Darren Styles Mini Mix 2017

Darren Styles Mini Mix 2017

Darren Styles Mini Mix 2017

DJ: Darren Styles
Genre/Style: UK Hardcore, Happy Hardcore, EDMCore
Mix Info: Darren Styles Mini Mix 2017
Length Mix: 00:47:00
Tracks: 26 (twenty-six)
Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): DOWNLOAD/LISTEN
File Size: 126 MB
File Type: mp3
Bitspeed: unknown
More Information: Darren Styles – Facebook Fanpage

You are probably a UK Hardcore fan, aren’t you? And if you are, you have to acknowledge that the biggest superstar DJ in our scene is the one and only DJ Darren Styles. He’s the biggest and baddest, and took the scene to the next level. Yes, we all remember the good ol’ days when he made UK Hardcore and pop tunes at the same time, and his tracks appeared in the top 40, but now he’s leaving the UK (not technically true, but for this sentence it works) and taking over the world. Spreading the UK Hardcore virus, but with a twist. And that twist is what I like to call ‘EDMCore’, which is UK Hardcore but made more accessible for outsiders. He’s a game changer, and no one can beat this legend.

If you look at this mix, which was only uploaded 15 days ago, it already had 34k plays! In all fairness, no other DJ can reach that. And the other thing (to prove how big he is as a DJ): he’s playing at Defqon.1 . He’s taking UK Hardcore to the biggest stages in the world, which he’s already doing. I think I saw pictures of him and Gammer in the States on their tour. These two are changing our scene, and I am happy for them doing so well. Take it all to the next stage, and we will take over the world. No one can ignore UK Hardcore, or Darren Styles!

I feel quite bad though, only discovered this mix yesterday. Why hasn’t this appeared on my timeline? I should have seen this before, seeing as I was listening to Darren Styles’ 2014 mix (which still rocks)…


01. Audiotricz – United As One (Zero Hero Remix) 
02. Darren Styles & Callum Higby – TMA
03. Darren Styles, Dougal & Gammer – Party Don’t Stop
04. Sander van Doorn, Martin Garrix & DVBBS feat Aleesia – Gold Skies (Darren Styles & Dougal Remix) 
05. Darren Styles & Gammer – OMG
06. Stonebank feat Ben Clark – The One (Darren Styles Remix) 
07. Darren Styles & Gammer – Big Ting
08. Darren Styles feat Christina Novelli – Sun Is Rising (Michael Zenden Remix) 
09. Darren Styles & Re-Con – Quiver
10. Pegboard Nerds x Quiet Disorder – Go Bezerk (Gammer Remix) 
11. Stonebank feat Emel – Ripped To Pieces
12. Kayzo x Riot – Wake Up
13. Skellism feat Darren Styles – Suffocate
14. Petruccio & Modulate – Missing (Gammer 2017 Remix) 
15. Darren Styles – Us Against The World
16. Darren Styles & Re-Con feat Matthew Sleeper – Rest Of Your Life (VIP) 
17. Relect – Lets Go
18. Gammer – Red Drink Foam Party
19. Styles & Breeze – You’re My Angel (DS Intro Version) 
20. Diamond Eyes – Hold On
21. Zero Hero – Bass Drop
22. Darren Styles, Dougal & Gammer – Burning Up
23. Styles & Breeze – Slide Away (Stonebank Remix) 
24. Darren Styles & Gammer – Feel Like This
25. Wasted Penguinz – Wait For You (Darren Styles & Gammer Remix) 
26. Darren Styles feat Molly – Never Forget You (Stonebank Remix) 

If you don’t like to see this much Darren Styles in one mix, go away. Go away right now! You ain’t Hardcore mate, you certainly aren’t Hardcore enough.

This mix contains the finest records made by the legend himself, alongside a few of his friends. The one he’s been making tracks with the most is obviously Gammer. First you had Dougal and Gammer, and now the mighty combination is Gammer and Darren Styles, they are making records with ease, and they are crowd pleasers. It doesn’t matter where you are from, the tracks will demolish your ears, and will leave you breathless. You can’t experience a Darren Styles set without loosing your breath.

