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Thunderdome ’96 – Dance Or Die!

thunderdome 96

One of the events I really wanted to go to, was Thunderdome ’96. As a young lad Thunderdome dominated my youth, and the 1996 edition turned out to be one of the most talked about Thunderdomes ever. The response it had was tremendous, and even to this day it’s a well remembered night. On Partyflock 74% of the partygoers rated it as aweseom/excellent, and not one bad review. A night to remember, and for only ƒ 50,- you would experience the night of your life, with an incredible line-up: 50% of the Dream Team, Bass-D & King Matthew, Buzz Fuzz, Dana, Dano, Darkraver, Delirium, E-Rick, Gizmo, Hardcor, Neophyte, The Prophet, Uzi, Waxweazle, Weirdo, and 3 Steps Ahead. You cannot deny the feeling you just received after seeing that line-up. And that night had been captured on a CD, and released also in 1996. Read More

Thunderdome – Live Recorded At Mysteryland, The 4th Of July 1998

Mysteryland 1998

Today I’ve decided to go back in time, back to when my record collection was small and humble, when I was a teenager and discovering the world of Dance music. There’s a long story behind this CD and this event, and I will keep it brief, but before we start chatting away, I have to come clean: without Mysteryland I wouldn’t have been a raver, I wouldn’t have loved it as much as I do right now. My first actual compilation was ‘Yabba Dabba Dance’, and my first single was ‘James Brown Is Dead’, but the first event/liveset compilation was a Mysteryland CD, to be precise Mysteryland 1994. My mom told me that everything Thunderdome related was forbidden in our house, so technically I was right by buying Mysteryland, seeing as it didn’t say Thunderdome on the cover. This was my first introduction to Mysteryland, and from that moment on I was hooked, and deeply in love. Only 4 years later I visited my first Mysteryland, and it has become a memorable night, probably the best night I’ve ever experienced.

If anyone at ID&T reads this, I do apologise. I was only 14 years old, when the minimum age to enter was 16. I got told by my classmates that everyone was going to Mysteryland, and I was a whimp for not going. It led up to me buying a ticket, waiting at the busstop in Heerlen, and no one came. I was all alone, 14 years old, looking too damn young (I used my mothers mascara to paint a small moustache, and I wore my cap all down my face so they couldn’t see my face), and was given entrance to the wonderful world we call Mysteryland. I stood there, all alone, amongst 25,000 people. What I experienced next is indescribable: hours of fun. Music blasting towards me wherever I walked, lights blinded me whilst I was dancing… and the best DJs played as good as they could.

There was also another reason why this event still remains in my head as one of the finest nights of my life: when we drove to the event, the busdriver played at first a cassette with Gabber music on it, but after a while he turned on the radio, and we heard a football game that changed the whole event, uplifted it to the next level: Nederland against Argentinia. We won, and if you do have the actual CD, you can hear during several tracks thousands of people shouting ‘Holland… Holland’. We were one, united. Even though I’m not a huge football fan, this was a memorable football game.

The line-up was ridicilously good! Let me name a few, names you will know: Promo, Boris Valeo, Buzz Fuzz, Da Goose, Michel De Hey, Omar Santana, Erick-E, PCP, Darkraver, Roog, Mike Dunn, Joost van Bellen, Jean, Jurgen, Lady Dana, Drokz, Akira, Cixx, The Prophet, The Masochist, Pavo.. and many more. And 25,000 people agreed with this awesome line-up: we destroyed the place (in a good way). On the compilation they added several livesets: the first disc contains two DJ sets by Boris Valeo and DJ Promo, and the second disc contains 5 livesets by 3 Steps Ahead, The Masochist, Neophyte, Rob Gee and Marc Arcadipane feat Da TMC. And if you listen closely you hear us all, shouting, screaming.

I still can’t believe it, I was there! 14 years old (or young), raving the night away. My first party ever. Wow.


