This Is Fawks :: 002 (2016)

This Is Fawks :: 002 (2016)

This Is Fawks :: 002 (2016)

DJ: Fawks
Genre/Style: Bass House, Deep House, Future House, Trap, Dubstep, Drum & Bass, Hip Hop, Rap
Mix Info: This Is Fawks 002
Length Mix: 00:59:17
Tracks: 41 (fourty-one)
Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): LISTEN HERE 
File Size: unknown
File Type: unknown
Bitspeed: unknown
More Information: Fawks – Facebook Fanpage

Found this mix the other day online, and I have to say that, even though I have never heard of this DJ’s name, this mix has captured my attention, and I have listened to it already several times, like most of you lot have. Only uploaded 24 days ago, it already has 13.2k+ plays. You might wonder why the high amount, but in all fairness, this mix is really tight and very dope, and that basically the main reason why people have listened to this mix.

This mix captured my attention for several reason, but the main reason being the tracklist! Look at the tracklist, it’s dangerous! I will show you the tracklist in a minute, but you must admit after looking at it that it’s a beauty! Not bound to only one style or one genre, Fawks has picked a lot of tracks from several genres/styles, blended them together into this majestic mix, and the result is good. Bass music, that’s the key element in this mix.

Bass music, who doesn’t want to hear it? If you don’t, please leave this page.


01. Fawks – [redacted] 02. Riton feat Kah-lo – Rise And Repeat
03. Sleepy Tom x Go Freek – The Way You Push (Fawks Edit) 
04. Shadow Child x Destructo x Justin Martin x Ardala – Higher Function Weapon (Fawks Edit) 
05. Fawks – [redacted] 06. Lliam Taylor – [redacted] 07. Getter & Ghastly – 666!
08. David Heartbreak – Rebel (AC Slater Remix) 
09. A$AP Mob – Hella Hoes (Jauz Remix) 
10. Jauz – Feel The Volume (JoyRyde Remix) 
11. Ghastly x Cooda x Boy Bishop – Get On Nitro (Fawks Edit) 
12. Foreign Beggars – Choosing For You (Lliam Tayler Remix) 
13. Eptic – Spellbound (Loud About Us Bootleg) 
14. Jvst Say Yes – Ill Behaviour
15. Ookay & Getter – World (YDG Remix) 
16. Brewski – Niykee Heaton (Fawks Flip) 
17. Psychic Type – Indigo Plateau (Fawks Flip) 
18. Galantis – No Money (Wuki Remix) 
19. Tchami & AC Slater – Missing You
20. Drowning Pool – Bodies (Drezo Remix) 
21. Jaykode & Party Thieves – Origin (Fawks Flip) 
22. The Game & Skrillex – El Chapo (Fawks VIP) 
23. Rustie feat Danny Brown – Attak
24. Skepta – That’s Not Me
25. Yogi – Burial (Moody Good Remix) 
26. Skrillex & Alvin Risk x Nero – Try The Innocent Dub (Fawks Edit) 
27. Sub Focus – Falling Down VIP
28. Roksonix – Music In Me
29. Zomboy – Terror Squad (Fawks i_o Flip) 
30. Shockone – Chaos Theory
31. Metrik – Terminus
32. Nero – Satisfy (Koncept Remix) 
33. Mob Tactics – Shark Tank
34. Mob Tactics – Get Dirty
35. Black Sun Empire – Kill That Noise
36. Wilkinson – Heartbeat (Calyx & TeeBee Remix) 
37. Monsta – Holdin’ On (Skrillex & Nero Remix) 
38. Friction & Skream – Kingpin (Calyx & TeeBee Remix) 
39. Fakws – [redacted] x Sun And Moon
40. Oliver Heldens – Gecko Overdrive (Matrix & Futurebound Remix) 
41. Deadmau5 – Avaritia (Dimension Remix) 

See I told you!! Didn’t I warn you? This is one sexy tracklist. Nothing can beat this tracklist, really astonishing!

The mix is tight, really good. Not dull at any moment, only a few tracks which weren’t my thing, but if there were 3, that’s no biggie. 3 bad tracks in a 41 track mix? That’s not bad, is it.