This mix is just pure filth, but is it as good as his 2014 mix? Yes. As good. Maybe I prefer the 2014 mix a bit more, but that’s only because the tracks from then are more personal. But no matter how you compare these mixes, production wise Darren is on spot. He knows how to make the records sound great. So many great anthems are in this 2017 mix, but which one is my favourite? Because of the vocals I would choose ‘Burning Up’.

This is the mix you definately need to listen to, and share with your mates. It’s from one of the hottest stars in the scene, and maybe, I said maybe, he might do a 2017 mega mix? Who knows. 2017 ’s going to be big in any ways for Darren, and we wish him good luck, spreading the love, passion and dedication around the world. UK Hardcore is Darren, Darren is UK Hardcore.


We Are One Digital – Mix Series 004 [Mixed By Stu Woods] (2017)

We Are One Digital - Mix Series 004 [Mixed By Stu Woods] (2017)

We Are One Digital – Mix Series 004 [Mixed By Stu Woods] (2017)

DJ: Stu Woods
Genre/Style: UK Hardcore, Happy Hardcore, EDMCore
Mix Info: We Are One Digital Mix Series Volume 4
Length Mix: 00:59:20
Tracks: 20 (twenty)
Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): DOWNLOAD/LISTEN
File Size: 136 MB
File Type: mp3
Bitspeed: 320kbps
More Information: We Are One Digital – Facebook Fanpage

Mmmm, what is We Are One Digital? I can’t tell you, in all fairness. I’ve seen in passing by on Facebook, but never really paid attention to it. What I can tell is that there’s a mix series on Soundcloud you can listen to, and the fourth instalment is the one I’m about to review. But if your thirst for UK Hardcore is never ending, why not check out the other mixes by DJ Brady, Ganar, and M-Soul? Nearly 4 hours of UK Hardcore, who doesn’t want to hear that?

Stu Woods doesn’t need an introduction: the amount of work he has put into bringing UK Hardcore to the masses is tremendous. He had his own show, and had the biggest names in his show, with dope mixes too. And with this mix he proves not only how he’s a good DJ, but also a good promoter of the scene we all love! Diversity is key, shall we say. Not only the most commercial records can be found in this, but also a few unknown tracks. Yes, you obviously find tracks by Dougal and Gammer, Kayzo, Joey Riot, Ultrabeat, but also tracks by Rescue, IYF, Stu Infinity, etc. A nice mix, with a shit load of awesome tracks.

This will be the soundtrack of this weekend. Come on everyone: open your windows (unless it’s raining and you don’t want your carpet to get wet) and play this out loud.


01. Welcome To Madness – DnB Intro
02. Re-Con – Fuel To Fire
03. Ultrabeat – Rain Stops (Re-Con & Blood Red Remix) 
04. M-Project & Jason Bouse & Al Storm – Rain
05. Joey Riot & Danny R Core – Dreamcatcher
06. Rescue – Shadows (4orce DJ Remix) 
07. Outforce & Hartshorn – Keep It Mello (Macks Wolf & Callum Higby Remix) 
08. Riot x Kayzo – Wake Up
09. Kayzo – Born Again (Darren Styles x Gammer Remix) 
10. Hixxy x Stonebank – Higher
11. Dougal & Gammer – Lifting Me Higher
12. Outforce & Age-O – Heart On My Sleeve
13. Ganar – I Want You (2017 Update) 
14. Rescue feat Katrina Louise – Follow Me
15. Stu Infinity – Walking Away
16. Wasted Penguinz – Make It One Day (Ganar Remix) 
17. S-Worx – Click Clack
18. Dave Castellano – Bitch
19. Plus System – Make You Freak (Hotchkiss & The Doctor Remix) 
20. IYF & Stu Woods – T-Virus

Diversity is what keeps the scene alive and kicking, and Stu Woods’ mix is spot on. Bringing the finest UK Hardcore to the masses, like he used to do with his show. This mix is blinding, and I’m not kissing his arse. Why should I, when this mix speaks for itself?

Ofcourse he had the biggest tunes in it, mainly Kayzo tracks (he’s tearing up the scene completely and beyond), and he also had a quirky intro. Madness and Drum and Bass? Does that work? In a weird way it did. So what are you waiting for? Press play, you know you want to. No one is stopping you.

