• Evolution Of Hardcore (Part II) (2017)

    A month ago I discovered a new DJ on Soundcloud, and his name was (and still is) Selectabwoy. I found out that he had a passion for good music, and the mix I reviewed previously literally blew me away. That was a month ago, and I found out the other day that he made a

    Evolution Of Hardcore (Part II)
  • arpz – A Christmas Cracker (2017)

    The last time I heard from DJ arpz was exactly a year ago, when he made his December 2016 mix. Before that it was twice in 2014, when he made the HU and Fracus & Darwin mixes, and he’s back now with yet another amazing UK Hardcore mix! This time it’s a mix with old

  • King Chuga – Drum & Bass History Mix Vol. 1 (2017)

    Drum & Bass, where have you been for all this time? I haven’t reviewed a DnB mix for so long, it’s unbelievable. When I found this mix yesterday, I was over the moon. Not only because it’s a DnB mix, it’s also a history mix. And you know I like to hear some of those

    King Chuga - Drum & Bass History Mix Vol. 1 (2017)
  • Q-Base 2012 Official CD Mixed By Thrasher & Limewax

    I only found this mix a couple of weeks ago on Soundcloud, and it’s a mix you shouldn’t miss out on, if you love Hardcore and Drum & Bass. You’ve probably seen the title of the album and who made this mix, so it’s not really a surprise if I mention which album it was

  • The Prototypes – Mantra Festival Warm Up Mix (2016)

    Starting your day with Drum & Bass, there’s no other way to wake up in such a glorious way! Especially when you find an excellent mix. Some days you might wake up and hear a mediocre mix, or even a bad mix, and these mornings do not have a lasting impression, and will ruin your

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