Fawks has given me a very good mix to listen to on the way to work. The journey was quite pleasant, and not as long as I thought it was going to be. I could listen to this mix again and again, and I will. It has nearly reached the end of the mix, so it’s time again to start it, and go mental.

Favourite track? Oh, I can’t choose.

A very interesting mix by an unknown artist (to me). Liking the vibes, liking the diversity, liking it a lot. Quite the summery mix too, if I’m honest. Chill back, relax, and enjoy this mix, wherever you are. If you are looking for a very, very dope mix, look no further.

Thank you Fawks!


Armand van Helden – Rise Vol. 1 (1993)

Armand Van Helden - Rise Vol. 1

Armand van Helden – Rise Vol. 1 (1993)

DJ: Armand van Helden (a.k.a. DJ AV8)
Genre/Style: House, Deep House
Mix Info: Armand van Helden – Rise Vol. 1
Length Mix: 01:27:40
Tracks: 27 (twenty-seven)
Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): DOWNLOAD/LISTEN HERE
File Size: 120 MB
File Type: mp3
Bitspeed: 192kbps
More Information: Armand van Helden – Facebook Fanpage

Thanks to a page on Facebook I was pointed towards the right direction, when it comes to good music. Some days I just go br0wsing and hope to find a proper mix, and sometimes other pages just show me mixes that I wasn’t looking for, but glad that I found them anyway. One of those mixes I had to listen to, was Armand van Helden’s ‘Rise Vol. 1′ from 1993, when he used his alias DJ AV8. A really oldskool mix, and if you haven’t heard it yet, I think you should. How many mixtapes will you find from 1993, filled with House music? Not many, exactly.

This is a very special mixtape, because it shows Armand van Helden’s strength as a DJ way before he became a world wide phenomena. This was recorded years before he dominated the music industry, and it’s jam packed with House music. It’s the kind of music I really adore and appreciate, because I grew up listening to House music. It shaped me to the person I have become, and without it I would be nowhere. The reason why I like this mixtape a lot, is because it’s packed with underground anthems, many forgotten, but thankfully we are reminded about their coolness. I don’t know every track, because the compilations I bought were balanced between underground and well known pop anthems, but there are still a few anthems in here we’ve all heard and danced to.

Armand van Helden was and still is a House God. This man doesn’t need an introduction. If you don’t know the man, you are way too young to be on the internet already. If you do know the man, and you know and love House music from the early 90s, you are in for a treat!


01. Mood II Swing – I Need Your Luv (Right Now) (Lem’s Church Mix) 
02. MAW & Company feat Xaviera Gold – Gonna Get Back To You (Mood II Swing “Big Thick” Dub) 
03. Sultans Of Swing – Move It To The Left (3rd Level Banji Mix) 
04. The S.O.U.L. S.Y.S.T.E.M. – It’s Gonna Be A Lovely Day (Palladium House Anthem 1) 
05. Happy Mondays – Stinkin Thinkin (Junior Style) 
06. Jazz – Lonely (Underground Goodie Mix)
07. Cajmere feat Dajae – Brighter Days (Underground Goodie Mix) 
08. Robin S. – Show Me Love (Stonebridge Club Mix) 
09. Nightcrawlers – Push The Feeling (The Dub Of Doom) 
10. T.M.V.S. – Don’t Be Shy
11. unknown – unknown
12. Martha Wash – Carry On (Masters At Work Dub Mix) 
13. Martha Wash – Carry On (Tee’s Dub) 
14. Happyhead – Digital Love Thing (Underground MK Mix) 
15. Armand van Helden – Te-Quiero (Casa Cabesa Mix) 
16. Inner Rhythm Inc. – Take Me Away (The Chunky But Funky Mix) 
17. J. – Keep The Promise (MK Deep Dub) 
18. Kenny “Dope” Gonzales – All I’m Askin’ (Roger S. Remix) 
19. House Of Gypsies – Samba
20. Frank Ski – Whores In The House
21. Uncanny Alliance – I Got My Education (Kenlou Mix) 
22. Trey Lorenz – Photography Of Mary (MAW Dub) 
23. Aly-Us – Follow Me (Club Mix) 
24. Kookoo Monster presents The Funk EP – I Need It (Pan Con Bistec Mix) 
25. Karen Pollack – You Can’t Touch Me (Murk Remix) 
26. Liberty City – Some Lovin’
27. Coral Way Chiefs – Release Myself

