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Pod Noodle Episode 1 – Alexander Norman (2018)


I was asked today to review one of the biggest mixtapes in the UK Hardcore scene right now: the Pod Noodle podcast. You might be wondering what the hell I’m on about? Should it be pot noodle? Nah, that’s the one you shove down your neck, but this one is a word play on pot noodle. Don’t know why they’ve selected this name, but who cares? I’ve seen worst names. Anyway, let’s focus on the music, and not the title of the mix/podcast. The music is presented to us by Alexander Norman. And if your mind works the same way as mine, I had to think really hard who this man is. I was wrong, it’s not one name but two: Ed Shock and MC Whizzkid. They have joined forces and this new collaboration is named Alexander Norman. Read More

Hartshorn & MC Marko – Bounce Across The Sky (2018)


Bounce. Yep. It’s been too damn long since I heard a Bounce mix. Can’t even remember if it was this year, or even in 2017. Let me check it right now. Nope, it was back in 2015 when I last reviewed a Bounce mix/CD. To be fair, Bounce isn’t on my favourite top 10 styles. It used to be, during the early years of the 2000s. Don’t know why my love for it disappeared. Maybe because that donk sound got a bit annoying lol. But not anymore. I’ve accepted it yet again, and that’s all because a DJ called Hartshorn made sure I would check out his latest mix, which was only uploaded yesterday.

I still need to get back into the Bounce sound, been out of the game for too damn long. When I think of Bounce, the first thing that poppes in my head is that bloke who MCs in very short shorts, half naked. Or that bloke who’s on so many pills, his eyes nearly fall out of his skull. But it’s not all about that.

With this mix he wants us all to appreciate the Bounce, and alongside MC Marko he gives us 41 minutes of Bounce. And as I said, I’ve been out of the game for too damn long, so I don’t know any of these records, or even the artists. This is a re-introduction for me.

Ok, it’s tracklist time right now.

tracklist TCD

01. Clubbase – Vixaholics (DJ Scouser Remix) 
02. Eiffel 65 – Blue (Da Tweekaz Remix) 
03. Darren Styles – Switch (DJ Scouser Bootleg) 
04. Arcade Games – Quicksand (Dink-E Remix)
05. Deorro – Burn Out
06. Inner Sinner – 808
07. Ultrabeat vs Scott Brown – Elysium (Alex K Remix) 
08. Rikky Gray – Booty Shake
09. Drake Liddell – Tears From Falling Down
10. Nocturnal By Nature – I’m Sorry
11. Rikky Gray – In The Air
12. Coone – Starfuckers (2016 Refix) 
13. Darren Styles, Dougal & Gammer – Party Don’t Stop (Hartshorn & Dink-E Remix) 
14. Drake Liddell – Broomstick
15. Alex K – Long Way Home

It’s a quirky tracklist, isn’t it? Don’t know any of these records (well, these remixes). Of course I do know the originals, but not these bouncy versions. DJ Hartshorn is an USA DJ who has made a very interesting and quirky Bounce mix, and  I’m liking it.

MC Marko, never heard of him before, but he entertains the crowd nicely. Would have expected a bit more MCing, but at least he’s quiet and not annoying when the vocals come in, or a climatic moment.

Hartshorn is making it very interesting. I’m liking the vibes, I’m liking the feeling it generates. It’s calm, but it made me bounce on my seat up and down. And what this also did, was re-ignite my love for Bounce. It’s been too damn long, I need to get back into this right now. And it’s also funny to hear that in the US of A people are liking Bounce. I thought it was more a UK thing. But I was wrong.

I’m feeling 90% of the records. Not all the records, but I’m getting there.

A good mix, this will get me through the weekend. Do I need to wear short shorts and bounce around my living room half naked? I’m going to give it a try, but don’t think my family-in-law will appreciate it at all.

Best record? ‘Quicksand’. Just listen to it and you will know why!


DJ: Hartshorn
MC: Marko
Genre/Style: Hardstyle, Bounce, UK Hardcore
Mix Info: Bounce Across The Sky
Length Mix: 00:41:05
Tracks: 15 (fifteen)
Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): LISTEN HERE
File Size: unknown
File Type: unknown
Bitspeed: unknown
More Information: Hartshorn – Soundcloud Page

SPYRO – The Turnt Generation Podcast Episode 2 (2018)


SPYRO is back with a brand new episode of his succesful podcast, which is called ‘The Turnt Generation Podcast’. This rising star (who uses a lot of f-words) has only started this podcast series last month (or was it January?), and now we are already at episode 2! He’s eager enough to give us ravers what we need: our monthly dosage of SPYRO, and whatever comes out of his mouth. During this episode you get a bit of insight information about the records he has selected, and also Alex Prospect’s love life. Yep, it’s one of those podcasts…. and it’s brilliant!

