DJ Twista & MC Deefa – Jungle Mania August 2016

DJ Twista & MC Deefa - Jungle Mania August 2016

DJ Twista & MC Deefa – Jungle Mania August 2016

DJ: Twista
MC: Deefa
Genre/Style: Jungle, Drum and Bass
Liveset Info: Recorded @ Jungle Mania – Carnival Special 2016
Length Liveset: 00:45:11
Tracks: 21 (twenty-one)
Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): DOWNLOAD/LISTEN
File Size: 88.8 MB
File Type: mp3
Bitspeed: 256kbps
More Information: Jungle Mania – Facebook Fanpage

Now this is an event I really want to go to. Have seen many promo videos of it online, and each and every video has caught my attention. For many years I’ve been a fan of Drum and Bass, and Jungle, and what better place you can release your love for these two styles than Jungle Mania. To me this is one of those events you need to go to before you die, just to capture the atmosphere and the music. And I’m not the only one who’s intrigued by it: the people who have been have rated it 5 out of 5 stars on Facebook. I don’t know when the next event is, but in the future I’ll do my best to get there, and experience it.

For now I’ve got one set to listen to, which captures the night. DJ Twista and MC Deefa’s set from last year’s Jungle Mania – Carnival Special. Recently I reviewed a mix done by Twista, now it’s time for a liveset. You can heard the fans going absolutely insane, and in all fairness, if you see the tracklist you will know why the people went ape shit! DJ Twista picked the right tracks, and they kept the ravers on the dancefloor going through the night.

Oh, just found out that on the 1st of April they are celebrating 24 years of Jungle Mania (1993-2017). And Twista’s going to be there too. The line-up looks sick. Damn, I wish I could go, I really wanted to go…


01. Danny Breaks – Volume 1 (Logistics Remix) 
02. Higher Sense – Cold Fresh Air (Cyantific Remix) 
03. Leviticus – Big, Bad & Heavy (Logistics Remix) 
04. DJ SS – Rollidge
05. Boogie Times Tribe – Dark Stranger (Origin Unknown Remix) 
06. DJ Krust – Set Speed
07. DJ Hype – Closer To God
08. DJ Krust – Maintain (TC Remix) 
09. Ram Trilogy – Terminal 1
10. Adam F – Circles (Adam F & TKO Remix) 
11. Dillinja – South Manz
12. Glamour Gold – You Can Run (Serum Remix) 
13. Rude Bwoy Monty – Warp 10
14. Roni Size – Scrambled Eggs
15. Dope Skillz – 6 Million Wayz
16. Roni Size – It’s Jazzy
17. Congo Natty – Champion DJ (Serial Killaz Remix) 
18. Shy FX – Bambatta (Break Remix) 
19. Ricky Tuff – Blind To You
20. Taktix – It’s The Way (Serum Remix) 
21. Glamour Gold – Feel

This is a dope ass tracklist. I know it’s Sunday morning, and we normally listen to chilled  back music, but come on, let this mix destroy your speakers for once. Your neighbours will thank you, press play right now!

Loved the pace, loved the tracks. And this mix only had 149 listens? How’s that possible?

Twista and Deefa destroyed the dancefloor. MC Deefa (never heard of him before) does his thing well, and gets the crowd hyped up, the way an MC should get the crowd hyped up. No pull-ups, or anything similar, but just pounding beats coming through the speakers.

This combination is one I really should look out for. Twista has done an amazing job at Jungle Mania, and the result is an astonishing liveset. If this doesn’t move you, you’ve probably have your speakers off, or you have an ear infection and can’t hear anything properly. But this liveset is a bad ass one.

Check out this liveset, and be intrigued. I must go to Jungle Mania, I must! If this is what people experience throughout the event, it’s heaven on earth…..

I can’t pick a favourite track, they are all good! Wicked set, wicked tracks!


