Thunderdome Megamix 6-10 (2016)

Thunderdome Megamix 6-10 (2016)

Thunderdome Megamix 6-10 (2016)

DJ: KenLio86
Genre/Style: Hardcore Techno, Gabber, Happy Hardcore, Breakbeat Hardcore
Mix Info: Thunderdome Megamix 6-10
Length Mix: 00:49:35
Tracks: 108 (hundred and eight)!
Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): LISTEN HERE
File Size: unknown
File Type: unknown
Bitspeed: unknown
More Information: Thunderdome – Official Website

Thunderdome is nearly about to happen, just over a month and the madness will happen. I told you many months ago that it was going to blow up, and we’ve already seen shitloads of mixes online, but only the other day I found a mix so damn unique, I had to share it with you all. I don’t know who made this mix, it’s on a page by KenLio86, I reckon he made this mix. No matter who made the mix, it’s about the bloody music, and what kind of mix it actually is. It’s a megamix, but one like you’ve never seen or heard before!

108 tracks in one mix. Yes, I’ve said it, a hundred and eight! And I’m not kidding! He added a tracklist, and indeed, 108 records in 49 minutes. I’ve never seen anything like this before. Especially when it’s focussed on Thunderdome, and the 4 of the greatest Thunderdome compilations (Thunderdome VII was never my favourite). Thunderdome VI, VIII, IX and X are truly masterpieces, and to find the records from these 5 albums in one mix, all crammed together, will make you smile from ear to ear. This tribute mix is one amazing mix, I couldn’t leave this one behind and not review it, especially when Thunderdome is just around the corner.

The tracklist is such a beauty, it will make you feel young again, buying these albums on CD or cassette for the first time, and playing these out loud, making your parents angry to the bone. Be prepared for some eye porn!

