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Mental Theo – Hardcore Rave Party (1994)


When you have become a household name, people start to share more music than ever before. And not just their own music, but because they know you are passionate about literally everything, they share everything. Like onderkoffer did. He knows I like my Hardcore to be old and rough, so he forwarded me a link on Partyflock, which landed me straight onto Youtube. And on Youtube someone posted the wrong title (it’s not Charly and.. it’s just Mental Theo). Anyhow, the mix, let’s talk about that. Read More

Early Rave Generation Vol. 1 – DJ Chosen Few (2013)


Being 24/7 online is a dreadful thing, you never seem to find the end of it all. It’s a constant stream of information and nonsense (or as Trump would call it: ‘Fake News’), but sometimes you are awoken by something you see. A couple of days ago DJ Chosen Few reminded us all of a mix he did back in 2013 for the Early Rave Generation group. Chosen Few is one of those artists who need no introduction, and if you are wondering what to expect in this mix, you need to be slapped hard in your face. It says it in the title of the mix, for crying out loud! Early Rave, of course! Read More

Gizmo & Dano – Thunderdome Mix 2007


Whilst the whole world is watching the football match England vs Croatia, I’m listening to music. This is my sport: to find the dopest mixes out there. And I think I found one for those who like their music slightly harder and rougher. And also a big older. And it’s a mix I found on Mixcloud a few years ago, and sadly forgot about. This mix is taken from Thunderdome’s CD compilation, released back in 2008, and the first mix was made by Gizmo and Dano, true pioneers of the Hardcore scene. And before we continue, let me tell you that this mix is not downloadable, before you all get hyped up. You know what you need to do: buy the bloody album, like the rest of us. And no secret downloading: the government is watching. Read More

Jason S – Thunderdome Chapter 1 – 10 Megamix (2018)


Jason S is back with a brand new mix! Not just one, but two! Remember his ‘Holland Is Hardcore’ mix? There’s a follow up to that, which you can find on Mixcloud, but I found something that triggered my enthusiasm even more: a Thunderdome 1 til 10 mix. What does that include? Well, the clue is in the name: records from the first Thunderdome album until the 10th edition. So the really oldskool records, the beginning of an era. And only the truest of ravers agree: these records have stood the test of time, and will remain in our hearts for years to come. Jason’s mission was to impress us with his skills as a DJ, and he’s done it yet again. A hundred records in an hour long mix. And if you’ve got Facebook, it’s accompanied with a wicked video, all taken from old VHS tapes. Read More

Dark Headz – We Love Thunderdome Podcast (25 Years Of Thunderdome) (2017)


I am a Gabber, and we all know it. And I’m like you all, a Thunderdome fanatic. A true Hardcore fan since 1994, and have never stopped loving it. Maybe sometimes a bit less, but truth be told, it still gave me the buzz I needed, whenever, whenever. Thunderdome has been a part of my life, and sadly it’s no more. Just the more reason for me to look on Soundcloud for Hardcore, and we’ve found a nice mix for you all to listen to. Yes, another Thunderdome dedication mix, this time by Dark Headz!

They made this mix, containing only Early Hardcore records, from the hey days of Hardcore. We all know which period we are talking about: 1994 – 1999. I know Thunderdome sold ridicilous amount of albums throughout the 90s, and have received an award for the achievement. We can talk for hours about the things Thunderdome has achieved, and what it has done for us all, but I think the most important thing for us to is to press play.

Don’t know anything about the DJs in question (Dark Headz), so let’s dive straight into the mix. And it’s got some beauties in here!

tracklist TCD

01. French Connection – French Connection
02. DJ Promo – Thunder In My Heart
03. Chosen Few – Name Of The DJ (Buzz Fuzz Remix) 
04. DJ Lancinhouse vs DJ Jappo – Exlxaxl
05. X-Factor – The Underground
06. DJ Isaac – Discoland
07. DJ Isaac – Bad Dreams
08. Project Omega – Prednison Attack
09. The Prophet – Big Boys Don’t Cry (Thunderdome 2007 Mix) 
10. The Stunned Guys – Love Really Sucks (Roger Mix) 
11. G-Shock – I Am The Way
12. 3 Steps Ahead – Hardcore
13. General Noise – Insomniak
14. Buzz Fuzz – Jealousy Is A MF
15. DJ Promo – Cheating Bitch
16. Lenny Dee – The Dreamer
17. Party Animals – E.H.B.O.
18. Bodylotion vs Scott Brown & Darren Kelly – Always A Jellyhead (JDA Mix) 
19. 3 Steps Ahead – In The Name Of Love
20. 50% Of The Dreamteam – The Thundertheme

Yes, this is something I really wanted to hear. So many great anthems in here, and also a few new extras, like the magical ‘Thunder In My Heart’. You might think it sounds so 90s, and that was really the idea behind it, but it was made only recently.

