Marcus Intalex History Tribute Mix (78 Tracks / 3 Hours) (2017)

Marcus Intalex History Tribute Mix (78 Tracks / 3 Hours) (2017)

Marcus Intalex History Tribute Mix (78 Tracks / 3 Hours) (2017)

DJ: Woodle
Genre/Style: Drum & Bass, Liquid Drum & Bass
Mix Info: Marcus Intalex History Tribute Mix
Length Mix: 02:52:27
Tracks: 78 (seventy-eight)
Download/Listen (via Mixcloud): LISTEN HERE
File Size: 236.96 MB
File Type: mp3
Bitspeed: 192kbps
More Information: Angels Fall – Bandcamp Page

On the 28th of May the Drum and Bass scene lost a legend, and his name is Marcus Intalex. If you haven’t read anything about it, this must come as a shock. But I reckon the majority of the fans already know, and have paid tribute in many ways. Sharing mixes, posting nice comments online, and reposting whatever they could. A couple of weeks ago Fabric uploaded Marcus Intalex’s FABRICLive 35 mix CD onto Soundcloud for a couple of days, to pay tribute to the hero who we’ve sadly lost. The mix was taken down, but you can find so many other memorable and beautiful mixes online, celebrating the achievements of this legend.

I found this mix on Youtube, a mix made by a resident DJ for Bassworx. But there’s an hidden note underneath the mix: the first track on this mix is actually a record specially made for Marcus Intalex, after he passed away by LSB and DRS. It was not only made to show respect, but also to show support towards the family, to assist them with funeral arrangments. And it’s worth whatever you can spend! Epic tune, with a sad undertone.

Not only do you get this beautifully written track, but also a whole lot of Marcus Intalex’s records! 77 in total! Made by him or remixed by this master of Drum & Bass. The tunes have a beautiful feel hanging around them, a myst of heaven. Well. how can you describe his music without using the words ‘heavenly’ and ‘beautiful’? I reckon we might have lost a legend, but heaven gained a superstar DJ and producer. And we’ve got his rich music history to listen to and adore!

The tracklist is beautiful. Check it out.


