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1991 – 1992 Old Skool Rave Mix Part IV (Mickey Beam) (2015)

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1991 - 1992 Old Skool Rave Mix Part IV (Mickey Beam)

December has officially started yesterday, so you will see so many reviews online, all reviewing Xmas album, mostly the ones made by Michael Buble. Maybe I will go down the same path as all those reviewers, but the focus still remains on good dance music. Old or new, I couldn’t care less. But going back in time is always the way forward (even though that sounds weird, doesn’t it). Today I’ve woken up and found a few mixes, but I wasn’t impressed. Seriously not impressed. Poor record selection, or just poor mixing skills. I was about to give up, and then I found this mix done by Mickey B, uploaded 2 years ago, with records in it from 1991 and 1992.

Not knowing a single thing about the DJ, I decided to give this mix a go. It contained a tracklist, which is normally enough for me. But when I glanced at the tracklist, I started to get really excited! Mickey B has picked so many great anthems, UK dancefloor anthems still loved and appreciated by many ravers all over the UK. So what do you get? Well, a shit load of amazing records in a 41 minute long mix. Rave, Hardcore, Breakbeat, Jungle Techno, you name it, it’s in this mix. So why look any further, when this mix can be on repeat for the rest of this boring second of December?

Here, you have a look. And you tell me that this mix doesn’t do a single thing for you?

tracklist TCD

01. Shades Of Rhythm – Everybody
02. Zero B – Lock Up (Monolith Mix) 
03. 2 Bad Mice – 2 Bad Mice
04. Nation 12 – Listen To The Drummer
05. Shaft – Roobarb & Custard
06. Tech Noise – I Luv U
07. Shades Of Rhythm – Armageddon
08. Acen – Close Your Eyes (Vitamin E Mix) 
09. The House Crew – Get On Up
10. Liquid – Sweet Harmony
11. Isotonik – Everywhere I Go (Fizzy Orange Mix) 
12. Blame – Piano Takes You
13. 2 Bad Mice – Bombscare
14. Sound Corp – Dream Finder
15. DJ Phantasy – Switch To 33
16. Jonny L – Hurt You So (The L Mix) 
17. Dune – Too Much Remix
18. Nick Power & DJ Ku – Mus Get Dark
19. 2 Xtreme – (Untitled) Xtremity EP 2A
20. Rufige Kru – Jim Skreech
21. MC Lethal – The Rave Digger (DJ SS Remix) 
22. Tribal Underground – Cocaine

You’ve got a huge smile on your face now, haven’t you? I’m having a small party in my living room right now, and this mix is blazing through the walls, and I reckon my neighbour isn’t fond of it, but do I care? Do I bollocks!

Mickey B has made a very good looking tracklist, and the mix is also very good. It contains the biggest Rave anthems of 1991/1992. Who doesn’t love the music from 2 Bad Mice, or Liquid’s biggest record ever ‘Sweet Harmony’, or Shades of Rhythm? Name one person who’s old enough to know this music, and who wouldn’t smile when they would hear these anthems? Name and shame these people lol.

Nah, just kidding. But it has to be said that Mickey B has picked really wicked records, and now comes the most difficult bit of it all: picking a favourite. I’ve had to choose between so many monster anthems, and I will pick the one that still destroys dancefloors all over the world: ‘Sweet Harmony’. Nothing can compete to this piano filled record and those memorable vocals.

Mickey B, thanks for making this morning a very good one. Nice and relaxed, and yet I already have blisters on my feet from raving in my pyjama in the living room.


DJ: Mickey B
Genre/Style: Rave, Hardcore, Breakbeat, Jungle Techno, Oldskool
Mix Info: 1991 – 1992 Old Skool Rave Mix Part IV
Length Mix: 00:41:21
Tracks: 22 (twenty-two)
Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): DOWNLOAD/LISTEN
File Size: 94.6 MB
File Type: mp3
Bitspeed: 320kbps
More Information: Mickey B – Soundcloud Fanpage