A proper tracklist, wouldn’t you agree? There were several unknown tracks in this mix, the tracklist wasn’t complete, but thankfully people added the titles, so we have a near complete tracklist. If Armand is watching, what’s the name of track 11? You must know, you made this awesome mixtape!

I love the quality of this. It sounds like it was taken from an oldskool cassette, and it’s one of those reasons why I love this mixtape a lot! Taking me back to the days when I walked around with big ass headphones and ‘My First Cassette Player’ by Sony. The same sound quality was penetrating my skull during the 90s, and I still have fond memories of those golden days of House.

It’s one amazing mix from the beginning to the end. Quality tunes, and quality mixing! This was way before he took the world by storm, and even in 1993 he was spot on when it comes to his mixing skills. He has made an errorless and flawless mix, and if I’m honest, he could mix way better in 1993 than most DJs nowadays. And in 1993 the technical revolution did not occur, so it was basically a headphone, a box of records, two turntables and a mixer. No USBs or CDJs or sync buttons, but your ears and your fingers were needed, nothing else. Armand made a wicked mix, and we should be happy that someone uploaded it onto Soundcloud 2 years ago. This is a must have mixtape.

Goosebumps might appear throughout this mix. No need to call a doctor, or a witch doctor… (see what I did there?). The coolest and dopest mix from 1993, yes, that’s what this is. 1993, why so far behind us?


Justin Jay Live From Desert Hearts (2015)

Justin Jay Live From Desert Hearts

Justin Jay Live From Desert Hearts

DJ: Justin Jay
Genre/Style: House, Deep House, Electro House, Funky House, Acid House
Liveset Info: Live From Desert Hearts
Length Liveset: 02:31:28
Tracks: 38 (thirty-eight)
Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): DOWNLOAD/LISTEN HERE
File Size: 346 MB
File Type: mp3
Bitspeed: 320kbps
More Information: Justin Jay – Facebook Fanpage

A month ago I was browsing Soundcloud as I normally do, and I was looking for a proper liveset, and found one. A rather long one, and the person who performed was Justin Jay. In all honesty, I have never heard of this man before, but by judging the amount of Facebook likes he has, I’m probably the only one who didn’t knew who he was. It took me a while to listen to it fully, and a recent trip back from the UK made it possible for me to listen to it constantly. The journey from Calais to where I live is around 3 1/2 hours and this mix 2 1/2 hours, so I had plenty of time to listen and enjoy. And I enjoyed myself, the journey was much more pleasant.

When I pressed play for the first time, I wasn’t ready for this amount of House-ness. Fully unaware of the artist and where it was recorded, but after some browsing I found out who the artist is, and the vent he played at. Let’s talk about the artist, if you were like me, unaware of him. His name is Justin Jay, and according to the internet he’s an DJ and producer from Los Angeles, California. His Facebook page info section is quite short, but the most important thing for you all to know is that his influences are Daft Punk, Claude VonStroke and Rachmaninoff. The first two I’m familiar with, the last one I’m not. But the first two count, eh?

The event he played at is called ‘Desert Hearts’. 4.6k people went to it, and it lasted 3 days. The event presented hours of House, Techno & Love. Justin Jay was one of the headline acts, and he delivered a truly amazing set, which you can download right now. If you love House this is a must have set. A wide range of styles are played, from Electro House to Funky House to Deep House. Let me warn you, this liveset will blow your mind away, and will leave you breathless.


