DJ Casketkrusher – The Insane Thunder Mix (2017)

DJ Casketkrusher - The Insane Thunder Mix (2017)

DJ Casketkrusher – The Insane Thunder Mix (2017)

DJ: Casketkrusher
Genre/Style: Early Hardcore, Early Rave, Hardcore, Gabber, Happy Hardcore
Mix Info: The Insane Thunder Mix
Length Mix: 01:53:44
Tracks: 57 (fifty-seven)
Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): LISTEN HERE
File Size: unknown
File Type: unknown
Bitspeed: unknown
More Information: DJ Casketkrusher – Facebook Fanpage

2017 is the year of Thunderdome. The return of this mighty event in October sparked all of this happiness about the legendary label and party, which started around 1991-1992. This year they celebrate their 25th anniversary, and it will be one of the biggest Thunderdome’s to date. Many have already paid their respect by uploading mixes, DJs such as Bass-D and Ruffneck, and now Casketkrusher made a mix, dedicated to the label which gave us so many great memories. So many CDs, so many events, so many wizzards on t-shirts (and bodies too). Thunderdome is a way of living.

Casketkrusher uploaded a nearly 2 hour long set, in which he picked shit loads of records, forgotten about mostly. He told me he was going to do such a mix a couple of months ago, and now it has finally happened. And when I say shit loads of records, I do mean it: 57! And you do get the finest of the finest tunes. Carefully picked by Casketkrusher, and smashed into a 2 hour long mix.

As I said earlier, 2017 is the year of Thunderdome. This won’t be the last mix appearing on Soundcloud, dedicated to it. Many will follow, and they will get everyone excited for one of the coolest events coming up. If you haven’t purchased tickets like I have, you are going to miss a wonderful event. And for once, I’m gutted. I don’t even know if they will do any more events after this one. They do a special thing at Mysteryland too, having their own Thunderdome area. Does that mean it’s back, or only a one-off because it’s been 25 years since they came into our lives and demolished our bedroom speakers?

Let me show you the tracklist, it’s a thing of beauty!

tracklist TCD

01. The Prophet – Dominatin’ (Original Mix) 
02. Jean Sibart & Joël Trambel – Right Is Wrong
03. Dr. Mindfuck – Beine (Remix)
04. D & F – Hard Attack
05. Creepozoids – One More Time
06. Dance Overdose – Wake Up To The Overdose (The Marc Smith Notorious Mix) 
07. Mutoïd – Fuckin’ Mind
08. The Prophet – Controllin’ The Universe (Original Mix) 
09. Lenny Dee & Darrien Kelly – Schoom!
10. Lock Jaw – Ruff’N’Ruggin’
11. Duo Pennotti – Addicted II Raves
12. The Scotchman – Happy Vibes
13. Northern Boys – Feel Da Passion (Dutch DJ Squad Remix) 
14. The Prophet – The Sound He Makes
15. DJ Maxx feat DJ Giangy feat DJ Buby – Musica Nevrotica (DJ Buby Mix) 
16. DJ Ricci & MC Hair – 200% Acidiferus
17. Dano – Let The Drumcomputer Roll
18. Tintin – Nothing Too Fear
19. Dano – I’m Gonna Get You
20. 50% Of The Dreamteam – The Thundertheme (Original Mix) 
21. Critical Mass – Antichrist
22. DJ Buzz Fuzz – Drop The Pressure (Original Mix) 
23. DJ Gizmo & DJ Norman – Now You See Him, Now You Don’t (The Houseviking Remix) 
24. Tellurian – Squash The Floor
25. Dr. Phil Omanski – Feel The Rhythm (Original Mix) 
26. Creasemaster & Slamdog – Face Down
27. Too Small – U Gotta Give It Baby (Jawshabby Mix) 
28. Lords Of The Underworld – Mind Explosion
29. Recharge – Motherfucking Music
30. Dominion – Natural Born Killers (Killer Mix) 
31. Too Hostile – Make ‘M Clap (Remixed By DJ Paul) 
32. Cellblock X – House Of Spoo (Remix) 
33. Lenny Dee And The Hardcore Warriors – Funky Twisted
34. Guitar Rob – Into My Brain (Original) 
35. General Noise – Hey Mr. DJ
36. James Daltan – Wanna Get High?
37. Ralphie Dee meets The Kool Killers – God Complex (Ralphie Dee Mix) 
38. Ralphie Dee meets The Kool Killers – Beyond Perversion
39. Roughron – The Blaster
40. Psylocke – 2 Thy Soul
41. Turbolenza – I Am The Creator (Future Mix) 
42. Wayward – Adrenaline Rush
43. Superior feat Lay-On & DJ Jordens – Watch This
44. Scott Brown’s Annihilator – Out Of Focus
45. Lords Of The Underworld – Fuckin’ Them Beats (Simtec Power Mix) 
46. E-Rick & Tactic – Rocked Da House
47. The Force Creators – Wheep & Howell
48. DJ Promo – Cold As Stone
49. DJ The Viper – Voodoo Magic
50. DJ Fuckface – Mind-X-Pander
51. Alter Of Sacrifice – Pumpin’ Body
52. Promo – Feel The Thunder
53. Naughty Boys – Hardcore Bee (Flying Terror Mix) 
54. Arjuna – No Enemies
55. DJ Sim – Behind The Mask
56. Omar Santana – Bone Bastik
57. The Illegal Alien – Your Secret Fantasy

