SMD – The Ultimate Collection (2016)

SMD - The Ultimate Collection (2016)

SMD – The Ultimate Collection (2016)

Artist: SMD (Slipmatt Dubs)
Genre/Style: Oldskool, Breakbeat, Happy Hardcore, Rave
Release Year: 2016
CD Info: 2 Disc Limited Edition – The Ultimate Collection
CDs: 2 (two)
Length CDs: 02:32:49
Tracks: 34 (thirty-four)
Label: World Of Rave
Product Number: WORCD002
Buy Here (via World Of Rave): BUY HERE
More Information: Slipmatt – Facebook Fanpage

This Christmas was a good Christmas. Not only did I spend quality time with my family, the presents were also awesome! And after many years of guessing what we should get the other half, we decided just to blurt it out, so we would get the other the perfect presents. Why do you need Homer Simpson socks or a book about pooping when you can actually have something really awesome and wicked? One of the things on my list was a CD, which only got released a couple of weeks ago, and it’s a really special one! You know SMD/Slipmatt Dubs? Yeah, you do? Well, the album I’m talking about is the ‘ultimate collection’.

According to Discogs SMD is a ‘pseudonym used by Slipmatt to release a short series of cheeky Breakbeat Happy Hardcore tracks, all sampling elements from old skool tunes’. It was indeed very short, the time span was between 1993 and 1996. But what an impact it had! These are the oldskool anthems which still destroy speakers at raves. It has been kept alive by the remixes being made throughout the years, and also because they were groundbreaking anthems. SMD might have only been active for a couple of years, but the impression it left amongst ravers will last a lifetime at least.

The album is unique and it’s exclusive.Why? Well, because you get the tracks on 2 discs, the first disc being DJ friendly and the second a mix by the Godfather of Rave himself, and if you are lucky, he will even sign your copy (like he did mine). But after this batch there won’t be any more released. This is it. If you miss these, you will miss out on probably the biggest album of 2016. Unless you’ve got these on vinyl, then you are truly an Oldskool legend like Slipmatt himself.

Let’s see what money can buy you, and money does buy you happiness.


Disc 1 – The Ultimate Tracklist 
01. SMD – SMD#1A
02. SMD – SMD#1AA
03. SMD – SMD#2A
04. SMD – SMD#2AA
05. SMD – SMD#3A
06. SMD – SMD#3AA
07. SMD – SMD#4A
08. SMD – SMD#4AA
09. SMD – SMD#5A
10. SMD – SMD#5AA
11. SMD – SMD#5AA2 (Slipmatt’s SMD#1 Remix) 
12. SMD – SMD#2AA (Slipmatt’s Harder Remix) 
13. SMD – SMD#3A (Slipmatt’s 96 Remix) 
14. SMD – SMD#4A/AA (Al Storm Remix) 
15. SMD – SMD#3A (Slipmatt & Kutski Remix) 

Disc 2 – The Ultimate SMD Mix
01. SMD – SMD#5A
02. SMD – SMD#2AA
03. SMD – SMD#1AA
04. SMD – SMD#2A
05. SMD – SMD#1A
06. SMD – SMD#4A
07. SMD – SMD#3AA
08. SMD – SMD#4AA
09. SMD – SMD#3A
10. SMD – SMD#3A (Slipmatt’s 96 Remix) 
11. SMD – SMD#5AA2 (Slipmatt’s SMD#1 Remix) 
12. SMD – SMD#2AA (Slipmatt’s Harder Remix) 
13. SMD – SMD#5AA1
14. SMD – SMD#2A (Vibes & Hattrixx Remix) 
15. SMD – SMD#4A/AA (Al Storm Remix) 
16. SMD – SMD#3A (Dougal & Gammer Remix) 
17. SMD – SMD#3A (Vinylgroover Remix) 
18. SMD – SMD#3A (Slipmatt & Kutski Remix) 
19. SMD – SMD#2AA (Al Storm Remix) 

This album contains so many great anthems! No joke, this is the one album you need to purchase right now! After this there won’t be anything like this ever again! SMD will never ever release an album as unique as this one. So hurry up before you are too late and you might feel a bit stupid if you don’t have a copy!

So many great anthems, made in the 90s, and still making the present day music sound so pathetic. This is music how it should have been made, even in 2016. This is how it’s done, pure and yet with a lot of passion, dedication and limited knowledge of the equipment presented to them. In all fairness, when these tunes were made, they did not have the equipment we all have nowadays, so it was basic (compared to now), but even with ‘basic’ stuff SMD made quality tunes! Picture that, making tunes on oldschool computers and keyboards that you would give your kid nowadays for them for Christmas. This was ground breaking stuff, and the power behind each track can still be felt.

