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Gizmo & Dano – Thunderdome Mix 2007


Whilst the whole world is watching the football match England vs Croatia, I’m listening to music. This is my sport: to find the dopest mixes out there. And I think I found one for those who like their music slightly harder and rougher. And also a big older. And it’s a mix I found on Mixcloud a few years ago, and sadly forgot about. This mix is taken from Thunderdome’s CD compilation, released back in 2008, and the first mix was made by Gizmo and Dano, true pioneers of the Hardcore scene. And before we continue, let me tell you that this mix is not downloadable, before you all get hyped up. You know what you need to do: buy the bloody album, like the rest of us. And no secret downloading: the government is watching. Read More

Organ Donors – Oldskool Autopsy (2008)

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You know it’s Christmas when you find hundreds of presents underneath the tree. But sometimes you don’t even need to look underneath the three to find something magical! This year the legendary Organ Donors decided to give a wicked Christmas present to all of us by giving away their 2008 album ‘Oldskool Autopsy’, which you can find on Soundcloud right now! Ain’t that something? That’s beautiful, free music. And especially when it’s made by the Organ Donors and it concerns Oldskool music. What else could you wish for this year? We’ve got all that we wanted! Thank you Santa.

The album is obviously focussed on the Oldskool side of things, and the Organ Donors have been influenced by artists such as KLF, Joey Beltram, Massive Attack, Moby, and more. Basically what they’ve done back in 2006 to 2008 is take Oldskool anthems and give it the Organ Donor twist. And I’m impressed. You look at the tracklist and you know immediately who made the originals, and you wonder how it sounds like after the Organ Donors gave it a twist. That’s not 100% unique, I think it’s normally called a remix. But in this case they took the whole record apart (autopsy), put the most important bits back in place and added bits here and there, thankfully not creating a Frankenstein, but a beautiful creature.

The tracklist will make you go ‘oh yeah, I know that one’ or ‘mmm, who made the original again?’ You know the anthems, I’m sure of it. Whilst you are waiting for the download to commence, why not like the boys on Facebook, just to show your appreciation for their awesome Christmas present?


01. Organ Donors – Oldskool Autopsy
02. Organ Donors – What Time Is Love
03. Organ Donors – Activ8
04. Organ Donors – Go
05. Organ Donors – Made In 2 Minutes
06. Organ Donors – Acid In The System
07. Organ Donors & Vinylgroover – Good Life
08. Organ Donors – 2v231o
09. Organ Donors – Teardrop
10. Organ Donors & Dr. Willis – Moog Eruption
11. Organ Donors – Mentasm
12. Organ Donors – Super Mario Brothers
13. Organ Donors & Alex Kidd – Let Me Be Your Fantasy
14. Organ Donors – 9 Is A Classic
15. Organ Donors – Inner City Life
16. Organ Donors – The Answer Phone (Secret Track)

The way they’ve composed these tracks is amazing! They still left the Oldskool-ness in each and every track, and even though this album is from 2008, it still sounds fresh and wouldn’t sound off when it would have been released 8 years later, in 2016.

On Discogs you can find more information who made the original. But I’m more focussed on the Organ Donors and their take on these classic anthems. Did it work? Was it worth it, spending 2 years in a studio, fabricating each track? Was it worth the time and effor they’ve spent on them? The answer is simply ‘yes’. It’s always good when people give their own twist to an Oldskool track. Not often does it work, because nothing can top the original. But on this album the Organ Donors have done the originals justice by making their versions excellent.

You sometimes hear an album with remixes and you face-palm yourself, wondering how in God’s name the remixer came up with that crap. Not in this case. Not one face-palm moment during this album.

These are classics. And I’m not talking about the originals, these versions of classic anthems are on its own classics. Maybe not the last track, because that’s just a weird track. But for example ‘Mentasm’ is such a good remix. The original was tight, but this version rocks too! Or ‘Go’, an all-time classic by Moby. This version does the trick too, shake the dancefloor.

Really good album. And for free. Thank you Organ Donors for it. This has made my Christmas even better! Download this right now, and you won’t be disappointed. I wasn’t, and I’m not easily pleased!

