The Dark Became My World – Cyrax Promo Mix 2017

The Dark Became My World - Cyrax Promo Mix 2017

The Dark Became My World – Cyrax Promo Mix 2017

DJ: Cyrax
Genre/Style: Freeform, UK Hardcore
Mix Info: The Dark Became My World – Cyrax Promo Mix
Length Mix: 00:46:42
Tracks: 13 (thirteen)
Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): DOWNLOAD/LISTEN
File Size: 106 MB
File Type: mp3
Bitspeed: 320kbps
More Information: DJ Cyrax – Facebook Fanpage

A couple of days ago Cyrax started to tease us with a brand new mix, and today I had the chance to listen to it (secretly at work, but who cares?) The mix has been anticipated by many people, seeing as Cyrax is one amazing DJ and a producer, and sadly underrated for what he does. In all fairness I’ve never listened to a boring or crappy mix by himself, and even when he played in Bournemouth last year it was amazing. You can imagine I was a very happy bunny when I listened to this mix for the first time!

And before you write this mix off, because it’s ‘just a boring mix by that dude Cyrax’, let me warn you in advance: this isn’t your standard mix. This has got so many unreleased tracks and upcoming album tracks in it, it has made me jealous for not being a producer or a very close friend to certain DJs, because I want these tracks too! Sadly they are not out yet, so this is basically not just a promo mix, focussed on Cyrax, but also a promo mix, showcasing the upcoming stuff, music you can expect coming towards you in the Freeform world in the next couple of weeks/months.

The tracklist, wow, it’s a brain teaser. It will make you dribble like you haven’t done before! So beautiful!


01. Transcend – Awake State
02. Lost Tribe – Gamemaster (Substanced Bootleg Mix) 
03. Transcend & Cyrax – Chemist
04. Lost Soul – Axiomatic System
05. Substanced – Afterlife Penance (Transcend & Cyrax Remix) 
06. A.B – Kameleon
07. Transcend – Power
08. N3CKBR34KR – ReBorn
09. Transcend & Neptune – Spirit Molecule (SynthWulf Remix) 
10. Transcend & Hedonistik Ritual – Scorched
11. Substanced – Submission
12. Greg Peaks – States Of Consciousness
13. Lab 4 – Candyman (Transcend Victimisation Remix) 

I can tell (and so can you) that Cyrax is a Transcend fan, and it’s a fact: we all are! What a talented producer and DJ! With that first track, the kick, he simply created a new style, a new genre! So f**king filthy, I wasn’t aware my brain got penetrated by such a filth. I only realised something happened when I looked at my pants and it had a huge wet patch on it. I soiled myself. Transcend, you are a GOD!

The tracks I like are all Transcend tracks. For example ‘Chemist’. I like how they lower the level of the voice slowely. ‘Scorched’ is just amazing (lyrics are good), ‘Power’ a definately powerful track, but if I have to choose… meh, difficult. I would choose ‘Awake State’. Transcend, you owe me a new pair of pants!

Cyrax’s mix is dope, seriously dope. He’s eager to showcase his skills and his passion for this underrated style, Freeform. He does it so well, he only makes a few errors, but let’s say that these happened because of his enthusiasm, eh?

I like the mix, I like the picture he used, I like the tracks, I like the darkness these tracks have, I like the way Freeform is growing into this new and something fresh. I like everything. We need more Freeform mixes! Cyrax, we need more mixes for 2017!


Future_Proof Sounds Mix Series 001 – Crash (2017)

Future_Proof Sounds Mix Series 001 - Crash (2017)

Future_Proof Sounds Mix Series 001 – Crash (2017)

DJ: Crash
Genre/Style: UK Hardcore, Freeform, Trancecore, Hard House
Mix Info: Future_Proof Sounds Mix Series 001
Length Mix: 01:01:42
Tracks: 16 (sixteen)
Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): DOWNLOAD/LISTEN
File Size: 141 MB
File Type: mp3
Bitspeed: 320kbps
More Information: Future_Proof Sounds – Facebook Fanpage

You all know my website is a platform for new talent, or new podcasts, or anything new. And have I got something new for you all: a brand new mix by DJ Crash for Future_Proof Sounds. And as this is the first mix in this compilation, expect to see more mixes in the future. Don’t know who’s going to be involved (DJ-wise), but let’s focus on the present: the future will explain itself soon.

I went to their first event, and now I’m hooked. It sparked the fire for ‘darker’ and ‘edgy’ Freeform again. Is that what you can expect in this mix? Well, yes and no. It’s nicely balanced between the well known Freeform tunes, some being light and some being dark-ish, and the unknown tracks (well, to me they were unknown). But there are some big names in here: Transcend, Cube::Hard,  Cyrax, Darwin, Kevin Energy, JD-KiD, and more. And also a track by DJ Crash himself. Sadly I haven’t seen his name before, so this mix is some sort of introduction to what he does as a DJ and producer.