DJ Twista – Westfest 2016 [Dreamscape Arena]

DJ Twista - Westfest 2016 [Dreamscape Arena]

DJ Twista – Westfest 2016 [Dreamscape Arena]

DJ: Twista
Genre/Style: Rave, Oldskool, Jungle, Drum & Bass, Hardcore
Liveset Info: Recorded @ Westfest 2016 – Dreamscape Arena
Length Liveset: 01:03:08
Tracks: 27 (twenty-seven)
Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): DOWNLOAD/LISTEN
File Size: 146 MB
File Type; mp3
Bitspeed: 320kbps
More Information: DJ Twista – Facebook Fanpage

I’m an Oldskool lover. I truly am. And when I see livesets pass by filled with Oldskool anthems I stop, quickly glance at it, and save it underneath my favourites (for me to review later). One of those sets was DJ Twista’s set recorded at Westfest 2016, in the Dreamscape arena. Two big words already in one sentence: Westfest and Dreamscape. So this must be a good set, even though I have never heard of DJ Twista before? Well, let’s give it a go, press play and let the beats come through my Creative speakers…

I might have seen DJ Twista’s name somewhere, it does ring a bell. But to say I know who he is, is not really telling the truth. In this case I can only say he played at Westfest in the Dreamscape arena, and he played Oldskool/Rave music for an hour and 3 minutes. Ok, not know much about the artist, let’s talk about the tracks he used to make the ravers loose themselves on the dancefloor..

The tracklist was kindly added, so it’s one you need to look at.


01. Digital Domain – I Need Release
02. Prodigy – Charly
03. Rachel Wallace – I Feel This Way
04. Tronic House – Uptempo
05. Turk – The Lover
06. Family Foundation – Just Xpress Yourself
07. Cubic 22 – Night In Motion
08. Catch – Raise ‘Em Higher
09. Jem 77 – Never Felt This Way
10. Spectral – Touch Somebody (DJ Seduction Remix) 
11. Ellis Dee – Desire
12. JDS – Unclassified
13. Higher Level – Everybody Can Be
14. Prodigy – Outta Space
15. Krome & Time – The Slammer
16. Mike Slammer & Red Alert – In Effect
17. Higher Level – High Spirits
18. Foul Play – Finest Illusions
19. DJ SS – Rollidge
20. Boogie Times Tribe – Dark Stranger
21. DJ Krust – Set Speed
22. Leviticus – The Burial Remix
23. UK Apachi & Shy FX – Original Nuttah
24. Andy C & Shimon – Nightflight
25. Yazz – Abandon Me (Urban Shakedown Remix) 
26. Dope Skills – 6 Million Ways
27. Moving Fusion – Turbulence

Big tracklist! Very big! So many great anthems in one set! But also the good thing about this set is that it’s not style focussed: he goes from Oldskool/Rave to Drum and Bass with ease. The crowd must have loved it a lot.

I love a diverse set. It keeps the entertainment level high. And DJ Twista decided to please the crowd by playing literally everything. I love so many anthems, but my favourite has got to be ‘Night In Motion’. This is a crowd pleaser, and you can play it in literally any set and it will get the crowd going. If you grew up in the 90s, you must know it, and if you do: you love it!

There is a slight issue when it comes to the mixing, at certain points it ain’t tight. The fading from one to the next is a bit ‘meh’, and that’s a technical term (according to me). You can understand the pressure when you are playing for thousands of ravers, but the errors are quite obvious. Sometimes throughout the set it goes wrong, and it kind of upsets me: this could have been an amazing set. It’s not always bad, in all fairness. But when it goes wrong, it does go wrong.

A nice set, with faults. You can feel the overall gesture of it. The tunes were played to please the crowd and to get them to move. That’s what has happened. I did move. And raved hard, because these tunes aren’t made for you to sit down and enjoy.

If these errors weren’t there, it would get 5 out of 5. But now I can’t.