Like the previous episode, he has divided the podcast into sections. You get 27 records, a lot of f-words, and sections such as ‘Roots ‘n’ Future’, ‘Turnt As Fuck’, and more. But what kind of style does he play? Well, it’s Spyro, so he does whatever he wants to, so expect literally everything. From UK Hardcore to EDM.

I love his enthusiasm, and his quirkiness. You can hear throughout this podcast that he’s enjoying himself, and that’s the most important thing, isn’t it? People should enjoy themselves, and not feel like it’s mandatory to make a mix/podcast.

Let me show you the full tracklist! And it’s a lot to take in!

tracklist TCD

01. Spyro – Gotta Get Lo
02. Callum Higby feat Braveboy – My Time
03. Darren Styles & Gammer – Big Ting
04. Spyro – Throwin’ Hunna
05. Spyro – How Deep Is Your Love
06. Habstrakt & Skrillex – Chicken Soup (Callum Higby & WILSXN Flip) 
07. The Chainsmokers – Closer (Alex Prospect & Mob Remix) 

08. Krewella – Parachute (Mark Breeze x Callum Higby Remix) 

09. Spyro – Short Dick Man
10. Spyro – Silly Bitch
11. Alex Prospect x Joey Riot – Move Your Body
12. Alex Prospect – Bad Bitch
13. Callum Higby x Macks Wolf – Right Here

14. Gammer – Rippin’

15. Jauz – Claim To Be (Lil Texas Remix) 
16. Eliminate – Kingpin
17. Virtual Riot – Degenerates
18. Zomboy x Eptic – Bop It
19. Cesqeaux – Back Up (Marx Jersey Edit) 
20. Yellow Claw feat Valentino Khan – Don’t Stop
21. Eliminate & MineSweepa – Hotel Trash
22. Carnage & Lil Pump – iShyne

23. Gammer – The Drop (Mito Moto’s ‘The Donk’ Edit) 
24. Tchami & Malaa – Summer ’99 (BADWR7H Hard Bass Edit) 
25. Ben Suff Donk – My Humps
26. Technikore x Mob – Losing Myself

27. DBSTF – Angels & Demons (Macks Wolf Edit) 

Told you, didn’t I? This podcast is so diverse and so sexy, not like any other podcast out there. Fresh as fuck. Not only do you get the finest records money can buy now, but also a history lesson. You’d never thought you were going to learn something from a podcast like this one, eh?

He starts with one of the catchiest tunes in the scene at the moment, and it’s his own ‘Gotta Get Lo’. This does damage on the dancefloor all over the world. And he continues showcasing his own records and records by talented artists such as Alex Prospect, Gammer, Callum Higby, and more.

The entertainment level is right up there, up high. As usual, Spyro does what he does best, and his passion and dedication have paid off: people are loving the Turnt Generation podcast. And so am I. Not really digging all the records, there are a few ‘meh’ records, but they didn’t spoil the fun (basically the Donk section isn’t my cup of tea).

A brilliant podcast. A good second instalment. Spyro is fire. He’s the next best thing to happen to the UK Hardcore scene, trust me!


DJ: Spyro
Genre/Style: UK Hardcore, Happy Hardcore, EDMCore, Donk/Bounce, Trap, Dubstep
Mix Info: The Turnt Generation Podcast Episode 2
Length Mix: 01:06:38
Tracks: 27 (twenty-seven)
Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): DOWNLOAD/LISTEN
File Size: 154 MB
File Type: mp3
Bitspeed: 320kbps
More Information: Spyro – Soundcloud Page

SPYRO – The Turnt Generation Podcast Episode 1 (2018)

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SPYRO. Who is he? Well, I can give you a short description (if you don’t know already): he’s the one DJ/producer who uses a lot of ‘fucks’ in his promo videos on Facebook. And when I say a lot, I do mean a lot. And he’s got funny hair. And he makes UK Hardcore/EDMCore music. His first mixtape was fire, truth be told. Now he’s back with a podcast series, all focussed on the Turnt generation (whatever that might be). An hour long of everything Spyro related. And he waffles on throughout the show, giving us insight information, or just whatever he wants to share with us.

