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Thunderdome ’96 – Dance Or Die!

thunderdome 96

One of the events I really wanted to go to, was Thunderdome ’96. As a young lad Thunderdome dominated my youth, and the 1996 edition turned out to be one of the most talked about Thunderdomes ever. The response it had was tremendous, and even to this day it’s a well remembered night. On Partyflock 74% of the partygoers rated it as aweseom/excellent, and not one bad review. A night to remember, and for only ƒ 50,- you would experience the night of your life, with an incredible line-up: 50% of the Dream Team, Bass-D & King Matthew, Buzz Fuzz, Dana, Dano, Darkraver, Delirium, E-Rick, Gizmo, Hardcor, Neophyte, The Prophet, Uzi, Waxweazle, Weirdo, and 3 Steps Ahead. You cannot deny the feeling you just received after seeing that line-up. And that night had been captured on a CD, and released also in 1996. Read More

Kontaminated Recordings – Digital Konkast – Volume 1 – Mixed by Delirium & Satroniq (2016)

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I’ve been a fan for many years of DJ Delirium. He was one of those American DJs who’s style I really liked a lot. His ‘Heroes Of Hardcore – USA Edition’ disc got the most plays of the three discs. To me American Hardcore was a bit rougher and slightly different compared to Dutch Hardcore, and I really liked it a lot. Only recently I started following him on Facebook, and only 2 days ago he uploaded a brand new podcast/mixtape onto Soundcloud, which he made alongside DJ Satroniq. To be fair, I’ve never heard of Satroniq before, the name Delirium attracted me to this mix.

This mix isn’t what you were probably thinking of. Nope, no Hardcore or Gabber, but Hard Dance/Freestyle/Hard EDM. That was a shock when I pressed play for the first time. I was expecting full on Hardcore, but Hardstyle was what I heard instead. It’s not a pity, but a shock. DJ Delirium and Hardstyle? Does that mix and match? Will it sound as good as him mixing Hardcore? And is Satroniq a good companion? Is this new mixtape/podcast series one you need to look out for? Only one way to find out: here’s the tracklist!


01. Kontaminated Intro 
02. The Creaturez – Back In The Days
03. Dominik Schwarz – Dawn Of Night
04. S1ngular – Knockin
05. Zmoke – Rock N Rolla
06. Distrix – Creatures
07. Satroniq & Delirium – How Much Can You Take
08. Outlaw Bros – Bazz Checkerz
09. Acti & Done Heavy – Ravelation
10. Alex Kidd – Best DJ’s
11. Organ Donors & Acti – 9mm
12. Acti & Ryeland – Freak Show
13. Acti, Reinweiss & T-Tone – I Am Not Human
14. Andreas Montorsi – Rock Steady

The tracklist looks good, quite a few new names I’ve never heard of, but it’s good to expand your knowledge,eh?

They’ve made quite an interesting mixtape, one you definately need to follow. Not the Gabber I was looking for, but this is a nice replacement for it. Not dull at all. It might be a bit slower when it comes to the BPM, but it’s still worth while.

You can find a few tracks in this list which are released on their own label Kontaminated, so it’s definately something to turn the volume up for. A nicely balanced and cool sounding mixtape. Also a bit of scratching here and there, which is always a BONUS. Who doesn’t like to hear scratching done correctly?

Best track? It wasn’t easy, but I do love ‘Rock N Rolla’. If you make a track with bits from Guy Ritchie’s film in it, it’s a bonus. Would have been better if it was bits from Snatch, but this will do.

A nice new mixtape/podcast for those who love Hard Dance, check it out now and find Kontaminated on Facebook, for more awesome music!

DJs: Delirium & Satroniq
Genre/Style: Hard Dance, Hardstyle , Freestyle, Hard EDM
Mix Info: Digital Konkast Volume 1
Length Mix: 00:52:57
Tracks: 14 (fourteen)
Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): LISTEN HERE
File Size: unknown
File Type: unknown
Bitspeed: unknown
More Information: Kontaminated – Facebook Fanpage