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SPYRO – The Turnt Generation Podcast Episode 2 (2018)


SPYRO is back with a brand new episode of his succesful podcast, which is called ‘The Turnt Generation Podcast’. This rising star (who uses a lot of f-words) has only started this podcast series last month (or was it January?), and now we are already at episode 2! He’s eager enough to give us ravers what we need: our monthly dosage of SPYRO, and whatever comes out of his mouth. During this episode you get a bit of insight information about the records he has selected, and also Alex Prospect’s love life. Yep, it’s one of those podcasts…. and it’s brilliant!

Like the previous episode, he has divided the podcast into sections. You get 27 records, a lot of f-words, and sections such as ‘Roots ‘n’ Future’, ‘Turnt As Fuck’, and more. But what kind of style does he play? Well, it’s Spyro, so he does whatever he wants to, so expect literally everything. From UK Hardcore to EDM.

I love his enthusiasm, and his quirkiness. You can hear throughout this podcast that he’s enjoying himself, and that’s the most important thing, isn’t it? People should enjoy themselves, and not feel like it’s mandatory to make a mix/podcast.

Let me show you the full tracklist! And it’s a lot to take in!

tracklist TCD

01. Spyro – Gotta Get Lo
02. Callum Higby feat Braveboy – My Time
03. Darren Styles & Gammer – Big Ting
04. Spyro – Throwin’ Hunna
05. Spyro – How Deep Is Your Love
06. Habstrakt & Skrillex – Chicken Soup (Callum Higby & WILSXN Flip) 
07. The Chainsmokers – Closer (Alex Prospect & Mob Remix) 

08. Krewella – Parachute (Mark Breeze x Callum Higby Remix) 

09. Spyro – Short Dick Man
10. Spyro – Silly Bitch
11. Alex Prospect x Joey Riot – Move Your Body
12. Alex Prospect – Bad Bitch
13. Callum Higby x Macks Wolf – Right Here

14. Gammer – Rippin’

15. Jauz – Claim To Be (Lil Texas Remix) 
16. Eliminate – Kingpin
17. Virtual Riot – Degenerates
18. Zomboy x Eptic – Bop It
19. Cesqeaux – Back Up (Marx Jersey Edit) 
20. Yellow Claw feat Valentino Khan – Don’t Stop
21. Eliminate & MineSweepa – Hotel Trash
22. Carnage & Lil Pump – iShyne

23. Gammer – The Drop (Mito Moto’s ‘The Donk’ Edit) 
24. Tchami & Malaa – Summer ’99 (BADWR7H Hard Bass Edit) 
25. Ben Suff Donk – My Humps
26. Technikore x Mob – Losing Myself

27. DBSTF – Angels & Demons (Macks Wolf Edit) 

Told you, didn’t I? This podcast is so diverse and so sexy, not like any other podcast out there. Fresh as fuck. Not only do you get the finest records money can buy now, but also a history lesson. You’d never thought you were going to learn something from a podcast like this one, eh?

He starts with one of the catchiest tunes in the scene at the moment, and it’s his own ‘Gotta Get Lo’. This does damage on the dancefloor all over the world. And he continues showcasing his own records and records by talented artists such as Alex Prospect, Gammer, Callum Higby, and more.

The entertainment level is right up there, up high. As usual, Spyro does what he does best, and his passion and dedication have paid off: people are loving the Turnt Generation podcast. And so am I. Not really digging all the records, there are a few ‘meh’ records, but they didn’t spoil the fun (basically the Donk section isn’t my cup of tea).

A brilliant podcast. A good second instalment. Spyro is fire. He’s the next best thing to happen to the UK Hardcore scene, trust me!


