderdome Die Hard Day III

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Horizon: Excessive Force!

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Scarred By Sound


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Happy Hardcore Classics 125 ‘Sy & Unknown: The Anthems Pt 2’ (2018)


From Dutch Happy Hardcore to UK Happy Hardcore: today the focus is Happy Hardcore, and that makes this Saturday a wonderful one. The previous mix was all about the cheesy and commercial Happy Hardcore, and this new mix is focussed on the UK Happy Hardcore duo, which we all love and have embraced: Sy & Unknown. The legendary duo who dominated during the 90s and early 00s. And the people behind ‘History Of Happy Hardcore’ made this second instalment. There’s a logical reason behind it: Sy & Unknown made so many memorable anthems, you can’t fit them in one mix. Or you could, but then the mix would be several hours long. And this second mix is 2 hours and 22 minutes long. So imagine making one mix… it must be at least 5 hours long. #weaintgottimeforthat Read More

Happy Hardcore Mix [50 Commercial Happy Hardcore Hits In The Mix] (2013)

Happy Hardcore Mix [50 Commercial Happy Hardcore Hits In The Mix]

Truth be told, I’m not a lot of Youtube for music. I used to be, but most of the time I’m on Soundcloud or Mixcloud. Yesterday I heard a Chosen Few mix on Youtube, and one of the suggested videos to listen was the one I’m about to write a review about. The reason why I’m writing something, is because this kind of music has made me who I am today. This was my youth, this was the music my parents heard coming through the ceiling. I did not have too much money to buy each compilation back in the 90s: the main compilation was ‘Happy Hardcore’ by Arcade, and those CDs were on repeat over and over. Now, this DJ called John Boender made this Happy Hardcore mix, and it contains the commercial hits. So be prepared. Read More

Early Rave Generation Vol. 1 – DJ Chosen Few (2013)


Being 24/7 online is a dreadful thing, you never seem to find the end of it all. It’s a constant stream of information and nonsense (or as Trump would call it: ‘Fake News’), but sometimes you are awoken by something you see. A couple of days ago DJ Chosen Few reminded us all of a mix he did back in 2013 for the Early Rave Generation group. Chosen Few is one of those artists who need no introduction, and if you are wondering what to expect in this mix, you need to be slapped hard in your face. It says it in the title of the mix, for crying out loud! Early Rave, of course! Read More

Gizmo & Dano – Thunderdome Mix 2007


Whilst the whole world is watching the football match England vs Croatia, I’m listening to music. This is my sport: to find the dopest mixes out there. And I think I found one for those who like their music slightly harder and rougher. And also a big older. And it’s a mix I found on Mixcloud a few years ago, and sadly forgot about. This mix is taken from Thunderdome’s CD compilation, released back in 2008, and the first mix was made by Gizmo and Dano, true pioneers of the Hardcore scene. And before we continue, let me tell you that this mix is not downloadable, before you all get hyped up. You know what you need to do: buy the bloody album, like the rest of us. And no secret downloading: the government is watching. Read More

Fatality Outdoor Festival 2018 | Beast Gates | Warm Up Mix By Melvje


Fatality, what a name for an event. I could understand all the other names, but Fatality is kind of brutal. But if we compare it to the music which is played there, it does make sense. This Hardstyle/Rawstyle event takes place in a couple of weeks time, and has got a killer line-up, one you could only dream of: Minus Militia, Radical Redemption, Warface, Adaro, Delete, Aggressive Act, E-Force, Rebelion, Deetox, Caine, and there are so many more going: it’s unbelievable, this line-up. And people are getting excited, really excited. There was one mix on my timeline, especially for this event, and it was made by Melvje. Read More

Pod Noodle Episode 1 – Alexander Norman (2018)


I was asked today to review one of the biggest mixtapes in the UK Hardcore scene right now: the Pod Noodle podcast. You might be wondering what the hell I’m on about? Should it be pot noodle? Nah, that’s the one you shove down your neck, but this one is a word play on pot noodle. Don’t know why they’ve selected this name, but who cares? I’ve seen worst names. Anyway, let’s focus on the music, and not the title of the mix/podcast. The music is presented to us by Alexander Norman. And if your mind works the same way as mine, I had to think really hard who this man is. I was wrong, it’s not one name but two: Ed Shock and MC Whizzkid. They have joined forces and this new collaboration is named Alexander Norman. Read More