This is a gabber’s wet dream! Look at the tracklist. Not only the legendary records are in here, but also the other jewels from the 90s! I reckon Casketkrusher went through his collection and thought ‘fuck it, let’s play everything imaginable’. Which he did.

This was actually broadcasted live on Gabber.FM 2 days ago! So this is as fresh as a daisy! As usual, you hear the finest tunes and the freshest beats, and now you can find his set on Soundcloud. And it’s worth your time. It’s got so many great anthems in here, it’s proof why Thunderdome still has a lasting impact on all of us. It still makes us move, and each and every track is a killer anthem. Some forgotten, which we shouldn’t have. But thanks to mixes like this one it’s time for us to reminisce, and get back onto the oldskool train, and start to play those precious compilations again.

Wonderful selection of tracks. Too many to choose as a favourite, and I do mean it. And also too many forgotten beauties.This mix brings back memories I completely forgot about. A wonderful selection.

There are a few tracks I still don’t like after all these years. But that’s just my personal view. Don’t let my judgment cloud your perspective on this mix. Just press play, and let this mix be your guiding light through the weekend, up towards the actual event in October.

There are a few small errors, but come on: this was done live. Who makes a mix so flawless without one mistake?

Casketkrusher’s long awaited mix. I’ve been waiting for this, and it didn’t disappoint. Thanks man, for yet another cool mix!


Casketkrusher – Rougher & Tougher (2015)

Casketkrusher - Rougher & Tougher (2015)

Casketkrusher – Rougher & Tougher (2015)

Artist: Casketkrusher
Genre/Style: Happy Hardcore, Early Hardcore, Rave, Gabber
Release Year: 2015
CD Info: Casketkrusher – Rougher & Tougher
CDs: 1 (one, unmixed)
Length CD: 01:14:56
Tracks: 15 (fifteen)
Product Number: MSTCD020
Buy Here: Casketkrusher – Bandcamp Website
More Information: Casketkrusher – Facebook Fanpage

I’m not a huge fanboy at all, I do like everything and everyone, but when you find an artist so unique and fresh and making music the way you like it, you can’t help yourself and embrace his music. Not the artist, I wouldn’t go that far, but the music, yep, that’s the reason why I am a changed man. The name of the artist? Well, you’ve seen his name fly by recently, and even on my main page the album I’m about to review can be seen; Casketkrusher. Don’t know much about the artist (keep an eye out, you might see an interview soon here on TCD), but what I do know is that he loves the early Hardcore stuff.

