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Ben Sims – The Jackin’ Zone (House, Acid House + Techno) (2010)


I know, it’s a glorious day, and the majority of you lot are watching the World Cup being played in Russia, and what am I doing? Basically f*** all. Just chilling behind the computer, listening to whatever is uploaded. Firstly I listened to a few brand new and exclusive mixes, and I felt the urge to go back to the roots, and wanted to hear some Acid House music. Didn’t need to look very far: Soundcloud suggested Ben Sims’ mix immediately.

Why does this name ring a bell? I need to Wikipedia him, give me a second. See, I knew it, this is a well known name in the music industry. I must have seen his name fly by over the years, but can’t put my finger on it which albums they were, or which mix. But the name did ring a bell. So maybe there’s a reason why I am listening to this right now.

Soundcloud kindly showed me this 8 year old mix, but it still packs a punch. He decided to go all in with a nice mash of several styles like Acid House, House and Techno, and made this hour long insane mix. It does contain the finest records, and also a few I’ve never heard before. But that’s just the positive thing.

That’s so good about House and Techno. They just blend together beautifully. No need to make the sound change completely: it’s adaptable, and suitable. I’m loving the vibes already, and I’ve only played this 23 times today.

Let me show you the tracklist. It’s a necessity.

tracklist TCD

01. The H Men – Scream (Acid-Pella Mix) 
02. Da Posse – The Groove
03. Da Posse – The Groove (Remix) 
04. Fingers Inc – I’m Strong
05. Jeuce – Zooooommm
06. Robot DJs – Energy
07. Model 500 – The Chase
08. Paradise Inc – House Music Control
09. Santos – Space The Box
10. Sleazy D – I’ve Lost Control (House Mix) 
11. Marcus Mixx – Psycho House
12. Sleazy D – Trust Track
13. Armando – World Unknown
14. Risque Rhythm Team – The Jacking Zone
15. Melissa – Love To Love (Funky House Groove) 
16. Annette – Dream 17
17. Blake Baxter – When We Used To Play (Dance Classic Remix) 
18. Pleasure Zone – Fantasy
19. Ron Trent – Altered States
20. Psyche – Neurotic Behaviour
21. Tyree Cooper – T.C.X
22. The Sweat Boyz – Do You Wanna Jack
23. Ego Trip – Dreamworld
24. Farley Jackmaster Funk – This Acid Life
25. The Children – Freedom (Crucial Mix) 
26. Da Posse – Strings (Fingers Mix) 
27. Kool Ma Kool – World Turns Around
28. Video Mind – Do It For Me, I’ll Do It For You
29. Plebz – Can’t Stop (Acid Rain Forest Mix) 
30. Marcus Mixx – House Flash Back
31. Suburban Knight – The Art Of Stalking

Now that’s a very pleasant looking tracklist. And carefully selected and mixed by Ben Sims. The end result is an hour of absolute bliss. I’ve really enjoyed this, especially the way he plays three styles all together, and also the records he has selected.

Everyone experiences this mix their own way, but my experience, well, it’s been absolutely amazing. The feelings this generates is beyond belief. Yes, he used the well know records, like ‘World Unknown’, ‘I’ve Lost Control’, ‘Space The Box’, but also a lot of records I’ve never heard of before. And that, exactly that, makes this mix so interesting!

An hour of absolute bliss. Who doesn’t want to experience that? Well, if you are into football and you think that we might stand a chance of winning, good luck. But just be realistic: press play on this mix and be educated. These are the true jewels of dance music.

Best record? ‘World Unknown’ by Armando. Just listen to it and you will know why.


DJ: Ben Sims
Genre/Style: Acid House, House, Techno
Mix Info: The Jackin’ Zone (House, Acid House, Techno)
Length Mix: 01:02:49
Tracks: 31 (thirty-one)
Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): DOWNLOAD/LISTEN
File Size: 143 MB
File Type: mp3
Bitspeed: 320kbps
More Information: Ben Sims – Soundcloud Page

Blapps In Da Mix (2016)


Earlier today I reviewed a nice Freeform mix, and now I’m about to review a mix from 2016 by the Blapps! Posse. Some of you might know the name, and it does ring a bell, but that is all. Don’t know who’s behind the Blapps! Posse, but what I do know is that they made a very interesting Old Skool mix. Well, when I say ‘they’, I mean DJ Aston. And it does contain a few big anthems from the golden age, Acid House-ish. So what are we waiting for?