01. DRS & LSB – Angels Fall
02. Marcus Intalex – Princess Warrior
03. Marcus Intalex & ST Files – Universe (Original Mix) 
04. 4 Hero – 9 By 9 (Marcus Intalex & ST Files Remix) 
05. Calibre & Marcus Intalex feat Fox – Run Away (Original Mix) 
06. Marcus Intalex – The Guillotine
07. Marcus Intalex & ST Files – Nightfall
08. Marcus Intalex & ST Files – Outerspace
09. Marcus Intalex feat SPY – Steady
10. 4 Hero – Better Place (Marcus Intalex & ST Files Remix) 
11. Marcus Intalex – Temperance
12. Calibre & Marcus Intalex feat Fox – Something Heavy
13. Marcus Intalex & ST Files – Love & Happiness
14. M.I.S.T. – Freaky
15. Marcus Intalex – Cabal
16. Marcus Intalex feat S.P.Y. – Triband
17. Mist:i:cal feat Ras T-Weed – Just A Little Herb
18. Marcus Intalex – Another Way
19. Marcus Intalex & ST Files – Another Way
20. Mist:i:cal – Memory Jog
21. Blu Mar Ten – All Thoughts Are Prayers (Marcus Intalex Remix) 
22. BCee & Robert Owens – Keep The Faith (Marcus Intalex Remix) 
23. BCee & Robert Owens – Keep The Faith (Marcus Intalex Alternative Mix) 
24. Marcus Intalex feat Lynx – Stingray
25. Marcus Intalex & ST Files – Neptune
26. DJ Marky – LK (Marcus Intalex & ST Files Remix) 
27. Marcus Intalex – Bridge The Gap
28. Marcus Intalex & ST Files – Dreamworld
29. Marcus Intalex feat Calibre – Meltdown 2012
30. Marcus Intalex – Wastelands
31. Marcus Intalex feat Lynx & Danny Fierce – Climbing Up The Walls
32. Mist:i:cal – Swingtime
33. Mist:i:cal feat Diane Charlemagne – Stay Away
34. M.I.S.T. vs High Contrast – 3am
35. Marcus Intalex – Don’t Sleep
36. Da Intalex – What Ya Gonna Do
37. DRS feat Marcus Intalex, Chimpo, Fox, Rolla, Skittles & Strategy – Bun Ya Too
38. Marcus Intalex – Hell 2 Pay
39. Mist:i:cal feat DRS – The Eleventh Hour
40. Marcus Intalex – Lowlife
41. Mist:i:cal feat DRS – City Life
42. Marcus Intalex feat DRS – Emergency (Vocal Mix) 
43. M.I.S.T. – Love Thing
44. UN-CUT – Midnight (M.I.S.T. VIP Remix) 
45. Marcus Intalex – Stark
46. Marcus Intalex – Virgo
47. Mist:i:cal – Amen Electric
48. Mist:i:cal feat Robert Owens – Believe
49. Klute with Marcus Intalex – Make A Stand
50. Marcus Intalex feat S.P.Y. – Celestial Navigation
51. Marcus Intalex – Jupiter
52. Marcus Intalex – Immersed
53. Calibre feat Marcus Intalex & Bricktop – Smother
54. Marcus Intalex – Astro Dance
55. Marcus Intalex feat DRS – Mixed Bag
56. Nether – True Believer (Marcus Intalex Dancehall Remix) 
57. Marcus Intalex feat Riya – Regrets
58. Marcus Intalex – Redan
59. Marcus Intalex – Airborne
60. Mist:i:cal – Eject
61. Marcus Intalex & ST Files – How You Make Me Feel
62. Mist:i:cal – Mistical Dub
63. Marcus Intalex – Afrikaa
64. Da Intalex – Mercy
65. Marcus Intalex – These Days
66. Marcus Intalex – Zumbar
67. Marcus Intalex & ST Files – My Soul
68. Solid State – Just A Vision (Marcus Intalex & ST Files Remix) 
69. Commix – Faceless (Marcus Intalex Remix) 
70. Mist:i:cal – Groove Me
71. Marcus Intalex – Sell Your Soul
72. Marcus Intalex – Red 7
73. Marcus Intalex – Step Forward
74. Marcus Intalex – Mud
75. Lynx feat Marcus Intalex – Ghost Train
76. Jubei with Marcus Intalex & MC DRS – Tip The Scales
77. Da Intalex – I Like It
78. DRS & LSB – Angels Fall

Now that’s an epic tracklist. It took me half an hour to actually write it, but it was worth it. So many Marcus Intalex tunes are in this mix, and for once a tracklist wasn’t disappointing to write or to read. This mix is a dedication mix to Marcus Intalex, what kind of legend he was. His music was timeless, and so is his legacy. He will remain one of the best Drum & Bass producers/DJs in the world.

DJ Woodle, the one who made this tribute mix, should be proud of this mix. A very carefully selected and mixed mix, and I reckon Marcus is looking down, and smiling. This is seriously a good mix, one of the best mixes I’ve ever heard. It’s a bit long, but also emotional. This will give you feelings you never felt before. Soul touching tracks, carefully mixed by Woodle. Respect to you sir. A true tribute Marcus would have been proud off.

There are so many great anthems in here, I can’t find one bad record. Not one dull or boring. They are all fire! Marcus Intalex was such a talented producer, whatever he made, was fire. And after hearing this nearly 3 hour long mix it made me realise his music will be there forever, so will his name and the contributions he made to the scene. And now I think it’s time for the scene to come together, and give something back to Marcus.

Get the track ‘Angels Fall’ via Bandcamp, and support the family of Marcus. You can never replace him, but by purchasing this record you will not only keep his name and his memory alive, but also his family through this very difficult time. The mix starts and finishes with it, so I think you will donate, I think you should!

Epic mix by Woodle. A tribute like no other. Marcus, rest in peace. Thanks for the music. We will embrace it forever!