He calls himself the ‘Traplord’. Mmm, interesting. He does indeed give us unusual music, that’s for sure. Music that shouldn’t be categorised as ‘UK Hardcore’, but it does contain Hardcore bits. Hence why I’ve been using EDMCore for many years. Whatever Spyro makes, it’s catchy as fuck (bloody hell Spyro, now I’m using fuck like you do. Thanks for that).

He has divided the mix into a few sections, like ‘TURNT AS FUCK TRACK’, ‘Roots ‘n’ FUTURE’, ‘THE MIX’. And within a day already 1000+ plays. People seem to like the mix a lot, or are wondering what Spyro has to offer. And it’s a big mix.

I think it’s necessary for you lot to see the tracklist right now. It’s lit as fuck (damn you Spyro)…..

tracklist TCD

01. Spyro – Club Hoes
02. Spyro – Bass Down Low
03. Oski – Keep It Going x Heads Will Roll x Callum Higby – Collecta (Spyro Mashup) 
04. Darren Styles – Like A Bitch VIP x Drop It (Callum Higby Mashup) 
05. Hartshorn & Outforce – Put Your Hood Up x Brillz – Power (Spyro Mashup) 
06. Galantis – Love On Me x Kayzo & Gammer – Born Again (Spyro Mashup) 
07. Slander & Kayzo – Without You (Hartshorn & Outforce Remix) 
08. Migos – Look At My Dab (Diplo & Bad Royal Remix) (Spyro Flip) 
09. Alex Prospect – Hotbling (Not Ookay Remix) 
10. Spyro & Alex Prospect – Up 2 No Good (Spyro Festival Flip) 

11. Alex Prospect – Cameras Action Lights

12. Spyro – Put Your Hands Up 4 Detroit (160 Flex) 
13. Spyro – Short Dick Man
14. Alex Prospect – You’re All That I Need
15. Spyro – Throwin’ Hunna

16. Sy & Unknown – Maniac Psycho (Robbie Long & Stormtrooper Remix) 

17. Riff Raff x Toadally Krossed Out x Foxsky x Revoke – Cray (Foxsky x Revoke ‘Distort Ur Life’ Bootleg) 
18. Lil Jon x Skellism x Terror Bass – In The Pit
19. Dillion Francis – Say Less (Eptic Remix) 
20. Russ – What They Want (Hearts x Ice Cream Remix) 
21. Gammer – Let’s Get Crunk
22. Torro Torro & SMALLTOWN DJ’s – House Shake (Brillz x My Bad Remix) 
23. Lil Jan – Slingshot
24. Lil Pump feat Lil Yachty – Back

25. Ben Suff Donk – Get Milli Get Donk
26. Bassboy feat Trilla – Etap Riddim (Ben Suff Donk Remix) 

27. All Of The Propaganda (Callum Higby Mashup) 

Now that’s a tracklist and a half. Fucking hell. A very unusual mix. Normally you would expect a mix to contain only one style, maybe two, but not 20153 styles, like this podcast. Spyro does his thing, and he does it well, and doesn’t care if it’s labelled or not. Whatever floats his boat, he plays. Balls on the man, that’s for sure. But does it work?

Well, yes. Not all tracks are good, but maybe you need to listen to these tunes when you are in a club absolutely hammered. Like ‘Get Milli Get Donk’ and ‘Etap Riddim’. The original Bassline anthems are much better.

Any other negatives? Not really. Spyro’s enthusiasm is intoxicating. He inspires others to get behind the decks, and make mixes with whatever they want to play. It’s also good that he touches on the older sound, with his section ‘ROOTS ‘n’ FUTURE’.

His very first podcast, and it’s a success. It’s Wednesday morning and I’m the only one awake in the house, but not for long: the volume goes on max, and I’m livening up the whole area. Fuck it. If anyone blames me for playing the music out too loud, I will say: “well, this podcast is lit as FUCK!”.