DJ Aston is one half of the Blapps! Posse. And as I said before, he has mixed a few big anthems together in this hour long mix. Not only by themselves, but also a few you need to know about, if you want to know the roots of everything EDM related. These records are ground breaking, and even to this day they stand the test of time. Play these records at any gig, and people will love them. You can’t sit still. So guess what I’m doing right now? Moving my body to the beats. Yep, the Old Skool has got the power to get everyone moving. Even those who dislike it.

Let me show you the tracklist!

tracklist TCD

01. Aston – Intro
02. Jazzy Jason – Faster Than Fast
03. Fast Eddie – The Sound (Blapps! Posse Remix) 
04. Fast Eddie – Acid Thunder
05. Project X – DeeJays And Emcees (Blapps! Posse Remix) 
06. Paradox – Jail Break
07. The Dynamic Guv’Nors – I Can’t Live Without You
08. Break Freak – Just A Break Freak
09. The Blapps! Posse – Bus’ It (It’s Time To Get Busy)
10. Outlander – Vamp
11. The Blapps! Posse – Do What U Want To
12. The Blapps! Posse – The Beat That’s Hype
13. Phuture – Acid Trax
14. The Dynamic Guv’Nors – Rock The Discotheques
15. Martin Luther King – I Have A Dream (Speech)
16. The Dynamic Guv’Nors – These Guys Are Doper Than Dope
17. Epitome Of Hype – Revenge Of The Ladies With An Attitude
18. Joey Beltram – Energy Flash
19. The Blapps! Posse – Don’t Hold Back (Acapella)
20. Pirate Jams – Acid Party People
21. Turntable Symphony – I Can’t Stop (Blapps! Posse Remix) 
22. Ripgroove – Double 99
23. The Blapps! Posse – Don’t Hold Back ’91

If you have never heard of this posse before, this is a nice introduction. And truth be told, I’m probably a bit thick for not knowing them like all of you do. But it’s never too late to hallucinate, eh?

I have pressed play, and have not stopped listening to this mix.It’s been on for a few hours, and I’m still amazed by the tunes selected by DJ Aston. Nice, smooth, and extremely sexy. I was not aware of their strength as a posse, but they do bring the heat. The records fly through your speakers towards your ears, and there’s no stopping them.

Normally I would go on and on about mistakes, or talk about something uninteresting. But let’s focus on the best record in this mix. I’m deeply in love with ‘Just A Break Freak’ by Break Freak. Big anthem. This is what causes damage in my house right now!

Let’s not underestimate the other records too. So many brilliant records. An hour of pure filth. Old skool finest records, carefully selected and mixed together. The weather is perfect for it, so let’s enjoy it to the max.


DJ: Aston
Genre/Style: Acid House, House, Breakbeat, Hip House
Mix Info: Blapps In Da Mix
Length Mix: 00:58:02
Tracks: 23 (twenty-three)
Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): DOWNLOAD/LISTEN
File Size: 132 MB
File Type: mp3
Bitspeed: 320kbps
More Information: Blapps! Records – Soundcloud Page

Old School Rave (Circa 89-92) (2013)


If anyone could help me out, that would be amazing. At the moment I don’t know what’s wrong with me in all fairness. I’m having an Oldskool vibe going through my system. Is it a disease? Can it be cured? And if the answer is yes, can you please hide away the cure from me, because I don’t want to be saved/rescued. I reckon by now you’ve guessed it correctly: TCD has found yet another cool and amazing mix, containing oldskool tracks. And yes, that’s exactly what I have found.

This mix is 5 years old, and only listened to it today. Or was it yesterday? Whenever it happened, it made me feel brilliant. It’s a mix made by someone called IN3RTIA, and it has had 20.8k + plays. People seem to love it, and loving the vibes this mix has caused. And if we are going to talk about this mix, we need to talk serious stuff. Yes, it does contain the well known records, but also those forgotten by many. You don’t hear them as often as we should. And genre-wise IN3RTIA has picked several styles: House, Techno, Acid House, Breakbeat, Rave and more. So be ready for a ride down memory lane.

tracklist TCD

01. VIM – Maggies Last Party
02. Twin Hype – For Those Who Like To Groove
03. Expansions – Move Your Body
04. S-Express – The Theme From S-Express
05. Stakker – Humanoid
06. DJ Dick – Weekend
07. Cubic 22 – Night In Motion
08. Turntable Terror – Break
09. A Homeboy, A Hippy, And A Funky Dread – Total Confusion
10. Kid Unknown – Nightmare
11. 4 Hero – Mr. Kirk’s Nightmare
12. Acen – Close Your Eyes
13. Rabbit City Records – 001
14. Awesome 3 – Don’t Go
15. 2 Bad Mice – Hold It Down
16. Psychotropic – Hypnosis
17. Hyper Go Go – High

This is what I’m talking about! You have spotted those classic gems, but also the forgotten anthems you don’t hear that often. But what the DJ has done, is take the known and also the forgotten and crammed into an hour long mix! And the result is, as I said before, a trip through memory lane!

