• Kit Hype Pres. Ragga ‘N Rave Vol. 1 (2018)

    Facebook, I would like to say ‘thank you’, for giving me the opportunity to hear new music every so often. The other day I found a mixtape via this social media platform, a mix made by Kit Hype. And it’s been a while since I last reviewed a mix by him. To be precise last

    Kit Hype Pres. Ragga 'N Rave Vol. 1
  • Adrien G – Oldschool Jumpstyle Mix 2016

    Jumpstyle. Who doesn’t love it? You might love it or hate it. When you were there when it became bigger and bigger, and became such a hype for a short period of time, you will have probably even done the Jumpstyle dance. The quirky moving of your body to the beat. I really, really liked

    Adrien G - Oldschool Jumpstyle Mix 2016
  • DJ Freeze Presents – Pump That Pussy Podcast 013 (2017)

    The Summer has ended. And yet you still find Summer Edition mixes every day on Soundcloud. It’s a bummer that it’s bloody freezing outside, because we all can use a bit of the Summer. Why does the Summer only happen during a short period of the year, it should be Summer all year round. Not

    DJ Freeze Presents - Pump That Pussy Podcast 013 (2017)
  • DJ Paul Elstak & DJ Panic – I Love Beatz Mixtape #4 (2017)

    Only yesterday this was uploaded, and already it has reached around 5.000+ plays within 24 hours! How amazing is that? Well, if I’m honest, it’s a mix by two legends in the Dutch music industry: Paul Elstak and Panic. And now you are wondering what the mix is about? Well, it’s a promotion mix for

  • Miss Hysteria – After DanceValley Mix (2017)

    Dance Valley took place, and many people are recovering from it. Only a handful are still on fire, and are still on a buzz, keeping the good memories alive. One of those people is Miss Hysteria. She uploaded a After DanceValley mix the other day, and it’s an amazing one. As one of the DJs

  • BoomBastic 000004 Mixed By Deejay Pat B (2017)

    DJ Pat B’s Soundcloud is a page of beauty, if you love Freestyle/Jumpstyle/Hardstyle. Not only will you find tracks on there, but also full length mixes, in which he goes absolutely bonkers. For example his latest BoomBastic episode: 29 tracks in a 59 minute long mix! How will you find the time to stand still

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