01. Dene Anthony – Enjoy Detroit
02. Claude VonStroke – Barrump
03. Dakar Carvalho – Woobly w/ Breach – Let’s Get Hot
04. Justin Jay – You Give Me Butterflies
05. Paul Simon – Diamonds (Âme Private Edit) 
06. Kolsch – Zig w/ Scuba – Adrenaline
07. Massimiliano Pagliara – Sensation 9 (Marco & Orpheo Remix)  w/ Waka Flocka Flame – Grove St. Party
08. Maceo Plex – Conjure Dreams
09. Kill Frenzy – H.O.U.S.E.
10. Claude VonStroke – Make A Cake
11. D4L – Laffy Taffy (Justin Jay Edit) 
12. Chemical Surf & Illusionize – Bass
13. Justin Jay feat Josh Taylor – Karma
14. Dubtribe Sound System – Equitoreal
15. Madioko N Rafika – Ellelli (Kalabrese Remix) 
16. Norken, Deer – Remember That Feeling
17. Deniz Kurtel feat Jada – The L Word (Guy Gerber’s Countryside Remix) 
18. Code 718 – Equinox (Henrik Schwarz Remix – Dixon Edit) 
19. Scott Grooves – Movin’ On
20. JV – Edit Channel XXX
21. Joe Smooth – Promised Land
22. Ulf Bonde – Brother Piña
23. Super Flu & Andhim – Scuzzlebutt
24. Matthew Styles – Hot
25. Daft Punk – Revolution 909
26. DJ Sneak – Keep Groovin’ (Ian Pooley Mix) 
27. Markus Homm, Mihai Popoviciu & Jay Bliss – Bis Co
28. Nic Fanciulli – Work The Week
29. Jodeci – Freek ‘N You (MK Dub) 
30. Dale Howard – Thinkin’
31. Audion, Tiga x Ron Costa – Gez Dancing (Eats Reebeef) 
32. Eats Everything – Vertigo w/ MTD & Dutty Dan – Stranded
33. Billion feat Maxine Ashley – Special (Glimpse Remix) 
34. Justin Martin – Molokini w/ Julio Bashmore – Battle For Middle You
35. Formally Unknown – Tribalz
36. Pete Graham & Lorenzo – Marina Gasolina (808 Refix) 
37. Justin Jay – Cheese
38. Justin Jay feat Josh Taylor – What Do You Want

If you have to make a journey very soon, and it’s not 2 1/2 hours long, just drive a long way away and then come back. You must listen to this mix whilst driving, the ultimate driving mix! Or, if you don’t have a car, you can listen to it at home or wherever you are.

This mix blew me away! Seriously insane mix! It’s just too damn perfect! I fell in love from the first time I heard it, and now I’ve finally listened to it continuously, it has become my favourite House liveset of all time! Look at the amount of awesome tunes! This man knows House, and his passion for it is contagious! I couldn’t stop wiggling and wobbling around in my car during my journey. And secretly I still do it.

There are too many great anthems to mention, or to pick as favourite. The ones that really blew me away were the following: ‘Diamonds’, ‘Make A Cake’, ‘Karma’, ‘Equinox’, ‘Revolution 909’, ‘Brother Piña’, …. and the list goes on! So many great tunes did Justin Jay play, the crowd went mental (you can hear it throughout the set). And they aren’t the only ones, I’ve gone completely ballistic. I never heard of Justin Jay, but he’s gained another Facebook fan! What an excellent set, pure House from the first to the last second. No mucking about, pure music.

Justin Jay, you are a superstar! Already a House legend! Brilliant set.


Spinnin’ Records Summer 2015 Mix

Spinnin' Records Summer Mix 2015

Spinnin’ Records Summer Mix 2015

Artists: Various Artists
Genre/Style: House, Deep House
Mix Info: Spinnin’ Records Summer 2015 Mix
Length Mix: 01:36:56
Tracks: 33 (thirty-three)
Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): LISTEN HERE
File Size: unknown
File Type: unknown
Bitspeed: unknown
More Information: Spinnin’ Records – Official Website

Browsing the world wide web can make you a very happy person. If you are single, you can find your soulmate of a shag, if you are interested in history there’s Wikipedia, but if you are a music lover/freak like myself, there’s always Soundcloud. And Soundcloud is always filled with music, hours and hours of music. If you look closely, there’s always a mix for you to listen to. One of those mixes you should listen to, was uploaded a couple of days ago, and it’s the one that will make you embrace the summer, and dance the night away: the ‘Spinnin’ Records Summer 2015 Mix’. Let the summer begin, and let it begin properly!