Earlier today he was on Gabber FM, playing those early tunes. I couldn’t catch his whole show, but what I did hear sounded awesome. What makes his music so interesting? Well. That’s a good question, but I do have an answer: he’s one of the few that still makes Happy Hardcore/Gabber the way people did in the 90s! The raw kick, the tough beat, the cheesy vocals,.. basically everything which made Happy Hardcore sound so good. He still makes it, and he’s one of the few who can produce it well. And mix it well, let’s not forget about that. I noticed his mixes before I noticed the album. Technically speaking I only found it out the other day, and now, just now, I ordered the bloody thing and it will be posted a.s.a.p. Imagine if we lived in a world without the internet, it would take days/weeks before an album was delivered.

The album was released back in 2015 and it does contain 15 tracks by Casketkrusher, and they are worth checking out. One bonus track, but that’s what you certainly want. A treat, and you can still get a copy for yourself, or your mother-in-law, or your neighbour… but first, let’s check out the tracklist!


01. Casketkrusher & The Soul Seeker – Resident Evil (Boogie Night’s Remix) 
02. Casketkrusher – Love Is…
03. E-Core – Breakbeat
04. The Manipulator – Right About Now (Casketkrusher Remix) 
05. Casketkrusher & The Soul Seeker – At War
06. Casketkrusher vs E-Core – Ready To Rave!
07. E-Core – Happy Tune
08. The Soul Seeker – The Smoker
09. Casketkrusher & The Soul Seeker – Resident Evil (Original Mix) 
10. Casketkrusher – Here It Comes (Original Mix) 
11. The Manipulator – Right About Now (Maynor Remix) 
12. Casketkrusher – Kinetic Energy Penetrator (The Penetration Mix) 
13. The Soul Seeker – Riffs & Beats
14. Casketkrusher & The Soul Seeker – The Screamer (Rougher & Tougher) 
Bonus Track
15. The Manipulator feat The Soul Seeker – Game Over

For only a few quid you can get an album so unique, when you’ve got it on display everyone will ask who the artist is, and you can say proudly that it’s Casketkrusher! They might not have a clue, but who cares? Spread the Hardcore love, support the artist!

The album has got quirky bits, the picture up front makes you wonder why they decided to take this picture? And the font of the letters, it reminds me of a major player in the Hardcore industry, or is that just me?

Well, let’s talk about the music. And the music is good! The album starts off with a quirky song, at first I was a bit bedazzled (or whatever the word is), I thought that this sound slightly too cheesy for my ears, but I gave it another go, and I really liked it! That really applies to each and every track. The way Casketkrusher uses the already familiar sounds/bits/bobs just makes it sound even better! We are already used to it, and he found a way to make it work, even back in 2015!

Not that there’s still a huge market for Happy Hardcore (sadly), but with an album such as this one it takes you back to the early 90s, and makes you happy again! So many underrated records, never heard by the masses, but I think it’s time for the album to reach a broader fanbase, so I would urge you all to listen to this album, and start embracing Happy Hardcore again. We might have fallen out of love, but secretly we still adore the living daylight out of it!

What’s my favourite record? I do love ‘At War’, ‘Love Is…’, ‘Resident Evil’, but the one that makes my spine tingle in a good way is ‘Riffs & Beats’. Sweet Lord, this should have been out in the 90s and it would have dominated the dancefloors all over the world! He knows how to build a record up like a pro. No cheap skate producing skills, but proper skills. Many producers would be jealous of it!

Casketkrusher, you are a hero. A true hero. Someone who shares the same passion as I do. And there aren’t many! Thank you for my dream not being shattered, because Happy Hardcore is STILL ALIVE!

Ps. don’t think that he worked with so many artists, Casketkrusher has got so many aliases…


DJ Casketkrusher – Rave Mix Vol. 1 – Happy Gabba Edition (2015)

DJ Casketkrusher - Rave Mix Vol. 1 - Happy Gabba Edition (2015)

DJ Casketkrusher – Rave Mix Vol. 1 – Happy Gabba Edition (2015)

DJ: Casketkrusher
Genre/Style: Happy Hardcore, Happy Rave, Happy Gabba
Mix Info: Rave Mix Vol. 1 – Happy Gabba Edition
Length Mix: 00:58:06
Tracks: 21 (twenty-one)
Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): LISTEN HERE
File Size: unknown
File Type: unknown
Bitspeed: unknown
More Information: Casketkrusher – Facebook Fanpage

If there’s one person who embraces Happy Hardcore, that’s me. Your truly, who loves it so much, and is actually gutted that it disappeared in the late 90s. But as you all know, it’s been coming back slowely. Yes, there have been events, but they were only playing the commercial Happy Hardcore. And sometimes you just want to miss the cheesiest of them all, not those commercially rubbish records. Even though they might sound cheesy, they are so true to what Happy Hardcore is. Don’t forget it’s got the word ‘Happy’ in the title. No rough and raw Hardcore, just happy stuff!