DJ: Spyro
Genre/Style: UK Hardcore, Happy Hardcore, EDMCore, Donk/Bounce, Trap, Dubstep
Mix Info: The Turnt Generation Podcast Episode 2
Length Mix: 01:06:38
Tracks: 27 (twenty-seven)
Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): DOWNLOAD/LISTEN
File Size: 154 MB
File Type: mp3
Bitspeed: 320kbps
More Information: Spyro – Soundcloud Page

Hardcore Heaven Summer Madness! (2011)

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After a short break due to some issues at home (car broke down, and the stress that comes along) I’m back! You are happy and pleased to see me back, eh? Anyway, the other day (last Wednesday) we picked up our brand new vehicle, and it’s a Vauxhall Corsa E. It’s a beauty, that’s for sure. But it has a flaw, a weakness: no CD player! I had to go through my whole collection, and found out that I had ripped a few CDs onto my computer (the first thing I actually do when I buy CDs). And the first one I noticed in my ‘UK Hardcore’ folder, was the massive CD from 2011, ‘Hardcore Heaven Summer Madness!’ With DJ mixes by Dougal & Gammer, Sy & Unknown, and Joey Riot & Kurt, you know you are getting the finest of the finest, of one of the scenes best years. You can argue, but you will loose: 2011 was a big year. Just look at the bloody tunes!

You still had Sy & Unknown, Gammer was still making UK Hardcore (not the EDMCore), and Joey was still focussed on UK Hardcore (now he’s very busy with Destructive Tendencies). And the music was just spot on. Happy, vocally, and bascially staying true to the core. This, to me, was one of the last true compilations which had this uniqueness to it. It fitted the Hardcore Heaven compilation beautifully. Since I joined the scene, I was more into this compilation, whilst others preferred Bonkers. Bonkers was good, but for me not the best. Hardcore Heaven delivered, and with this blinding three CD compilation, they gave us a remarkable album.

I don’t know if I already reviewed this, but it’s been so long ago, it’s not even on this website anymore (previous websites were deleted due to Trojan horses). Anyway, I thought it was about time to reminisce, and go back in time. And these tunes got me bouncing hard in my new ride. I felt young again. Vibrant.

tracklist TCD

CD01 / Dougal & Gammer Mix 
01. Dougal & Gammer – Monster
02. Dougal & Gammer – Trust In Me
03. Darren Styles & Gammer – You & I
04. Dougal & Gammer – Orbit
05. Dougal & Gammer feat Niki Mak – Back Home
06. Gammer & Whizzkid – Jump
07. Dougal, Gammer & JB-C feat Jenna – Show Me The Way
08. Gammer & Klubfiller – Future Fuzz
09. Dougal, Gammer & JB-C feat Jerome – No Way Back
10. Dougal & Gammer feat Jerome – There For You
11. Gammer & JB-C – Bigger And Bolder
12. Dougal & Gammer – Your One
13. Dougal & Gammer feat Jenna – All The Tears I’ve Cried (JB-C Remix) 
14. Chris Fear vs Ajay – Catch The Light
15. Drumsound & Bassline Smith – Close (Dougal & Gammer Remix) 
16. Andy Whitby & Klubfiller – Blam
17. Gammer & Cally Gage – Breakneck Bastard
18. Dougal & Gammer vs Klubfiller – Do What You Wanna Do
19. Chris Fear – Cameras Ready
20. Dougal & Gammer – Lifting Me Higher (Back To 97 Mix) 

CD02 / Sy & Unknown Mix 
01. Sureal – You Take My Breath Away (Sy & Unknown Remix) 
02. Sy & Unknown feat Lou Lou – Love Can’t Wait
03. Dance Assassins – Sail Away (Darren Styles Remix) 
04. Sy & Re-Con – Meatfeast
05. Sy & Joey Riot – F*cking Sh*t Music
06. Sy & Unknown – My Forever Love
07. Sy & Unknown feat Kirsten Joy – Superstar
08. Supreme & Mob – Cameo
09. Darren Styles – Burning Up
10. Sy & Technikore – Places Please
11. Sy & Unknown – The Steel Finger Part 2
12. Black & White – Get Ya Hands Up! (Original Mix) 
13. Sy & Gammer – (I Think I’m Goin’) Outta My Head
14. The Collective – Kick It (Sy & Unknown’s 2011 Update) 
15. Sy & Unknown – Psychopath 2011
16. Breeze & Technikore – Moments
17. Hixxy, Sy & Unknown – The Clit Commander 2011
18. Sy & Al Storm – Do You Love Your Hardcore? (Hardcore Heaven VIP Mix) 
19. Al Storm vs Hardforze – Don’t Go Breaking My Heart (Mike Modulate Remix) 
20. Chris Unknown & Re-Con – Ganja Man
21. Sy & Unknown – Pictures Of You
22. Brisk & Ham – Get On The Floor