The summer is here, and it’s not going anywhere. We have embraced the sun, and it’s time for the music to do the same. And if you listen to this wonderful mix, released by one of the largest music labels on Earth, you will love the music that they release. According to Spinnin’ Records, it’s packed with ID tracks, exclusive previews and a lot of recent and upcoming material by well established artists. What’s there not to like? Maybe one thing can put you off: this mix isn’t downloadable, which is a pity, because you want to share it with everyone around you.

I’ve had this mix on whilst driving to work, and others around me noticed it (well, there’s a volume button and you can turn it all the way to the right). People seemed to appreciate it, and giving me the usual head movement (up and down). This is a well made mix, which has the potential to make this year’s summer the best one we’ve experienced for a long time.

It’s time for you all to see the tracklist, because it will blow you away!


01. Eklo feat JordinLaine – You + Me
02. Redondo & Bolier feat She Keeps Bees – Every Single Piece (LVNDSCAPE Remix) 
03. LVNDSCAPE – Star
04. Redondo & CamelPhat feat Joel Compass – Collide
05. The Magician feat Olly Alexander – Together
06. Lany – ILYSB (I Love You So Bad) (Fabich & Ferdinand Weber Remix) 
07. CamelPhat – Constellations
08. Eelke Kleijn – In My Head
09. Watermät – Portland
10. Sharam – Just Yeah
11. Sam Feldt & Shaun Frank feat ID – Break From You
12. Joe Stone feat Montell Jordan – The Party (This Is How We Do It)
13. Oliver Heldens & Shaun Frank feat Delaney Jane – Shades Of Grey
14. Chocolate Puma & Oliver Heldens – Freak
15. Pep & Rash – Red Roses
16. Bougenvilla & Ephwurd – I Want You So Bad
17. Lucas & Steve vs Matt & Kendo – You And I Know
18. Chocolate Puma – I Could Be Wrong
19. Jauz & ID – Feel You
20. Curbi – Rubber
21. Wiwek & Gregor Salto – Miami
22. Armand Van Helden – I Want Your Soul (Sleepy Tom Bootleg) 
23. Curbi & Ghastly – ID
24. Lucas & Steve – Calinda
25. Michael Calfan – Mercy
26. Martin Solveig feat Sam White – +1
27. Matisse & Sadko – Memories
28. Mr. Belt & Wezol & Freejak – Somebody To Love
29. Alex Ark – Get Away From You
30. Cleavage – Can’t Get Enough
31. Mike Mago – Deeper Love
32. Ferreck Dawn – Superman
33. Sander Van Doorn – Down The Hill

Someone made this tracklist, and I reckon it’s really accurate, and after hearing this mix, I have fell in love. In love with whatever Spinnin’ Records’ releasing. This is such a wicked mix, the summer of 2015 is going to be great, thanks to Spinnin’ Records.

A nice and calm mix from the first to the last second. So many great anthems, some are exclusive, some will be released soon and soon already have been. But it’s worth checking this mix out, if you haven’t already. If you still are picturing summer to be a couple of months away, download this mix right now! Embrace this mix and enjoy life as it is.

I can not point out one favourite track, because there are simply too many. But CamelPhat’s ‘Constellations’ is so gorgeous, after hearing it for the first time I couldn’t stop dancing! I had to listen to this track again and again. But let’s not forget ‘Portland’, which is my second number 1 track. These two tracks define the summer of 2015! Classic anthems in the making.

If you are looking for the ultimate summer mix of 2015, look no further, you have found it! Make sure you play it as loud as you can, and if people are complaining, don’t worry, they are not complaining about the noise level, but they simply want to know what you are playing. Press play and let’s go, dance the night away!

Big mix. Epic mix. Fantastic label.