tracklist TCD

01. Acid Heads – Some Sort Of Pill (Equazion Remix) 
02. Charly Lownoise & Mental Theo – Live At London (Hardcore Mix) 
03. Q-Tex – Equazion Part 4
04. The Carpenter – Jump Off The Fucking Roof
05. Hardcore Society – Bad Boy
06. Bertocucci Feranzano – XTC Love
07. Warlock – Delicious
08. DJ Tails & Noizer – Drum & Basz
09. Scott Brown vs DJ Rab S – Now Is The Time
10. Club X – Don’t Deny The Beat
11. Vanugenth The 5th – Pussycat
12. DJ Weirdo & DJ Sim – Pump That Stupid Bass
13. The Dentist – Pulp Fiction (Rotterdam Mix) 
14. El Bruto – Hypnotising
15. Brothers In Crime – 100% Crisis
16. The Dentist Of Boscaland – The Purple Anthem
17. Bass-D & King Matthew – Heartbeat (Party Mix) 
18. DJ Buby, DJ Max & DJ Giangy – Musica Nevrotica
19. The Beatsquad – Roll The Drum
20. DJ Gizmo & Lars – Baby I Know
21. Public Domain – So Get Up!
22. Tony Salmonelli – Once Again
23. Lockjaw – Deep In The Underground
24. The Scotchman – Happy Vibes
25. DJ Davie Forbes – Apocalypse Now
26. Dance Overdose – Wake Up To The Overdose
27. DJ E-Rick & Tactic – Bring The Noise
28. DJ Waxweazle & Guitar Rob – This Is How It Started
29. Jeremy – The Flow
30. Lockjaw – Ruff ‘N Ruggin’
31. Bass-D & King Matthew – The Witch
32. DJ Waxweazle – Legs
33. Rave Generation – Going Crazy (Forze DJ Team Mix) 
34. DJ Gizmo – Hear Me On The Radio
35. Diss Reaction – Jiieehaaaa
36. Predator – Mind Of A Lunatic
37. DJ Weirdo & DJ Sim – It’s Gonna Be Alright
38. Bodylotion – Make You Dance
39. Masoko Solo – Pessa Pessa
40. The Scotchman – Oblivion
41. Knightvision – Who Is It?
42. Gabbaheads – I’m A Thunderdome Baby
43. DJ Weirdo & DJ Sim – Go Get Busy
44. Knightvision – Who Is It?
45. DJ Sim – You’re A Nut
46. Bass Generator – The Event
47. Section 8 – Punnany (The Prophet Remix) 
48. DJ Waxweazle & Guitar Rob – Our Nightmare
49. M-Vay & Dan-Vee – Burnin’ Up
50. Baba Nation – Jesus Words
51. Tony Salmonelli – Hey! (Buzzy’s Raggamix) 
52. Private Productions – Looped (3 Steps Ahead Remix) 
53. The Ender – Alles Egal
54. The Partyman – Take It Easy
55. Critical Mass – Having Sex
56. The Clown – Do You Want A Balloon?
57. Marc Smith – Pump Up The Noize (Raid Mix) 
58. The Nerds – Are Back
59. Critical Mass – Lift Me Up
60. DJ Waxweazle – Look Ahead
61. Too Fast For Mellow – We’re Gonna Get This Place
62. Ni-Cad – Brainwash (Rotterdam OTT Mix) 
63. DJ Paul – Play My Game
64. DJ Alex – Say What
65. Technohead – The Number One Contender
66. The Prophet – Rock Steady
67. The Washington Affair – Should I Say Fuck It
68. Dr. Phil Omanski – Feeling (UK Mix) 
69. DJ Sim – Straight Of The Dancefloor
70. Ultimate S.T. – What’s This DJ
71. The Prophet – Big Boys Don’t Cry (4 Minute Mix) 
72. DJ Gizmo – Prayer
73. DJ Weirdo & DJ Sim – Kick This Muthaf#@ka
74. Evil Maniax – Psychopath
75. Duo Pennotti – Addicted 2 Raves (Buzz Fuzz Remix) 
76. 3 Steps Ahead – We Need Things That Make Us Go (Senna’s Drive Mix) 
77. Bertocucci Feranzano – E-Motion (Buzz Fuzz Mix) 
78. DJ Rob & Smash – Ist Diesen Bassdrum Korreckt
79. Flamman & Abraxas – Drugs (Juggernaut Mix) 
80. Buzz Fuzz – Nu Year
81. Critical Mass – Can’t Stop
82. Happy Toons – Let’s Go Party
83. DJ Paul – Cheese ‘N Beats
84. DJ E-Rick & Tactic – Dance To The Beat
85. Credibility – Tango Rules
86. Lenny Dee & Darrien Kelly – Schoom!
87. DJ Weirdo & DJ Delirium – Open Your Eyez!!!
88. Buzz Fuzz – Pump Up The Bass
89. 3 Steps Ahead – Stravinsky’s Bass
90. Critical Mass – Psychotic Break (Lenny Dee & Strychnine Remix) 
91. 3 Steps Ahead – Hardcore
92. Bata – The Shoeshineman
93. Cixx – Body & Soul
94. 3 Steps Ahead – This Is The Thunderdome
95. Technohead – I Wanna Be A Hippy
96. Mutoid – Fuckin’ Mind
97. The Prophet – House Time!
98. 3 Steps Ahead – So Much Trouble
99. Buzz Fuzz – Summertime (Alright Y’all)
100. The New York Terrorist – Da Joint
101. Rob Gee – Realm Of Natas
102. Mutoid – The Necronomicon (Buzz Fuzz Mix) 
103. Wendy Milan – TV Madness
104. Buzz Fuzz – Drop The Pressure
105. 50% Of The Dreamteam – The Thundertheme
106. Ralphie Dee – Mad As Hell
107. Dano & No Sweat – Suckers
108. De Klootzakken – Dominee Dimitri (Censored Version) 

Sweet Lord, baby Jesus and all the apostles! This has got to be the ultimate Thunderdome mix. Imagine if the DJ made a mix of ALL Thunderdome CDs. Imagine 1000 records! Oh my God, that would be the coolest mix ever. But this one comes close, really close.