CD03 / Joey & Kurt Mix 
01. Kurt feat Sara – Sit & Wait (Exclusive Album Mix) 
02. Gammer & Whizzkid – We Are The Vampires (Joey Riot Remix) 
03. Q-Tex – Like An Angel (Kurt Remix) 
04. Joey Riot & Seduction feat James Warren – Time To Move On
05. Kurt & Boyle – Electro Stomp
06. Sy & Joey Riot – Wa-Ja-Mi-Call-It
07. Ricky Skull Crusher – Kinky Slinky
08. Raw Theory – Solarise
09. Joey Riot & Technikore – Broken
10. Al Storm – Werewolf (Joey Riot Remix) 
11. Scott Brown – Don’t You Worry (Joey Riot & Kurt Remix) 
12. Prospect & Pinnacle – Zombie Nightclub
13. Joey Riot – You’ll Never Know (HH Anthem 2011) 
14. Himbo & Enemy – Everywhere I Turn (Kurt Remix) 
15. Kurt & Marc Smith – Throw Ya Hands Up
16. Darren Styles & Re-Con – Like A Bitch (Joey Riot & Kurt Remix) 
17. Kurt feat Sara – Bang Banger (Exclusive Album Mix) 
18. Endymion & The Viper – Smash
19. Destructive Tendencies – Smack My Pitch Up
20. Endymion & Nosferatu – Drunk With A Gun (Evil Activities Remix) 
21. Kurt & Joey Riot – Rock Ya Hardcore (Kurt & Joey Riot 2011 Remix) 
22. Gammer & Joey Riot – This Is The Reckoning

This is pure porn for true UK Hardcore lovers, who want the sound to go back in time. For me this is just perfect, and it captured a vibrant scene. Over the years things have happened, and left a permanent mark on it. Slowely the scene is climbing out of the depth of hell, with artists such as Darren Styles and Gammer pushing it forward, and that’s good. But maybe it’s even better when they play more stuff like this? But please, do me one little favour: do not remix or update cracking anthems! They might sound better to you, but these originals are just untouchable!

You start off the compilation with the finest duo, Dougal & Gammer. And their CD is filled with brilliant records. Especially the vocal stuff. Taking UK Hardcore to the next level. Jenna’s vocals just touch my soul. The record ‘Show Me The Way’ is just pure gold. And it made me wonder: what ever happened to JB-C?

The second disc is mixed by the masters Sy & Unknown. They used to be the strongest duo in the scene, and they have delivered many vocal anthems. Sadly this collaboration will never ever happen again, but we still have discs like this one. And the best record? Well, the first. Simply the best. The vocals, it’s like an angel is singing it. And to start your mix with this…. nothing can beat this record.

Disc three is mixed by Joey Riot and Kurt. And I’m biased. I’m a fan of the Riot man. And on this album they put ‘Smack My Pitch Up’, probably the first Destructive Tendencies record, which took them onto the path of Gabber stardom.

I miss these records so much. Everyone is focussed on pushing it to a bigger audience, when the music is as good as it is. It doesn’t need improvement. And this album is a dedication to what we had back in 2011. 6 superstar DJs, and amazing records.

Quality tunes all in all. Yeah, there are a few funny records, but they’ve stood the test of time. And even the previous album released by Slammin’ Vinyl are gold. But for me, TCD, this Summer Madness! album is the greatest. Don’t know the albums being released via Hardcore Underground, but I reckon they keep the spirit alive.

2011, it was amazing. Just look at the tracks selected by these wicked DJs. And close your eyes. And think back of this glorious year!


