TRAX.193 Angerfist (2016)

TRAX.193 Angerfist (2016)

TRAX.193 Angerfist (2016)

DJ: Angerfist
Genre/Style: Hardcore Techno
Mix Info: TRAX.193 Angerfist
Length Mix: 00:37:15
Tracks: 12 (twelve)
Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): DOWNLOAD/LISTEN
File Size: 85.2 MB
File Type: mp3
Bitspeed: 320kbps
More Information: Angerfist – Facebook Fanpage

You must be aware that the majority of reviews are mixes made by Angerfist (or his albums). I’m a fan, and as we would say in the Netherlands, ik schuif het niet onder stoelen of banken. If you don’t know what that means, don’t worry, it’s not something you might be interested in. What you might be interested in, is this mix I found only this morning. A new mix by the mighty Angerfist for TRAX, whatever that might be? An online magazine, a party organiser? If you speak and are able to read French, there’s a link underneath the mix on Soundcloud which takes you to the website, which is completely in French, and my French ain’t that good: oui, bonjour and baguette, that’s the only thing I know. What I’m guessing is that this website is also showcasing their love for Angerfist. Correct me if I’m wrong….

Maybe he made this mix to showcase his level of awesomeness? Maybe he made this mix because recently he reached a milestone on Facebook: a million fans! No other Hardcore DJ has ever achieved that. He’s Hardcore to the bone, literally. Or maybe he’s just promoting himself via this website? Again, my French is poor, but hopefully you are billingual and understand what’s written on the page.

The only thing I know is that Angerfist is a hero. A legend. A true Hardcore soldier. And with this mix he shows us yet again why he’s the best, and why he reached a million fans. With this tracklist he already reached 30k+ listens. Why not, it’s bloody Angerfist who mixed this monster mix!


01. N-Vitral & Angerfist – Fist In Your Face
02. Angerfist feat MC Nolz – Raise & Revolt
03. Noize Suppressor & Angerfist – Back With The Hard Street Shit
04. Miss K8 & Angerfist – Bogotá
05. Angerfist & Radical Redemption – Repercussion
06. Angerfist – Bad Attitude
07. Tha Playah & Angerfist feat MC Jeff – Just Like Me
08. Angerfist – Knock Knock
09. Angerfist & Radical Redemption – Order Of Hostility
10. Angerfist & Crossfiyah – Blast At You
11. Angerfist – Full Gentle Racket
12. Angerfist & Negative A – Wake Up Fucked Up

The mix is as good as you can imagine it. Every mix he has ever made is always a blessing. Maybe not his very first studio mix ever, but the ones you can find online always have been a blessing to our ears. They might be rough and raw, but that’s just the way we like it.

We all know these tracks, we all have embraced them as our ‘national anthems’, us, the ravers. Angerfist always seems to make tunes that touch your mind, body and soul like no other artist does. They might come close, but production wise there’s no one as good as him.

The tracks that took my breath away was actually the opening track. This opening is just the way I like it! A nice build up, darkness covering it.. and yet another track about fists. Maybe one day Angerfist will make a track about fisting itself?!

All jokes aside, this is yet another monster mix. No dull moment, carefully mixed, and exactly what we were searching for to get us through this boring weekend. You don’t need another mix, just play this one over and over again, and you can, because it’s downloadable!

Share the love, and congratulate the master of Hardcore, for reaching such a milestone! Congratulations Angerfist!