The DJ picked my most favourite Thunderdome CDs ever (besides the seventh edition). These are the classics, and the most played of all my CDs (and contains the most scratches). I’m really impressed. And he made it look like it was just a walk in the park.

At least 95% of the records are my favourite records of all time. I can’t pick a favourite, it’s just too damn difficult. Look at the tracklist. You couldn’t pick your favourite: it’s the same like choosing a favourite child if you’ve got more than 1. You simply can’t.

He makes it look so easy. How he mixed these together with such ease is just beyond belief! I’m literally shocked. And annoyed as well, because the records are played too damn short. But this has sparked my enthusiasm for these wonderful albums!

Small errors here and there, but nothing to be shocked about!

One of the dopest and coolest Thunderdome mixes of all time! Impressed to say the least!

Bring on Thunderdome. Sadly I can’t go, but I will watch it from home (if it’s broadcasted live). Thunderdome 4 Life!


Hardcore Junglist United – Too Lit To Quit (AoS Resident Mix 2017)

Hardcore Junglist United - Too Lit To Quit (AoS Resident Mix 2017)

Hardcore Junglist United – Too Lit To Quit (AoS Resident Mix 2017)

Genre/Style: UK Hardcore, Happy Hardcore, Breakbeat Hardcore
Mix Info: Too Lit To Quit (AoS Resident Mix for Hardcore Junglist United)
Length Mix: 00:50:12
Tracks: 14 (fourteen)
Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): LISTEN HERE
File Size: unknown
File Type: unknown
Bitspeed: unknown
More Information: Hardcore Junglist United – Facebook Fanpage

As usual I’m on the hunt for new music, be it mixes or CDs or what have you not. And a few days ago I was told by a little bird that there’s a new mix on Soundcloud I should check out. A mix by Ace Of Spades, or mostly known by these three letters: AoS. A rising star within the UK Hardcore, and Hardcore Junglist United have acknowledge that by signing him to be their latest resident DJ. Now that’s big, very big!

This mix is all about his love and dedication for UK Hardcore, and his own production skills can be heard too. It contains a few of his own productions, so you’ll get a nice treat just before this weekend. This weekend will be dominated by AoS I reckon. It has dominated throughout my week, I kept listening to this over and over again, and I think it’s time for you all to give this a go.

AoS kindly provided the tracklist, and it does contain some slammers in here. Some serious dancefloor anthems, and once you realised how good this mix is, you will thank me for making sure you noticed this.

tracklist TCD

01. Fracus & Darwin x 3Star – Together We Grow
02. Fluff & Tuff – So Much Stronger (AoS 2016 Remix) 
03. Relect – Close Your Eyes
04. Technikore & JTS vs Michael Mansion – Light Show
05. Darwin & Aquamendez – Coming Off The Wall (Fracus Remix) 
06. Darwin – Without Fear
07. Hotchkiss & Davie Black – Don’t Look Down
08. Fracus & Darwin – Look In Your Eyes
09. Nu Foundation – In Your Head
10. Cube::Hard – Show Me A Sign (Fracus & Darwin Remix) 
11. AoS – With You
12. Ron Reeser & Tall Sasha – Indigo Sky (Scott Brown Remix) 
13. CLSM – Gravity Wave
14. CLSM & Cube::Hard – See You On The Other Side (Harder Mix) 

Well, this is a brilliant tracklist, don’t you agree? So many amazing records in here, truly astonishing. Good selection, Aos, really a good selection! But you can really tell he’s a fan of a few artists, like CLSM and Darwin and Fracus. You can’t tell??

He did select amazing records, and made a beautiful mix for Hardcore Junglist United. A good promo mix, a good showcase mix of what AoS can do. Production wise and DJ wise. And I’ve got to say that he’s been influenced by Fracus and Darwin a lot. Their style can be heard in AoS’s approach to UK Hardcore. Well, who else would you go to? They are truly the most underrated but extremely talented producers, one of the finest.