Artist: Organ Donors
Genre/Style: Oldskool, Rave, Techno, Hard House, Hard Trance, Breakbeat, Acid
Release Year: 2008
CD Info: Organ Donors – Oldskool Autopsy
CDs: 1 (one)
Length CD: 01:18:35
Tracks: 15 + 1 secret track (fifteen + one)
Label: Tidy
Product Number: TIDYOSA
Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): DOWNLOAD/LISTEN
File Size: 179 MB
File Type: mp3
Bitspeed: 320kbps
More Information: Organ Donors – Facebook Fanpage

The Darkraver – More Than 20 Years Of His Royal Darkness (2008)

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As we all know, the weirdest DJ on this earth has got to be The Darkraver. This man has done it all, and when I say he’s done it all, I do mean it. From being a male stripper to become one of the hottest DJs in the Hardcore scene, and also that time he experienced something special at the Peppermill in Heerlen, or that time he landed with a parachute in the Golden Cage (I reckon it was the Golden Cage), and there are millions of other occassions he experienced the unexpected or did something really ‘silly’. He’s the silliest DJ you might ever encounter, but he’s still a force to reckon.

Back in 2008 he released his own mix album, which was called ‘More Than 20 Years Of His Royal Darkness’. Now, only recently I re-discovered the album in a box filled with hundreds of CDs. The album had 2 CDs and one DVD, and sadly I’ve lost the DVD. It might be somewhere in the flat or I might have lent it to someone and it was never returned to me, but to me the music matters more. If you Google this CD, you will see a link to Youtube and there you can see the whole video. Thankfully the CDs still worked (even though scratches have ruined the surface), and after hearing these monster anthems, it took me back to the 90s again. So many great anthems were selected by the Darkraver himself, and it’s basically a megamix you are listening to: 80 records in 2 1/2 hours.

The tracklist is one you need to see, if you are a true raver/gabber. Even though he’s a silly sausage, he knows a lot about Hardcore/Gabber music, and has only selected the finest tracks. Not only Hardcore’s on this two discs, but also some Jumpstyle and Happy Hardcore tracks. You should check this out (if you haven’t bought this one already!).


CD 1:
01. Marcel Woods – De Bom 2001
02. Armani & Ghost – Hard One
03. The Horrorist – Flesh Is The Fever
04. Rave Creator – Me The Master
05. Nasty Django & DJ Cirillo – Deal Wit’ Beats
06. Mark V & Poogie Bear & Da Warrior – Put Ya Hands Up
07. DJ Gizmo – Hurt Nobody
08. Hardcore Elements vs Bad News – Tell The DJ
09. Old School Terrorists – Acieeed
10. Da Bootleggers – Bitches And Ho’s
11. Sturgeon – Blow Your Mind
12. Binum – Looped
13. 4 Nu Tek – The Universe
14. Hardhead – Tu Tu Tu
15. Marshall Masters – Stereo Murder
16. Rexanthony – For You Marlene
17. Dominium – Let Your Mind
18. Rave Creator – A New Mind
19. Bodylotion – How Much Can You Take
20. DJ Yves – In The Mix
21. Razzle Dazlle Trax – Rattle Brain
22. Black Knight – Back To Tha ‘O’ School
23. Gizmo & The Darkraver – We Got The Juice
24. Bald Terror – Hardcore
25. Rotterdam Terror Corps – There’s Only One Terror
26. Hardhead – T.u.l.p.
27. System 3 – Like A Shot
28. The Darkraver & Vince – Thunderground
29. Art Of Fighters vs Nico & Tetta – Allelluja Motherfuckers
30. The Brutalist – No Equality
31. Syncope – Jump
32. Citrus – Fascination
33. Hard Attack – Bonehead
34. DJ Bike – Bike’s Drum
35. B.S.E. – Hard Attack
36. The D.O.C. – Allright…. Yeah!
37. E-Rick & Tactic – Meet Her At The Thunderdome
38. G-Town Madness – The Sickest
39. Mister DJ – Screaming
40. DJ Yves vs The Twins – Bloodbrain
41. Steve Shit – Commonya’ll (Move Ya’ Bodies)
42. The Viper – Rock The Disc-O-Tek