Casketkrusher told me that there were three mixes online. 3 mixes focussed on the Happy Gabba/Happy Rave side of Hardcore. At first I was a bit sceptical, but once I saw the tracklist my mind blew away into a million pieces! This is the proper stuff, the stuff that dominated the 90s! Oh my God, these are literally the golden anthems you don’t hear anymore at all! These are forgotten, or simply not played anymore! Why? I don’t have a clue. But I haven’t heard these anthems for at least 10 years (well, around 10 years-ish).

Thanks Casketkrusher for mentioning these tracks in a wonderful tracklist! Earlier today I went through my Hardstyle collection because of Scope DJ’s mix, now it’s back to the Happy Hardcore side of life. And that side is beautiful!


01. Highlander – I’m Sorry (Original Mix) 
02. Scott Brown – Gazometer
03. Lock Jaw – Not Tonight
04. DJ Isaac – Bad Dreams (Remix) 
05. Scott Brown with Bass-D & King Matthew – The People Love It (Original) 
06. DJ Isaac – We Like Marihuana (Extended Version) 
07. Stingray & Sonicdriver – As Cold As Ice (Sonicdriver Remix) 
08. Stingray – Power Of Darkness (Sonicdriver Remix) 
09. Forbes & Cyclone – Faze 1
10. DJ Davie Forbes – Apocalypse Now
11. DJ Mongoose – Rip Shit Up (DJ Isaac Remix) 
12. Commotion – Stick It In
13. DJ Paul Elstak – Pump This Party
14. Infernus – Funcore
15. DJ Weirdo & DJ Sim – It’s Gonna Be Alright (Inferno Remix) 
16. The Prophet & DJ Delirium – We Love 2 Party
17. DJ E-Rick & Tactic – Hands In D’air
18. Technosis – Genorate (Scott Brown Mix) 
19. Q-Bass – Music Man
20. The Propher – 4 Buffalo’s
21. Hi-Beat-Resolution – Spring Roll

Wow! Haven’t seen the majority of these anthems for a while! This makes me smile, to see these slightly cheesy tracks again after so many years. Why did the majority of Hardcore fans make fun of this style? It was awesome. So cool, so unique, and yes, extremely happy, but some people like it happy, including yours truly!

This is a trip into memory lane. And the lane is filled with memories, I can tell you that! But this mix, that’s our focus for tonight, because that’s what it’s all about. There are so many great anthems selected by Casketkrusher, it blows my mind. Those forgotten anthems, like ‘Hands In D’air’, ‘Power Of Darkness’, ‘Pump This Party’, ‘We Love 2 Party’, ‘Not Tonight’…. pff, my head can’t handle the fact that these tunes are around 20+ years old, and still sound so fresh.

My favourite record? Easy, it’s ‘Apocalypse Now’ by Davie Forbes. Anthem. Goosebumps.

The mix has got a few cross fading errors, but not big. Nothing to deduct points for. All in all this mix is really ace, and yet Casketkrusher amazes me again and again. I reckon his Soundcloud page is a must-go-to website for Happy Hardcore, eh?

Check this one out and the other 2 volumes. Happy Hardcore is still alive!!!!


