• Futureworld Podcast 007 – Summa Jae (2017)

    It’s Saturday evening/night and everyone is getting ready to go out, but not me. I’m sitting here behind my computer, typing the night away. And as usual I need music to get me through the evening, and have I got a good mix for you all to listen to: the latest Futureworld Podcast. We’ve already

    Futureworld Podcast 007 - Summa Jae (2017)
  • Orjan Nilsen Live @ A State Of Trance 750 (Toronto, Canada) (2016)

    Orjan Nilsen is a well established name in the Trance/EDM world, and this is the first time I’ve heard a liveset by this man. It made my day, seeing as I do loved his music when he burst into the scene many years ago. Haven’t really followed the Trance scene a lot, but still have

  • ATTLAS – After Hours Mix (2015)

    The other day I was on Soundcloud (as usual), and someone reposted a mix by someone called ATTLAS. A mysterious picture drew my attention, and the unusual tracklist also drew my attention. One click after seeing the tracklist and my whole world changed! I have never heard of ATTLAS before, but this man is a

  • Front Runners 2015 Summer Session House Mix

    If you are looking at the picture added above and wonder why it’s a picture of Mob and MC Enemy, you are absolutely right and wrong at the same time. To many UK Hardcore fans they are known as Mob and Enemy, but they’ve created a new alias for their House side called Front Runners.

  • Kap Slap – Spring Break Mix 2015

    If you are not American, and you are unaware what Spring Break is, you might want to Google it (like I did). It’s one week off for students. Celebrated in the United States, Canada, Japan, Korea and China, but mostly known to be an American holiday. Many students go to well known places such as

    Kap Slap - Spring Break Mix 2015
  • Calvin Harris – Live At EDC Las Vegas 2014

    If you haven’t been near a computer for at least a month or six, I do understand that you are not aware that there’s a wonderful liveset on Soundcloud by the legendary Calvin Harris, which was recorded at EDC Las Vegas last year. Over 4 million listeners already, this is probably one of the most

    Calvin Harris EDC Las Vegas 2014
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