CD 2: 
01. The Darkraver – Who’s The Darkraver (Intro)
02. Ultra-Sonic – Annihilating Rhythm
03. The Demoniac – One Two
04. Ultimate Buzz – Check Da Bass
05. Diss Reaction – You Suck
06. The Scientist – Pump Tha Body
07. Scott Brown vs DJ Rab S – Now Is The Time
08. Inner Destruction – Bang To The Beat
09. Reyes – Rock With Me
10. Tschabos – Gib Mir Die Bass
11. Lenny Dee vs DJ Paul – Dopeman
12. Wedlock – Wedlock
13. Psychic Parasite – Talk Dirty
14. DJ Vince & DJ Zany – More Bazz
15. Forze DJ Team – 909 Trauma
16. The Darkraver – Whoomps
17. DJ E-Rick & Tactic – Now Is The Time
18. DJ Davie Forbes – Apocalypse Now
19. DJ E-Rick & Tactic – What The Fuck?
20. Rave Nation – Going Crazy
21. DJ Isaac & Pagan – Two Definition
22. The Darkraver – Let It Roll
23. Too Fast For Mellow – Let There Be House
24. Ferocious – Everybody Reach For The Top
25. DJ Rob – Boy’s Interface
26. Dark Destination – Impulsive
27. Dr. Phil Omanski – Feeling
28. DJ Norman & DJ Spock – Cypress Hardcore
29. M-Jay & Dan Vee – Burning Up
30. DJ Weirdo & Dr. Phil Omanski – Young Birds
31. Tiny Tot – La Bambolina
32. Neophyte – Execute
33. Lenny Dee & The Darkraver – To Da Rhythm
34. Bodylotion – Hurt You Bad
35. The Prophet – Dominatin’
36. Ech Heftag – Den Haag Hakke!!
37. T.O.P.D.R.O.P. – Achtung!
38. Charly Lownoiste & Mental Theo – Verrotted

Normally I wouldn’t be picky, but for once I’ve focussed on the tracklist and the actual mix, and I was under the impression that there were a few small errors made. The titles on the album weren’t correct, and after a quick visit to Discogs, the improved tracklist can be found there, including the original remix titles added or original artist name or original titles added. Well, maybe Steve (real name of the Darkraver) was out of his mind when he made this mix and typed it onto his computer, or maybe he was intoxicated, because the man loves a drink or two, three, four…..

The two mixes on them are good. Starting off slowely, but after a while the Hardcore beat kicks in, and it grabs you by your throat and will not let you go. As I’ve said before, from Jumpstyle to Gabber to Hardcore, this man has made it all sound well, and the mix is flawless, which is an achievement, because most of the time he’s out of his mind.

The result is an astonishing mix, and I can’t believe this CD was hidden away from me for so long! How could I have lived without it? Probably the only Darkraver CD I’ve got which still plays! What an achievement! And also an achievement for the weirdest DJ on Gods given earth! The album is 7 years old, and he still does his thing all over the world, keeping the music and his own legacy alive. The older he gets, the crazier he becomes.

Too many great anthems to mention, so let’s just say that he selected only the finest tracks available. His own productions/collaborations can be found on here aswel, including the legendary ‘Thunderground’ and ‘To Da Rhythm’. Psychically he has ages, but mentally he hasn’t. Thank God for that, where would we be without the Darkraver?

This takes me back to the good years of Hardcore. I do appreciate the newer stuff that’s been made, but the oldschool stuff still remains top notch. Nothing can compete with the purest sound the Dutch (and many other nations) made during the 90s. I’m going to sit in a corner now, hoping and praying that someone’s going to make a time machine which will take me back to the good ol’ years, because I do miss them. A lot. Whilst sitting there, this CD will be on repeat. It’s that good!

If you love Hardcore and the Darkraver, this is a must have CD. Don’t know where you can buy it, but you should do your utmost to find it. A classic album, one that will take you back like no other album has done before.


DJ: Darkraver
Genre/Style: Hardcore Techno, Gabber, Jumpstyle, Happy Hardcore, Hard Dance
Release Year: 2008
Info: More Than 20 Years Of His Royal Darkness
CDs: 2 (two + 1 DVD)
Length CDs: 02:25:06
Tracks: 80 (eighty)
Label: Rotterdam Records
Product Number: ROTC55
Buy Here: —-
More Information: The Darkraver – Official Website

The BRITs Critics’ Choice The Album (2014)


This is a world first for me, my first British pop/rock compilation. As you all know, I listen to a lot of Rave music, or some might call it Techno, and I’ve bought many compilations in the past, but during my recent trip to the U.K., I saw this disc laying on the counter at HMV, and it was only a few quid (2.99 if I’m correct, or was it 4,99?). Without hesitating, I bought this, because I’ve got to get used to the British music scene, seeing as I’m moving over very soon, and this kind of music dominated the top 40, and gets a lot of airtime. Techno on the other hand, doesn’t get any airtime at all, so to get used to it, this disc is just perfect for me. And it has changed me, it has!