DJs: Dougal & Gammer/Sy & Unknown/Joey Riot & Kurt
Genre/Style: UK Hardcore, Happy Hardcore, Hardcore, Gabber, Drum & Bass
Release Year: 2011
Album Info: Hardcore Heaven Summer Madness!
CDs: 3 (three)
Length CDs: +/+ 3 hours
Tracks: 64 (sixty-four)
Label: New State Music
Product Number: NEWCD9103
More Information: Hardcore Heaven – Facebook Fanpage

SPYRO – The Turnt Generation Podcast Episode 1 (2018)

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SPYRO. Who is he? Well, I can give you a short description (if you don’t know already): he’s the one DJ/producer who uses a lot of ‘fucks’ in his promo videos on Facebook. And when I say a lot, I do mean a lot. And he’s got funny hair. And he makes UK Hardcore/EDMCore music. His first mixtape was fire, truth be told. Now he’s back with a podcast series, all focussed on the Turnt generation (whatever that might be). An hour long of everything Spyro related. And he waffles on throughout the show, giving us insight information, or just whatever he wants to share with us.

He calls himself the ‘Traplord’. Mmm, interesting. He does indeed give us unusual music, that’s for sure. Music that shouldn’t be categorised as ‘UK Hardcore’, but it does contain Hardcore bits. Hence why I’ve been using EDMCore for many years. Whatever Spyro makes, it’s catchy as fuck (bloody hell Spyro, now I’m using fuck like you do. Thanks for that).

He has divided the mix into a few sections, like ‘TURNT AS FUCK TRACK’, ‘Roots ‘n’ FUTURE’, ‘THE MIX’. And within a day already 1000+ plays. People seem to like the mix a lot, or are wondering what Spyro has to offer. And it’s a big mix.

I think it’s necessary for you lot to see the tracklist right now. It’s lit as fuck (damn you Spyro)…..

tracklist TCD

01. Spyro – Club Hoes
02. Spyro – Bass Down Low
03. Oski – Keep It Going x Heads Will Roll x Callum Higby – Collecta (Spyro Mashup) 
04. Darren Styles – Like A Bitch VIP x Drop It (Callum Higby Mashup) 
05. Hartshorn & Outforce – Put Your Hood Up x Brillz – Power (Spyro Mashup) 
06. Galantis – Love On Me x Kayzo & Gammer – Born Again (Spyro Mashup) 
07. Slander & Kayzo – Without You (Hartshorn & Outforce Remix) 
08. Migos – Look At My Dab (Diplo & Bad Royal Remix) (Spyro Flip) 
09. Alex Prospect – Hotbling (Not Ookay Remix) 
10. Spyro & Alex Prospect – Up 2 No Good (Spyro Festival Flip) 

11. Alex Prospect – Cameras Action Lights

12. Spyro – Put Your Hands Up 4 Detroit (160 Flex) 
13. Spyro – Short Dick Man
14. Alex Prospect – You’re All That I Need
15. Spyro – Throwin’ Hunna

16. Sy & Unknown – Maniac Psycho (Robbie Long & Stormtrooper Remix) 

17. Riff Raff x Toadally Krossed Out x Foxsky x Revoke – Cray (Foxsky x Revoke ‘Distort Ur Life’ Bootleg) 
18. Lil Jon x Skellism x Terror Bass – In The Pit
19. Dillion Francis – Say Less (Eptic Remix) 
20. Russ – What They Want (Hearts x Ice Cream Remix) 
21. Gammer – Let’s Get Crunk
22. Torro Torro & SMALLTOWN DJ’s – House Shake (Brillz x My Bad Remix) 
23. Lil Jan – Slingshot
24. Lil Pump feat Lil Yachty – Back

25. Ben Suff Donk – Get Milli Get Donk
26. Bassboy feat Trilla – Etap Riddim (Ben Suff Donk Remix) 

27. All Of The Propaganda (Callum Higby Mashup) 

Now that’s a tracklist and a half. Fucking hell. A very unusual mix. Normally you would expect a mix to contain only one style, maybe two, but not 20153 styles, like this podcast. Spyro does his thing, and he does it well, and doesn’t care if it’s labelled or not. Whatever floats his boat, he plays. Balls on the man, that’s for sure. But does it work?