I love the fact he’s selected a few new and a few old records. The first record is truly a ground breaking record, ‘Coming Off The Wall’ a sing a long song, ‘Look In Your Eyes’ a record which stays in your head for weeks, but which one made me dance/rave the hardest? ‘Indigo Sky’. The vocals are just superb, and Scott Brown’s approach is just spot on. The man hasn’t lost his talent, still on top of his game.

AoS has made a very good mix. Very interesting. Very intoxicating. Very sexy. And the question is, would I listen to it again? Yes, a big yes. A mix this good deserves another listen.

Make sure you check out Hardcore Junglist United on Facebook, and search for AoS whilst you are on it. Keep your eyes peeled for his album, which will come next year. One album worth waiting for. It’s going to be amazing!


Carl Cox @ Amnesia House – The Big Bank Holiday Bash – 1994

Carl Cox

DJ: Carl Cox
MC: Magika
Genre/Style: Rave, Breakbeat Hardcore, Early Hardcore, Happy Hardcore
Liveset Info: Recorded @ Amnesia House – The Big Bank Holiday Bash 01-05-1994
Length Liveset: 00:59:51
Tracks: 14 (fourteen)
Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): LISTEN HERE
File Size: unknown
File Type: unknown
Bitspeed: unknown
More Information: Carl Cox – Official Website

It’s Bank Holiday Monday here in the UK, and most people are relaxing, or getting ready for yet another day of partying. So many events have taken place last weekend, and I reckon there are still a lot of parties going on. The British do know how to party when they’ve got a long weekend. Back in 1994 there was a party in May, on a day which is exactly the same day as today (not the date): a Bank Holiday. The event was called Amnesia House – The Big Bank Holiday Bash. One of the DJs performing there is the now legendary Carl Cox, king of Techno. But in 1994 he wasn’t just playing Techno, he was a man on a mission, to get the ravers dancing, whilst playing out the Breakbeat Hardcore tunes out loud.

Why did I go on Soundcloud and review this liveset? Well, that’s because of a show on Sky Arts called ‘The Agony and the Ecstacy’, in which many well established names in the industry talked about the early days of the rave culture in the UK. I told my missus that this is the period I would go back to. This is the era of awesome music, and happy people. The whistle crew (how did that come about) and the shouting/screaming ravers went out every weekend, demolishing dancefloors everywhere. It’s was the start of something unique, and events like Amnesia House are still in people’s minds to this day, being unique, refreshing, and literally sticking two fingers up to the established order (c.q. the government and the media).

If you need more information about Carl Cox, because you don’t know who he is, you should hit yourself on the head with something heavy, until you start to bleed. Carl Cox has got to be one of the greatest names in the music industry, EVER. So I’m not going to say anything, because every raver should know who he is.

Let me point out to you the following: this isn’t just his set, but also Neil Trix’s set. This is literally taken from a cassette, and 1 1/2 of the tape was Carl’s set, and the 1/2 was Neil Trix’s set. The uploader didn’t cut the set apart, so you get two sets for the price of one.

tracklist TCD

01. Dougal & Mickey Skeedale – DJ’s Mixing (Remix)
02. DJs Unknown – Volume 2A
03. Man From Uncle – Powerclass
04. DJ Mongoose – Straight Up
05. Jumping Jack Frost – Osmosis (Ratty Remix)
06. Chaos & Julia Set – Fear The Future
07. Frantic & Impulse – Volume 1 Side A
08. Clone I.D. – Happy Acid Moves
09. Two Terrorists – Jurrasick Park (DJ Paul Mix)
10. Dyewitness – Only If I Had One More (Remix) 
11. Mad Dog – Rumbled
12. Evil D – Dub Plate Style
13. DJ Slipmatt – Breaking Free
14. DJ Anthems – Volume 1 (Carl Cox Remix) 

