• Raveolution Podcast Ep24; Jekyll (2018)

    I will be off for a few weeks due to personal health issues. I won’t be able to do anything regarding reviewing, and I don’t like that. I don’t make a single penny out of it, but it’s a hobby for me. I’m like the bedroom DJ who makes mixes, not to make money out

  • SPYRO – The Turnt Generation Podcast Episode 2 (2018)

    SPYRO is back with a brand new episode of his succesful podcast, which is called ‘The Turnt Generation Podcast’. This rising star (who uses a lot of f-words) has only started this podcast series last month (or was it January?), and now we are already at episode 2! He’s eager enough to give us ravers

  • ViperStar – Handcrafted (2018)

    DJ ViperStar is a regular on this website, and his mixes (and album) have been promoted on this website for many years. And to let you all know, he’s got a brand new mix out, which is called ‘Handcrafted’. And the first thing you have probably noticed, is the cheap picture. Well, it’s all been

  • Ultravibes – 2017 YearMix (By DJ BaseJumper)

    Now, I have said a couple of weeks ago that I wouldn’t do any yearmixes anymore, but for a strange reason I HAD TO listen to this mix. I came across this on Soundcloud, and I’ve got to say, my mouth fell to the floor, and it fell hard. And the reason why? Well, it’s

  • SPYRO – The Turnt Generation Podcast Episode 1 (2018)

    SPYRO. Who is he? Well, I can give you a short description (if you don’t know already): he’s the one DJ/producer who uses a lot of ‘fucks’ in his promo videos on Facebook. And when I say a lot, I do mean a lot. And he’s got funny hair. And he makes UK Hardcore/EDMCore music.

  • OneSeventy 5th Birthday Mix – Mixed by JTS & Technikore (2017)

    If you are an Australian and live in Australia and you love UK Hardcore, you have probably been to a OneSeventy party, haven’t you? Well, I haven’t. It’s quite the journey to go to a rave. I thought a journey from my house in the Netherlands to the UK was long enough, but to go

    OneSeventy 5th Birthday Mix - Mixed by JTS & Technikore (2017)
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