01. Junk Project – Revolve
02. The Angles Cry – B.O.N.Y. (Millo Remix) 
03. DJ Glenn vs Voltage Club – Wake Up For The Toxic Beat
04. Kinky Boys – Gunshot (DJ Da Rick’s Hard Mix) 
05. Klangwerk – Fireman (DJ Glenn Remix) 
06. Yah K.K. – After Hour (Original Mix) 
07. E-rick & Tactic – La Musica Bomba
08. Scott Brown – Don’t Stop The Rock
09. E-rick & Tactic – Meet Her At Thunderdome (DJ Mix) 
10. G-Town Madness meets Attic & Styles – The Legacy Continues
11. Tschabos – Gib Mir Die Bass
12. Marshall Masters – I Like It Loud
13. The Hardcore Brothers – Can You Thrill Me?
14. Darrien Kelly & Unknown MC – The People Want More
15. The Masochist – No New Style?
16. DJ Dione – NRG (Remix) 
17. T-wisted – Listen To The Rhythm (Original Mix) 
18. Darrien Kelly & Omar Santana – Bouncy It Like This (D. Kelly Remix) 
19. DJ The Viper – Hardcore Gangster (DJ Promo Remix) 
20. Brain Acardy – Wayz Of Da Underground
21. DJ Promo – Can’t Hold Me Down
22. Boris Valeo – USSR National Anthem
23. The Nightraver – So
24. The Hardcore Brothers – Smoke Motherfuckers
25. Cixx vs The Vinyl Junk – Bounce ‘N Shake
26. DJ Sim – Simbiosis
27. Jones & Stephenson – The First Rebirth
28. Final Analysis – El Punto Final
29. Omar Santana – Necronomicon
30. Pino D’Ambini – Up & Down – Ballz

Live: 3 Steps Ahead 
01. 3 Steps Ahead – Hell Below (Intro)
02. 3 Steps Ahead – Mindblower
03. 3 Steps Ahead – Money In My Pocket
04. 3 Steps Ahead – Fuck The Police
05. 3 Steps Ahead – Paint It Black

Live: The Masochist 
06. The Masochist – Intro (Enter The Sewer)
07. The Masochist – Masochizm
08. The Masochist – Like This
09. The Masochist – Killing Scum
10. The Masochist – No New Style

Live: Neophyte 
11. Neophyte – Braincrackin’
12. Body Lotion – No Worries
13. Neophyte – Army Of Hardcore
14. Neophyte – Banane Lied

Live: Rob Gee & The Natas 
15. Rob Gee – Sex, Drugs & Gabbahouse
16. Rob Gee – Hard Sweetcore
17. Rob Gee – Fight For Your Right To Party

Live: Marc Arcadipane feat Da TMC 
18. Marshall Masters – Return To Zero
19. Marshall Masters feat The Ultimate MC – I Like It Loud
20. Rave Creator – Bleep Blaster
21. Pilldriver – Apocalypse Never
22. Turbulence – 6 Million Ways To Die

This is an excellent tracklist, but if you are like me a nerd, you can go to Discogs and find out that there are a few errors. This CD was filled with errors.

The recording on the other hand was excellent. You can hear the thousands shouting and screaming during every set, but if you listen closely during Boris Valeo’s set, you hear us all shouting ‘Holland Holland’. During ‘The First Rebirth’ we joined forces with everyone on the dancefloor and shouted as loud as we could. It still gives me goosebumps.

So many great tracks are on this compilation, so many to choose from. From the first CD I can’t pick a favourite, because they were all good, but the second disc isn’t as good as the first. The set that blew me away was The Masochist’s set. The worst has got to be Rob Gee’s set, even back then he didn’t blew us all away. Crap back then, really wasn’t worth to be added to this CD. They should have added more time to Marc Arcadipane’s set, which was awesome. The crowd gathered when they knew he was going to play, the main stage area was filled to the max. The MC was a tad annoying, but Marc Arcadipane wasn’t.

This brings back a lot of memories. Such a wicked CD, not Mysteryland’s finest CD ever (which is Mysteryland 2001 to me), but it’s one of the best liveset compilation ever.