Let’s see the tracklist.


01. Atmix & Ritmo – Agate (Intro) 
02. Crash – Wash Away
03. Kevin Energy – Voice Of Carme (Transcend Remix) 
04. Veracocha – Carte Blanche (Darwin Remix) 
05. Transcend – Eons
06. Transcend & Cyrax – Forever
07. JD-KiD – Excelsior
08. Transcend – Extraordinary
09. Orbit1 – Tabla
10. Cube::Hard & Douglas – Codex (Darwin Remix) 
11. Zman & Ted-E – Hong Kong
12. Reece Kane – Fatal Attraction (Crash Remix) 
13. Transcend & Cyrax – Unleashed (Substanced Remix) 
14. Quadrant, Kid Hops & Iris – Microsleep
15. Darwin & Entity – I Know Where I Stand
16. Simon Patterson – Smack (Waio Remix) 

I like new music, new mixes always excite me. Especially when they are filled with new tunes I haven’t heard before. Yes, a few were known, but not the majority. And even Crash’s own record is really good! Liking the track a lot, quite catchy.

Truth be told, Transcend can’t do anything wrong. He makes music so good, it’s underrated. And this could have easily been a dedication mix to one of Freeform’s finest producers. The reason why I am saying this is because the two best tracks in this mix were made by him: ‘Eons’ and ‘Extraordinary’. They rock so hard, really hard. Freeform might be exclusive music, but it’s so well made, many EDM producers can learn from it. And especially from Transcend they can learn a lot!

A few tiny errors when it comes to the mixing, but that’s okay. This is still a good introduction mix to DJ Crash and what he’s capable off. But one question: the last track, why the drop before? The first time I heard the mix, I thought that after ‘I Know Where I Stand’ the mix was done, so I press ‘replay’ again, not knowing it wasn’t the last lol. I only found out on Soundcloud that it wasn’t the last.

A good mix. Loving the vibes. If Crash improves his cross-fading skills he will be one DJ to follow. And I reckon his name will appear in more mixes in the near future. If you make a track like ‘Wash Away’ and TCD likes it, you know you are hot. Not yet there, but give it time!


Solution – All Da Hymns (Freeform) (2017)

Solution - All Da Hymns (Freeform) (2017)

Solution – All Da Hymns (Freeform) (2017)

DJ: Solution
Genre/Style: UK Hardcore, Freeform, Hard Trance
Mix Info: All Da Hymns (Freeform)
Length Mix: 01:02:45
Tracks: 18 (eighteen)
Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): LISTEN HERE
File Size: unknown
File Type: unknown
Bitspeed: unknown
More Information: Elevated State – Facebook Event Page

In Aptil there will be a few raves, and I reckon you’ve already bought tickets for them, but have you heard of the rave called ‘Elevated State’? Have you? Well, if so, why haven’t you purchased tickets yet? Three major brands (I Love Hard Beats, Escape From Samsara & Hard Trance Europe) came together, and decided that the ravers needed a rave focussed on the two things they like: Hard Trance and Freeform. With a serious line-up there’s no reason why you should not go: Scot Project, S.H.O.K.K., Rob Tissera, Scott Brown, Kevin Energy, Alex Prospect, Transcend, K90, and many more.

To promote the event, DJ Solution made this promo mix for those who have embraced Freeform many years ago. The die-hard fans will love this mix to the bone. And if you are new to the scene, this could be the mix that gets you interested in Freeform. This has got all the classic anthems in it. Basically it’s an hour of eargasms. Pure porn for those who love Freeform and play it 24/7, like myself (well, not 24/7, but a lot). If you see the tracklist you know immediately why this mix is dope!


01. A.B & Nick 235 feat Rhona – Silence A Prayer
02. Star Driver presents Nightforce feat Yuna-X – Fallen Angel
03. Cynista & K Complex – Mad As Hell
04. Transcend – The Purification
05. Lost Soul – Sacrifice (Nick 235 & Solution Remix) 
06. Endemic – The Prophet
07. Scot EI & Douglas – Naked Angel
08. Gammer – Ambient Angels
09. Synthwulf – Heaven Is Earth
10. DJ Energy & S4 – The Baptism
11. Invader & Oli G – Living Hell
12. Transcend – Angel Of Darkness
13. Sharkey – Ascending Angels (Douglas Remix) 
14. Mayhem Hektik feat Cube::Hard – Gods Unwanted Children
15. Lost Soul – Garden Of Eden
16. Carbon Based & Nemes – Heaven N Hell (Alek Szahala Remix) 
17. Lost Soul – Beyond Salvation
18. DJ RX – Hellfire

Can you spot the re-occuring theme? Yeah you can, you are not stupid! A lot of angels and a lot of talks about heaven and hell, and God. In all fairness, that’s exactly what Freeform is: heavenly music! Never knew they made so many tunes with the words ‘angel’, ‘heaven’, and ‘hell’. Thanks for pointing that out to me, Solution!