Angerfist Live @ Hardcore Heaven – The Summer Session 2011

Angerfist Live @ Hardcore Heaven - The Summer Session 2011

Angerfist Live @ Hardcore Heaven – The Summer Session 2011

DJ: Angerfist
MC: Storm
Genre/Style: Hardcore Techno, Hardcore, Gabber
Liveset Info: Recorded @ Hardcore Heaven – The Summer Session 2011
Length Liveset: 01:04:00
Tracks: 25 (twenty-five)
Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): DOWNLOAD/LISTEN
File Size: 146 MB
File Type: mp3
Bitspeed: 320kbps
More Information: Angerfist – Facebook Fanpage

I think I have reviewed this liveset before, but that was on my old website, so I thought I would review it again, bring it under people’s attention. I recently re-discovered this mix again, because I was digging through my CD collection (burned discs) and on one of the discs it said ‘Angerfist’, and nothing else. Seeing as I’m a fan and literally have got everything this man has ever made, I was curious enough and found it within seconds what was on the disc. It’s been 5 years, and I think it’s about time for people to relive this epic set again.

I think it was the first time Angerfist played at Hardcore Heaven, and it was a succes. Other stories involving the MC are basically irrelevant. The UK scene always had MCs, and when Storm stepped up and started MCing the way he does, he did get the crowd hyped up. Maybe not entirely in line with the music, but give the man credit.And whoever pulled the plug of the mic or whatever happened, I literally don’t care. I liked it a lot.

The crowd looses themselves completely, and I understand why. The set is extremely dope, the finest tracks were selected by the legend himself (the man who nearly has a million fans on Facebook). I found the tracklist on ‘Liveset Database’, and it’s worth a peep.


01. Benni Benassi – Cinema (Skrillex Remix) 
02. Outblast & Angerfist feat Tha Watcher – The Voice Of Mayhem
03. Art Of Fighters – Nirvana Of Noise
04. Angerfist – Bite Yo Style
05. Marshall Masters – I Like It Loud (Angerfist Remix) 
06. Outblast – Master’s Symphony (Evil Activities R3F!K5) 
07. Predator & Angerfist – Legend
08. Angerfist – In A Million Years
09. Angerfist – Incoming
10. Hellsystem – Shut Up And Die (Angerfist Remix) 
11. Dyprax & Angerfist – The Pearly Gates
12. Angerfist – Dance With The Wolves
13. Mad Dog vs Angerfist & Predator – Don’t Fuck Around
14. Outblast – Bassleader
15. Angerfist – Right Through Your Head
16. Diss Reaction – Jiiieehaaaa (Angerfist Remix) 
17. Angerfist & Outblast – Odious
18. Angerfist & Predator – The Milition
19. Angerfist & Tieum – Shitty Rave Track
20. Denekamp Gespuis – Gas Met Die Zooi (Tha Playah Remix) 
21. Angerfist & Tieum – Just Know
22. Neophyte & Evil Activities – Alles Naar De Klote
23. Tieum & Cave Troll – My Word And My Balls
24. Angerfist – And Jesus Wept
25. Roland & Sherman – Somewhere Down The Lane

The tracklist is really good. I’m really digging the tunes, and can’t believe some are 4+ years old! They sound so fresh!

As I said before, when MC Storm MCs, I’m feeling it. When he doesn’t (for whatever reason), I am still digging it. The tunes are good, carefully selected and mixed together by Angerfist. His sets are always the best of the best, and no one can compete to his strength as a DJ and as a producer. Only quality tunes are made by him, never heard a dodgy track by him.

Loving the crowd loosing themselves in the background.

One thing I did not like were the tracks with Dutch lyrics in them. Never liked Dutch lyrics at all, even though I am Dutch. And it would have sounded very weird, playing 2 tracks in the UK, when no-one would have a clue what the hell the song is about. Dutch lyrics never seem to fit for a Hardcore track (well, that’s my opinion, you might have a different one).

Best track? Simple, it’s ‘Incoming’. Still a monster anthem. Fact.

A good set all in all, and seeing as this way recorded 5 years ago, let’s celebrate its awesomeness, and make sure you play it again and again, turn it up to the max, and loose yourself, just like the crowd did. It’s still downloadable, which is always a good thing. And it’s a set by Angerfist!