T-Phonic & Deadman – BBC Radio 1 – Technique DNB60 (Friction Show) (2017)

T-Phonic & Deadman - BBC Radio 1 - Technique DNB60 (Friction Show) (2017)

T-Phonic & Deadman – BBC Radio 1 – Technique DNB60 (Friction Show) (2017)

DJs: T-Phonic & Deadman
Genre/Style: Drum & Bass
Mix Info: BBC Radio 1 – Technique DNB60 (Friction Show)
Length Mix: 00:59:52
Tracks: 54 (fifty-four)
Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): DOWNLOAD/LISTEN
File Size: 109 MB
File Type: mp3
Bitspeed: unknown
More Information: T-Phonic & Deadman – Facebook Fanpage

3 days ago a set was uploaded onto Soundcloud, and it’s a big one! If you are digging Drum & Bass, look no further, DNB60 can now be found online! A mix by T-Phonic and Deadman, two of DnB latest superstars! Signed by Technique Recordings, they already have proven themselves to the world, and they are on the rise! Emerging into the scene not that long ago as a duo, they already have gathered a following, including yours truly, TCD.

I was notified by these new superstars via Al Storm, who’s one half of the duo. He’s known as Al Storm in the UK Hardcore scene, but in the DnB scene he’s known as Deadman. To me he’s already a superstar, but now he has risen into the wonderful world of Drum and Bass alongside T-Phonic, and to showcase what they are capable of, they’ve made a mix for DNB60, which was aired on BBC 1 a couple of weeks ago. I sadly couldn’t listen to it, so I hoped I would find it on Soundcloud. And 3 days ago I was so happy to find it there.

One thing you need to know before you press play, this is not your standard ‘one in a million’ mix. This is an outstanding mix. Why, you might ask? Well, it’s only an hour long, and you can hear 54, yes 54 records being played! How amazing is that? It’s a megamix with so many awesome records, it will blow your mind away!


01. T-Phonic & Deadman – Scare Tactics
02. Document One – Small Steps
03. Drumsound & Bassline Smith – The Truth VIP
04. DC Breaks – Underground
05. Tantrum Desire – Nightmare
06. Jauz x Netsky – Higher (The Prototypes Remix) 
07. Drumsound & Bassline Smith – Outlaw Renegade
08. Dimension – UK
09. PhaseOne – Broken Chains (DC Breaks Remix) 
10. Tantrum Desire feat Coppa – Repeat (Document One Remix) 
11. D-Bridge – True Romance
12. DC Breaks – Swag 2017
13. Tantrum Desire – Adventure Through Space VIP
14. Drumsound & Bassline Smith – Thug Killer
15. Chase & Status – Tribes
16. Document One – Run The Block
17. T-Phonic & Deadman – Reflections VIP
18. L Plus – Serum
19. Misanthrop – Trashriot
20. Mob Tactics – Get Dirty
21. L Plus – Timelapse
22. Mind Vortex – Shall We Begin
23. Benny L – On The Job (Shimon Remix) 
24. The Prototypes – Electric
25. Optiv & CZA – Cell Dweller
26. Kronology & Divine Elements – Submerge
27. AEPH – Jaeger Clap
28. Agressor Bunx – The Offering
29. The Upbeats – Dr. Kink
30. James Marvel feat MC Nota – Trump
31. Audio – Make It Happen
32. DrOctagon – Aliens (Sub Focus Remix) 
33. Mefjus – Suicide Bassline VIP
34. Joe Ford – Let It Out
35. Nero – Into The Light
36. Mob Tactics – Rave Weapon
37. Dominator & Upgrade – Couldn’t Care Less
38. Dossa & Lucuzzed NC-17 – Ninja
39. Taxman – Too Bad (Remix) 
40. Jaguar Skills & Mind Vortex – The Riot Squad
41. Bluescreens – Bullet
42. Youngman – Sorry
43. Sub Zero & Dub Motion – Oh Girl
44. Noisia – Tentacles
45. Majistrate & Turno – Worlds End
46. Hypoxia – Badass (Jade Remix)
47. Killbox – Surge
48. DJ Clipz & DJ Die – Number 1
49. Bladerunner – Tales Of The Unexpected
50. The Chainsmokers – Don’t Let Me Down (DJ Limited Bootleg Remix) 
51. DJ Fresh & High Contrast feat Dizzee Rascal – How Love Begins VIP (Delta Heavy Remix) 
52. Agressor Bunx – The Spirit
53. Tantrum Desire – Pump (Drumsound & Bassline Smith Remix) 
54. Commix – Be True

Will you look at this beauty? So many great names in one mix: Nero, Noisia, Commix, Clipz, Jaguar Skills, DC Breaks, Drumsound & Bassline Smith, D-Bridge and more! Sweet Lord! So many big names, your head will explode once your read through the whole tracklist!