DJ: Spyro
Genre/Style: UK Hardcore, Happy Hardcore, EDMCore, Dubstep, Trap, Hard Dance, HDM, Rave, Donk, Bounce
Mix Info: The Turnt Generation Podcast Episode 1
Length Mix: 00:58:19
Tracks: 27 (twenty-seven)
Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): DOWNLOAD/LISTEN
File Size: 140 MB
File Type: mp3
Bitspeed: 320kbps
More Information: Spyro – Facebook Fanpage

Andy Whitby – RUN THE GAME (The Summer Mixtape) (2016)


The next mix I’m about to review is one made by the legendary Andy Whitby! Now, normally I would write down a short section, explaining the artist, but for Andy Whitby it isn’t necessary. EVERYONE knows who he is. From Australia to Nigeria, from Holland to Brasil, everyone knows this man. The man who pushes Hard Dance forward, be it via mixes or his recently released album. This man breathes Hard Dance. Imagine a scene without Andy Whitby, life would be dull!

When I saw the mix for the first time, I thought it was only for people who do workouts. I got annoyed by the title: why only those people? But after reading the info section, it became clear to me that even I, the one who never went to a gym, can listen to it. And that made me smile. I am not fit, or have a six pack, but I can still listen to this Summer mix by the mighty Andy Whitby!!

This mix is filled with Hard Dance smashers, and carefully mixed by Andy Whitby. You know it’s going to be a good mix if you see who made it. Andy is the master of mixes, never have I heard a dull mix by this man.


01. Gareth Emery feat Christina Novelli – Concrete Angel (Andy Whitby & Audox Remix) 
02. Andy Whitby & Audox – No Sleep
03. Mike Posner – I Took A Pill In Ibiza (Andy Whitby & Audox Remix) 
04. Andy Whitby & Audox – Get your Ass Shake
05. Steve Hill & Technikal – Save The Day (Andy Whitby & Audox Remix) 
06. Galantis – No Money (Andy Whitby & Audox Remix) 
07. S3RL feat Tamika – Bass Slut (Karlston Khaos & Djay D Remix) 
08. Dirty Palm – Lose Control (HARD ED!T) 
09. TJR & VINAI – Bounce Generation (HARD ED!T) 
10. TJR – Angry Duck (HARD ED!T) 
11. Sigala vs Eric Prydz – Sweet Pjanno Lovin’ (Whitby & Audox HARD ED!T) 
12. Turbotonic – Kick Sum Ass (HARD ED!T) 
13. Andy Whitby & Audox – To The Weekend (Fresh 2 Death Mix) 
14. TJR & Savage – We Want To Party (HARD ED!T) 
15. TJR feat Cardi B – Fuck Me (HARD ED!T) 
16. MAKJ feat Lil Jon – F**ked Up (Mr. Mac HARD ED!T) 
17. Andy Whitby & Klubfiller – Showtek To Mamma
18. Timmy Trumpet feat Savage – Freaks (Mr. Mac HARD ED!T) 
19. Hardwell vs W&W feat Lil Jon – Don’t Stop The Madness (Onex & Trax Edit) 
20. Steve Hill & Klubfiller – ID (Whitby’s Shining Bootleg) 
21. Riton feat Kah-Lo – Rinse & Repeat (Karlston Khaos Remix) 
22. Energy Syndicate – Gonna Fly (Whitby Edit) 
23. Steve Hill, Technikal & Yoz – Keep On Rockin’
24. Macks Wolf & Yorkshire Ripper feat Eruption – I’m Here (J-Trax Remix) 
25. Francesco Zeta – Rock N Rave
26. Da Tweekaz – Dirty Habits (J-Trax Remix) 
27. Brennan Heart – Just As Easy (Wildstylez & SMD Remix) (Andy Whitby Edit) 
28. Dr. Rude – Hold It Down
29. Lowriders – Don’t Get Back (Dr. Rude Remix) 
30. The Prophet – Here We Go!
31. Macklemore – City Can’t Hold Us (MWAK Remix) 
32. Bruno Mars – Lock Out Of Heaven (MWAK Remix) 

This is a very tasty looking tracklist, it has to be said. And it does have a nice build-up.

Andy knows how to please a crowd, be it in front of him, or sitting at home. And you don’t even need to go to a gym, you can sit down like I am, and enjoy it. I have, as always. Andy never disappoints.

The tracks are good, carefully selected and as I said before, the build up is good. And a bit diverse too, but not fully diverse. There’s a lot of Andy and Audox stuff in here. But that’s not a bad thing!

Which track made me bounce the hardest? Well, easy to pick: ‘Save The Day’. Big anthem, big and famous vocal section.