I can’t pick one favourite, even like the remixes by Al Storm, Dougal & Gammer, Vibes & Hattrixx, Kutski, and even Slipmatt’s own remixes. The originals are dope, but these remixes are as equal as the originals. So great to hear quality tunes: they don’t make them as good as SMD did back in the early 90s.

Ok, if I’ve got to pick…. ‘SMD#5AA2′. This sums up exactly how I feel when I hear an SMD tune. Everything’s in it, and it makes me move like never before, dislocating every body part which can dislocate. This is pure rave, and when Slipmatt made these he was in his elements. This is a classic album, and already has gone in my ‘top 10 all-time albums’. Why? Well, because it’s the music that makes the album great. Name any other artist who has that much of an impact on the scene as Slipmatt and his dubs. You can’t. Slipmatt is royalty to the raving scene, and with this album we can hear how good he was in the 90s when SMD was alive and kicking!

Will he ever bring SMD back? Will he ever release SMD#6A/AA? Who knows? Only Slipmatt and time will tell us. Let’s hope so.


Organ Donors – Oldskool Autopsy (2008)

Organ Donors - Oldskool Autopsy (2008)

Organ Donors – Oldskool Autopsy (2008)

Artist: Organ Donors
Genre/Style: Oldskool, Rave, Techno, Hard House, Hard Trance, Breakbeat, Acid
Release Year: 2008
CD Info: Organ Donors – Oldskool Autopsy
CDs: 1 (one)
Length CD: 01:18:35
Tracks: 15 + 1 secret track (fifteen + one)
Label: Tidy
Product Number: TIDYOSA
Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): DOWNLOAD/LISTEN
File Size: 179 MB
File Type: mp3
Bitspeed: 320kbps
More Information: Organ Donors – Facebook Fanpage

You know it’s Christmas when you find hundreds of presents underneath the tree. But sometimes you don’t even need to look underneath the three to find something magical! This year the legendary Organ Donors decided to give a wicked Christmas present to all of us by giving away their 2008 album ‘Oldskool Autopsy’, which you can find on Soundcloud right now! Ain’t that something? That’s beautiful, free music. And especially when it’s made by the Organ Donors and it concerns Oldskool music. What else could you wish for this year? We’ve got all that we wanted! Thank you Santa.

The album is obviously focussed on the Oldskool side of things, and the Organ Donors have been influenced by artists such as KLF, Joey Beltram, Massive Attack, Moby, and more. Basically what they’ve done back in 2006 to 2008 is take Oldskool anthems and give it the Organ Donor twist. And I’m impressed. You look at the tracklist and you know immediately who made the originals, and you wonder how it sounds like after the Organ Donors gave it a twist. That’s not 100% unique, I think it’s normally called a remix. But in this case they took the whole record apart (autopsy), put the most important bits back in place and added bits here and there, thankfully not creating a Frankenstein, but a beautiful creature.

The tracklist will make you go ‘oh yeah, I know that one’ or ‘mmm, who made the original again?’ You know the anthems, I’m sure of it. Whilst you are waiting for the download to commence, why not like the boys on Facebook, just to show your appreciation for their awesome Christmas present?


01. Organ Donors – Oldskool Autopsy
02. Organ Donors – What Time Is Love
03. Organ Donors – Activ8
04. Organ Donors – Go
05. Organ Donors – Made In 2 Minutes
06. Organ Donors – Acid In The System
07. Organ Donors & Vinylgroover – Good Life
08. Organ Donors – 2v231o
09. Organ Donors – Teardrop
10. Organ Donors & Dr. Willis – Moog Eruption
11. Organ Donors – Mentasm
12. Organ Donors – Super Mario Brothers
13. Organ Donors & Alex Kidd – Let Me Be Your Fantasy
14. Organ Donors – 9 Is A Classic
15. Organ Donors – Inner City Life
16. Organ Donors – The Answer Phone (Secret Track)

The way they’ve composed these tracks is amazing! They still left the Oldskool-ness in each and every track, and even though this album is from 2008, it still sounds fresh and wouldn’t sound off when it would have been released 8 years later, in 2016.

