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Thunderdome ’96 – Dance Or Die!

thunderdome 96

One of the events I really wanted to go to, was Thunderdome ’96. As a young lad Thunderdome dominated my youth, and the 1996 edition turned out to be one of the most talked about Thunderdomes ever. The response it had was tremendous, and even to this day it’s a well remembered night. On Partyflock 74% of the partygoers rated it as aweseom/excellent, and not one bad review. A night to remember, and for only ƒ 50,- you would experience the night of your life, with an incredible line-up: 50% of the Dream Team, Bass-D & King Matthew, Buzz Fuzz, Dana, Dano, Darkraver, Delirium, E-Rick, Gizmo, Hardcor, Neophyte, The Prophet, Uzi, Waxweazle, Weirdo, and 3 Steps Ahead. You cannot deny the feeling you just received after seeing that line-up. And that night had been captured on a CD, and released also in 1996. Read More

Thunderdome – The Golden Series (2014)

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If someone comes to your house with a wicked album, you should always let them in. Especially when the name of the album is such a well known and respected name, which in this case is the legendary Thunderdome. It’s a brand many love a lot, and when this album was released nearly a year ago, many went absolutely insane. It was an end of a era, the golden days of Thunderdome were going to be behind us, it was time to move on. This album was focussed on the golden years of Hardcore, which were the year 1992 until 2012. Now if anyone stands in front of your door with a Thunderdome album, let them in. Because you never let a fellow raver/gabber stand in the cold.

When I was a bit younger, I collected each and every Thunderdome. I even tried to purchase an original first edition of Thunderdome 1, which was a bit too pricey to purchase. I had them all, and also listened to them all. Nowadays they all stand nicely in a stand, but every so often I feel the urge to get them out, blow the dust off, and start raving again. The collection only grew since 1993, but never completed. ID&T had so much more to offer, so my money went on a lot of discs, not just Thunderdome. It was legendary and controversial since day one, but who cared? We were part of this new movement, and we embraced it completely. Thunderdome stood for something, and every event they organised showed the world that Hardcore was here to stay, it wasn’t going anywhere. So why did they decide to end the world’s most known Hardcore brand?

Don’t ask me. I think it had something to do with ‘ending it on a high’. What I mean by that is that they decided to quit when it was succesfull, and not when it had reached the highest point and was going to decline, and become uninteresting. But they could have continued for many years, but they didn’t. The last rave took place on the 15th of December 2012, and to this day many ravers screamed out loud for it to return. Who doesn’t want the wizard to come back, and take its righteous place in the music industry again? To reminisce and to take the gabbers back to the golden years of Hardcore/Thunderdome, they came up with one more album back in 2014, and judging the cover, it was mixed by the legends who all took part in shaping Thunderdome into this beautiful thing.

Immediately after hearing the mixes I went to Thunderdome’s official website to order a copy, but there aren’t any?! So I had to order it somewhere else, and now I have to wait. Wait for it to be delivered, which will take forever. At least I have heard it already, and it’s worth my pennies. Have you heard it already? Have you seen the tracklist too? Oh you haven’t. Here it is!


Mix 01 – 1992-1998 – Bass-D & Lady Dana
01. Rotterdam Terror Corps – We’re Gonna Blow Your Mind
02. The Masochist – No New Style
03. Masoko Solo – Pessa Pessa (Buzzy Goes BZRK Remix) 
04. Tschabos – Gib Mir Die Bass (Noch Korrekter)
05. Bass-D & King Matthew – In The Mix
06. Bertocucci Feranzano – XTC Love
07. Reyes – Rock With Me
08. Bodylotion – Make You Dance
09. E-Rick & Tactic – We Won’t Stop Rocking
10. Inferno Bros – Slaves To The Rave
11. Omar Santana – Wizard Of Oh
12. Lockjaw – Ruff ‘N Ruggin
13. Isaac – Bad Dreams
14. Buzz Fuzz – Frequencies
15. Diss Reaction – Jiiieehaaaa
16. Turbulence – 6 Million Ways To Die
17. Miss Groovy – Jungle Sickness
18. The Stunned Guys – Beats Time
19. Bertocucci Feranzano – E-Motion
20. Knightvision – The Search For Marihuana
21. Darrien Kelly & Scott Brown – Geleihoofd
22. Lenny Dee – The Dreamer
23. Nasty Django – Hardcore Muthafucka
24. Lady Dana & Skorp vs Bass-D & King Matthew – The Execution

Mix 02 – 1999-2005 – Promo & Catscan 
01. Promo & DJ X-ess – Vicious Circle
02. Armageddon Project – Spawn Of Misanthropy
03. Base Alert – Ojeeoink
04. Tha Playah – Mastah Of Shock
05. Meagashira – Through Inner Core
06. Angels Of Darkness – The Scorpion King
07. Catscan – The Agency
08. Tommyknocker – The Aftermath
09. Korsakoff – My Empty Bottle
10. Angerfist – Raise Your Fist
11. Catscan – WO III
12. Placid K – G Member
13. Ophidian – Butterfly
14. Promo & Digital Boy – Serious Damage
15. D-Passion – Fuck The Free World
16. Promo & Catscan – Toch Welleuk
17. Nosferatu & Endymion – Drunk With A Gun
18. Catscan – Finished Profiles
19. G-Shock – Demons (Promo Remix) 
20. Nosferatu & Ophidian – Psychiatric Ass
21. Noize Suppressor – Fingerz
22. Promo – Phreak Ya Speaka
23. Project Omega – Prednison Attack
24. Unexist – Attack