Got to take away points for having tracks in here which include Lil Jon. This man is as talented as a bag of crap. And useless as one too! I really dislike his ‘skills’, billions of people have got more skills than this man. The track itself might be good, but to hear this man do his thing is the thing that kills my mood.

Andy, you are a hero. And if you (reader) agree with me, why not check out his latest album? Check it out via Andy’s Facebook Fanpage. I really think that Andy deserves the biggest stage at each and every event (but not at Justin Bieber in concert). This mix will improve my Summer!

Still not in shape. Ah, who cares?


DJ: Andy Whitby
Genre/Style: Hard Dance, Hardstyle, Bounce, Jumpstyle
Mix Info: RUN THE GAME – The Summer Mixtape
Length Mix: 01:09:46
Tracks: 32 (thirty-two)
Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): DOWNLOAD/LISTEN
File Size: 159 MB
File Type: mp3
Bitspeed: 320kbps
More Information: Andy Whitby – Facebook Fanpage

Clubland Bounce (2014)

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A couple of days ago I was in the UK, shopping as usual, and I found this CD in an HMV store in Westfield, the huge shopping centre. They were getting rid of a lot of CDs, so this one was on a discount. I haven’t heard many Bounce mixes or CDs before, so this kind of music is still new to me, so when I noticed this CD, I thought that it could be good to expand my musical knowledge, and it certainly did. I’ve got many Clubland CDs, so this would only be an improvement, wouldn’t it be?

Bounce, what is Bounce? Well, it’s addictive, it has to be said. If you have never heard of it, I would suggest this CD to you, because it has 80 of the biggest Bounce & NRG anthems on it. Clubland is well known for its musical diversity, and if I’m correct many Bounce anthems have appeared on their previous compilations, but never before on one compilation like this one. 80 anthems on one album, interesting. I was intrigued when I saw the tracklist, because many tracks are known to me, but not the remix versions. I bought it anyway, because the tracklist looked good, so I would be a fool to leave this one behind.


CD 1: 
01. Bliss Inc – Faith (Nick Skitz Faithless Radio Edit) 
02. Girls Aloud – Call The Shots (Alex K Remix) 
03. London Fiesta – Can You Feel It
04. BCD Project feat Becky Lane – All I Think About Is You
05. N-R-Gize – Crazy (2002 Floorburner Remix) 
06. Styles & Breeze – Your Shining (Rezonance Q Remix) 
07. Konovox – Blitz (DJ Schwede Remix) 
08. Rezonance Q – Someday
09. Ultrabeat & Scott Brown – Elysium (I Go Crazy) (Alex K Remix) 
10. Scooter – Apache Rocks The Bottom! (Alex K Remix) 
11. Captain Kirk & Dave Austin – The Battle
12. Deja Vu – Face Down Ass Up (Alex K Remix) 
13. Club Enforcer – Royal Flush
14. Alex K – The Beat Pounds
15. Special D – Come With Me (KB Project Remix) 
16. Escape – What I Gotta Do (Rezonance Q Remix) 
17. Project Bass – You & Me
18. The Headhunters – Days Like That (KB Project Remix) 
19. Access 3 – Promise Land (Alex K Remix) 
20. Hyperlogic – Only Me (Doug Laurent Remix) 

CD 2: 
01. Kate Ryan – Scream For More
02. DRT – Take Me Away (Alex K Remix) 
03. Chaah – Funkiness Of You (KB Project Remix) 
04. N-Trance – Set You Free (KB Project Remix) 
05. Breeze vs Lost Witness – Rise Again (Alex K Remix) 
06. Neo Cortex – Elements (KB Project Remix) 
07. 3 Amigos feat Becky Lane – Think I Better Let You Know (Hardknox Remix) 
08. Beatplayers feat Lara McAllen – Piece Of Heaven (Alex K Remix) 
09. DJ Sasher – This Is No Game
10. Rezonance Q – Sweetheart (Alex K Remix) 
11. Alex K feat Peta – Tell Me
12. Beatplayers & Kristine Blond – Loveshy (Alex K Remix) 
13. Tokyo feat Siobhan – Love Come Down (KB Project Remix) 
14. Full Force feat Sam Noon – Just The Wat It Is (Krafty Boys Remix) 
15. Nicolette – Harden Up (Skitz Remix) 
16. Kirsten Joy – Only Your Love (Cheeky Traxx Remix) 
17. Club Enforcer – Here To Chill
18. Dancing DJs – Fading Like A Flower (Alex K Remix) 
19. Sosumi – Feel The Tribute
20. Ultrasun – We Can Runaway (Alex K Remix) 