Well, yes. Not all tracks are good, but maybe you need to listen to these tunes when you are in a club absolutely hammered. Like ‘Get Milli Get Donk’ and ‘Etap Riddim’. The original Bassline anthems are much better.

Any other negatives? Not really. Spyro’s enthusiasm is intoxicating. He inspires others to get behind the decks, and make mixes with whatever they want to play. It’s also good that he touches on the older sound, with his section ‘ROOTS ‘n’ FUTURE’.

His very first podcast, and it’s a success. It’s Wednesday morning and I’m the only one awake in the house, but not for long: the volume goes on max, and I’m livening up the whole area. Fuck it. If anyone blames me for playing the music out too loud, I will say: “well, this podcast is lit as FUCK!”.


DJ: Spyro
Genre/Style: UK Hardcore, Happy Hardcore, EDMCore, Dubstep, Trap, Hard Dance, HDM, Rave, Donk, Bounce
Mix Info: The Turnt Generation Podcast Episode 1
Length Mix: 00:58:19
Tracks: 27 (twenty-seven)
Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): DOWNLOAD/LISTEN
File Size: 140 MB
File Type: mp3
Bitspeed: 320kbps
More Information: Spyro – Facebook Fanpage

UKF Dubstep 2017 (Album Mix)

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UKF Dubstep 2017 (Album Mix)

Only a handful of minutes ago a mix appeared on Soundcloud, from the people at UKF. When they release something, you know it’s going to be special. This time it’s a mix for their upcoming album, which is called ‘UKF Dubstep 2017′. It only got only uploaded 30 minutes ago, and I was one of the first to notice this. And I feel priviliged, seeing as it’s been a while since I last heard a Dubstep mix, and now knowing there’s an album coming out from the mighty label UKF, it seems Christmas has come early this year.

I don’t need to introduce UKF, if you are a true Dubstep fan. They’ve been at the top for many years, and have been releasing awesome records since day one. With mighty names signed to their label, it’s not a surprise they are still doing alright (well, probably a bit better than alright, I suppose). With their latest release they show what the Dubstep world still has to offer, and it’s a big one! The mix you are about to listen to, is the album mix, and there are various way of retrieving this: digitally or buying the physical album, or even vinyl. Dubstep on vinyl, isn’t that everyone’s wet dream?

According to Soundcloud, this is a ’22 track love letter to the classic Dubstep sound we know and love’. Damn right. When I pressed play, I knew immediately this album was going to be big, because those recognisable sounds came flying towards me out of my shite desk speakers. Boy, this album is going to be big!

tracklist TCD

01. KillSonik – Never Dream Of Dying
02. Noisia – Tommy’s Theme (Noisia’s ‘Outer Edges’ Remix) 
03. Tchami feat Stacey Barthe – After Life (Oliverse Remix) 
04. Myro & BAR9 – Take Me Up
05. Dodge & Fuski – Comeback
06. Gentlemens Club – Hydra
07. The Others – Stranger Things
08. Ivory feat Virus Syndicate – 93 Style
09. Axel Boy – Days Gone
10. Noisia – Get Deaded (Moody Good Remix) 
11. Borgore – Big Bad
12. KillaGraham – Arisen
13. Virtual Riot – Throwback
14. Koven – Lasting, Part II
15. Delta Heavy – Kaleidoscope (Ray Volpe Remix) 
16. Siskiyou – When The Tide Comes
17. Sorrow – Want U Back
18. Mark The Beast – Silence
19. Seven Lions feat KARRA – Silent Skies
20. Dubloadz feat Anuka – Life Goes On
21. Dion Timmer feat Tima Dee – Till I Make It
22. Flux Pavilion feat Cammie Robinson – Pull The Trigger

What a wicked mix! This has got everything you need: filthy drops, beautiful build ups, vocals from heaven, and in general speaker pounding records. This is an album you should definately go for. And only for 8 quid. How about that? Well, technically speaking you would get a penny back, because it’s only 7.99, but you know what I mean.