This mix is dope. It’s got the biggest tracks of all time in it! Who doesn’t love ‘Silence A Prayer’,’Ambient Angels’,’The Prophet’, ‘Sacrifice’, ‘Naked Angel’,… basically every track in this mix? Solution picked the right tracks, mixed them together beautifully, and the result is a fantastic promo mix for an event you should really go to!

Oh, I forgot to mention that Solution is going too! Sorry about that. So if you are digging this mix, you can witness the man himself, doing his thing alongside someone called Cyrax and Nick235.

This mix is seriously dope, and underrated. Let’s get the rates up, and get everyone excited for the 28th of April! The only place you need to be is at Club Fire in Vauxhall (London). Be there, or not. I’ll try my best to be there, because I know ILHB events are amazing, and to be frank, this line-up is my wettest dream. Scott Brown? Kevin Energy? Solution? A.B? Scot Project? OMG, I’m dribbling already!

A good promo mix. This captures how vibrant our scene and the music is. Heavenly. And it deserves the heavenly score of 5 out of 5!


Shimotsukei – Watchtower Vol. 3 Mix (2015)

Shimotsukei - Watchtower Vol. 3 Mix (2015)

Shimotsukei – Watchtower Vol. 3 Mix (2015)

DJ: Shimotsukei
Genre/Style: Freeform, Hard Trance
Mix Info: Watchtower Vol. 3 Mix – 2015-08-08
Length Mix: 00:41:10
Tracks: 8 (eight)
Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): DOWNLOAD/LISTEN
File Size: 94.2 MB
File Type: mp3
Bitspeed: 320kbps
More Information: Shimotsukei – Soundcloud Page

Last week I discovered a new mix (which is actually an ‘old’ one) by Shimotsukei, and after listening to it, it blew me away. Sadly I went on a holiday, and had no time to review it, but I saved it as a favourite on Internet Explorer, and only today I went back onto my computer, and there it was! I could not leave this mix aside, and review another one, I simply couldn’t.

For those who are unaware of what Watchtower actually is, it’s a CD compilation, focussed on spreading ‘underground’ music, mainly Freeform. And this third instalment was released back in 2015, and it contained artists such as Alek Szahala, Transcend, Eryk Orpheus, Endemic, Douglas, Qygen and more. Back in 2015 Shimotsukei made a promo mix for this album, but it only recently emerged onto Soundcloud. Don’t ask me why, don’t have a clue. But it’s good that, even though it’s 2 years later, it was uploaded onto this platform, because it’s really a dope mix!

If you want to hear some dark, edgy, yet beautiful and inspiring Freeform, check this mix (and the actual album) out. Let me show you the tracklist, you will be impressed.


01. Qygen – Soul Survivor
02. Alek Szahala – Avalanche
03. Rik Arkitech – Heart Is A Flutter
04. GULD vs Betwixt & Between – Hatral (GULD 2013 Mix) 
05. Le Dos-on & Psycho Stalker – Chemical Wash
06. Substanced – Ghost Of The Future (Alchemiist Remix) 
07. Aryx – Helix
08. Epyx & Cyrez vs Tyranoid / Strongstream – What Lies Below

The tracklist is short, but the mix is very good and rough. I’m really entertained from the first to the last second, and the 8 tracks Shimotsukei has selected are all really good. This is Freeform the way I like it: dark and edgy. A lot of Trance influences, but a bit faster and tougher.

I can honestly say that this mix rocks hard. If Freeform is your thing, and you are digging it the way I do, you should definately check this mix out. Not a lot of tracks, but they are played as long as you can imagine, no short radio edits. And they’ve been carefully mixed by Shimotsukei, and it’s a good promo mix. It nearly made me buy one, but I reckon all copies are sold out. Wouldn’t know where to get a copy.

I could talk for days, but I am simply not going to do that. You just go and play this mix right now. No mucking about, no waiting until tomorrow, do it now! And be amazed. Let this mix be your guide on this dreadful and boring Saturday morning. This is the way all ravers should wake up: play the finest mixes out there on maximum volume level.

What are you waiting for? Have you pressed play yet?