CD 3: 
01. Floorfilla – Anthem #2 (DJ Cerla Floorfiller) 
02. DJ Schwede – Solider Of Fortune Reloaded
03. XNRG feat Alex K – Riverside
04. BCD Project feat Becky Lane – Infinity (Alex K Remix) 
05. Flip & Fill – 6 Days On The Run (Alex K Remix) 
06. Eyeopener – Open Your Eyes (Alex K Remix) 
07. Marcel Woods – Advanced (Alex K Remix) 
08. Shelley – I Will Follow You (Vocal Club Mix) 
09. Apollo – Dance
10. Alex K vs Amen – Happiness (Alex K Remix) 
11. Paradise – See The Light (KB Project Remix) 
12. Cisco Kid – Pizzaman
13. Uproar – The Roof Is On Fire
14. Trick Babies vs LMC – Little Bird (Alex K Remix)
15. Alex K – Shake It Up
16. Francesca – You Are The One (Quadrasonic Remix) 
17. Styles & Breeze feat Karen Danzig – Heartbeatz (Rezonance Q  vs Alex K Remix) 
18. Slinkee Minx – Summer Rain (Alex K Radio Edit) 
19. Nick Skitz – All You Deejays
20. N&K vs Denis The Menace – Cruising (Steve Murano Remix) 

CD 4: 
01. La Luna – Here I Am (Club Mix) 
02. Supafly – Gotta Be Love (Alex K Remix) 
03. Milk Inc – Walk On Water (H20 Radio Edit) 
04. Clear Vu – I Adore (KB Project Remix) 
05. Amen vs Alex K – I Can’t Wait (Alex K Remix) 
06. Gigi D’Agostino – L’amour Toujours (Alex K Remix) 
07. Lisa Abbott – Blow Me Away (Alex K Remix) 
08. Uproar – Brass Disk
09. Total Control – Static Bounce
10. Charlotta Chadwick – Be There (Alex K Remix) 
11. The Rezidents – Popcorn
12. Miss Peppermint – Welcome To Tomorrow (Aldrich & Glennon Remix) 
13. Da Buzz – Let Me Love You Tonight (DJ Ectic Remix) 
14. Booty Callers – I Owe You Nothing (Rezonance Q Remix) 
15. Alex K feat Ellewood – Smalltown Boy
16. Marianne – A Girl Like Me (Alex K Remix) 
17. Trinity X – Forever
18. Porn Kings vs Flip & Fill feat 740 Boyz – Shake Ya Shimmy (Flip & Fill Edit) 
19. Quango & Zunie – Music Is My Life (Bounce C Remix) 
20. M&C – Do You Want Me Right Now

See, I told you the tracklist looked good. I must ask: is Alex K, Rezonance Q and KB Project the three biggest Bounce DJs on Gods given Earth? Had to type this whole tracklist by hand, and only then I noticed that they’ve done the most remixes, especially Alex K.

The 4 CDs are quite entertaining, some good tracks can be found on them, but there are a few too similar sounding tracks on there too. Not quite what I was expecting. And also a few remixes weren’t as good as the original versions. Some versions should be untouched, and in this case they weren’t improved at all.

Does this mean these 4 CDs are bad? Not really, they can be very good. Maybe touching the same basslines and beats too often, but still catchy as hell. Yes, they are quite bouncy, and that’s the whole reason behind this compilation. Bounce ‘til you drop. It has made my journey towards my home country an interesting one. Quicker, that’s for sure. Does this compilation represent the Bounce scene? I don’t have a clue, seeing as this is the first Bounce compilation I bought.

Not 100 percent of what I was hoping for, but still entertaining.

Ps. There are two minimixes underneath this review, to showcase the albums strength. Have a listen and decide for yourself.


Artists: Various Artists
Genre/Style: Bounce, NRG
Release Year: 2014
Info: 80 of the biggest Bounce & NRG Anthems ever
CDs: 4 (four)
Length CDs: +/+ 4 hours
Tracks: 80 (eighty)
Label: Universal Music TV
Product Number: 5353932
Buy Here: Amazon – Clubland Bounce
More Information: Clubland – Facebook Fanpage