On Discogs you can find more information who made the original. But I’m more focussed on the Organ Donors and their take on these classic anthems. Did it work? Was it worth it, spending 2 years in a studio, fabricating each track? Was it worth the time and effor they’ve spent on them? The answer is simply ‘yes’. It’s always good when people give their own twist to an Oldskool track. Not often does it work, because nothing can top the original. But on this album the Organ Donors have done the originals justice by making their versions excellent.

You sometimes hear an album with remixes and you face-palm yourself, wondering how in God’s name the remixer came up with that crap. Not in this case. Not one face-palm moment during this album.

These are classics. And I’m not talking about the originals, these versions of classic anthems are on its own classics. Maybe not the last track, because that’s just a weird track. But for example ‘Mentasm’ is such a good remix. The original was tight, but this version rocks too! Or ‘Go’, an all-time classic by Moby. This version does the trick too, shake the dancefloor.

Really good album. And for free. Thank you Organ Donors for it. This has made my Christmas even better! Download this right now, and you won’t be disappointed. I wasn’t, and I’m not easily pleased!


ViperStar & JAJ – A Mix Of Awesome TUNAge Vol 2 (2016)

ViperStar & JAJ - A Mix Of Awesome TUNAge Vol 2 (2016)

ViperStar & JAJ – A Mix Of Awesome TUNAge Vol 2 (2016)

DJs: ViperStar & JAJ
Genre/Style: UK Hardcore, Happy Hardcore, J-Core, Freeform, Breakbeat, Drum & Bass, Powerstomp
Mix Info: ‘A Mix Of Awesome TUNAge Volume 2’
Length Mix: 01:08:41
Tracks: 31 (thirty-one)
Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): DOWNLOAD/LISTEN
File Size: 158 MB
File Type: mp3
Bitspeed: 320kbps
More Information: ViperStar & JAJ – Soundcloud Page

It’s been more than a year since we last heard from JAJ & ViperStar together on one mixtape. It was released back in May 2015, and it’s been quiet, very quiet, until today! By accident I found this mix on Soundcloud when I woke up earlier, and I was actually the first one to press play and hear it before anyone else did! Sneaky eh, and I didn’t ask for it. Normally I get everything sent to me, but this time I found it myself. I feel so good about myself, now I know why I woke up at this time of day!

What can you expect? Well, something unusual. And when I say that, I do mean it! JAJ and ViperStar have picked 31 of their favourite records, and mixed them together. Nothing unusual here, but when you look at the tracklist and see how many styles and genres they used to compose this mix, that’s the unusual bit. And also the great thing about this mix is that it’s filled with tracks by so many different artists from all over the world! Diversity is key, they say.

Don’t know why it took them so long, but they are back, finally with the second instalment of their fish related mixtape. Tracklist was provided, so here it is:


01. Lime – 8-Bit Dreamer (OpitU Remix) 
02. Maxo – Reach You (Mitomoro Remix) 
03. Marcus Kane – Cross The Divide
04. Dave Castellano – Ghost
05. Entity – Something To Say
06. Ultravibes – Fuckin’ Trip
07. Doug Horizon vs Joey Riot – Programmed 2 Ignite
08. Dave Castellano & DJFatSteve – AK-47
09. Syn Cole – Miami 82 (Moomei Bootleg) 
10. MOB & Tom Revolution – Rockstar
11. Hyperforce vs Wiggi – Guitar Tuna
12. Diplo & GTA – Boy Oh Boy (Gammer Edit) 
13. Getty – Frontline
14. Joey Riot & Tom Revolution – Rockstar Movements
15. MOB & Paul EP – The Circus 2014
16. Alex Prospect – Renegade
17. Cruze, Breaks, MC Frikshon & MC Macca – Speaker Shake
18. Dougal & Gammer – Shoulder Lock
19. Empyrean Tears – Easii
20. Special D. & Scott Brown – Elysium (Scott Brown Mix) 
21. Srav3R – Fire Of Spirit
22. Frontliner – Galaxes Collide (Tattttttt Bootleg) 
23. Neoclubber – In & Out (Ultravibes Remix) 
24. League Of Legends – Burning Bright (Andromulus Remix) (Assertive Hardcore Edit) 
25. Team Sly feat Riddle – FRC (Havoc 175 Edit) 
26. Darwin – Electric Pulsedrive
27. Knife Party – PLUR Police (Ren Hagisato Flip) 
28. Limit & Skoda – Khetto Blaster
29. Mitomoro – S.T.F.U.
30. Jimmy J & Cru-L-T – Ool Lortnoc (M-Project & Muzik Servant Remix) 
31. Inverse & Orbit1 – Nu Sensation

Diversity is what they are good at, and this mix is definately diverse from the first to the last second! Credits to JAJ and ViperStar for making an effort in creating a unique mix.