It also contained a few record I have not heard before, like ‘Maggies Last Party’, ‘001’, ‘Hypnosis’ etc. But let’s not underestimate them. Or those well known, the dancefloor fillers. ‘Don’t Go’ can literally played at ANY event, and the crowd will loose their shit. But which record did the most damage to my speakers? ‘Weekend’ is stil an underrated but powerful anthem, ‘Night In Motion’ one of the first Techno records I have ever heard, but ‘Hold It Down’ is just way better. Pure, raw, and rough. They don’t make tracks like this one anymore.

IN3RTIA, thank you for a wonderful trip to the golden years of music. Not saying that the EDM world is crap, but when you reach a certain age the oldskool sound becomes way better. It’s like you never want to age, and adapt to the new stuff. I have become my parents. Damn.

Download this bad boy now, and go back to 89-92! You will, if you close your eyes and let the music do the rest!


Genre/Style: Breakbeat, Rave, Oldskool, House, Acid House, Techno
Mix Info: Old School Rave (Circa 89-92)
Length Mix: 01:02:30
Tracks: 17 (seventeen)
Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): DOWNLOAD/LISTEN
File Size: 57.2 MB
File Type: mp3
Bitspeed: 128kbps
More Information: IN3RTIA – Soundcloud Page

Mazut – Atlas (2018)

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The perks of being a blogger is the fact that people send you music constantly. Most of those items sent to me are not worthy of a review, but when they do make it onto my website, it’s because the music is good. The other day I received a message from a duo called Mazut. A Polish duo, who’s album ‘Atlas’ will be released on the 5th of January. Now, before we continue, let me remind us all that this is actually the first time I reviewed music from artists who are from Poland. And also warn you for this: this is going to be quite intoxicating. You’ll find out why in a minute.

The message I received contained a short biography, and in it they mention that Mazut does thing differently. They didn’t write that down exactly, but that’s what I read between the lines. What do they use for their music? Basically everything they can find. And when I say everything, I do mean everything: a toy keyboard, vintage radio receivers, dictaphones, casette tapes, synthesizers, drum machines, and much more. So basically whatever makes a sound, they use. And that is awesome. Going back to the roots of dance music, when artists had to use whatever they had to create new and invigorating sounds.

To make the records even better, they use bits from everything. Sampled texts from fairy tales, speech by a war murderer, or a manipulative pep talk. Now this should intrigue you. It had me focussed since the first time I glanced at the message.

To promote their upcoming album, they will go to several places, in Poland, Hungary, Austria, and more.

Now you obviously want to see what kind of records are on the album? Well, here it is:

tracklist TCD

01. Mazut – I Am Become Death, The Destroyer Of Worlds
02. Mazut – Perverse Incentive
03. Mazut – Malachi Ritscher
04. Mazut – Atlas
05. Mazut – Treatment Resistance
06. Mazut – ))))))))))
07. Mazut – That’s A Razor And You Make A Threat
08. Mazut – The Badge Of Shame
09. Mazut – Blunted Affect

A short and weird looking tracklist, if I’m honest. Look at title 6, or even number 7. Don’t see track titles like this every day, do you? But anyway, if you are digging what you read and saw, and you are willing to go to Bandcamp (that’s where you can find the album), you cran pre-order it right now for €3,- , and that’s nearly nothing for a wicked album.

The album will be released on the 5th (as I said before) and what you get is an interesting album. They use equipment most artists have thrown in the bin, but they pick it out of the bin and use it to create this weird but very intoxicating records. The main focus is Techno, but it goes to Acid House from time to time. From new school to old school, you find everything on this album. Even a record which is called ‘))))))))))’??

I do find it interesting to hear them making music the non conventional way. No expensive MacBooks and software that does everything for everyone nowadays, just raw pioneering. This album goes back to the roots, and you can hear them actually making music the way they do. And it resulted in this wicked album.

Best record? ‘Malachi Ritscher’. So minimalistic, but so effective. I have to also say that they do love their high pitched sounds. Bloody Nora, I still hear that pitched sound in my head right now, and I’m not listening to the album.

I like their approach, and it has worked out beautifully. One thing I missed was a good ending for a few records. They just ended too abrupt. Maybe a few more seconds to let it fade out, but they just cut the sound completely.