Mix 03 – 2006-2012 – Neophyte Records All Stars 
01. Tommyknocker vs Sunbeam – Twisted World (The Viper Mashup Mix) 
02. Endymion – Abduction
03. Mike NRG – Lost In Dreams (Weapon X Remix) 
04. Amnesys – Refly
05. DJ Neophyte & Tha Playah – Still Nr. 1
06. Tha Playah – Fuck The Titties (The Viper & Tommyknocker Remix) 
07. The Stunned Guys & Tommyknocker – Your Choice
08. Ophidian & Ruffneck – So Many Sacrifices
09. Noize Suppressor – Nobody Likes
10. Tha Playah – Walking The Line
11. Nitrogenetics – Pledge Of Resistance
12. Dione – Beat Is Pumping
13. DJ Mad Dog – Welcome Down
14. Hard Creation – I Will Have That Power (The Stunned Guys Remix) 
15. Outblast feat Angerfist & MC Tha Watcher – Voice Of Mayhem
16. Nosferatu – When Angels Cry
17. Art Of Fighters – Nirvana Of Noise
18. Angerfist – Incoming
19. Neophyte Records All Stars – Adrenaline
20. Evil Activities – Evil Inside
21. Tha Playah – On The Edge
22. Euromasters – Alles Naar De Klote (Neophyte & Evil Activities Remix) 
23. Neophyte & Drokz – Sloop Die Speakers!

Wicked mix! The tracks selected are all insane, and much loved. You can tell that the artists who mixed this have put their own stamp on this, and the result are three mixes which are very pleasant to hear, but mostly focussed on the artists themselves or their label.

The thing I missed were more Thunderdome anthems. The anthems that shook the dancefloors. The first mix contains many great but not excellent tracks. And not many, I dare say no track from 1992. Maybe after considering their tasks, Bass-D and Lady Dana decided to play ‘younger’ tracks which might appeal a bit more to the ‘younger’ ravers, because Hardcore from 1992/1993 was a bit rough. I miss the Thunderdome sound, and it goes on from disc 1 to 3. There are a few good tracks on it, but they don’t resemble the distinctive Thunderdome sound.

The tracks selected are good, they made me rave a tad harder. But the third mix… wasn’t really Thunderdome, was it? Could have been a Masters of Hardcore mix, but definately no Thunderdome dedication mix.

Best tracks? I pick one from each disc: Buzz Fuzz – Frequencies / Angels Of Darkness – The Scorpion King / The Stunned Guys & Tommyknocker – Your Choice. You might have a different perspective, but these are mine.

I love the mixes a lot, but they weren’t Thunderdome from the start to the end. I’ve ordered this album anyway, because it’s an album to have. A nice album, but it’s not taking me back to the golden years of Thunderdome. Maybe time to take the dust off the old album and rave the day away. I would have thought these albums were like the previous and tad older megamix compilations, but I was wrong.

Don’t get me wrong, the mixes are good! Hardcore to the bone. But not 100% Thunderdome. I know there are quite a few older albums out there, and they are filled with the well known tracks, and maybe that’s why they decided to come up with a different type of album… but it would have been nicer to have added a little bit more original Thunderdome sounding tracks.


DJs: Bass-D & Lady Dana, Promo & Catscan, Neophyte Records All Stars
Artists: Various Artists
Genre/Style: Hardcore, Gabber, Oldskool, Hardcore Techno, Rave, Happy Hardcore
Release Year: 2014
Info: Thunderdome – The Golden Series
CDs: 3 (three)
Length CDs: +/+ 3 hours
Tracks: 71 (seventy-one)
Label: Be Yourself Music
Product Number: BYMCD081
Buy Here: Thunderdome – The Golden Series (Bol.com)
More Information: Thunderdome – Official Website

Bass-D – Korsakoff & Outblast Megamix (2014)


For those people who are Dutch and were wondering what the ANWB has to do with Bass-D, Korsakoff or Outblast, let me be clear: this has got nothing to do with the ANWB, in England it’s the RAC or the AA. If you live in another country, I don’t know the name for it in your country, but it’s got nothing to do with it. It simply the use of the first few letters of ‘A  Night With Bass-D’. So don’t expect road recovery, but only pure Hardcore. Bass-D organised a party in Harderwijk, which is going to be held on the 3rd of May 2014, and the line-up is short, but impressive: Korsakoff, Outblast, Ruthless, Rude Noize and the man himself. Tickets are €12.- ex. fee. If you live near Harderwijk, I suggest you should go to the event.