There are a lot of amazing tracks in here, like ‘I Want You’, ‘Heart On My Sleeve’, ‘Born Again’, and I simply can’t pick one record as it being best. It’s too darn difficult. It’s as difficult as picking one of your kids as being favourite: you know you’ve got one, but you can’t say it. Oh wait, that’s the complete oppossite. Anyway, the mix is good, the tracks are good, a few are a bit boring (‘Lifting Me Higher’ is a definate radio killed record sadly, heard it too often).

We Are One Digital should be proud of Stu Woods’ mix, and I’m really excited to follow this new thingy on Soundcloud: if they’ve got more mixes coming up, I’m the first to know. You should do the same, and search also for Stu Woods, you don’t want to miss out on anything he does!


D-Lyte – South Coast Business (2017)

D-Lyte - South Coast Business (2017)

D-Lyte – South Coast Business (2017)

DJ: D-Lyte
Genre/Style: UK Hardcore, Happy Hardcore, Powerstomp, EDMCore
Mix Info: South Coast Business
Length Mix: 00:56:33
Tracks: 15 (fifteen)
Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): DOWNLOAD/LISTEN
File Size: 129 MB
File Type: mp3
Bitspeed: 320kbps
More Information: D-Lyte – Facebook Fanpage

Soundcloud has got hours of fun hidden away from the majority of us. But in all fairness: if you think it’s necessary to listen to everything on Soundcloud, you will be on it 24/7, and you wouldn’t be able to have a life outside of Soundcloud. Thankfully we all just go on Soundcloud and listen to everything in our timeline, but sometimes you need Facebook to guide you to a mix on Soundcloud. One sponsored message grabbed my attention: it was for a promo mix, made by a DJ called D-Lyte, and the mix is called ‘South Coast Business’.

I haven’t heard his name before, so this artist is completely new to me. But after listening to this mix it’s clear to me that he’s one DJ you need to follow. This mix is jam packed with tracks by well known names such as Kurt, Macks Wolf, M-Project, Jakazid, Fracus, and more. But also his own productions can be found in this. Which is a good thing for me, I know now what D-Lyte is capable of. Not just a DJ, also a producer. And representing the South Coast.

Let’s see the tracklist. 15 tracks in 56 minutes. Well, 14 tracks and an intro.


01. Ridiculous Intro 
02. D-Lyte – Neon Dreams
03. Stormtrooper – Fiyah
04. Liqo & M-Project – Higher
05. Macks Wolf – Orgy Of Terror
06. Xavi BCN, Ruboy & Oscar Elemento – Kyoto (DJ DEPATH & M-Project Remix) 
07. The Prototypes – Rocket Guns Blazing
08. D-Lyte & Fracus – Miami Heat
09. D-Lyte – Knuckle Supper
10. DJ Kurt – Muka Puka
11. D-Lyte – Champion
12. DJ Kurt – Party Starter
13. In Effect – Travelling
14. Jakazid – Amnesia
15. D-Lyte & Fracus – Fat Pants

A lot of D-Lyte’s own productions in here, it’s a good introduction to what he’s capable of. Oh, and you also get an extra bonus: some serious scratching skills. Yep, I’ve used four words in that last sentence all starting with the letter ‘s’, that shows how serious I am. The scratching is done beautifully. You are going to dig this mix a lot, unless you don’t like UK Hardcore/Powerstomp.

It’s always good to explore Soundcloud and find new artists, and today’s find is one which grabbed my attention from the first second to the last. A wicked looking picture and an ace mix. Sometimes you see mixes and you think ‘is this going to be any good?’. Well, after hearing those 56 minutes fly by I came to the conclusion that this mix is good and D-Lyte is too! A very interesting mix, which should get you through this dull and boring weekend.

I am impressed. Never heard of D-Lyte before, but have become an instant fan of him. The tracks are good, the mixing skills are good, and the scratching is ‘DJ Sy’ worthy. The track that grabbed my attention the most was DJ Kurt’s ‘Muka Puka’. So extremely catchy, and for a strange reason it made me want a pukka pie.

D-Lyte has made my Sunday better. Thanks for this ace mix, can’t find anyting wrong with it. And that’s why it gets 5 out of 5 stars. It’s obvious why.