01. Eternal Bass – Infinity
02. The House Crew – Side B (Untitled)
03. Original DJ Vibes – Let The Beat (Move Your Body)
04. LTJ & DJ Stylist – Untitled
05. Liftin Spirtis – Giggle N Rush
06. Code Blue – Angels In Rhythm
07. A-Zone – Calling The People

The set starts with ‘DJ’s Mixing’ and ends with ‘Volume 1′. The next set starts after that records. The music fades away during Evil D’s ‘Dub Plate Style’, but that’s not because the DJ turned the volume down, it was because the cassette needed a turn around. Yeah, kids nowadays don’t know the fun we had back in the 90s.

Carl Cox might be the king of Techno, but he was certainly an all round guy in the 90s. Starting early, he’s been in the game for so many years, and it looks like he’s not going to retire any time soon. Which is always a good thing. But judging his set back in the 90s, he would have never guessed he was going to be one of the greatest in the world. So raw, so rough, so dark, but oh so good. This was the time where DJs had to cross the country, and get paid up to 200 pounds. Now it’s obviously more, but back then things were basic. Only a handful DJs remained in the game, and are now considered to be pioneers, legends. And Carl is one of them, without a shadow of a doubt.

His set is really cool. You’ve got the legendary MC Magika giving his all, and the whistle crew are going insane! I did aswel, no lie in that. I have listened to this set, and goosebumps emerged on my arm. Sadly I was too young and living in the wrong country at the time, but I can hear and feel what the ravers felt in 1994. The tunes were good, and carefully mixed together by Carl, accompanied by MC Magika. The set is a blinding set (even Neil Trix’s set is a good ‘un).

Which records is the best one of this set? ‘Volume 1′, remixed by Carl Cox himself. The original was ace, but this version rocks harder.

I love the diversity he brings to the table. Not only Breakbeat Hardcore, but also a bit of Dutch Gabber/Hardcore. Who would have thought eh, the mighty Carl Cox playing a set like this one? Don’t know if he does it nowadays, or if he’s focussed on Techno 24/7? Would be cool to hear him play a set like this one in 2017.

A blinding set. Only one score available.


Hardcore Nation: Next Generation – CD 2 (2007) – Mixed By Fracus, Darwin & JAKAZiD

Hardcore Nation: Next Generation - CD 2 (2007) - Mixed By Fracus, Darwin & JAKAZiD

Hardcore Nation: Next Generation – CD 2 (2007) – Mixed By Fracus, Darwin & JAKAZiD

DJs: Fracus, Darwin & JAKAZiD
Genre/Style: UK Hardcore, Happy Hardcore, Breakbeat Hardcore
Mix Info: Hardcore Nation: Next Generation – CD 2
Length Mix: 01:17:53
Tracks: 18 (eighteen)
Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): DOWNLOAD/LISTEN
File Size: 178 MB
File Type: mp3
Bitspeed: 320kbps
More Information: Hardcore Underground – Official Website

Since a few weeks (or maybe a few months) I’ve been falling in love again with the older sound of Hardcore. Be it Early Rave, Happy Hardcore or Gabber, it didn’t matter to me, I was a teenager again. I’m back into Oldskool mode for the last few weeks, and I’m loving it. I love the older sound, but today something was awoken by a mix on Soundcloud: the love for the older sounds, from the mighty UK Hardcore scene. Nope, I’m not talking about the really old sound, but the noughties! That’s when I discovered UK Hardcore properly, and fell in love with it. So when I found this mix, which was posted on Soundcloud today, I became 10 years younger in a split second!

Before you get all hyped up and hope it’s the full album which is for free, it’s only the second disc which is for free! It’s the mix done by someone called Fracus, Darwin, and JAKAZiD! This is a freebie from the people behind Hardcore Underground. As many would know, they call it #throwbackthursday on Twitter, and they decided to go back exactly 10 years, and give away their mix for free, the one who appeared on this album (Hardcore Nation: Next Generation). I immediately got hyped up, and started listening to it! And what happened next, was me being absolutely amazed by the sound!