Anyway, Mazut has left a good first impression on me. Check them out on Bandcamp and Facebook, and make sure you pre-order the album right now!


Act: Mazut
Genre/Style: Techno, Acid House, Minimalistic
Album Info: Mazut – Atlas (Out on the 5th of January 2018)
Length Album: 00:53:16
Tracks: 9 (nine)
Download/Listen (via Bandcamp): LISTEN HERE
File Size: 122 MB
File Type: mp3
Bitspeed: 320kbps
More Information: Mazut – Facebook Fanpage

Into The Acid House Mix By Rattus Rattus (2011)

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Into The Acid House Mix By Rattus Rattus (2011)

Only a handful of days ago I reviewed an Oldskool mix, focussed on Acid House and New Beat. That mix was the start of my quest for more mixes similar to the one I listened to. I wanted Acid House music so badly, I went onto Soundcloud and searched for hours for a proper mix I did not review before. In a strange way the following mix does ring a bell, but I don’t know if I already reviewed it or not. It’s not on my present day website, so it could be that this was on my previous page (which got completely destroyed by Trojan horses). But hey, why not make another review?

This mix was made 6 years ago to promot an event which had really wicked names: Chad Jackson, Ragga Twins, Billy Daniel Bunter, Jumpin’ Jack Frost, Class Of 808 DJs, and many more. One of the acts performing made this promo mix, containing the finest Acid House and early House tunes from the mostly forgotten age of excellent music: Rattus Rattus. There’s no need to promote the event, seeing as it took place 6 years ago, but it’s not bad to reminisce on what the music did to all of us, and what Rattus Rattus mixed together.

Let me show you the tracklist, it’s a beauty. Unless you are a teenager and don’t know what Acid House is.

tracklist TCD

01. FPI Project – Back To My Roots
02. Marshall Jefferson – Move Your Body
03. Royal House – Can You Party
04. Maurice Joshua – This Is Acid
05. DJ Pierre – Box Energy
06. Phuture – Acid Trax
07. LFO – LFO
08. Allison Limerick – Where Love Lives
09. Sub Sub – Space Face
10. Joe Smooth – Promised Land
11. Maurice Joshua – I Got A Big Dick (Instrumental) 
12. Baby Ford – Oochy Koochy
13. S-Express – Theme From S-Express
14. Eon – Spice
15. Armando – Confusion’s Revenge
16. Charles B & Adonis – Lack Of Love
17. Code 3 – Code Of Acid
18. Da Posse – In The Heat Of The Night (Acid Mix) 
19. Ralphi Rosario feat Xavier Gold – U Used To Hold Me
20. The Future Sound Of London – Papua New Guinea
21. Technotronic feat Felly – Pump Up The Jam
22. Orbital – Satan
23. Fast Eddie – Acid Thunder
24. Humanoid – Stakker Humanoid
25. D-Mob – We Call It Acieed
26. Adamski – Killer
27. Mr Finger – You Can Feel It
28. Inner City – Big Fun
29. Black Box – Ride On Time
30. Technotronic – Get Up (Before The Night Is Over)
31. Curtis Mc Clain – Let’s Get Busy
32. A Guy Called Gerald – Voodoo Ray
33. K-Klass – Rhythm Is A Mystery
34. Frankie Knuckles – Your Love
35. Candi Station – You Got The Love

Now how’s this for a tracklist? This is pure gold, this takes us back to when music was experimental, and paved the way for many new styles. It has to be said that without Techno and Acid House the EDM scene as we know it wouldn’t excist. And life would be boring.

Rattus Rattus has selected so many great and forgotten anthems. Sadly the majority of these anthems aren’t played on the radio anymore, which is a huge fail for mankind. Who doesn’t want to hear ‘Killer’ by Adamski, ‘Pump Up The Jam’, ‘We Call It Acieed’, or ‘Big Fun’. And the list goes on. This is just pure music, so good, untouched for many years, and still sounding fresh and having the power to unite mankind.

Best record? ‘Killer’. Simple. There are a lot of other great anthems like ‘Stakker Humanoid’, ‘Theme From S-Express’, ‘Voodoo Ray’, ‘You Can Feel It’, ‘Box Energy’ and more. This is the kind of music I grew up with.

It’s not 100% perfectly mixed. There are some errors, and sometimes they jump too quickly to the next record. I know they only had an hour , but play the records a bit longer, and work on the cross fading, and this would have been a truly epic mix. Now it’s sometimes too quickly made (that’s how it sounds).

Still a good mix. On this magical Tuesday (that was sarcasm), let this mix move you like it moved all of us when these tunes were released. Time travel abilities anyone?