Wicked compilation. Can’t believe it’s 17 years ago. Time flies by, doesn’t it? Anyone invented a time machine yet? I want to go back, and experience it yet again..


Artists: Various Artists
Genre/Style: Hardcore, Gabber, Hard House, Techno, Jumpstyle
Release Year: 1998
Info: Recorded At Mysteryland, the 4th of July 1998
CDs: 2 (two)
Length CDs: +/- 2 hours
Tracks: 52 (fifty-two)
Label: Arcade Music Company International BV
Product Number: 9902352
More Information: Mysteryland – Facebook Fanpage

House Party 10 – The Hardcore Mix (1994)


If you were a gabber during the 90s, you must have owned this CD. Or maybe number 8, or 12. But the House Party collection was widely spread all over the Dutch households, and probably worldwide too. Such a success story, started off pretty normal, with House-like mixes, but quickly turned around and embraced the Hardcore scene with House Party 8 being dedicated to the growing scene. With number 10, they asked Charly Lownoise, Mental Theo and the Darkraver to mix it all together, and it was such a success that it’s still my personal favourite CD ever. Nothing can compete. When it was released I was too young to understand it, I just started to understand Hardcore, but a couple of years later I followed every compilation with my picky eyes and ears, and someone told me that this was a wicked mix. So I started buying them on CD and cassette. Kids, cassettes are those things you might find in your dads garage, and you have probably broken a couple of them, which has resulted in some kind of punishment. Never touch anything that means something. Yes, you can break the Wii or Xbox, but don’t touch your dads Atari, or he will kill you. The same with cassettes and vinyl: don’t touch them.

With Charly Lownoise, Mental Theo and the Darkraver behind the decks, this mix should have been an epic one, and it has. It’s weird that Charly Lownoise and Mental Theo became a successfull duo a couple of years later, dominating the Top 40 with their Happy Hardcore tunes. But they both started playing/making Hardcore, and I’ve got to agree: they were good. They both liked the harder side of Hardcore, mainly German Hardcore sounds and American Hardcore sounds. You can tell if a track was made by Charly, when the bass is nasty and the track is raw and rough (in general). The Darkraver was also an up and coming talent, and now years later, he still dominates, playing a huge variety of Hardcore, and he even embraced the Jumpstyle scene (which has dissappeared completely). How times change, eh? But back in 1994 they didn’t gave a fuck, and made sure that whatever they were doing, would demolish peoples nerves, and make them all deaf. And it worked! Just listen to this CD, and close your eyes. Focus on the mixing skills and the tracks, and you will soon find out that they have achieved the unthinkable: a banging mix. They don’t take any prisoners, they are behind the decks to kill!

I do remember the first time I heard this mix. I was amazed. Shocked. Flabbergassed. I never heard anything like this before. This fast and unstoppable. I did buy other CDs before, but never were they as good as this one, and I think this was my first megamix, so this whole concept was new. But I did embrace it, and even 19 years later it still rocks. The intro, midtro and outro are still the best one ever made. Scary shit they made. No prisoners.. they were on a killing spree.

Let’s see the tracklist, and let’s reminisce, think about the past always brings a smile on your face (when it comes to music….)