The mix is extremely tight, and it’s worthy to be played on BBC Radio 1. They wouldn’t play a standard mix, or a boring mix, but only the best of the best, and T-Phonic and Deadman have delivered an awesome mix they should be proud of. The tracks are really good, carefully selected and carefully mixed, and the result is a mix you need to have. You seriously need to have this mix, if you are a Drum and Bass fan!

T-Phonic and Deadman are the future. They are on the rise, and with this mix they show how dangerous they are, and skilled at the same time.

What’s my favourite record? Erm… it has to be the last one by Commix, ‘Be True’. Big tune, sadly played too shortly, but you can still appreciate it being in this mix. It counts for every track in this mix, they are played too damn short, but if they would play it to the max, the mix would last for 23 hours. And that’s too much. This is a nice and compact mix, good to listen to when you are driving, running your daily marathon, cooking, or doing anything you do with pleasure!

Download it now, and follow T-Phonic and Deadman on social media. Join the hype train, and worship them!


FABRICLIVE 35: Marcus Intalex (2007)

FABRICLIVE 35: Marcus Intalex (2007)

FABRICLIVE 35: Marcus Intalex (2007)

DJ: Marcus Intalex
Genre/Style: Drum & Bass
Release Year: 2007
CDs: 1 (one, mixed)
Length CD: 01:17:17
Tracks: 19 (nineteen)
Product Number: FABRIC70
More Information: Fabric – Official Website

Everyone spends hours online, and most of us have read the horrible news about another musician passing away, this time it’s Drum and Bass legend Marcus Intalex. It’s always sad to hear someone passing away, and obviously our thoughts go out to his family and friends. They are still in a lot of pain, loosing someone you love, it’s undescribable. You will find many retweets and reposts on Twitter and Facebook, and also on Fabric’s own website: there’s a blog written about Marcus Intalex. And as a remembrance of what Marcus could do, they’ve uploaded onto Soundcloud their 35th instalment of the succesful FABRICLIVE, which Marcus Intalex hosted. He mixed the CD together, and it’s a big one!

The actual album isn’t in my posession, I found it via Soundcloud. I immediately gave it a go, listened to it, and was amazed by its strength! It’s an album with 19 tracks, carefully selected and mixed together by Marcus, and the result is really an astonishing album! You’ve got to remember that this album is 10 years old, but it still sounds so extremely fresh, it could have been made this year and you wouldn’t have noticed at all! Drum and Bass is timeless.

FABRIC uploaded it for a week, you can stream it for a week. If you can’t find it underneath this review anymore, it means it’s been taken offline. But that should only persuade you to find a copy, because it’s worth it. I will do my best to find a physical copy. Don’t know if it’s going to be hard, but I’ll do my best!

The tracklist looks amazing. 10 years old, still looking and sounding fresh!


01. Calibre feat Lariman – Overeaction
02. Calibre – All The Days
03. Lynx feat Kemo – Global Enemies
04. Commix – Faceless (Marcus Intalex Remix) 
05. Jonny L – Come Here
06. Amaning vs Dubwise – Smash V.I.P.
07. Soulmatic – Self Belief
08. Calibre feat DRS – Hustlin’
09. Calibre – Mr Right On
10. Deadly Habit – Synesthesia (Theory Remix) 
11. Breakage – Clarendon
12. Alix Perez & Lynx – Allegiance
13. Zero Tolerance feat Steo – Refusal
14. Mistical – Time To Fly
15. Duo Infernale – Feeling Blue
16. Instra:mental – Pacific Heights
17. Bango Collective feat Kemo & Dennis Jones – Apocalypse
18. Mistical – Groove Me
19. Alix Perez & Sabre – Solitary Native

It’s a beauty, this tracklist, but the music is so much more. I’ve listened to this mix at least 124 times before I went searching for the tracklist.