Let me remind you all that I love quirkiness in mixes, and I’m still a newbie when it comes to certain styles and genres, but in this mix it seems right. Maybe the jumps from one style to the next is too quickly, but you’ve got to get used to it. It’s bloody Christmas, sip on an alcoholic drink, and turn the speakers up to the max (the volume obviously). You’ll like this, I bet my life you will.

Some tracks are simply too cheesy for me. Some remixes do not work, like ‘Elysium’. The original is much better, don’t know why they decided they should release this dreadful track. The vocals are absolutely not good, not suitable. Sometimes they should leave the originals alone. Oh, and also the happiest tracks in this mix are a ‘must listen to again’.

What’s my favourite record in this mix? Oh, difficult. I would say ‘Something To Say’ by Entity. Love that track the most.

Hopefully it won’t be another year or so until the next instalment of this mixtape….. want to hear the first one? Click here!


DJ Terror 92-94 Oldskool Studio Mix – October 2016

DJ Terror 92-94 Oldskool Studio Mix - October 2016

DJ Terror 92-94 Oldskool Studio Mix – October 2016

DJ: Terror
Genre/Style: Oldskool, Breakbeat Hardcore, Rave, Breakbeat, Happy Hardcore
Mix Info: 92-94 Oldskool Studio Mix – October 2016
Length Mix: 00:48:28
Tracks: 19 (nineteen)
Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): DOWNLOAD/LISTEN
File Size: 66.5 MB
File Type: mp3
Bitspeed: 192kbps
More Information: DJ Terror – Facebook Fanpage

Another day, another mix. This time it’s a mix made by DJ Terror a.k.a. Accuser. Yes, you must know his name, you’ve probably seen his name on my website (I’ve interviewed him a couple of months ago, worth checking out). But for now you should check out this mix, because it’s a beauty. If you weren’t born in the 80s or 90s and you have no idea what Breakbeat Hardcore/Rave/Happy Hardcore is, it’s definately time for you to figure out what it is, and why not let this mix be your guide to the wonderful world of beats, basses, melodies, and a lot of piano bits and bobs?!

This era meant the most to me. To me this era beats the present day when it comes to the quality of the music. Yes, music has progressed, but sometimes I wonder why this kind of music has stayed in the past and not moved along aswel? I think this bass-filled music should have moved too, but on the other hand it’s good that we’ve got something to look back at, and acknowledge that it had a tremendous impact in our little rave culture.

The tunes DJ Terror has selected are raw, and filled with the dirtiest basses you haven’t heard in a while. The tracklist is insane, trust me. If you are old (as I am) and you know the music, you will get an erection if you just glimpse at this tracklist.


01. DJ Seduction – My Own
02. SMD – SMD#1
03. Just Another Artist & Matthew Quinn – Rhythm (Billy Daniel Bunter Remix) 
04. Devious D & MC Jay J – Time Of Our Lives
05. D-Force & J.James – Ruff
06. DJ Red Alert & Mike Slammer – I Don’t Need Your Love
07. SMD – SMD#2
08. DJ Invincible & N Zo – Funky Sensation
09. Ellis Dee – Desire
10. Slipmatt – Breaking Free
11. DJ Red Alert & Mike Slammer – In Effect
12. DJ Seduction – Drop The Bass
13. Different Vibe & M. Quinn – Can You Feel It
14. DJ Slam – Hold On
15. DJ Seduction – Sample Mania
16. Love Nation – Positive
17. Slipmatt – Hear Me
18. Ellis Dee – Don’t Stop Rocking
19. Billy Daniel Bunter, J. Wilkinson, JDS & M. Quinn – Let It Lift You

Beautiful. Got no other word to describe this tracklist. Well, maybe gorgeous, or outstanding. You get the gist. It’s an good looking tracklist, and in all fairness this is what I was after.

DJ Terror has made a seriously insane mix! I’ve downloaded this only a day ago, and I’ve already played it 40 times! The reason why? Well, it’s bass-focussed, and even with my bog standard Volvo s40 speakers this mix made my windows tremble. When I drove passed people walking down the street, they were looking at me, thinking that I must be completely insane to play this out loud! The bass levels were ridicilous, it made everything move! It was like experiencing earthquakes inside my car for about 50 minutes!

Best record? ‘Ruff’. End off.

Check this mix out right now!