01. Sex, Drugs & Hardcore – The Intro
02. Jones & Stephenson – The First Rebirth
03. Raver’s Nature – Digital Gravitation
04. Joyrider – The Dealine
05. Nip Collective – Weekend
06. The Wasteland – Is It Acceptable
07. RMB Heaven & Hell EP – The Place To Be
08. Sauerkraut – They’re Back
09. Genlog – Revolution
10. Hardsequencer Amiga EP – Brain Crash
11. Casseopaya – Xenophobia
12. Krimson – Praise Jesus
13. The Capenter – I’m In Control
14. Hocus Pocus – Here’s Johnny (Ramirez Mix)
15. The Carpenter – Let’s Blow This Joint
16. 2 Uninterested (Tekno Mafia) – I Don’t Care (Lenny’s Mix) 
17. Bardot – Viva La Revolution
18. Too Fast For Mellow – Wooh!
19. Scarface – Blow Your Fuckin’ Head Off
20. Nightraver – So
21. Charly Lownoise & Mental Theo – Direct From Brooklyn
22. U 4 EA – Animal Rave (Duck Mix) 
23. Holy Noise – The Nightmare Continues
24. Genetic Waste – Genetic Waste
25. Too Fast For Mellow – In My House
26. The Wasteland – Get Off Your Ass
27. Motion I – House On Fire
28. Brainblower – Mental Hangover
29. New Area Of The Brain – The Middle Chill
30. De 2017 – SGE Eyloco Remix
31. Omar Santana – Go Ho
32. Raver’s Nature – World Of Happiness
33. Socerer – Spring
34. Natas – My Mothers On Crack
35. Charly Lownoise & Mental Theo – Berlin Kick’m
36. Rave A Graphixx – There Is No Other
37. Illegal Alien – Frankfurt This Is The Hague
38. Socerer – Summer
39. T.O.P.D.R.O.P. – Achtung “Speedcity” Remix
40. Riot Squad II – Boriqua Bitch (Puta)
41. El Bruto – El Bruto
42. Bunkor Beats – Mental Atmosphere
43. D.J. Hellbound – Bash Your Brains In
44. Livin’ Hell – Brainstopper
45. D.J. Gizmo – Guestlist Remix
46. Rob Gee & Repete – Riot In N.Y.
47. Charly Lownoise & Mental Theo – The Bird (Naked Remix) 
48. Rob Gee – Interview At 2000
49. Charly Lownoise & Mental Theo – The Ultimate Sex Track (Speedcity Remix)
50. Charly Lownoise & Mental Theo – Tiroler Kamboemsch
51. Suffer – The Outro

Again, I didn’t buy it in 1994, but a couple of years later, when Hardcore started to re-develop itself, taking off the rawness and roughness. But it was good. And even today I do appreciate it. The best Hardcore mix ever, I might say.

There are several wicked tunes on it, but also several shite ones, like “Praise Jesus” by Krimson, “My Mothers On Crack” by Natas, and “Berlin Kick’m” by Charly Lownoise & Mental Theo. But all the other tracks are booming, and exactly what we need(ed). Those were the golden years for Hardcore, and in particular several artists. Rob Gee was very good during the beginning of the 90s, but he had lost it towards the end of it, introducing too much guitarry tunes and cheesy tunes. I know I did buy “XTC You Got What I Need”, but I think that has got to be the worst track ever. I saw him perform, and it wasn’t as good as the ‘early’ Rob Gee music. What a waste.

A big and mighty CD. With a nice cover (still wonder who’s arse that is: the lady in question is Brigitte… but who is she?). But it’s all about the music, and this CD rocked. Nothing has been better, nothing has improved after. The whole scene changed, and this rather unique sound has dissappeared, like Jumpstyle. And it’s sad, because this is the Hardcore I grew up with, and appreciated. I’m not saying that present day Hardcore is shite, but I do miss the old sound. And thankfully, I can press play and listen to this mighty mix again and again (until the CD says ‘fuck it, I’m broken’).

If you want to know how good Hardcore was at the beginning of the 90s, I would suggest you to buy this CD, and go mental. Just like Theo, and especially the Darkraver, the craziest one of the lot. You ain’t a Gabber if you don’t have this CD. Basic English, I know, and quite the statement you wouldn’t expect me to say, but it’s the truth.

Sadly, Arcade doesn’t excist anymore, and the whole House Party concept has been forgotten about. But as long as the true ravers play this legendary compilation, the legacy continues. House Party fan forever, eh?


Artists: Various Artists
Genre/Style: Hardcore, Happy Hardcore, Gabber, Hard Trance, Speedcore, Techno
Release Year: 1994
Info: House Party 10, the official Hardcore mix by Charly Lownoise, Mental Theo & The Dark Raver
CDs: 1 (one)
Tracks: 51 (fifty-one)
Length CD: 01:07:41
Label: Arcade International
Product Number: 9902194
More Information: ———