DJ Casketkrusher – New Years Mix 2016: Ultimate Gabber Mix

DJ Casketkrusher - New Years Mix 2016: Ultimate Gabber Mix

DJ Casketkrusher – New Years Mix 2016: Ultimate Gabber Mix

DJ: Casketkrusher
Genre/Style: Hardcore Techno, Gabber, Happy Hardcore, Early Hardcore, Terror
Mix Info: New Years Mix 2016: Ultimate Gabber Mix
Length Mix: 00:57:53
Tracks: 22 (twenty-two)
Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): LISTEN HERE
File Size: unknown
File Type: unknown
Bitspeed: unknown
More Information: Casketkrusher – Facebook Fanpage

As you all know, I am a HUGE fan of the early Hardcore/Gabber/Happy Hardcore stuff. My music collection is quite impressive when it comes to that kind of music, and I adore everyone who makes mixes, keeping the music alive and kicking. And recently I’ve discovered a DJ called Casketkrusher, who keeps the music alive and kicking like no-one else. When you do adore the music as much as I do, and grew up with it, this new DJ is the one to follow. His passion and dedication is tremendous, and for those who are unaware of what he’s capable of, here’s one of his mixes.

Released last month, I could have reviewed this much earlier, but sadly there was no tracklist. I really needed a tracklist, because I did not know all tracks by name. Thankfully yesterday he replied with a tracklist, which you can also find underneath the mix. And this mix is dope, seriously dope. Yes, the majority of DJs keep on mixing stuff which we’ve heard a billion times before, but not these tracks. You won’t know what hit you once you’ve pressed the precious ‘play’ button. This is insane, this is impressive, and above all: this is my kind of Hardcore.

The tracklist, I’ve waited for this quite a while, but it was worth it. Check this beast out!


01. Dougal & Mickey Skeedale – New Generation (Hard Mix) 
02. Da Pumping Universe – The Northstar
03. Ultimate Buzz feat MC Bee – Rofo’s Theme (El Bruto Remix) 
04. Uranium – Rippin’ Off Wax
05. The Prophet – Housetime! (3 Steps Ahead Remix) 
06. The Stunned Guys – Beats Time
07. DJ Ruffneck vs Juggernaut – I’m A Ruffneck!!!
08. Matrix + Wargroover – Energy
09. Kool Killers – Amerikaaaaah! (DJ Dano Amsterdam ’96 Remix) 
10. DJ Dano – Fuckem All (Original Mix) 
11. DJ Sim – Horras ’94
12. The Propher – The Sound He Makes
13. Pineapple Jack – Do That Dance!
14. Frank E & Mars-L – Spliffs ‘N Niffs
15. DJ Waxweazle – I Like This World
16. Urban Menace – The Wrong Nigga To Fuck With
17. Dance Overdose – Portant
18. R. Wagner – My Dominion
19. Evil Maniax – Psychopath
20. Trickster – Emphasis On Hardcore
21. The Thundergods Of Asgard – Bustin’ Walls
22. DJ Dano – 120-9000 BPM

Come on, if this doesn’t cause tingling sensation down in your underpants, you ain’t Hardcore. You might like the new generation Hardcore, but never call yourself a true Hardcore fan, because you aren’t. Like your roots, like this. This is the music that defined a generation, and created the path for future projects. This is the reason why Hardcore is still alive: because it was banging, fresh, new, uplifting, different, and above all: it was f**king ace!

This mix has got everything you need: Gabber, Happy Hardcore, a tiny amount of Terror (c.q. last track), early Hardcore and more. This brings back good memories, and this is the kind of music I miss. Only a handful of producers keep this sound alive, but I prefer this above the new Hardcore. Not saying that the new is crap of bad, but this was so much different. This is the music that came from the soul, and dedication lead to these tracks. On basic materials they made this, not being helped by soft- and hardware that we’ve got nowadays.

The music was so good. And this mix is going straight into my top 10 ‘all time greatest mixes’. I’m truly in love with Casketkrusher’s mix. What can I mention about the tracks? Well, the only track I don’t like is the ‘Amerikaaah!’ track. Not my cup of tea. But if that’s all… nothing bad in all fairness, eh? 1 out of 22 tracks ain’t bad?

The mixing side of it is just spot on. I can’t name a single bad thing, I simply can’t. I’m truly in love with this mix. Please Casketkrusher, keep providing us with mixes such as this one, we need more. We are desperate. This is what keeps me and others alive!

One of the greatest mixes of all time. Fantastic tunes.