DJ: Rattus Rattus
Genre/Style: Acid House, Chicago House, House, Rave, Hip House
Mix Info: ‘Into The Acid House Mix By Rattus Rattus’
Length Mix: 01:00:27
Tracks: 35 (thirty-five)
Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): LISTEN HERE
File Size: 83.1 MB
File Type: mp3
Bitspeed: 192kbps
More Information: Rattus Rattus – Facebook Fanpage

A Brief History Of The New Beat Culture Part 01 (87-89)

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What a day it is to be alive. We’ve had so much going on around us all, that we sometimes forget the roots of our beloved electronic dance music. The roots, going way back to the 80s. Those were the days when people started to use more electronic equipment. Don’t get me wrong, they were using electronic equipment before, but the full potential was only understood back in the 80s. You all know those golden years, when you could hear synthesizers in literally every bloody pop record. But it has meant more to EDM, and the majority of the people seem to forget it.

You might be thinking that I’m going to show you yet another oldskool mix, a mix you’ve probably heard before. But no, oh no. This is a mix which even astonished me. This is New Beat music, as it was called. New Beat and Acid House. Or New Wave. It became a genre which also included a lot of movie samples, sound effects, and so much more. You might listen to it and think it’s too slow for you, but this was all experimental. Nothing like this was done before. They were pioneers, and I reckon they didn’t know they would have a long lasting effect. Where would we be without Acid House and New Beat?

Olivier Abbeloos, the man behind ‘T99’ and ‘Quadrophonia’ and many more aliases has created this rather unique mix. You are really going to like this. I have. And what you can also hear are bits and bobs later used in memorable anthems. These records paved the way for a glorious future. Thanks Olivier for this.

Let me show you what I mean by anthems.

tracklist TCD

01. Yello – Live At The Roxy N.Y. Dec 83
02. Arbeid Adelt! – Death Disco (Todd Terje Edit) 
03. Dirty Harry – D’Bop
04. Shakti – The Awakening
05. Spiritual Sky – Sky My House Band
06. La Rolls – Sure Is (24 Tracks Mix) 
07. Neon – Voices
08. Erotic Dissidents – Move Your Ass And Feel The Beat
09. The Maxx – Cocaine
10. Fad Gadget – Lady Shave
11. A Split Second – Rigor Mortis
12. Space Opera – Mandate My Ass
13. In-D – Virgin In D-Sky’s
14. Acts Of Madmen – The Dream
15. 16 Bit – Where Are You
16. Major Problem – Acid Queen
17. Taste Of Sugar – Hmm, Hmm
18. HNo3 – Doughnut Dollies
19. N.O.i.A. – Stranger In A Strange Land
20. Public Relations – Eighty Eight
21. A Split Second – The Colosseum Crash
22. Snowy Red – Euroshima (War Dance)
23. Moments Of Ecstasy – You And Me
24. Spectrum – Total Recall

For once in my whole entire lifetime I’ve just witnessed a tracklist, and I didn’t know a single artist on it. Not a clue who these people are! This is truly astonishing, these are indeed the forgotten artists who paved our glorious path with their pioneering skills, and most of us will have forgotten them. Thanks to Olivier, for making sure that we will never forget them.

The tunes are basic, simple. Not complicated if you compare them to the standards we make tunes by nowadays, but their simplicity is what gets me going. This takes me back to the early days of House Party and Turn Up The Bass albums, the oldest one for me being the first one TUTB from 1989. This resembles the music on these albums, and I just grew up with them. Acid House or New Beat, still fresh to me. And it takes me way back.

They are not cutting edge as such, basic as I said. So I can’t pick a favourite. But what I’ve got to say is that I admire what these artists have done. And I can still sit here, with a huge ass smile on my face, and grasp what they did.

Olivier’s mix is really interesting, intoxicating to say the least. Once you started listening, you don’t want this mix to ever end. This is just pure gold. A classic mix I wish I could have in my possession, but to listen to it over and over again on Soundcloud is close enough. And there are more mixes coming up! So keep your eyes peeled!

A truly epic mix. And I’m not lying! Relive the memorable days! Bring back New Beat and Acid House!


DJ: Olivier Abbeloos
Genre/Style: New Beat, Acid House, New Wave
Mix Info: A Brief History Of The New Beat Culture Part 01 (87-89)
Length Mix: 00:58:56
Tracks: 24 (twenty-four)
Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): LISTEN HERE
File Size: unknown
File Type: unknown
Bitspeed: unknown
More Information: Olivier Abbeloos – Facebook Fanpage