This is a nicely balanced album, and the mix is also nicely balanced. They know exactly how to please the listener, and take us on a trip through Dubstep’s rich history. With some records you actually think you are still in the early days of Dubstep, and some are so upfront and new, it’s just picture perfect.

When I started listening to Dubstep I wanted the music to be as filthy as possible. Breaking speakers? Fine. Busting walls? Yep. Eargasms? Yes, please. But now I’m much more delicate, and can appreciate the calmer side of Dubstep. Hearing records where the vocals play the biggest part of the records, that’s just absolute bliss. Or when the music is so calm, you nearly go into another state of euphoria. Like ‘Want U Back’. True anthem. Dancefloor smasher. And also works in the bedroom.

A wicked album. Worth the money. Go and get it now! And if you need to be persuaded, listen to this album mix first. But trust me, I know a thing or two: you won’t be disappointed!


Artist: Various Artists
Genre/Style: Dubstep
Mix Info: UKF Dubstep 2017 Album Mix
Length Mix: 00:31:36
Tracks: 22 (twenty-two)
Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): LISTEN HERE
File Size: unknown
File Type: unknown
Bitspeed: unknown
More Information: UKF Dubstep 2017 – Buy Album Here

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Thundakat – Omens Mixtape (2017)

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Thundakat - Omens Mixtape (2017)

When did Clarkey change his name? What have I been missing? Since when has Thundakat took over the scene? I did see a post a couple of weeks ago, but I thought it was ‘just another post’. I was completely wrong, and Thundakat has literally blew the scene a new hole. The amount of fans on Facebook and Soundcloud has risen so quickly, he has the potential to become the new ‘big’ name in the scene. But what is a Thundakat, and where does the name come from? It does ring a bell, but I simply can’t place it.

Whatever the reason is behind this new alias, it has grown exponentially. And the release of his first mixtape was not going to be missed by yours truly. I had to give this a go, and whilst it was being aired yesterday, I only got the chance to listen to this whilst at work. And it got me through 8 hours of extremely pressure. This Thundakat has the same fascination as Clarkey had, to place literally everything he can, but this mix is focussed on the EDM side of UK Hardcore. And the tracklist for this mix is quite big. How big, you might ask? Well, as big as… erm… the mount Everest. Yep, it’s a big ‘un.

Let me show you the 28 records he picked for this mix.

tracklist TCD

00. Intro 
01. Jay Cosmic – Ascend (Thundakat Rework) 
02. Yellow Claw – Do You Like Bass (Gommi Remix) 
03. Zeds Dead – Hadouken (YKES Remix) 
04. Technikore & Steve Hill – It’s Like That
05. Zomboy – Biterz
06. Carnage & Ape Drums – Chupacabra (Gommi Remix) 
07. Darren Styles X Callum Higby – TMA
08. Kuuro feat MC Mota – Rapture
09. Kayzo – Whistle Wars (BADBAQ VIP) 
10. Marshmello – Alone (Gammer Flip) 
11. Slushii & Ookay – By My Side (YKES Flip) 
12. Gammer – Red Drink Foam Party
13. Zedd – Beautiful (Mob & Enemy Remix) 
14. Datsik & 1000Volts – Monster
15. Kayzo – This Time (Gommi & TyeGuys Remix) 
— Interlude 
16. Sander van Doorn, Martin Garrix, DVBBS feat Aleesia – Gold Skies (Darren Styles & Dougal Remix) 
17. Dirtyphonics X Riot – Got Your Love (Jakka-B Flip) 
18. Bare & Sluggo – Adios
19. Robert Miles vs Zero Hero – Children Of The Bass (Jakka-B Mashup) 
20. Pegboard Nerds & Quiet Disorder – Go Bezerk (Gammer Remix) 
21. Callum Higby – Partymad (Hype Mix) 
22. Kayzo X Riot – Wake Up
23. Gammer – Let’s Get Crunk
24. Kayzo feat Micah Martin – Feel The Power (YKES Flip) 
25. WLSXN X Callum Higby – Tell ‘Em
26. Darren Styles – Us Against The World (Da Tweekaz Remix) 
27. Zatox – For Ever
28. Ran-D – Zombie

Thundakat has selected quite a few, versatile records. Ranging from Dubstep to UK Hardcore, from Happy Hardcore to Hardstyle. This kat is one that you should approach carefully. Be warned, be very warned.