Clarkey – #PROGRESS (2017)

Clarkey - #PROGRESS (2017)

Clarkey – #PROGRESS (2017)

DJ: Clarkey
Genre/Style: UK Hardcore, Happy Hardcore, EDMCore
Mix Info: #Progress
Length Mix: 00:38:36
Tracks: 20 (twenty)
Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): DOWNLOAD/LISTEN
File Size: 88.3 MB
File Type: mp3
Bitspeed: 320kbps
More Information: DJ Clarkey – Facebook Fanpage

About 2 weeks ago Clarkey released a mix, and most of you lot already read something about this, or heard the mix. I only got the opportunity to listen to this fully today, due to some personal issues. Last week I downloaded it, and I had to push it aside. Life’s back on track (as far as I can tell), so I’m back on it. And ofcourse I couldn’t let this mix slip by. I’m a Clarkey fan from day one. Not as crazy as some fans: I will not put a tattoo on my arm of his logo, lay in front of his house in a bush, secretly spying on him, or follow him wherever he goes. The only thing I do is follow him on Facebook, Twitter, and Soundcloud. Music wise he’s fresh, and exactly what the scene needed. He’s now part of it, the established order.

This mix is called hashtag PROGRESS (a.k.a. #PROGRESS), don’t know why he named it that. Maybe it’s because the word progress is quite catchy. Or maybe he’s showing that he has moved on, and progressed. I don’t know.

This latest mix has got a very nice tracklist for you all to see, but I reckon you’ve already seen this, and what I’m typing is old news. Well, I’m sorry if it is, but it’s worth grabbing your attention and making you aware of this mix yet again. This mix should be played out loud this weekend. We’ve had storm Doris and it blew us away during the week, let Clarkey’s mix blow us through the weekend (that sounds wrong, but you know what I mean)….


01. Kayzo – Born Again (Darren Styles & Gammer Remix) 
02. Rudedog – Touch Me (Mark Breeze Remix) 
03. Jekyll & Clarkey feat MC Astro – New Skool (Callum Higby Remix) 
04. Alex Prospect – All Falls Down (Callum Higby Remix) 
05. Outforce & Hartshorn – Put Your Hood Up
06. Flux Pavilion x NGHTMRE – Feel Your Love (Jekyll & Clarkey 170 Edit) 
07. Moomei – Brassfire
08. Relect – All We Need Is Dominator (Mitomoro Remix) 
09. Gammer – Red Drink Foam Party
10. Kill The Noize – Fuck Ur Management (Snails Remix/Sharpmarker Edit) 
11. Galantis & Hook n Sling – Love On Me (Dave Castellano Remix) 
12. Relect – Let’s Go
13. Gent & Jawns – Collecta (Callum Higby Edit) 
14. Zedd – Spectrum (Seventhrun Remix) 
15. Eufeion & Denile – Better Things
16. Organ Donors – Ket Is For Horses (Dave Castellano & DJFatSteve Remix) 
17. Jakka-B & Clarkey – Nasnas
18. Macks Wolf – You Ain’t Ready (Moomei Remix) 
19. Alex Prospect & Spyro – Up To No Good
20. Darren Styles – Come Running (Atmozfears Remix/Relect 170 Edit) 

See, this is an amazing tracklist. Diverse, and very exciting. Some new tracks you weren’t ready for, in all fairness. You can say to me that you were ready for them, but once they come at you through your speakers, there’s no way of stopping you dancing like a monkey. It’s fair, UK Hardcore is booming at the moment, kicking haters so hard in the nuts, they are walking around with blue balls for weeks!

If you start your mix with Kayzo’s track ‘Born Again’, remixed by Darren Styles and Gammer, you know the mix will be dope. I reckon it’s one of the finest tunes coming out of the scene right now. There are so many dancefloor smashers, it shows how good the scene is. I’m loving this mix quite a lot.

Clarkey has selected quite a few amazing tracks, and a few that I personally didn’t like, such as ‘Put Your Hood Up’. The person who did the lyrics has got to be the dullest person in the music industry. His voice is so dull and boring: I’d rather watch fungus grow.

All in all a good. Is there progress? Yes, there is. Clarkey keeps surprising us with amazing mixes. The entertainment level is always high. And with ‘Born Again’, what can go wrong?

Download this now, before it’s too late.