UK Hardcore has changed over the years, and seeing as I’m in a mood recently (the Oldskool mood I told you about earlier), it’s good to hear music from when I discovered UK Hardcore and fell in love with it. 2007 was a good year for UK Hardcore, the music was excellent, and it was for me the year to discover Fracus and Darwin. JAKAZiD would only emerge a few years after. If I’d only bought this album in 2007, I would have known his name earlier. But at least I know it now, eh?

Let me show you the tracklist for the second disc. Which, again, is mixed by these three legends: Fracus, Darwin and JAKAZiD.


01. Fracus feat Donna – See If I Care
02. Marc Smith – Can You Feel It (Exclusive Hardcore Nation Edit) 
03. Chaos feat Scarlet – Perfection
04. Cube::Hard – Smoke Signals
05. Deeper Territory – Calm Me Down
06. SMS – Another Night (Breakz Edit) 
07. Fracus & Orbit1 feat Lisa Abbott – In Your Arms (Orbit1 2008 Remix) 
08. Phenex feat Le Kat – So Naive
09. Darwin, In Effect & Buzzy feat Fraz – Don’t Say Goodbye
10. Cynix feat Kelly C – Hold On Tight (Reese Remix) 
11. JAKAZiD – Give Love A Chance
12. Brain Blessed feat Kelly Southall – Epiphany (Ponder Remix) 
13. Shanty, Tazz & Devastate – DDR (A.M.S. Remix) 
14. Chwhynny & Darwin – Nothing There
15. Nu Foundation – Want Your Love
16. JAKAZiD feat Andy L – Mystify Me
17. Fracus & Mozz feat Vicky Fee – Hold On To Me (Fracus Remix) 
18. Darwin feat Toni Leo – Come On Out

You know what’s so good about this? It’s the period before Fracus & Darwin became brothers in arms. Nowadays they do literally everything together. Well, most things anyway, I think Fracus can wipe up himself after visiting the loo. But music wise if you want one, you get the other one for free! They’ve came together soon after this album, and became a well established duo, known for their passion and dedication. On this album you still see them making music separately, but you hear them getting closer to each other.

I like the diversity of this mix. It’s not only Fracus & Darwin tracks, but also by a lot of artist I’ve never heard of before, or never seen anymore. Shanty? Tazz? Cynix? SMS? But the tunes they made, are seriously good! It’s sad to hear these tunes, knowing their names don’t ring a bell anymore.

You can hear what kind of future these DJs would have. All bright futures, be it walking on a different path. But still extremely succesful. This mix is seriously good, three DJs with different opinions and styles, coming together and making a excellent mix. Not only focussed on the UK Hardcore side of life, but also a bit of Happy Hardcore and Breakbeat Hardcore. Who doesn’t want to hear that? Especially when you know these tunes are 10 years old! Time does fly by when the music is good, eh?

There are a lot of great anthems on this album, and sadly underrated. One of my favourites is ‘Nothing There’. But the best? ‘DDR’, remixed by A.M.S. This is Trance combined with UK Hardcore, and I am adoring this tune from the first to the last second.

I can’t pick out a flaw, or a weakness. This mix is as tight as a Dutch person (we are really tight/cheapskates), and there’s nothing wrong with it, from the first second to the last second. It’s beautiful, mesmerizing, and basically sexy, but in a good way. Nothing erotic. Well, could be. To me music is porn, and if I had to compare it with a porn film, it would be the greatest porn film ever. Eargasms from the moment you press play!

Can’t wait for more #throwbackthursdays! Free stuff is always good! You could do something in return: go to their store and buy stuff. In the meantime, listen to this and let this be the mix that gets you through the week! It will certainly guide me! Epic mix by three wonderful DJs.