Ben Manic – Gabber Mix 2015

Ben Manic - Gabber Mix 2015

Ben Manic – Gabber Mix 2015

DJ: Ben Manic
Genre/Style: Gabber, Hardcore Techno
Mix Info: Gabber Mix 2015
Length Mix: 00:42:55
Tracks: 15 (fifteen)
Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): DOWNLOAD/LISTEN HERE
File Size: 98.2 MB
File Type: mp3
Bitspeed: 320kbps
More Information: Ben Manic – Facebook Fanpage

A month ago DJ Ben Manic uploaded a proper Hardcore Techno/Gabber mix onto Soundcloud, and I did favourite it, but nearly forgot all about it. I said nearly, because you are about to read the review, so I did get the chance to listen to it. And it might come as a shock, but this isn’t really a diverse mix. Even though the title is ‘Gabber Mix’ and you might wonder if there’s plenty of Gabber in it (which is a yes), it’s mainly an Angerfist mix. Some call it an appreciation mix, some call it a dedication mix. Whatever you call this, this to me is an Angerfist mix. Is that bad? Absolutely not!

Angerfist is the leading name in the Hardcore Techno industry, he’s a force to witness. This man has done everything and achieved everything, hit after hit, and has sold thousands of copies of his albums over the year. He performs all over the world and makes sure that Hardcore is still exciting and appreciated by those who love it and have embraced it. I reckon Ben Manic, who’s the DJ who made this mix, is also a huge fan, because each and every track has been made by Angerfist (and others). But who doesn’t love Angerfist? Name one person (besides your grandma) who doesn’t love the masked mystery?

The tracklist, as it isn’t a surprise anymore, is up and contains a lot of Angerfist tracks. Are you ready for the filth?


01. Angerfist – The Game
02. Angerfist & Radical Redemption – Repercussion
03. Angerfist – The Desecrated
04. Angerfist – Circus Circus
05. Angerfist & Dyprax – Afraid Of Me
06. Angerfist, Unexist & Satronica – Bloodshed
07. Angerfist, Decipher & Shinra – Shadowman
08. Angerfist feat MC Nolz – Raise & Revolt
09. Satronica & Unexist – Fuck The System (Angerfist Remix) 
10. Angerfist & Negative A – Wake Up Fucked Up
11. Angerfist & Tieum feat MC Nolz – Slice Em Up
12. Tieum & Angerfist – Sock It
13. T-Junction & Angerfist – A New Level Of Freak
14. Angerfist & Neophyte feat MC Alee & MC Diesel – Fight With Anger
15. Angerfist & Radical Redemption – Messenger Of God

This is a truly amazing looking tracklist. Come on, how often do you see such a beautiful tracklist? This has taken me by surprise, and shows how good Angerfist is as a producer!

Ben Manic has picked a lot of amazing Angerfist tracks. They are all really entertaining, and really good to hear through my speakers. He’s a fan, no doubt about that. But did he, as a fan, did Angerfist justice? Well, the answer is yes. The mix is tight, really good, and the tracks he has selected are all good! No errors, no bad things to mention. Really interesting mix by Ben Manic, his Gabber mix should get more credit than it already gets.

Best track? So many to choose from, but I pick ‘Messenger Of God’. Why? Well, just listen to it and you will know why I selected it.

A very solid mix by Ben Manic. He should produce more Gabber mixes, and hopefully he will in the near future. Maybe make it a bit more diverse, or a similar mix like the one you are about to listen to. A full on Angerfist mix always entertains me, and it will entertain you too, without a doubt!


Angerfist – Megamix 2015

Angerfist - Megamix 2015

Angerfist – Megamix 2015

DJ: Angerfist
Genre/Style: Gabber, Hardcore Techno, Terror
Mix Info: Angerfist – Megamix 2015
Length Mix: 00:13:51
Tracks: 29 (twenty-nine)
Download/Listen (via Youtube): LISTEN HERE
File Size: unknown
File Type: unknown
Bitspeed: unknown
More Information: Angerfist – Official Website

2015 has been a tremendous year for music, and especially for Hardcore Techno. The music has progressed and has been game changing, and one of the artists who was responsible for changing it again is Angerfist. His year was filled with many performances all over the world, his own event, his own CD, what have you not! This man has done the unthinkable year after year, and as you are fully aware of who he is and what he does, there’s no need to that he’s going to back down anytime soon, Angerfist has been a game changer since the early days and will continue to spread the legacy until the day he dies. This man can not be stopped, this man has got Hardcore flowing through his system. If you need to point out anyone who can be defined as the main man behind the scene it’s Angerfist. Name someone else as influencial as him!