Bass-D is a legend within the Hardcore/Gabber scene, being a very succesful DJ and producer, and alongside DJ King Matthew they dominated the scene during the 90s, playing at many events such as Masters Of Hardcore, Thunderdome, Defqon 1, Nightmare, and more. But he also made several remixes or classic tunes, or made legendary tunes. He has become an established artist within the Hardcore scene, and still goes strong today. To showcase his talents, this party in Harderwijk was organised. But the one thing he has done, is to me an amazing thing: he has made an dedication mix. A mix dedicated to two names who appear on the line-up, Korsakoff and Outblast. Never has an artist done that before, but do correct me if I’m wrong. I haven’t found a mix online, made by an established name, dedicated to another DJ.

This mix only contains Korsakoff and Outblast tracks, or tracks remixed by them. Seeing as we all know that they are a couple in real life, you might wonder why they sometimes sound so similair to each other, but that’s what happens if you share a bedroom. I had to look at the tracklist to figure out if a track was made by Korsakoff or Outblast, and there were moments I was shocked: when I thought it was made by Outblast, it wasn’t, and visa versa. Well, expect more than just that: expect an hour and 17 minutes of mayhem.

Anyone interested in a tracklist? I do love Bass-D for uploading a tracklist with every mix he uploads. Not many DJs do so.


01. Outblast – Communication
02. Korsakoff – My Empty Bottle
03. Korsakoff – Seperated World
04. Korsakoff – No Noctophobia
05. Outblast – Life Sentence For Mankind
06. Korsakoff – Still Wasted
07. Outblast vs Korsakoff – Unleash The Beast
08. Human Resource – Dominator (Outblast & Angerfist Remix) 
09. Outblast – Eardrumz
10. Outblast – My Way
11. Bass-D & King Matthew vs Outblast – Partyfreakz
12. Outblast – Hardcore Time
13. Korsakoff – Boozed
14. Outblast & DJ D – Electro Shocking
15. Outblast – Fuck What You Heard
16. Outblast – Infinity
17. Razzle Dazzle Trax – Rattlebrain (Korsakoff Remix) 
18. Outblast & Re-Style – It’s Alive
19. Outblast & Korsakoff – Hymm Of Syndicate
20. Korsakoff feat MC Tha Watcher – Global
21. Outblast – Masters Of Symphony (Evil Activities Refix) 
22. Outblast – Bass Leader
23. Outblast – Pride & Pain
24. Dyewitness – Masterplan (State Of Emergency & Outblast Remix) 
25. Korsakoff – Pink Noise
26. Korsakoff – Focus
27. Outblast – Superhero Complex
28. Coone – Word From The Gang (Korsakoff Remix) 
29. Outblast & Re-Style – Omnipotence
30. Korsakoff – Unrivalled (Re-Style Remix) 
31. Outblast & Outblast feat Tha Watcher – Catastrophe
32. Korsakoff & Re-Style – Unconquered
33. Re-Style & Korsakoff – Rebellion
34. Outblast & Angerfist feat Tha Watcher – Voice Of Mayhem
35. Angerfist & Outblast – Odious
36. Outblast & Angerfist – Delusion
37. Korsakoff & Day-Mar – Screwdriver

Now this is an amazing tracklist! Bass-D had a lot to choose from, and he chose this list, and it’s a good one. Will you look at it? Never knew they made so many tunes, to be fair. I knew that Korsakoff made a track or two (got her first album, good album!), but so many? Wow, maybe it’s about time I should dulge back into Hardcore again, I’ve been out of the scene for too damn long.

On Soundcloud Bass-D used a tag, saying this was Millennium Hardcore, and damn right he is! But I think it’s more Euphoric/Melodic Hardcore. But frankly nothing can beat the Millennium sound, when the music grew into something new and unique. This sound grabbed my attention, and that’s why I bought Korsakoff’s album back in… erm… when was it? 2006, just had a peak at the album. Time flies when you are listening to Hardcore, eh?

There are a few track I didn’t like, mostly because the vocals/lyrics are a bit meh. For example ‘Pride & Pain’. If I’m correct it uses Linkin Park bits, and I’m not a fan of Linkin Park. Kinda ruins the track. And there are a few other examples. But in general this is a good mix with many slammers, especially those who made these legends great. Tracks such as ‘My Empty Bottle’, ‘Life Sentence For Mankind’, ‘Fuck What You Heard’ and more.

A good mix, and one good reason why you should go to ANWB. Korsakoff’s going to be there, Outblast too, and ofcourse the legend himself, Bass-D. Check the event page how to obtain tickets. Do so, you will miss an awesome party!

Again, this has got nothing to do with the ANWB. If your car breaks down on the way, don’t expect Bass-D, Korsakoff nor Outblast to tow your car. Become a member before you go, or you will be lost.


DJ: Bass-D
Genre/Style: Hardcore, Millennium Hardcore
Mix Info: Korsakoff & Outblast Megamix by Bass-D
Length Mix: 01:17:50
Tracks: 37 (thirty-seven)
Download/Listen (via Bass-D’s Soundcloud): DOWNLOAD/LISTEN HERE
File Size: 178 MB
File Type: mp3
Bitspeed: 320kbps
More Information: ANWB – Facebook Event Page