The mix is seriously good! Seriously good. Impressive. The tracks are all solid, I can’t pick one favourite, because this album contains 19 banging Drum and Bass anthems. Not one of them is actually bad or crap. Normally on CDs there’s always one track which just doesn’t fit in, or just sounds wrong, but not here. This is a beauty, a classic album. As good as Goldie’s ‘Timeless’. And that’s my favourite Drum and Bass album of all time. This one comes next, Marcus Intalex’s album!

It’s a nice gesture from FABRIC to let people embrace the CD, those who haven’t heard it before, or those who lost the album. It’s a good thing to hear it, it shows the legacy he sadly leaves behind. But it’s one amazing legacy. When you think of Marcus Intalex you think of wonderful mixes, CDs, or livesets.

This CD is a must have, if you want to re-educate yourself, and want to know what a good Drum and Bass album sounds like. This is it. And show Marcus Intalex some respect, and chase the album. This should be played over and over again.

R.I.P. Marcus Intalex!


Chris Moss Acid – Live @ Don’t (01-11-2014 @ Bar512, Dalston London)

Chris Moss Acid - Live @ Don't (01-11-2014 @ Bar512, Dalston London)

Chris Moss Acid – Live @ Don’t (01-11-2014 @ Bar512, Dalston London)

DJ: Chris Moss Acid
Genre/Style: Acid House, Acid Techno, Drum & Bass, Terror
Liveset Info: Recorded @ Don’t 01-11-2014 @ Bar512, Dalston London
Length Liveset: 01:00:40
Tracks: 11 (eleven)
Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): DOWNLOAD/LISTEN
File Size: 78 MB
File Type: mp3
Bitspeed: 179kbps
More Information: Chris Moss Acid – Facebook Fanpage

I am a fan of Acid House music, and I keep on searching for mixes every day, to please myself. It’s one of those styles which is extremely underrated for its strength and diversity, and what it has done for the present day music scene. And I stumbled across a mix the other day, and it’s actually not a studio mix, but a liveset, made by Chris Moss Acid. Never heard or seen this name before, but judging by the picture attached to the mix he uses oldskool machinery/equipment, which makes it worth even more, listening to this mix. If an artist actually uses the Oldskool stuff, they should get more credit.

As I said, the name doesn’t ring a bell. But I’m not a walking Wikipedia, am I? If I knew every name on the planet, I would be on several TV programmes, boasting my skills. But I don’t have any skills. Anyhow, after pressing play I fell in love with the music he plays throughout his set, which was recorded back in 2014 at Dalston, London, at a club called Bar512. Another thing I never heard of before. I asked for a tracklist, because these tracks are not known to me, and he uploaded one, which turns out to be filled with his own productions! More credits for Chris Moss Acid. Anyone keeping the Acid House scene alive should be embraced with both hands!

Let’s see the tracklist!


01. Chris Moss Acid – Acid Box
02. Chris Moss Acid – 247 House
03. Chris Moss Acid – Acid209
04. Chris Moss Acid – Slam The Box
05. Chris Moss Acid – GoAt Acid
06. Chris Moss Acid – Jak The House (It’s Time To) 
07. Chris Moss Acid – La Nuit Acid
08. Chris Moss Acid – The Acid That Ate Bournemouth
09. Chris Moss Acid – Agent-10-4
10. Current Value – Amen (Andrew’s Amen Mix) 
11. AFX – Gabba

This set is impressive! Only the last 2 tracks are made by someone else, and not Chris Moss Acid himself. But before we reach the last 2, you get 9 tracks during which you can hear how Chris Moss Acid creates epic anthems, and keeps the Acid House scene alive and kicking with his own productions.

Seriously impressed with his skills as a producer and also as a DJ, and people seemed to like it a lot during the evening. As he states underneath the mix people were texting him throughout the set, saying how epic a specific sound/bassline sounded. That’s crowd interaction for you lol.

During the whole mix you hear Acid coming through your speakers, and it’s lovely. The last 2 tracks are completely different, one is DnB and the last one is basically Terror. Even though it normally doesn’t suit a set like this kind, it works. The crowd needs to get rid of the last bit of energy they had after an amazing set like this one!

I’m liking this a lot. Really a lot. There might be some cross-fading errors, but can you blame him, he’s doing it live! Besides that it’s really an entertaining set. Credits to Chris Moss Acid for a wicked set! Loving it a lot, especially on a sunny day as today! Bring back the Acid!!!!