Sixty Minutes Of Goldie – Mista Jam BBC Radio 1Xtra (2016)

Sixty Minutes Of Goldie - Mista Jam BBC Radio 1Xtra (2016)

Sixty Minutes Of Goldie – Mista Jam BBC Radio 1Xtra (2016)

DJ: Goldie
Genre/Style: Drum & Bass
Mix Info: Sixty Minutes Of Goldie – Mista Jam BBC Radio 1Xtra
Length Mix: 01:00:00
Tracks: 17 (seventeen)
Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): LISTEN HERE
File Size: unknown
File Type: unknown
Bitspeed: unknown
More Information: Goldie – Official Website

You must be aware of the fact that I’m a huge Goldie fan. Even my wife knows who he is, but doesn’t know any other Drum and Bass artist. For my birthday last year she bought me (well, it was her gran, but gran knows nothing about DnB or Goldie) his book, and it was an interesting read. I’m such a fan boy, got nearly every mix he has ever made, nearly every album he has ever produced, watched every documentary he has been in, etc. Goldie is, to me, one of the finest human beings on God’s given Earth. Not only is his music pure, raw and rough, his way of living and his past are the same. One artist who started at the bottom and has reached fame and stardom through hard working. Dedication is what this man possesses.

He’s probably the most known for his DnB music, or if you have watched him on the big screen, from his short cameo in ‘Snatch’, which is the ultimate bloke film of all time. “and it’s worth… fuck all!”. I’ve been a music lover since the day I was born, but never have I been amazed by an artist before, or since. It seems that whatever he touches, turns into gold. He also recently added a Lifetime Achievement award to his prize collection, and I think that we can all agree on him receiving the award. This man has done so much for Drum and Bass, and you might disagree, but to me he’s a God. Buy his albums or listen to his Essential mixes and you will know why this man is my God.

Recently he was asked to compose a mix for Mistajam (or Mista Jam, however you spell it, it’s still the same man), a 60 minute mix, and Goldie has done exactly that. A mix focussed on his label, and also his own production can be found in it. 60 minutes of Goldie, who doesn’t want to hear that?


01. Artificial Intelligence – Fallen
02. Phil Tangent – Bardabunga
03. Dom & Roland – Tone Poem
04. Scar feat Artificial Intelligence – Free Fall
05. Artificial Intelligence – Reunion
06. Artificial Intelligence – Death Star
07. Klute – Westernized
08. OneMind & Ulterior Motive – Evolution
09. Fierce & Zero T – Bonesmen
10. Artificial Intelligence feat DRS – Pass The Buck
11. Mikal feat Break – Musical Rush
12. OneMind – Untitled
13. Heist – Violent Rain
14. Phil Tangent & Pennygiles – Crossing The Rubicon
15. Scar – Caged
16. Goldie feat Cleveland Watkiss – Beachdrifter VIP
17. Scar feat Orkyd – Yours

What a wonderful looking tracklist, but the mix itself is worth checking out! So beautiful, so amazing, and if you are liking the music, you can always go to Metalheadz homepage and buy them.

Goldie is a legend, and it doesn’t matter which mix you mention, he always delivers an amazing mix. The music is solid as a rock, powerful, strong, fierce… and it doesn’t matter when you play it, it always seems to work. Emotional music, that’s what he mixes. Drum and Bass basically is all about deeper emotions coming to life. This mix takes you on a journey, one you have never been on before. Sit back, relax, and let the music take you to the next level.

I’ve got nothing to mention, no bad things at all. The tracks he has selected are all amazing, and his mix is just so damn good, the only thing I dislike (well, dislike is such an overrated word… let’s say not like) is the fact that I can’t play this whilst walking outside in the freezing cold. This is not downloadable, but if you have constant internet access, bookmark this and play this wherever you can.

This is a superb mix. One of Goldie’s finest mixes. He’s a legend.