I’ve got to give Clarkey/Thundakat the credits for having an intro and a interlude (also known as midtro). Not many do that anymore. Hell, no one does it anyone. Intro’s are fading away, and interludes can only be heard only once a year. Credits. But also credits for making this mix very entertaining. No matter what the mission of Thundakat is, his first mixtape is really an amazing one. Not your standard UK Hardcore mix.

Best record? Well, here it comes: ‘For Ever’. Yep, no UK Hardcore records, or EDMCore, but nice Hardstyle (which has got the happier  influences put into it). If you disagree, you disagree. But to me this is the best record of this mix.

Thundakat, he has emerged, and boy, the future looks bright. His first mixtape is fire. Even though it does have a few quirkie records like ‘Zombie’. That’s just a natural disaster. The original can not be beaten, and this version is just garbage.

He has mixed this beautifully together. Worth checking out. Definately worth checking out!


DJ: Thundakat
Genre/Style: UK Hardcore, EDMCore, Happy Hardcore, Dubstep, Hardstyle, Hard Dance
Mix Info: Thundakat – Omens Mixtape
Length Mix: 00:54:04
Tracks: 28 (twenty-eight)
Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): DOWNLOAD/LISTEN
File Size: 123kbps
File Type: mp3
Bitspeed: 320kbps
More Information: Thundakat – Facebook Fanpage

UKF Podcast #100 – Flux Pavilion (2017)

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When was the last time I’ve heard a Flux Pavilion mix? It must have been many years ago since I last heard anything from this man. Obviously I have heard his tracks on the radio or in mix compilations, but an actual mix by him, that must have been a few years ago. And by checking my music folders it turns out that the last time I heard a mix was the fourth instalment of the UKF Podcast, which was released back in 2010. 7 years without a single mix by this man, what’s wrong with me?

Flux Pavilion is a house hold name in the Dubstep/Trap world. And I reckon those who don’t even like Dubstep even know his name. His records have been played all over the world, and also the label that pushes music into the world is widely known: UKF. For their 100th instalment they asked the legendary Flux to make a mix, and what kind of mix that became? A full on monster megamix! 71 records in an hour long mix. And if you were expected only Dubstep, you are wrong. This mix has got literally everything in it, as long as it’s got Bass. And if you’ve got good studio monitors, good car speakers and good headphones, this mix will blow your mind into pieces.

As I said, it’s got 71 records. Boy, have I got a task ahead by typing this all down here. Wish me luck!