Dark Headz have selected quite a few amazing records. I can not describe how awesome they really are. Like ‘Exlxaxl’, ‘Big Boys Don’t Cry’, ‘Prednison Attack’, ‘The Thundertheme’, ‘In The Name Of Love’…. basically the true anthems from my youth. These records kept my interest alive in Hardcore, and also everything Thunderdome related. So to hear a nice dedication mix is always a bonus.

There are some mixing errors. It doesn’t run smoothly from time to time. They try, and sometimes it works, but the majority of cross fading sections aren’t really smooth. If that would be improved, I would really give this mix a higher score. But sadly, I can’t.

The best record? Oh, that’s difficult. I do love the two 3 Steps Ahead records, or the newer Promo record, but the true fan I am, I have to pick ‘The Thundertheme’. Because it’s one of the anthems of my youth. It was the one that I screamed out the loudest, next to ‘Welcome To The Thunderdome’.

A nice mix to listen to, and to download!


DJ: Dark Headz
Genre/Style: Hardcore, Gabber, Happy Hardcore, Early Hardcore
Mix Info: We Love Thunderdome Podcast (25 Years Of Thunderdome)
Length Mix: 00:44:04
Tracks: 20 (twenty)
Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): DOWNLOAD/LISTEN
File Size: 100 MB
File Type: mp3
Bitspeed: 320kbps
More Information: Dark Headz – Soundcloud Page

DJ Bazzo – The Box (2014)

dj bazzo - the box

Waking up on this lovely Sunday morning is always bliss. I’m not the type of person to lay in, I find it annoying. I am missing out on so many things, hence why every day I wake up at 8 (during the weekends of course). I just love to go onto Soundcloud and discover yet another new mix I haven’t heard before. I was first on a quest to find a descent Early Hardcore mix, and it took me a while, seeing as I’ve listened to the majority of them so far, and I needed one with a tracklist. It took me a few minutes, but I found one, 4 years old, mixed by DJ Bazzo, and it contains records from 1991 til 1994.

I absolutely know nothing about the DJ. So that’s a waste of time for me, to talk about him. So let’s dive straight into the mix, and the records he has selected. As I said before, he has selected records from 1991 until 1994, and these are the golden years for me, because I started to develop a love for Hardcore/Gabber music around 1993. So all the tunes in this mix are well known to me, not one unknown record. This feels good, to hear these anthems again. Can’t believe they are so old already! They still sound fresh, and like they were only made yesterday!

The tracklist was kindly provided. So here are the tracks DJ Bazzo has used for this mix!

tracklist TCD

01. Kuadra – La Onda (La Onda De Einstein Mix) 
02. DJ Bountyhunter – Woops
03. Tellurian – Navigator
04. Lt. d’Amato – Sounds Of Frustration
05. Ramirez – Terapia
06. Obsessive – Tune In Turn Out
07. Rexanthony – For You Marlene
08. Wasteland – Is It Acceptable
09. DJ Hooligan – B.O.T.T.R.O.P.
10. Mescalinum United – We Have Arrived
11. Hardsequencer – Brain Crash
12. Jones & Stephenson – The First Rebirth
13. English Muffin – Blood Of An English Muffin
14. Square Dimension – A Brand New Dance
15. Hardliners – Motherfuckin’ Breakbeat
16. Too Fast For Mellow – Wooh!
17. 2 Uninterested – I Don’t Care (Lenny Dee Remix) 
18. Bass X – Motherfucker

This has got so many great anthems, it’s unbelievable! Have not seen a few for many years. Or heard. I meant heard. DJ Bazzo’s mix brings out the finest in Hardcore all together in an hour long mix.

He starts off with an excellent track, and continues with only the finest records. Yes, some we’ve heard a billion times, but they still pack a punch! Just look at the tracklist, and tell me you don’t get a boner. Or the female equivalent of a boner. And he also played the biggest dancefloor smasher of all time: ‘The First Rebirth’! Now that’s an anthem for a lost generation, and we were lost in the 90s!

I do like all the records. Even the silly sounding ‘B.O.T.T.R.O.P.’ fits this mix beautifully. Still don’t feel the power behind it, I find it rather a silly record, but it was part of my youth, so I will accept it in this mix. But which record is the best? ‘Is It Acceptable’ is the one for me. This record reminds me of the best megamix compilation ever: House Party X.

A nice mix, 4 years old, but the tracks Bazzo selected are truly astonishing, and timeless classics. A few mixing errors, but nothing to major. A nice mix to start your Sunday with! Hardcore classics, who doesn’t want to hear those?


DJ: Bazzo
Genre/Style: Hardcore, Early Hardcore, Gabber
Mix Info: DJ Bazzo – The Box
Length Mix: 01:00:34
Tracks: 18 (eighteen)
Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): LISTEN HERE
File Size: unknown
File Type: unknown
Bitspeed: unknown
More Information: ———————