Electric Retox Ep. 111: Unmei Wo Seisu (Live) (2015)

Electric Retox Ep. 111: Unmei Wo Seisu (Live) (2015)

Electric Retox Ep. 111: Unmei Wo Seisu (Live) (2015)

DJ: MrPanda
Genre/Style: Drum and Bass, Liquid Drum and Bass, Breakbeat
Mix Info: Electric Retox Ep. 111: Unmei Wo Seisu
Length Mix: 01:01:27
Tracks: 23 (twenty-three)
Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): DOWNLOAD/LISTEN HERE
File Size: 141 MB
File Type: mp3
Bitspeed: unknown
More Information: MrPanda – Facebook Fanpage

As you all know, a couple of weeks ago I reviewed Fracus & Darwin’s Diversions mix, which was part of an episode of Electric Retox. The first half was their mix, and the second mix was made by someone called ‘MrPanda’. Now I wouldn’t say he was blown away by my review (not many people are lol), but he was surprised to see that someone reviewed this episode of the mighty Electric Retox. Only a couple of days ago he sent me his latest mix for ER, and it has been well received on Mixcloud. It was number 1 in the Drum N Bass chart, number 2 in the EDM chart, etc. So a good mix awaits us.

If you want to know who MrPanda is, he’s not a real panda. I’ve got to disappoint you. If you were expecting a huge panda behind turntables, I also urge you not to sniff glue anymore. MrPanda is a DJ who plays a wide variety of music: Drum and Bass, Breakbeat, Freeform, Electro and Hardcore. The previous mix was filled with UK Hardcore and Freeform music, and for this episode he decided to play Drum & Bass/Liquid Drum & Bass. The result is a well received mix, and probably the hottest mix on Mixcloud! I tried to listen to it to see the full tracklist, but it didn’t work as well as I hoped, so MrPanda himself send me the link to the Soundcloud mix, which has got the full tracklist (and it’s a good one!).


01. High Contrast – Twilights Last Gleaming (VIP) 
02. Camo & Krooked – All Night Long (Etherwood Remix) 
03. Entity – Eye Of The Storm
04. Four Tet – Angel Echoes (Logistics Remix) 
05. Birdy – Wings (NuLogic Remix) 
06. MRSA – Different
07. London Electricity – Snow Angels
08. Rene LaVice – All My Trails
09. Dub Fx – Flow (Dub XL Remix) 
10. Fracus & Darwin – When You Take My Hand
11. Cyantific – Ice Cream
12. Karl Future & Simon Perry – Optimistic
13. Fliwo – I Got You
14. Rawtekk – Photone (Recruits Phace Remix) 
15. Dangerous & MC Foxy – What’s Your Problem
16. Sigma feat Doctor – Rudeboy (Instrumental Mix) 
17. Shimon & Moving Fusion – Mysterious (Baron Remix) 
18. Idealz – Gloom
19. Reso – Kamina
20. Zen Dub – Mendala
21. Rollz feat Katies Ambition – Burn Up
22. Rafau Etamski feat Cory Friesenhan – Panda Temple
23. Wilkinson – Afterglow

A lot of unknown names in this mix, but it’s still an excellent one to listen to. Really a peaceful and calming mix. If today is your day off, make sure you press play and chill. You could Netflix and chill, or you could MrPanda and chill. You decide.

The tracks MrPanda has selected are truly amazing! All focussed on the beautiful side of Drum and Bass and not the darker and nastier side (which I like too), and even some Breakbeat stuff in it. The result is an astonishing mix which I’m going to put on my mobile device, to listen to whenever and wherever I want to, because the mix is tight!

The best track? Not difficult at all, there’s only one track that makes me feel all warm and fuzzy on the inside, and that is ‘Optimistic’ by Karl Future and Simon Perry. Karl Future doesn’t release music often, but when he does it’s groundbreaking! Beautiful track.

MrPanda has made a wonderful mix. Is this the best DnB of the year? It does appear in my top 10 list if I’m honest. No mucking about, just pure music. He made an extraordinary mix, and if you have listened to it on Mixcloud already, you know that it’s dope. Download this monster now, and share it whoever wants to listen to an excellent DnB mix.