tracklist TCD

01. Flux Pavilion – Intro
02. Trampa – Rocket Fuel
03. Cookie Monsta – THEM
04. SVDDEN DEATH & Somnium Sound – Maurauders
05. Herobust & Monxx – Giant Squiddim
06. Dillon Francis feat G-Eazy – Say Less (Eliminate Remix) 
07. Flux Pavilion – Bass Cannon
08. Craymak & Aprisah – Arrival
09. Omar Varela & Ghostkilla – Aries
10. Flux Pavilion – ID
11. Nitti Gritti & Adair – Limbo
w/ Flux Pavilion – I Can’t Stop
12. Eliminate – Snake Bite VIP
13. Flux Pavilion – I Can’t Stop
w/ Flux Pavilion – I Can’t Stop (Ekali Tribute) 
14. Gentlemens Club – Take You Back
15. Hydralix feat Kei Leeza – Madness
16. Flux Pavilion & Diskord feat Flowdan – Locked In
17. Gent & Jawns – Collecta (LEGACY Flip) 
18. Standard & Push – Let’s Go
19. 1991 – Kabuki
20. Bungle – Cocooned
21. Herobust – Vertebreaker
23. XaeboR – Foul
24. Flux Pavilion & NGHTMRE feat Jamie Lewis – Feel Your Love
25. Funtcase – Scary Yikes GRRZ
26. ID – ID
27. Wooli – Back Again
28. Frank Nuts and Lifecylce – Whiplash
29. LAXX – Hardcore
30. Megaladon feat P. Money & Blacks – Rage Quit VIP
31. DMVU – Bloccd
32. Calvin Hobbes – Untitled AF (Kill Your Ego)   
33. ID – ID (Flux Pavilion Remix) 
34. Doctor P – Pizza
35. Dillion Francis feat G-Eazy – Say Less (Eptic Remix) 
36. GLD feat Dapp – Handz
37. Flakzz and Aryakz – ID
38. Flux Pavilion & Matthew Koma – Emotional (MUST DIE! Remix) 
39. Caspa – Get Higher
w/ Zomboy feat O.V. – Get With The Program (Eptic & Trampa Remix) 
40. AC Slater & Chris Lorenzo – Fly Kicks (Wax Motif Remix) 
41. Damien N-Drix & Shayne – Ozey
42. QUIX – Deep Home
43. Herobust – Move Mint VIP
44. Franky Nuts – All In My Head
45. Stabby – Act Two
46. Barron – Fat Bitch
47. Flux Pavilion feat Doctor P – International Anthem
48. Party Favour – WAWA
49. Getter – Head Splitter
50. Wiwek feat Keno – Double Dribble
51. Twine – Burn
52. Bro Safari & Dion Timmer – Proper
53. Flux Pavilion & Doctor P feat Jarren Benton – Party Drink Smoke
54. Hermitude – Hyperparadise (Flume Remix) 
55. Cookie Monsta – ID
56. Snails & Space Laces – Squishy Riddim
57. Phiso – ID
58. Flux Pavilion – Let’s Get It
59. Eptic – The End (Carnage & Breaux Remix) 
60. ID – ID
61. Doctor P & Flux Pavilion – Fuckers
62. Doctor P – Snakes & Ladders
63. Matthew Koma – Kisses Back (CRaymak Remix) 
64. Franky Nuts – Burn It
65. Whetan feat Flux Pavilion & MAX – Savage
66. Noisia & The Upbeats – Dead Limit VIP
67. Upgrade – Blow
68. Flux Pavilion feat Cammie Robinson – Pull The Trigger

Yep, that has demolished my fingers completely. I need to recover, give me a minute or two before I continue typing.

I am back. And I’ve got to say that this tracklist does look alright. Sadly I’ve been out of the scene for too long, and only know the most well known names such as Flux, Doctor P, Funtcase, Cookie Monsta, and that’s basically it. I should have paid more attention, and I should have listened more to other UKF podcasts. But I clearly admit it, I am not lying about it. But damn, I’ve missed out on a lot!

This mix contains new and older stuff. But it’s all Bass-driven. The focus is on the Bass, and that’s what you get throughout the mix. And also an incredible 71 records, which still amazes me. Flux makes it sound so easy, so easy to mix, but I reckon this gave him a huge headache afterwards, and when he was actually doing it. How can you do an hour mix without a small mistake? Well, Flux did it, and he did it well, errorless/flawless.

Entertaining, to say the least. This keeps us Bass lovers moving. As I said you can expect more than just Dubstep. From Drum & Bass to EDM, to Trap, to Dubstep, to Bass House. It’s an hour of fun.

I can not pick a favourite, there are too many. And according to others who have already listened to this mix (in 5 days already 24.4k+ plays!), this mix is dope. And I concur. This is ace, a mix that will get you through the week, and will make the time towards the weekend shorter. This week will fly by.

Flux, I promise, it won’t be 7 years for me to hear a mix by yourself. I will reduce the time, trust me!


DJ: Flux Pavilion
Genre/Style: Dubstep, Trap, Drum & Bass, EDM, Bass House
Mix Info: UKF Podcast #100 – Flux Pavilion
Length Mix: 00:58:34
Tracks: 71 (seventy-one)
Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): LISTEN HERE
File Size: unknown
File Type: unknown
Bitspeed: unknown
More Information: Flux Pavilion – Facebook Fanpage