On the 31st of December he uploaded a video onto Youtube, and it’s already been watched by 58k+ fans within a couple of days! What you are about to witness is yet another awesome video from the masked man, a megamix you weren’t ready for. I can say in all honesty that you weren’t ready for the ultimate megamix, we all weren’t. 29 tracks in around 14 minutes! That’s sheer madness, isn’t it? But only the legend can do it, no one else can. The video is focussed not only on his music but also his fans, and there are loads of them. He’s got a following no other Hardcore artist can come close to, dedicated followers of his music. Event after event can you see in this video, and not only can you see him but also fellow artists such as Noize Suppressor, Nosferatu, Drokz, Partyraiser, Unexist, Outblast and many more. Spot the artists, if you dare.

The tracklist was added by a listener who was able to spot each and every track. Credits to the fan to name each track, even though it might have been played for a single second.


01. Angerfist & Radical Redemption – Repercussion
02. Angerfist – The Game
03. Angerfist – Conspiracy (Thorax Remix) 
04. Angerfist – Strange Man In Mask
05. Angerfist – Circus Circus
06. Angerfist & Radical Redemption – Messenger Of God
07. Angerfist & MC Nolz – Raise & Revolt
08. Angerfist & Evil Activities & E-Life – Outta Control
09. Angerfist – Knock Knock
10. Angerfist feat DJ Vince – No Fucking Soul
11. Angerfist & Dyprax – Afraid Of Me
12. Angerfist – Perfect Fury (TOA Remix) 
13. Counterfeit & Negative A – Self Acclaimed Criminals (Angerfist Remix) 
14. Angerfist & Radical Redemption – Masters Of The Great Conspiracy
15. Denekamp Gespuis – Gas Met Die Zooi (Tha Playah Remix) 
16. Angerfist & Tieum – Sock It
17. Angerfist – Dance With The Wolves
18. Angerfist & N-Vitral – The Envy
19. Angerfist – Full Gentle Racket
20. Angerfist – In A Million Years
21. Angerfist & Miss K8 – Santiago
22. Angerfist & Neophyte feat Alee & Diesel – Fight With Anger
23. Angerfist & Crossfiyah – Blast At You
24. Angerfist & MC Tha Watcher – Leatherface
25. Angerfist – And Jesus Wept
26. Roland & Sherman – Somewhere Down The Lane
27. Angerfist – Lose Yo Calm
28. Angerfist & Negative A – Hurricane For My Brain
29. Angerfist & Dr. Peacock – Caveman

The tracklist is awesome, and so is the music. The video is excellent to look at, and if you look closely, every so often you see a nice lady passing by. Well, don’t blame me, I’m a lad, I do like a raving lady, it’s just pure sexy.

The music isn’t just awesome, but pure brilliant! More a showcase mix, because this man goes so quickly through his record collection, it’s just really insane to understand the fact that one minute you have just started the first track and a minute later you are already listening to track 14.

The tracks are all solid, as usual. This man is a legend, this man is a god, and this video is a good showcase of why he’s a legend. And if you weren’t ready for it, in 2016 Angerfist will still lead the world, and still be its leader. The true pioneer of the future, not one living soul has the power to change the future. Angerfist had a brilliant year (and so did we), and this year it will be even better for him. Why? Well, just wait and see, on the 31st of December 2016 we will look back at it and we will talk about his year, okay?

Best track? Too many to mention.