The Brit Award is a phenomena, a huge music award ceremony, the British equivalent of the Grammy Awards. The first time they organised the Brit Award, it was to commemorate the Queen’s Silver Jubilee back in 1977, and it became an annual event since 1982. Many awards have been given away to well respected artists, and the artist who won the most, has got to be Robbie Williams (who won 12 on his own, 5 with Take That). The award ceremony has been memorable throughout all these years, with probably the most memorable moment being Queen’s singer Freddie Mercury’s last public appearance. But also Geri Halliwell’s Union Jack dress, The KLF, and the list goes on and on. Personally, I’m not a fan of award ceremonies, always too long, and sometimes too painful to watch. But the Brit Award has had many interesting moments, and if you were near a TV screen when they were aired on ITV, you’ve probably seen those moments. I haven’t, the Brits aren’t aired in the Netherlands, only the most interesting bits appear on the news here. We’ve got a Dutch version of the Brits, but that’s really not my cup of tea: I’m not a fan of Dutch music.

This CD has got 21 artists on it, who have been nominated between 2008 and 2014, and even though I don’t know half of them, after hearing this disc for the first time, I became intrigued and interested in their music. Obviously, I do know the major hits by artists such as Duffy, Adele, Jessie J, Emeli Sandé, but the ones I’ve never heard of, have left a mark too. If I didn’t buy this album, I wouldn’t have heard these majestic tunes. And for a Techno lover, this is the other side of the spectrum, and for once, I’m about to change, and appreciate music even more.

I don’t know if these nominated artists won an award, I do know that Adele won an award (or maybe more), but seeing as the original page on Wikipedia regarding this event is immensely long, I simply can’t find the time to look who won all the awards. If you are British, you probably know who did and who didn’t. I’m not a fan of ceremonies, I only appreciate music. It’s quite an achievement for me to listen to anything with a guitar in it, but this album has made me change my perspective on guitarry music. If you are British, this is the type of music you grew up with, but if you were born in the Netherlands, you were more into Techno-ish tunes.

Let’s see those tunes. Anyone interested in a tracklist?


01. Sam Smith – Nirvana
02. Ella Eyre – Deeper
03. Chlöe Howl – No Strings
04. Adele – Chasing Pavements
05. Florence + The Machine – You’ve Got The Love
06. Ellie Goulding – Starry Eyed
07. Jessie J – Price Tag
08. Emeli Sandé – Read All About It Part 3
09. Tom Odell – Another Love
10. Foals – Cassius
11. Duffy – Mercy
12. Little Boots – Remedy
13. White Lies – To Lose My Life
14. Delphic – Doubt
15. Marina And The Diamonds – Are You Satisfied?
16. James Blake – Limit To Your Love
17. The Vaccines – If You Wanna
18. Maverick Sabre – I Need
19. Michael Kiwanuka – Home Again
20. Alunageorge – Attracting Flies
21. Laura Mvula – Green Garden

So many lovely tunes are on this disc, and getting quality music for a few quid is lovely! If I didn’t buy this album already, you can still buy them at your local HMV (if there’s one near… if not, just buy a train ticket to London, and go and buy one there!).

These tunes are extremely catchy. One of the most catchiest ones has got to be ‘Green Garden’. How can you not clap and sing along? Or scream ‘Nirvaaannnaaa’ when Sam Smith sings his part? Or cry a little bit when Maverick Sabre sings ‘I Need’? Too many tunes to mention, but there are a few I really dig/like. Maybe it’s best for me to mention the tracks I don’t like, that’s a short list.

I’m not a fan of Florence + The Machine. Whenever I hear her voice, or even the first bits of this song, I change channels or skip and play the next track. She has ruined an all time classic. Some people might like it, but it’s the equivalent of Justin Bieber singing Michael Jackson’s ‘Earth Song’. He might sing it perfectly, he ruins it. Florence has done the same. Shame.

Another track I just don’t get yet, is ‘Are You Satisfied?’. Maybe I need to listen to it more than 10 times at least? I don’t dislike it, but I’m not at the stage where I can say ‘ooh, I like this’. I’m inbetween these stages.

Ofcourse I’ve got to choose a favourite track, but I can’t. Too many quality tunes on this CD, really hard to choose a good one. ‘Chasing Pavements’ is good, ‘Mercy’ is catchy… I can’t choose. Maybe you can, and if you have made a decision, stick with it. I’m torn between several tracks.

A good album. If you are a fulltime Techno lover, this might persuade you to listen to pop/rock music, and let me remind you: it’s not a disgrace to admit you like it. If you are loving the vibes on this album, make sure you check out the Brit Award next year. Or follow them on Twitter: they post many videos of this year’s performances. They won’t let you down!


Artists: Various Artists
Genre/Style: Pop Music, Rock
Release Year: 2014
CD Info: All the nominated artists 2008-2014
CDs: 1 (one)
Tracks: 21 (twenty-one)
Length CD: 01:14:53
Label: U.M.T.V.
Product Number: 5348124
More Information: The Brits Awards 2014 website